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The USA Podcast Ep078- 08_15_18 - The Pace of Democracy & Rise of the Corporate Machines

Welcome back to the Uniformed States of America Podcast. This week we feature special guest co-host Jeff Koenig of 36 Campaigns to join in on the conversation. Tonight, we examine what Democracy actually is and how it actually works. We also explore the hypotheticals surrounding it. We also take a look into how some recent elections, mainly Kris Kobach of Kansas, can be an eye opener for an overwhelming need for participation. What is a corporation and why do they have so much power and say...


TheUSAPodcast Ep 077 - 08_08_18 - Is the Economy Stupid? & Ruled by the Rich

Tonight we explore what people are willing to trade for a good economy. What will it take for Donald Trump’s supporters to finally abandon him and should they? No matter his faults, as long as the economy is booming, should we be complaining? And if Dems cannot tackle Donald Trump on bad economic policy, what can Dems get him on and will people care? Also, Last week The Koch Brothers did a study to try disproving that a Medicare for all system works. What their study actually reveled is that...


TheUSAPodcast Ep076 - 07_26_18 - Don't Boo...Just Vote & Socialism by a Different Name

This week we explore the world of becoming like the foe we are trying to fight. With recent vandalism of public property bearing Donald Trump’s name as well as an increase in public unrest against the administration, one must ask if those on the left are beginning to act like those on the right did when Obama was in office. Is the left becoming too unhinged because of the disdain for the president? Barack Obama once said to not boo, but just vote. In this segment we will be discussing the...


TheUSAPodcast Ep075 - 07_19_18 - The Russian Rabbit Hole & Rubel Dollars w/ David Spanos

NOT RUSSIA AGAIN!!! Welcome to The Uninformed States of America Podcast! Tonight we feature a special guest Co-Host, comedian David Spanos! In this episode we will discuss the summit that took place in Helsinki this week between Putin and Trump. What the hell happened? It’s like we are trapped in some crazy Russian spy movie! We will breakdown the history of the beef between Russia and The United States as well as why we have such a problem with Vladimir Putin. Who is Vladimir Putin? What...


TheUSAPodcast Ep074 - 07_12_18 - A Conversation w/ Eve Levenson / The TrumpNATO & Dems on Thin ICE

Tonight we speak with local young activist Eve Levenson about the importance of grass roots activism, especially looking ahead to November. We also speak with her about the important role that youth play in grass roots activism. Tonight we also discuss Trump at NATO Summit in Brussels. Trump went in swinging his fists, but was he right to do so? What is Trump demanding from NATO? We also talk about the history of NATO and what role it plays in world affairs. We also discuss the rift on the...


TheUSAPodcast Ep073 - Supreme Court Chess

Welcome to #THEUSAPODCAST Tonight we discuss the grueling consequences of the 2016 election, which is The United States Supreme Court. This week Justice Kennedy announced he is retiring which means that President Trump will be able to make another pick on the court. This means that much of the progress that has been made over the last few years will now be undone. But why did Justice Kennedy wait until now to make this move? Why did he not wait to retire and give Trump another opportunity...


TheUSAPodcast Ep072 - The Immigration Situation pt 2 - How Did We Get Here?

Welcome to The Uninformed States of America This week we go in depth with the crisis that is taking place on The US/Mexico Border. This week the issue of separating families came to a full tilt as public pressure forced Donald Trump to sign an executive decision to reverse the practice. This in inhumane policy of splitting up families was meant to deter people from coming to The US but is it working? Also we discuss the history of violence in Central America and how there came to be a...


TheUSAPodcast Ep071- 06_14_18 - Pettiness over Progress & Slaves to the Rich Peoples Economy

Welcome to The Uninformed States of America Dear Loved Ones!!! This week we go over what the hell took place at the G7 or G6 or G5 Summit this week and how it is going to effect international relations for the US. We also talk about Trump and North Korea and how many on the left are upset with the progress. Does the hatred for Donald Trump stand in the way of the definition of being progressive? We also discuss how the economy appears to be booming like never before, but how we are still...


TheUSAPodcast Ep070 - 06_07_18 - 2018 CA Primary Election ReCap

Hey All!! We were not supposed to do a broadcast this week but I could not go without at least briefly going over the 2018 CA Primary elections. In this episode I quickly break down the election results and how they are going to impact Democrats going forward into the general election coming up in November. We talk ballot measures, jungle primaries and the need to keep the Blue Wave moving!!! This is definitely an episode you want to listen to!!


TheUSAPodcast Ep069 - 05_31_18 - When Hollywood Goes to Washington & People Economixs from the WestSide

In this week’s episode we dissect the Hollywood influence within Washington and the “chicken and egg” that surrounds it. Is it because we are in a “Hollywood” culture that we envelop it with in our political conversation or is it because our President inserts himself within the dynamic that it becomes a big deal? We also explore why it always brings the conversation to race, we explore the main points of authoritarianism and we pick apart Donald Trump’s speech in Nashville. We will also be...


