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Thought-Provoking Insights from the Left Side of the Political Aisle

Thought-Provoking Insights from the Left Side of the Political Aisle
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Thought-Provoking Insights from the Left Side of the Political Aisle








The Heat is Turned Up on Trump

New filings by Robert Mueller show that Donald Trump absolutely committed a crime. This is before he even got to the whole issue of collusion. It all stems from his dealings with Michael Cohen, hush money, real estate deals, etc. Trump thinks it totally clears him and claims there is no "smocking gun" on collusion. He's delusional. The trade deal with China continues to be a disaster for Trump and it could throw us into major economic turmoil. We talk to Sabrina Rodriguez from Politico,...


Has John Kelly Finally Had Enough?

Reports are out there that John Kelly is resigning as Chief of Staff for Donald Trump. Has he finally had enough? The situation in NC and around the country shows a pattern of election fraud and disenfranchising voters. It's the only way that they can win elections anymore! They can't sell voters on their ideas, so they just STEAL seats! We ramp you up for the weekend with Brad Woodhouse from Protect Our Care, Eugene Scott from WaPo and Elaina Plott from The Atlantic.


The GOP Knows That They Can't Win on Ideas. So They're Resorting to Stealing Elections

All across the country, Republicans are working to undermine the will of the voters and/or steal elections. It's an indication where they realize that voters are against them, so they're doing the only thing they can... CHEAT. It's happening in NC, GA, WI and multiple other states around the country. How do Democrats fight back? Another depressing report on climate change shows that we are close to the brink of never being able to come back. Will anyone do anything? We talk to Sam Berger...


Flynn Flips on Trump!

A dramatic development in the Robert Mueller investigation. He requested that Michael Flynn be given NO jail time because... he has given 19 interviews to tell Mueller everything he knows. He's singing an opera and that could be VERY bad news for Donald Trump. Michael Flynn could be the key to spell out the ties between the Trump campaign and Russia. We talk to Matt Ford from The New Republic about what it all means, Scott Wong from The Hill about a possible shutdown, and Sabrina Singh from...


Is Trump Getting Inside Info on the Mueller Investigation?

Another wild tweetstorm from Donald Trump on Monday. He bashed Mueller, praised Roger Stone for not testifying against him, and called for Michael Cohen to serve a full sentence in jail. One has to wonder if acting AG Matt Whitaker might be feeding Trump inside information about the investigation? The border wall is at the heart of a possible government shutdown. Will Democrats cave and give Trump the money to build it? Will Trump actually shut the government down? We talk to Leah...


Donald Trump Is An Asset of Russia

With former Trump right-hand-man, Michael Cohen, turning on his former boss, we're getting a clearer picture of how Russia is using the President of the United States. It's proof that there was a conspiracy and collusion. It's also proof that Robert Mueller is closing in on Trump and his family. No way to get around it: This is BAD news for Trump. We talk to Melanie Zanona from The Hill, Max Bergmann from the Moscow Project and Matt Fuller from HuffPost!


BONUS: The Dangers of Using Tear Gas on Women and Children

We are using tear gas on women and children at our Southern border. Peter Ogburn talks to Emma Roller, who wrote a piece for HuffPost about how dangerous the chemical warfare is. Plus, using tear gas is usually just the beginning. Things have a tendency to escalate after that. Read her piece here:


We Now Have Definitive Proof of a Connection Between Trump and Russia

Michael Cohen is singing. He's telling all the details on The Moscow Project, which was Trump's plan to build in Russia even after he was the GOP nominee for President. This is a very concerning development in the Robert Mueller investigation. But what does it mean? Guest host Jason Dick explains how much trouble Trump could be in. The Democrats are in the process of electing their leadership. How will they move forward? What will their priorities be? We talk to Reporter & Editor at CQ...


We Are Watching Obstruction of Justice Happen Right Before Our Eyes

Paul Manafort is in some serious hot water. He was recently charged again and accuse dof lying to the special counsel. But, Donald Trump is openly floating the idea of pardoning him. THAT is obstruction of justice. But don't count on Republicans to do anything about it. Nancy Pelosi WILL be the next Speaker of the House. She got over the first hurdle by winning in the caucus and the next stop is Speakership. She's the right person at the right time. We talk to Yvette Simpson, the new head...


The White House Holds a (RARE) Press Briefing

The White House held a press briefing on Tuesday, which is extremely rare these days. Sarah Huckabee Sanders lied about climate change, the caravan at the border, Paul Manafort and Robert Mueller. What else is new? Why do they even have these press briefings? A sad, but not unsurprising result in the runoff in Mississippi. The Democrat was defeated by a racist Republican. Plus, Democrats will be deciding on new leadership. Can Nancy Pelosi get her old position as Speaker back? We talk to...


