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Gary Null discusses progressive issues with some of the most remarkable minds in the world.

Gary Null discusses progressive issues with some of the most remarkable minds in the world.


New York, NY


Gary Null discusses progressive issues with some of the most remarkable minds in the world.




The Progressive Commentary Hour -The Scientific Cabal of Virus Gain of Function Research

Alexis Baden-Mayer is a Washington-based lawyer and activist serving as the Political Director of the Organic Consumers Organization and its Fund. She is the co-editor with the Organic Consumers Organization’s director Ronnie Cummins of its newsletter Organic Bytes, which reaches nearly 300,000 subscribers. Alexis has organized many grassroots campaigns, including Millions Against Monsanto, Coming Clean (to remove false “organic” claims from cosmetics), Safeguard Organic Standards (to keep...


The Progressive Commentary Hour - 01.13.21

Reiner Fuellmich | Full Length Interview in Berlin | Planet Lockdown


The Progressive Commentary Hour - 01.06.21

Do you know what it means when the Managing Director of the IMF warns of a "new Bretton Woods moment?" How about when the head of the BIS revels in the total surveillance power that digital currencies will afford the central bankers? Well, you're about to. Don't miss this info-packed edition of The Corbett Report podcast where James peels back the layers of the great currency reset onion and uncovers the New World (Monetary) Order.


The Progressive Commentary Hour - 12.30.20

SARS-CoV2 and the Rise of Medical Technocracy. Lee Merritt, M.D. Dr. Merritt is a classically trained physician and obtained her medical degree from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry. After graduation, she did her internship at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda Maryland in Internal Medicine and completed a residency in Orthopaedic Surgery at San Diego Naval Medical Center. She has spent additional years providing care to active duty marines in Iwakuni,...


The Progressive Commentary Hour - Guest Alison McDowell

Alison McDowell is a mother and independent researcher currently investigating the background and specifics of the World Economic Forum's strategies behind the Great Reset. She blogs about the intersection of race, technology, finance and nature. Alison has a strong history in educational activism and opposition to high-stakes testing and the standardized curriculum. Her research later expanded into the military origins of educational technology, blockchain identity and financing, and global...


The Progressive Commentary Hour - Capitalism, the Pandemic and the Great Reset Richard Wolff

Richard Wolff is Professor of Economics Emeritus at the University of Massachusetts and currently a visiting professor at New York City's New School University's Graduate Program in International Affairs. His focus has been on the history of economic crises, the Marxian economic theory, and class and worker struggles. In the past he has taught at Yale and the University of Paris. He holds degrees in economics and history from Havard, Standord and Yale universities. Richard has authored...


The Progressive Commentary Hour - Understanding our social and political pathologies from a Global Philosophical perspective

Prof. Ashok Gangaden is a world renowned global philosopher, author and spiritual activist. He is the Margaret Gest Professor of Global Philosophy at Haverford College in Pennsylvania where he has taught for the past fifty years. Ashok's journey has been to explore the primal integral logic at the heart of human reason that can guide constructive dialogue -- what is called Deep Dialogue -- between diverse worldviews. This involves discovering and communicating common ground between different...


The Progressive Commentary Hour - The Covid-19 pandemic narrative - what can we believe? w/ Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi is an American born physician trained in Germany and has been in the medical field now for five decades. He received his medical degree from the University of Bonn and did his post-doctoral work at the prestigious Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics before becoming an associate professor at the Institute of Medical Microbiology at Gressen University. Later he was appointed as the chair of Medical Microbiology at the University of Mainz. Dr. Bhakdi has...


Progressive Commentary Hour - Who is controlling the narrative on democracy, civil rights and race

Danny Sheehan is one of our nation’s most important and influential Constitutional and public interest lawyers. During the past 45 years he has handled such public interest cases as the Pentagon Papers, the Watergate Break In, Iran Contra and the Silkwood murder case. He has represented victims of he Three Mile Island nuclear disaster and fought against the American Nazi Party on hate crimes. He has been a lead attorney on behalf of the Native nations at Standing Rock and handling the...


The Progressive Commentary Hour - Covid-19 Vaccine with Dr. Brian Hooker

This evening on the Progressive Commentary Hour, Gary engages in an in depth conversation with Dr. Brian Hooker about the global rush to bring a Covid-19 vaccine to market, the dangers of this new generation genetically engineered vaccines and the fundamental flaws in governments' handling of the pandemic. Dr. Hooker is an Associate Professor of Biology at Simpson University in California. For years he has been investigating the scientific evidence for a vaccine-autism connection and the...