TheUSAPodcast Ep068 - 05_24_18 - American Kingpins,The NFL's Right to Speech & The Chinese Takeout Order

Welcome back to The Uninformed States of America!! We have a lot to get informed on this week as we are back from our week off! We missed talking about the Royal Wedding so This week we discuss the Kingpins who rule America and how our current administration wants to be intertwined. We also discuss the Drug Kingpins that have been ruling America since it's very start! We also discuss how The NFL has decided to fine players who kneel during The National Anthem. Many feel this is an...


TheUSAPodcast Ep067 - 05_10_18 - Results over Reality & Iran Nuclear Gone

Welcome to #TheUSAPodcast In this episode we will be discussing the morality factor versus the results factor. Trump is getting ready to appoint a new CIA director who is notorious for her stance on supporting torture in the past. Many say because of this she is not qualified for the job, however others argue that torture is effective!! What is our deal with morality or is peace through strength a good strategy? We also discuss North Korea, Michael Cohen, Richard Nixon and plus we get deep...


TheUSAPodcast Ep066 - 05_03_18 - The Political Identity Card, What is a Liberal Really? & Trustbusters!

Welcome to The Uninformed States of America! Tonight we discuss the issue with political identity in The US. The right has adopted the talking point that Democrats are like slaves on a plantation who seek to stay dependent on government! But is that the truth? What does it mean to be a liberal or democrat & what defines you as an American? We also discuss the history of trust busting and anti-trust laws due to the attempted merger of two big companies which leaves little room for...


TheUSAPodcast Ep065 - 04_26_18 - Diplomatic Immunity F**k Em & The Finnish and UBI

This week French President, Emmanuel Macron, visited President Trump at the White House for a state visit. The visit was full of bromance and political theatre which left many with the image of strong diplomatic relations between France and The United States. In this episode, we discuss the details of the Iran Nuclear Deal and what reasons Trump wants out of it. We also discuss how our diplomatic relations are leading to WWI type of nationalism. What does the Iran Nuclear Deal have to do...


TheUSAPodcast Ep064 - 04_19_18 - A Conversation w/ Melissa Grant, No Bucks at Starblacks, Big Pharma Economics

A. 1st Segment: A Conversation w/ Melissa Grant As the midterm elections approach, there are a slew of individuals and grassroots organizations that are gearing up to flip districts and organize events. Melissa Grant has just opened up a Democratic HQ in West LA and tonight we will be discussing that with her. We also speak with her tonight about the significance of grassroots organizing, what people can do to get involved as well as the Democratic Party in CA. B. 2nd Segment: NOW I.No...


TheUSAPodcast Ep063 - 04_12_18 - A Discussion w/ Denise Davis for Redlands, The Russia in Syria & Social Saftey Nets

Welcome to The Uninformed States of America!! Tonight we will be having a discussion with Denise Davis who is running for City Council in the City of Redlands!! We will be speaking with her about local politics and millenials getting involved in government!! We will also be speaking about the current situation with Syria and how Russia and the USA are caught in between!! Paul Ryan is going away :-( no one is sad!! Toinight we will be discussing the retirement of Paul Ryan and his ideas...


TheUSAPodcast Ep062 - 04_05_18 - The State of Sinclair, Troops on the Border Again, What's the Point of Captalism?

Welcome to The Uninformed States of America!! Tonight we discuss the media takeover which is Sinclair brodcasting! Should an organization with such a partisan agenda be able to control so much of the media? We also discuss Trump wanting to send troops to the US/Mexico border after both previous Presidents tried that and in the economics section we discuss the reason behind capatilism?? Is it to grow the middle class or help the wealthy?


TheUSAPodcast Ep061 - 03_29_18 - A Conversation w/ Geneviéve Jones-Wright, Citizen Census & Guns are Forever

Welcome to The Uninformed States of America! Tonight we will be having a in depth conversation with Geneviéve Jones-Wright who is running for District Attorney in San Diego County!! We are going to talk with her about her upcoming race!! We also talk about the immigration situation on the upcoming census, Stephon Clark and highlights from March for our Lives! log onto


TheUSAPodcast Ep060 - 03_22_18 - Privatizing our Public Records, Death to the Dopeboy & 15 years still in Iraq

A. 1st Segment: Privatizing our Public Records This week there was a huge scandal involving voter-profiling company known as Cambridge Analytica. The Federal Trade Commission wanted to know they gained access to data from over 50 million Facebook users. Although it seems as if the problem is being handled, what does this mean as far as our Internet privacy is concerned? Should companies like Facebook and Integram be able to share your private information with companies so they can sell you...


The USAPodcast Ep059 - 03_15_18 - Educated Ignorance, Caught in the Blue Wave & Economic Frank

Welcome to The Uninformed States of America!! This week we will be discussing the history and possible fate of our educational sysytem in America. This week the Secratary of Education Betsy Devos gave an interview to 60 minutes which was not her best!! Tonight we talk about the role of government in educaiton and should it be there!! We also discuss the big GOP upset in PA as well as The economy with Dodd Frank!!