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Is your brain overwhelmed by politics? Would you like to skip the BS and have your facts broken down? Welcome to The Uninformed States of America Podcast with host Mike Riley. A show that is considered the safe-space for the uninformed. New Episodes of #TheUSAPodcast every other Wednesday.

Is your brain overwhelmed by politics? Would you like to skip the BS and have your facts broken down? Welcome to The Uninformed States of America Podcast with host Mike Riley. A show that is considered the safe-space for the uninformed. New Episodes of #TheUSAPodcast every other Wednesday.


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Is your brain overwhelmed by politics? Would you like to skip the BS and have your facts broken down? Welcome to The Uninformed States of America Podcast with host Mike Riley. A show that is considered the safe-space for the uninformed. New Episodes of #TheUSAPodcast every other Wednesday.






Prop 17: Voting on Parole w/ Shay Franco-Clausen, Mad Props to CA & America 2 the Xtreme

Welcome to TheUSAPodcast with host Mike Riley On this episode: One of the more serious ballot initiatives that will appear on the ballot in CA this November is Prop 17, which will allow those who are on parole to be able to vote in CA. Voter rights and voter suppression have long been brought up around this debate and this November the people of CA will get the chance to decide if those who are trying to gain their way back into society should also be able to vote. In this episode, Mike...


The Golden Rule w/ Amberlin; The Washington Filibusters & Consequences of Your Elections

Welcome to TheUSAPodcast with Mike Riley In this episode, Mike speaks with recording artist Amberlin about her new song “Golden Rule” and what she feels is the golden rule we need to apply as a society to make true progress in the world. Go to and The Washington Filibusters So what the hell is a filibuster exactly? The death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg has not only left an empty hole in the nation but also an empty seat in The...


Mimi Rocah for Westchester DA; Labor Daze and Trump's Country

Welcome to TheUSAPodcast hosted by Mike Riley Episode 142 Reforming the police and changing our criminal justice system are some of the biggest issues that are at the forefront of this November Election. Many Americans around the country are going to be looking to the District Attorneys around The USA to usher in this reform. On this episode of TheUSAPodcast, Mike speaks with Mimi Rocha who is running to be District Attorney in Westchester County New York. Mimi wants to bring in a more...


Fixing the Court w/ Gabe Roth, Fall into the Wealth Gap & Elephants in Donkey Clothing

The Supreme Court has been called America’s most powerful, least accountable government institution, and all throughout American history there have been countless people who have been trying to change it. In this episode, we speak with Gabe Roth who is The Executive Director of Fix the Court, an organization who has made it their mission to change The United States Supreme Court. Mike will be asking Mr. Roth about why The SCOTUS should be changed and how. Find out more by going to...


Homelessness and The Midnight Mission ft/ Katya Askar; Swamp Thangs & Blue Vital Tsunami

Ep 140 with host Mike Riley Welcome to TheUSAPodcast As COVID still remains a problem and the economic engines of the country continue to slow down, many are beginning to fear that there will be an influx of homelessness in a State already inundated by the issue. But before COVID-19, places like LA and San Francisco had already been experiencing record rates of homelessness. In the midst of all of this are organizations such as The Midnight Mission, who has made it their duty to help out...


Eliza Orlins for Manhattan DA, Social Safety Nets & Boots in the Streets

Tonight on #theUSApodcast we speak with Eliza Orlins who is running to be the next District Attorney in Manhattan NY. The recent movements across the nation to ameliorate police departments and usher in criminal justice reform have sparked many to seek changes in leadership. Many feel as if changing those who have let misconduct fester will FINALLY change criminal justice for the better. This is especially true in the Manhattan District Attorney office where many high-profile cases,...


Rock your Rights w/ Jessica Burnquist; The Human Corporation & Killing Kancel Kulture

Welcome back to TheUSAPodcast hosted by Mike Riley Episode 138 The recent events that have been taking place in the US have motivated and energized many people to finally want to get informed, get involved and make a change. However many people, especially young, have no clue where to start. Even more, many feel as if their voices are too tiny to be heard. That is where Jessica Burnquist comes in. Jessica Burnquist is the director of “Rock Your World,” an organization that inspires...


Removing The Racism, Remixing 5-0, Voter Suppression Revisited

TheUSAPodcast Episode 137 with Mike Riley In this episode Mike digs into how the whole world is beginning to reject the ideals, principles and customs of systemic racism in the wake of the George Floyd killing. Many States are even going as far as removing their relics that pay homage to the old Confederacy which many see as a monument to America's racist past. But not all are on board with this concept. Donald Trump is not interested in renaming forts or tearing down statues in the name of...


Racist Nation; Everyone v. The Police & How to Move Forward

TheUSAPodcast Ep 136 Tonight is a special edition of the USA podcast. With all that has been going on in the country surrounding the protest of George Floyd’s death, as well as the practice of police brutality in this country,  it has shaken things to its core. Many people feel that enough is enough and the time to move forward has come. But in the midst of all of the turmoil and chaos, there is much confusion about where to go next. In this special episode, Mike digs deep into the racism...


