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TWR Saturday | Nancy With The Resting B**ch Face

Sam covers The 2020 State of The Union Address, Nancy Pelosi's painful facial expressions during The SOTU, and The Left's self implosion after she ripped up President Trump's official address. --- Send in a voice message:


TWR Thursday | There Would Be No Savage Sam Without El Rushbo

In yet another semi-autobiographical episode of the podcast, Sam explains how Rush Limbaugh was the main catalyst and inspiration to start the podcast now known as The Whitfield Report. Sam reacts to Limbaugh's cancer diagnosis and watches Limbaugh's reaction to being awarded The Presidential Medal of Freedom. In Popular Culture this week: Sam reacts to this year’s Super Bowl and the halftime show! --- Send in a voice message:


TWR Thursday | "If I Have To Have Coronavirus, I Prefer To Have It With Lime Disease"... And Other Rants!

Sam spends the first half of this episode reflecting on Kobe Bryant's death, ranting about Caronavirus, and futher ranting about society overreacting to everything, and doomsday fear-mongering! The second half of the podcast is dedicated to a review of Disney+ at the three month mark, and the future of The MCU. --- Send in a voice message:


TWR Sunday | Talking Shop w/ Sean Semanko

Sean Semanko returns to the podcast to discuss free speech on college campuses across the country, the fracture between The Left and The Right, and to promote Uncensored America (@UncensoredAm), An upcoming organization dedicated to promoting and protecting free speech for all on campus! --- Send in a voice message:


TWR Thursday | Did We Finally Win The Culture War?

Sam discusses how rational people from both sides of the isle are starting to reject the fringe groups within the far left/ far right paradigm, and embrace True Americana! --- Send in a voice message:


TWR Birthday Special | Reflecting On 25 Years!

In a rare autobiographical episode, Sam reflects on the events of his life that have shaped who he is today. Sam also shares his thoughts on the importance of optimism and humor in today’s “Clown World”! --- Send in a voice message:


TWR Saturday | A Mix of Sadness, Laughter, and Whimsy

For the first live show of the year, Sam gives his thoughts on the current situation with Iran and the surrounding hysteria of the internet. Sam also breaks down Ricky Gervais's EPIC monologue from The Golden Globes, and pays tribute to Neil Peart at the end of the show. A LITTLE MORE NOISE Peart, Carey, Stone, Scannell & Copeland at the Sacred Grove [] FULL VIDEO Ricky Gervais Golden Globes 2020 Monologue HD...


The Whitfield Report | Welcome To 2020: A Review of The Rise of Skywalker And The Future of Star Wars

In the Season 5 premiere, Sam kicks off the new decade with a few announcements about the show before diving into a full length review of "The Rise of Skywalker", "The Mandalorian" and some thoughts on the future of the Star Wars franchise as a whole! --- Send in a voice message:


The Whitfield Report | Season 5 Trailer

Bobby Lagooshe has an important message for listeners of The Whitfield Report! New episodes begin Thursday, January 9th! --- Send in a voice message:


The Whitfield Report | The Final Episode of 2019

n the final episode of the year, Sam reflects on the past decade of podcasting, and expands on his hopes for the future! Article from Sam's website: --- Send in a voice message:


TWR Saturday | Merry Christmas + Impeachment Madness

Sam discusses the absurdity of Trump's Impeachment and the self destruction of the alt-right. --- Send in a voice message:


TWR Thursday/Friday | Reviews and Rants

Sam returns to the audio podcast to review “The Irishman”, The Who’s new album “WHO”, a continued review of “The Mandalorian” and more. He also rants about internet complainers who intentionally try and ruin movies for everyone else. --- Send in a voice message:


TWR Saturday | Savage Sam Is Back (but with a glitchy livestream)

Sam is back after a hiatus due to final exams. Unfortunately the YouTube livestream was acting up so the audio was less than stellar. As a result, Sam will be posting more audio exclusive episodes this week! Also: subscribe to the After-show podcast! --- Send in a voice message:


TWR Short | Where Has Sam Been?

Sam’s been busy with final exams and projects for college but will be back later this week! --- Send in a voice message:


TWR Special | Black Friday 2019 Rants And Raves

On this special Black Friday edition of the podcast, Sam covers everything from Thanksgiving to Black Friday madness and everything in between! It’s an audio Shmorgusborg just like those Thanksgiving leftovers! --- Send in a voice message:


TWR Saturday | The Apex Samma Show

Apex Gamma returns to guest co-host the show with Sam! --- Send in a voice message:


TWR Thursday | Disney+ Content Ideas And A Review of “Jack Ryan” on Amazon Prime Video

Sam provides some ideas for additional content on Disney+, and also reviews Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan series on Prime Video. --- Send in a voice message:


TWR Saturday | Roger Stone Aftermath + The War For Campus Conservatism Continues

Sam is joined by Sean and Dictator Phil of Real News on The VERSA MEDIA Podcast Network! Topics discussed are as follows: Roger Stone's trial outcome The Trump Impeachment Hearings Groypers Invade College Campuses Sam and Sean Talk Music Christianity vs Atheism --- Send in a voice message:


TWR Thursday | Disney+ Review Part 1

Sam gives his initial review of the new Disney+ Streaming Service. --- Send in a voice message:


TWR Saturday | "Do You Think Podcasts Grow On F**gin Trees Or Somethin?"

Jimmy (Hodjum) returns to the show to discuss Brexit delays, political correctness and radical Islam invading Parliament. The guys also do impressions, talk about beer and cigarettes and other inane nonsense. Subscribe to Jimmy's channel here: --- Send in a voice message: