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Ghost Tarot Reading After Show

McCall got her first set of Tarot cards and Producer Butterz is in to it, so here comes AJ to wreck it all. Could you imagine AJ behind the wheel of the weinermobile? What did McCall think a roll cage was? AJ & McCall made a video for 'Tell us you live in Utah without telling us you live in Utah.' but did Butterz find it funny? Who is trying to steal AJ's engagement ring thunder? Saturday boss meetings... and ghosts; what's in store for AJ?


AJ & McCall Show 01-15-21

You can't believe everything you see on the internet, BUT if this cooling things down with water is true then those people are disowned! Could you imagine AJ handling the 20 plus foot weinermobile? Tell us you live in Utah without telling us you live in Utah. What will McCall think about AJ considering doing something to his gray hair for the Debate At 8? McCall found a weird list with no title, what the heck is it? No matter who's the first worst parking spot of 2021 for Park Narcs, white...


Life Then and Now Debate At 8

If there's one thing 2020 has done, for most, it has altered the course of everyone's lives. That's not even taking in to count the crazy, naive thoughts you had for yourself when you were younger. With engagement on the brain AJ has been thinking about it. Where are you compared to where you thought you'd be for the Debate At 8? Is AJ an adult? He always said he'd never worry about his gray hair but then saw a commercial and thought 'Wellllll...'


Florida Or Not 01-15-21

Story #1 - Metal head enters neighbor's when he house catches on fire, lunges at cops and has a whole arsenal in his house Story #2 - One brother stabs another after fighting over spreading the good word Story #3 - Cops respond to a noise complaint only for the guy to say 'you can't play Led Zeppelin quiet!'


Probably Works Here After Show

How many inside jokes can you count in the intro? McCall is always giving AJ crap about his 'playing with fire' but at least he didn't try to to burn his Christmas tree. Maybe McCall should get rid of hers that way. Since Producer Butterz is the mom of the AJ & McCall Show does Ash need to ask his permission to marry AJ? What was the process like for AJ picking out the possible engagement ring? And Producer Butterz apparently...probably works here?


AJ & McCall Show 01-14-21

Is Utah more or less rude than the rest of the country? For all the crap McCall gives AJ over his fire problems, at least he didn't burn down his house because of his Christmas tree. It has been a whirlwind week for AJ with all the engagement ring stuff, but he's mad his friends clearly think he's going to do a lame proposal while also feeling bad he didn't tell his family he was shopping for rings. Is it possible to do a good deed and still be a jerk for the Debate At 8? Bad news for your...


Jerk Good Deed, Jerk Vacation Debate At 8

Is it possible to go a good deed and still be a jerk? A listener feels guilty after wanting to start a kindness chain but skipping the car directly behind them because it was a massive order. Should she feel guilty for the Debate At 8? AJ was waiting for this game to have McCall sort out a fight among family members going on vacation.


Florida Or Not 01-14-21

Story #1 - Guy set himself on fire while burning down the house Story #2 - Guy did bath salts and got nude his first day of work Story #3 - Serial toilet thief finally caught after stealing 18 toilets


Pregnancy Powers After Show

Everyone wants to watch the whole engagement ring process for AJ and his girlfriend, but AJ's getting overwhelmed. Who will he show the ring to when he buys it? As the mom of the AJ & McCall Show, does Producer Butterz have any advice? McCall has baby ESP and Butterz spreads fertility. AJ may or may not have told someone very important he decided to look at engagement rings. Is he a bad son?


AJ & McCall Show 01-13-21

Is it possible we traveled to another dimension and are reliving 2020? Being bad with directions was taken to a whole new level by AJ's sister-in-law, though McCall struggles with hotels also. Would you rather have no more green lights or never have to stand in line again? McCall turns AJ's game, trying to figure out why people gave him ugly looks, in to roast Wednesday. Blake Shelton had a lame proposal according to AJ, who has proposals on the brain but is tired of the bad advice for the...


Lame Advice Engagement Debate At 8

Since AJ publicly admitted to looking at engagement rings it has been at the front of his brain so when he saw how Blake Shelton proposed to Gwen Stefani he found it massively lame. Does McCall think he's being too harsh? When you move towards a big event everyone seems to have advice for you, but why isn't it good? Can't anyone live in the moment for the Debate At 8?


Florida Or Not 01-13-21

Story #1 - Police catch notorious naked driver and let him go Story #2 - Punches break out after a fight about who uses the bathroom first Story #3 - A man in his underwear kicks in a family's door demanding clothes before throwing a Bible at the cops


Sexy Infrastructure After Show

Producer Butterz has joined the committee with AJ to pick McCall's favorite color because she refuses to. McCall wants a personal assistant, but would Butterz do it? Prepare for this train wreck. Some times directions are hard. Get ready for Butterz and McCall's excitement over infrastructure in Cache Valley!


AJ & McCall Show 01-12-21

You aren't ready for the game changer AJ & McCall totally agree on for your bathroom. If you order a package shouldn't tracking it be better than 'We don't know either, good luck!' Is AJ the only one that has to explain some of the things in his house. Does everyone have a weird sleep tick for the Debate At 8? AJ & McCall have both found their New Year's Resolutions, color and becoming a regular.


Your Sleep Thing Debate At 8

Would McCall describe herself as a sleepwalker? Maybe not, but she definitely has done some silly things while still dead asleep. Does everyone have a sleep thing for the Debate At 8? McCall and AJ's girlfriend are big time sleep talkers and AJ apparently has a tell when he's really tired and trying not to fall asleep.


Florida Or Not 01-12-21

Story #1 - Guy with warrants gave a fake name...that also had warrants Story #2 - Guy stabbed a Wal-Mart worker over the price of milk Story #3 - Lady calls the cops after finding a toe in her garden...it was a potato


Never Retiring After Show

Producer Butterz has a persuasive essay he has to write but will he need any help from AJ or McCall? Fun fact, reverse psychology doesn't work. AJ has found out is reddest of flags ex got divorced but, more importantly, his friends apparently have a thread they discuss this stuff without him. If Producer Butterz is sad later this week it's because McCall brought up retirement.


AJ & McCall Show 01-11-21

Did McCall get enough of a brain refresh to not get lost this week? Despite the fact that Florida Or Not was trying to summon Cthulhu, McCall couldn't make it through the dirt because of worms. No normal person has been banned from somewhere right? Well AJ and Producer Butterz aren't normal. Not wanting to risk any kind of curses on a potential engagement, what are all the rules for the Debate At 8? AJ & McCall disagree about how much of a surprise it should be. BBQ soup on a first date?!...


Engagement Ring Debate At 8

Hypothetically, someone may have been in a jewelry store to pick something up for Christmas and ended up glancing at engagement rings. With the aura of 2020 hanging around can anyone really risk the possibility of cursing a potential marriage? Where AJ gets hung up is wanting it to be a complete surprise and McCall says he's absolutely wrong about that for the Debate At 8.


Florida Or Not 01-11-21

Story #1 - Two guys caught stealing a suitcase full of meat from a store Story #2 - Two grave robbers targeted veteran's grave because of their stronger spirits Story #3 - Guy gets chased by a police helicopter after pulling a gun for a wrong order at McDonald's