Trump Campaigns for (Another) Racist Candidate

Donald Trump went to Mississippi to campaign for yet another racist candidate for the Senate. There's a runoff today, which could give the GOP another seat in the Senate or could shock the country by sending another Southern Democrat to serve. Plus, there's a crisis at the southern border and it looks like WE are the bad guys. We talk to Amy Harder from Axios about the climate change report and Yahoo News' Hunter Walker about all things White House!


We're Back From Break! And There is a LOT of News to Catch Up On!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! We're here to cover everything you might have missed. From Donald Trump dissing the troops YET AGAIN to a brutal report on climate change to the fact that we are using chemical weapons on other countries, we cover all that we can! Plus, can Nancy Pelosi survive another challenge to the Speakership? We talk to Dem strategist Capri Cafaro, Nate James from the AFGE and Niels Lesnewski from Roll Call!


BONUS: The Impact of the Midterms

It was a historic night for women this election cycle. Bill talks to Andrea Dew Steele, the Founder and President of Emerge America about ALL of the new women who were elected on Election Night and what impact they'll have on the new Congress. Plus, Peter Ogburn and Graham Vyse examine all the new changes to state legislatures around the country.


Happy Thanksgiving! Let's Look Ahead to 2020

Now that the midterms are over, it's time to start to speculate about presidential politics! Bill sits down with Hanna Trudo from the National Journal to go through an EXHAUSTIVE list of all the different candidates and what their strategies might be. Plus, one of the things Peter Ogburn is most thankful for is the National Parks. He talks to Tom Cassidy, Vice President of Government Relations and Policy for the National Trust for. Historic Preservation.


Things to be Grateful For

What is there to be politically grateful for this Thanksgiving? Lots! From midterms to major movement on common sense gun reform, we cover it all. Igor Volsky fills in as guest host for Bill Press; he is joined by guests Erica Fein (Win Without War), Leah Askarinam (Inside Elections), and Chelsea Parsons (Center for American Progress).


If Not Pelosi, Then Who?

Amazon HQ2, a mounting uprising against Nancy Pelosi, and new White House press briefing rules... a normal day in the chaos realm. Peter Ogburn fills in for Bill Press. He is joined by guests Gbenga Ajilore (Center for American Progress), Rebecca Buckwalter-Poza (Daily Kos), and Clare Foran (CNN).


Trio of Heartbreak

A trio of heartbreak came into focus over the weekend: Abrams, Gillum, and Nelson all declared defeat in their respective races. And, Trump visits the fire-ravaged town of Paradise in the wake of devastating wild fires... but he doesn't know where he is. This, and more with Peter Ogburn filling in for Bill Press. Ogburn is joined by guests Juliegrace Brufke (The Hill), Alex Seitz-Wald (NBC News), and Pema Levy (Mother Jones).


BONUS: Now That Bernie Made Amazon Raise Its Pay, He Sets His Sights on Wal-Mart

Bernie Sanders proposed legislation that would have made things very tough for Amazon unless they paid their workers a living wage. Well, it worked. Amazon DID raise wages for all of their employees. So what next? Well, Bernie is setting his sights on Wal-Mart for the same issue. Wal-Mart doesn't pay their employees a living wage and Bernie has teamed up with Rep. Ro Khana (D-CA) to introduce legislation with hopes of convincing Wal-Mart to do the same thing. Peter Ogburn talks to Gideon...


The Republican Party in California Has Been All But Wiped Out

Another win for a Democratic in the conservative part of California. On election night, Democrats had won 26 seats. After another win in California on Thursday night, the count is now at 36 seats! This was absolutely a BLUE WAVE. Guest host Kaili Joy Gray sits in to discuss the blue wave and the ongoing battle for leadership in the Democratic party. New (mostly male) members in the House say that Nancy Pelosi shouldn't be Speaker of the House, but why aren't more people talking about the...


The Leadership Battle For Democrats Begins. Will Pelosi Be Speaker of the House?

There is a small group of Democratic House members who are opposing Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. Will the votes be there for her? And with all the talk about her role as Speaker, why aren't we talking about Chuck Schumer as Leader of the Democrats in the Senate?? Nancy Pelosi did her job. Schumer did not. The recounts continue in Florida and Georgia. Combined with MORE Democratic wins in the House this week, the Blue Wave rolls on! We talk to Ginger Gibson from Reuters, Rep John...