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Thought-Provoking Insights from the Left Side of the Political Aisle

Thought-Provoking Insights from the Left Side of the Political Aisle
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Thought-Provoking Insights from the Left Side of the Political Aisle








If Not Pelosi, Then Who?

Amazon HQ2, a mounting uprising against Nancy Pelosi, and new White House press briefing rules... a normal day in the chaos realm. Peter Ogburn fills in for Bill Press. He is joined by guests Gbenga Ajilore (Center for American Progress), Rebecca Buckwalter-Poza (Daily Kos), and Clare Foran (CNN).


Trio of Heartbreak

A trio of heartbreak came into focus over the weekend: Abrams, Gillum, and Nelson all declared defeat in their respective races. And, Trump visits the fire-ravaged town of Paradise in the wake of devastating wild fires... but he doesn't know where he is. This, and more with Peter Ogburn filling in for Bill Press. Ogburn is joined by guests Juliegrace Brufke (The Hill), Alex Seitz-Wald (NBC News), and Pema Levy (Mother Jones).


BONUS: Now That Bernie Made Amazon Raise Its Pay, He Sets His Sights on Wal-Mart

Bernie Sanders proposed legislation that would have made things very tough for Amazon unless they paid their workers a living wage. Well, it worked. Amazon DID raise wages for all of their employees. So what next? Well, Bernie is setting his sights on Wal-Mart for the same issue. Wal-Mart doesn't pay their employees a living wage and Bernie has teamed up with Rep. Ro Khana (D-CA) to introduce legislation with hopes of convincing Wal-Mart to do the same thing. Peter Ogburn talks to Gideon...


The Republican Party in California Has Been All But Wiped Out

Another win for a Democratic in the conservative part of California. On election night, Democrats had won 26 seats. After another win in California on Thursday night, the count is now at 36 seats! This was absolutely a BLUE WAVE. Guest host Kaili Joy Gray sits in to discuss the blue wave and the ongoing battle for leadership in the Democratic party. New (mostly male) members in the House say that Nancy Pelosi shouldn't be Speaker of the House, but why aren't more people talking about the...


The Leadership Battle For Democrats Begins. Will Pelosi Be Speaker of the House?

There is a small group of Democratic House members who are opposing Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. Will the votes be there for her? And with all the talk about her role as Speaker, why aren't we talking about Chuck Schumer as Leader of the Democrats in the Senate?? Nancy Pelosi did her job. Schumer did not. The recounts continue in Florida and Georgia. Combined with MORE Democratic wins in the House this week, the Blue Wave rolls on! We talk to Ginger Gibson from Reuters, Rep John...


Was There A Blue Wave? You Bet There Was.

We're seeing more and more results from last week's election, and the more we look at them, the more it becomes clear: It was a Blue Wave Election. Votes are still being counted around the country, but Democrats have picked up HUGE gains around the country. What's the latest with Robert Mueller? Will he be protected? Will Trump try to fire him? We talk to Ryan J Reilly from HuffPost, Rep. Dan Kildee (D-MI), and Ed Chung from the Center for American Progress!


Democrats Win ANOTHER Senate Seat A Week After the Election

After all the votes were counted in Arizona, Democrats pick up yet another Senate seat. Kyrsten Sinema defeated Martha McSally in a VERY close race. What originally looked to be a bad night for Senate Democrats is now looking.... much better! Now let's get Florida and Mississippi! Plus, we continue to march towards a constitutional crisis with Trump's acting Attorney General. Will Republicans do anything to help stop it? We talk to Rebekah Entralgo from ThinkProgress, journalist Ray Locker...


Donald Trump Skips An Important Appearance With World Leaders.... Because Of A Little Rain

Donald Trump canceled an important trip in France to honor soldiers because of a little rain. Is he really the tough guy that he claims to be? He's never visited any active combat zone to honor troops, he skipped a memorial because of rain.... Is it possible that Donald Trump hates the military? PLUS - The election is still going on! Andrew Gillum has rescinded his concession in Florida's Governor's race and the votes continue to be counted! COUNT EVERY VOTE! We talk to Brittany Shepherd...


BONUS: The Day After The Election

Was it a Blue Wave? Or was it a Blue Bust? We did a special afternoon broadcast on the Wednesday after the election to take a look at how Democrats fared in the midterms. We also had the breaking news that Jeff Sessions had been fired, which means that we are facing ANOTHER constitutional crisis. Bill discusses it all with Jason Dick from Roll Call!


With Voter Suppression and Fraud, It's Time for Democrats to FIGHT!