Progressive Commentary Hour - Guest: Zach Vorhies

Zach Vorhies is a former Google engineer who worked with the Silicon Valley giant for over 8 years. Much of that time was spent in Google's YouTube division before he discovered Google's artificial intelligence program known as "Machine Learning Fairness." After investigating this program through internal Google documents in his possession, Zach turned whistleblower and delivered 950 pages of company documents to the Department of Justice and released the same to the public. Having departed...


Progressive Commentary Hour - Guest Whitney Webb

Whitney Webb has been a professional writer, researcher and journalist since 2016. She has written for several websites and, from 2017 to 2020, was a staff writer and senior investigative reporter for Mint Press News. She currently writes for The Last American Vagabond.


Progressive Commentary Hour - 10.28.20

You’ve all heard by now that The Great Reset is upon us. But what is The Great Reset, exactly, and what does it mean for the future of humanity? Join James for this in-depth exploration of the latest rebranding of the New World Order agenda and its vision of a post-human Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Progressive Commentary Hour - The Search to Discover Some Truth in a Nation Full of Lies

Edward Curtin is a former college professor of sociology and theology at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts where he taught classes in the classics, philosophy, literature, religion and sociology. Currently he focuses his attention on journalism and writing essays, poetry and novels focused upon the mass media and propaganda, socio-politics and culture. For decades Ed's writings on a wide range of past and contemporary topics have appeared in newspapers, magazines, online sites and...


Progressive Commentary Hour - Lessons the 17th century philosopher Baruch Spinoza has to offer our modern society and the challenges ahead

Professor Steven Nadler is the William Hay Professor in Humanities at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, where he teaches early modern philosophy - primarily of the 17th century -- and Jewish philosophy. He is regarded as one of the foremost scholars focusing on the life and thought of the Dutch-Portugese philosopher Baruch Spinoza, who died rather young at age 44 in 1677. Prof. Nadler received his doctorate at Columbia, and has held visiting professorships at the University of...


Progressive Commentary Hour - Understanding the clash of worldviews underway, and the need for a new context for constructive communication and dialogue to enact solutions.

CONVERSATIONS WITH REMARKABLE MINDS Understanding the clash of worldviews underway, and the need for a new context for constructive communication and dialogue to enact solutions. Dr. Elisabet Sahtouris (Sah-toor-is) is an evolution biologist, philosopher, futurist and a former professor specializing in how the principles of nature can be applied as models for organizational and systems change. In addition to having taught at MIT and the University of Massachusetts, Dr. Sahtouris currently...


The Progressive Commentary Hour - Prof. Cahill

Prof. Cahill received her degree in Molecular Genetics from Trinity College Dublin (1989) and her PhD in Immunology from Dublin City University in 1994. She was group leader of the Protein Technology Group in the Max-Planck-Institute of Molecular Genetics, Berlin, Germany (1996-2003) She co-founded a biotechnology company, Protagen AG ( in Dortmund to commercialise this technology. Since 2005, she is Professor of Translational Science at the University College Dublin School...


Progressive Commentary Hour - Discovering the hidden narrative behind the covid-19 pandemic Prof Mark Crispin Miller

Prof Mark Crispin Miller is a professor of media, culture and communications at New York University where he specializes in modern propaganda, history of advertising, film and the mainstream media. He is the lead chief editor of the series Forbidden Bookshelf at Open Road Media, which republishes important books that have been censored, banned, ignored or wrongly criticized in the course of American history -- such as works by IF Stone, Lewis Mumford, Peter Dale Scott, Christopher Simpson...


Progressive Commentary Hour - Is Covid-19 a natural accident or was it by design?

Dr. Meryl Nass is an internal medicine physician in Maine and activist who specializes in treating patients with Gulf War syndrome, adverse reactions from the anthrax vaccine and vaccine safety and efficacy in general. In the past she has testified on six separate occasions before Congress on behalf of veterans suffering from the causes of Gulf War syndrome. Meryl is also active in opposing vaccine mandates and critiquing the false claims and fear mongering about infectious disease epidemics...


Progressive Commentary Hour - Guest Mary Holland

Mary Holland is the General Counsel and Vice Chair of the Board for the Children's Health Defense, founded by Bobby Kennedy Jr, and a former law scholar at a New York area law school specializing in international human rights, public law and vaccine safety law and injury compensation. She also has a son who regressed into autism following the MMR vaccine. Mary holds a degree in Russian studies from Harvard, and graduate degrees in international relations and a JD from Columbia University....