AK-25 w/ Janice Park & Vote By Mail Hell

Welcome back to TheUSAPodcast hosted by Mike Riley As election season looms on many are hoping the fight for the Blue Wave continues for the down ticket and local elections across America. Races are being watched closely especially in Republican held districts. One of those districts is Alaska House District 25 where Democrat Janice Park is looking to flip that district and bring it into a progressive era. In this episode we speak with Janice Park about her plans for Alaska and her campaign...


Black Death & The Poetic Justice System

TheUSAPodcast Ep 134 with Mike Riley The justice system in America is supposed to be a system that is fair and equal, with the goal of simply upholding the law. But in America that is not always the case. In this episode Mike talks about the inequality that plagues the Justice System! Mike breaks down how there are 2 different Justice systems that serve two purposes with one aimed at controlling African Americans and one aimed at protecting those in power. With the death of Ahmaud Arbery...


District 9 w. Devin Pandy & WTF Government?

Welcome to #theUSApodcast with Mike Riley As the fight against COVID-19 continues, so does the fight to keep up the Blue Wave and turn crucial districts from Red to Blue. One of those such fights is in Georgia’s 9th District where candidate Devin Pandy is looking to take the seat from incumbent Rep. Doug Collins and turn a traditionally red district to the left. In this episode Mike speaks with Devin Pandy about Georgia and COVID-19, if Georgia's 9th is ready to go blue, healthcare and the...


Flipping NY1 Blue, The Herd Immunity Community & RIPUSPS

In this episode Mike has a discussion with congressional candidate Perry Gershon who is looking to continue the blue Wave and flip NY’s 1st congressional district from red to blue. Mike speaks with Mr. Gershon about healthcare, NY in the midst of COVID-19, and what his plans are for NY’s 1st district. You can learn more by visiting Also, there is a hard movement amongst many on the right who want to quickly reopen the country, even though there is no vaccine...


A Pandemic History & The Corona Economy

Ep130 Welcome back to The Uninformed States of America Podcast hosted by Mike Riley With The United States now leading the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases, it leaves many wondering how we get to this point, and which direction could we be possibly headed into in the future? In this episode, Mike Riley digs into the history of pandemics and what lessons can be learned from them. Has something like this ever happened before and what have human beings done in order to battle it. Also,...


Pay for Play Politics w/ Antonio Cortez Hicks & Sugar Coating COVID-19

Episode 129 March 18, 2020 Antonio Cortez Hicks was a congressional candidate running for the US House in Georgia’s 4th district until he suspended his campaign due to lack of fundraising. Tonight, Mike speaks with him about the journey of his campaign as well as the process of running for public office. Does money play the most important factor? Is pay for play the process for American politics? Follow him @achforcongress We also discuss the current situation facing the global pandemic...


From LA to LA w/ Rob Anderson for Congress; The Maine Event with Tiffany Bond & Super Tuesday Drama

Welcome back to #theUSApodcast with host Mike Riley In this episode Mike has a discussion with Rob Anderson running for congress in Louisiana and Tiffany Bond running for the US Senate in Maine Louisiana's 3rd Congressional District has been held by Republicans since 2011. But with many believing the time for a blue wave across the country is now, there are some who are fighting to flip this district from red to blue. One of those people is congressional candidate Rob Anderson. Rob...


Here comes the Judge w/ Troy Slaten; Super Tuesday Measures & Undocumented Health-Care

Ep 126 YEAH! Welcome back to #theUSApodcast With Super Tuesday quickly approaching, many Americans have their minds set on who they want their presidential pick to be; oftentimes neglecting the other local issues and races on the ballot that are just as important, if not more important, than selecting a presidential nominee. For LA County Residents, one of those important local races will be who will be sitting on the judicial bench for the largest county in The United States. In this...


Electing a Judge; Kipp Mueller & The State Senate and The State of Disunion

With the 2020 races coming in closer, many often wonder who the down-ticket candidates are on ballots that they may not recognize or even know they are able to vote for. In addition, most people are not aware that they have the power to vote on certain important positions, such as judges. This brings in Linda Sun who is running to be a Judge in California’s Superior Court. Tonight we speak with her about her campaign and what she plans to do if she if elected. Follow her by going to...


Super Tuesday LAUSD; The Constitution on Trial; Citizens United 10 Years Later

Ep 125 Welcome to The Uninformed States of America Podcast hosted by Mike Riley It’s 2020 which means it is a big election year and there are many big elections coming up! As California voters brace themselves for Super Tuesday many are wondering who and what will be on the ballots. One of the most significant races are for the residents of LAUSD’ District 7 as they will be going to the polls to select a new board member. Tonight we speak with one of the candidates in that race Tanya Ortiz...


I Ran into a War; Not Playing Fair; Australia, Wind & Fire

Ep 124 Welcome to #theUSApodcast hosted by Mike Riley who happens to remain the flyest Podcast host on the planet Earth! Welcome to 2020, this is the 1st show of the year! And already The United States has been taken to the brink of war with Donald Trump going at Iran. In this episode we take a small trip to the Middle East to see what all of this conflict in Iran is all about. The Mainstream Media is doing a great job of confusing people on how we got to the point where we are at the...