In Florida and Georgia, voters were suppressed and disenfranchised. Now, we're seeing Democrats doing what they NEED to do: FIGHT! Stacey Abrams, Andrew Gillum and Bill Nelson are finding more and more votes in absentee and provisional ballots. The acting AG might have been unconstitutionally installed. Even conservatives recognize that he shouldn't be in the position that he's in. He should recuse himself, but as a Trump loyalist, don't expect that to happen. We talk to Abby Livingston...


Now That Dems Control The House, Trump Will Feel The Heat

Democrats won the House on Tuesday night. Donald Trump held an insane press conference on Wednesday morning and is DEFINITELY feeling the heat. He knows that he's about to be on defense for the first time in his presidency. He fought with reporters, he made false accusations, he said that his job will be easier now that Dems have the House. In other words, he's lost his mind. We talk to Lauren Gambino from The Guardian, Kyle Lierman from When We All Vote and USA Today's Eliza Collins!


No Matter What You Hear Today, Remember This: The Democrats WON on Election Night

Lots of people are saying that it was a disappointing night for Democrats. BULLSHIT. They were out of power in the House and now they have it back. That is gigantic. Sure, there were some heartbreaks. We would have loved to see Beto, Gillum and others, but overall, this was a very exciting night for Democrats. Now, it's on to 2020. We can learn from the mistakes from this election and finish taking our country back. We talk to Chris Cadelago from Politico, Adele Stan from Right Wing Watch...


Election Day: Your Voice, Your Vote!

Bill Press hosts with guests Tom Steyer (Need to Impeach, NextGen America), Connor Maxwell (Center for American Progress), and Sabrina Singh (DNC). From what the youngest generation of voters are passionate about to fighting back against voter suppression, to where the DNC sees the biggest opportunity: Bill covers it all.


Fired Up and Ready To VOTE!

It's the day before the big election, and everyone is running full steam ahead on the campaign trail. Bill Press digs into the latest news of the day with Adam Wollner (McClatchy DC), Maggie Thomspon (Generation Progress), and Jon Allen (NBC News).


BONUS: Gov. Terry McAuliffe on the Midterms

The midterms are THIS TUESDAY. With Democratic enthusiasm at an all time high, will we see a Blue Wave? We take a look at important races around the country and what former Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, is seeing out there.


Vote them OUT! The Most Important Election of Our Lives

Chris Lu, former Deputy Secretary of Labor, fills in for Bill Press. He is joined by guests Austin Evers (American Oversight) to dig into the latest Trump Administration scandals, and why shining a spotlight on government employees' work matters. Next up, Congressman Don Beyer (D-VA) talks about what it's like to run in today's political world, and how important the last push to the finish line really is. Lastly, Rebecca Vallas (Center for American Progress) talks general economy, jobs...


It's The Final Push to Midterms and the GOP Doubles Down on Racism

We're approaching the last push before the midterms! What is the GOP talking about? Not policy, not ideas, not unity.... They're running a blatantly racist ad aimed at scaring voters. It's Willie Horton all over again. Trump said (with a straight face) that he doesn't lie. He really said that and didn't get struck by lightning. He continued to spread lies and disinformation at a campaign event in Florida Wednesday night. Ron DeSantis is going to lose and the GOP should be very scared. We...


Republicans Will Try To Mobilize Fear To The Polls

With less than a week to go before the midterm elections, Donald Trump is trying to scare Republicans into voting. Troops to the border, revoking birthright citizenship, spreading lies about the caravan, lying about Democrats taking away pre-existing conditions, etc. These are just SOME of the lies that the GOP are trying to spread to amp up their base. He's also hitting the road for multiple campaign events for Republican candidates. Will it work? We'll know in less than a week. We talk to...


Is Donald Trump to Blame for Political Violence?

Donald Trump prides himself on the rage that he stirs up in people. Now that violent white, conservative extremists are killing people, does he shoulder any of the blame? If you ask him, of course not. He sat down with Fox News and continued to blame the media. He was aided by Sarah Huckabee Sanders who blamed CNN for the rhetoric that led to bombs being sent to them. The political violence in this country can be laid at the feet of Trump and his acolytes. We are now ONE WEEK away from the...


A Weekend of Awful Terror in America

The bomber who was sending explosive packages to leaders of the Democratic party was arrested over the weekend. He was a supporter of Trump's and took his rhetoric to heart. The deadliest anti-Semitic attack on American soil happened on Saturday. Again, someone has taken Trump's rhetoric to heart and acted on it. At some point, will anyone hold Trump accountable for his speech? Republicans won't do it. His base won't do it. The media won't do it. Where does this end? We talk to Alan Pyke...