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55: A more bicycle-friendly MN

Today's guest is Dorian Grilley! You might know Dorian as the Executive Director of the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota (BikeMN), an organization that aims to make bicycling safe, easy and fun for everyone in our fair state. Now -- as BikeMN presents its 2016 agenda and informs our elected officials on Minnesota's bicycling needs -- Dorian rolled up to Pedal Hub to talk with Amber and Patrick and lay out BikeMN's plans for the future. The three tackled a few questions, too, like what exactly...


54: Two-wheeled wishes

What are your biking aspirations? Amber and Patrick met up for a two-person roundtable (Geno was out sick, sadly!) about their two-wheeled wishes. Some themes emerged, and we learned a little about how Patrick's brain works ... Also! The two shocked Transit for Livable Communities' new Executive Director Jessica Treat with a surprise phone-call interview and a big question. Amber and Patrick are wondering if the bike community's occasionally anti-car mindset is a hindrance to its advocacy...


53: Blogging the bike life

Lindsey Wallace, the blogger behind Biking in Mpls (, writes hugely popular articles on hot-button bike topics. She joined Patrick in the Pedal Hub studios to talk about her background in public health and her own bike advocacy. Lindsey addresses the barriers to and the benefits of biking, how she motivates others to ride with her writing and organizing, why she very intentionally bikes without a helmet, and how she's found a way to hit so many nerves in the...


52: The roundtable reunites!

After many months off, Amber, Gene and Patrick sat down for a lighthearted conversation about their Top 5 bike moments.


51: The master mechanic

Cynthia McArthur, a master mechanic and lifelong bike enthusiast, joined Patrick in the studio for a story-filled conversation.


Pedal Hub 50: Kelly Corbin of We Bike Rochester

Tah-dah! The Pedal Hubbers are back in action, with a fall-fresh season of spirited conversations about life on a bike. On this, our 50th episode, Amber and Patrick dialed up Kelly Corbin, founder of We Bike Rochester. Learn how Kelly fell deep in love with bikes and started a coalition of Rochester bikers who are fighting to make the Med City a sweeter place to ride, with better facilities, a more welcoming bike culture and improved infrastructure. What's it like to share the road in...


49: The biking divide

White people, especially wealthier white people, are more likely than people of color to choose bikes over other modes of transportation. Why is that, and how can we change that equation? It's partly because minorities perceive cycling as a white activity and not for them. Anthony Taylor, co-founder of the Major Taylor Bicycling Club of Minnesota, joins the Pedal Hubbers to outline how issues of access, cost, safety, and comfort are impeding minorities from benefiting from biking.


48: Heart of a racer

We know co-host Gene Oberpriller as a renegade bike shop owner/cycling instigator. But there's more to his story. Geno used to be a professional mountain bike racer, one of the best in the country, in fact. Patrick decided this is a story we need to be more familiar with, so he went, appropriately, one-on-one with Geno.


47: Be a smart tripper!

It's time to get out of the habit of putting the key in the ignition whenever you need to go somewhere. Let our special guest Jessica Treat, executive director of St. Paul Smart Trips, be your coach! Jessica has some great advice on adopting other transportation options, most notably biking, when your default is a motorized vehicle. AND, since Jessica's also an expert on commuting, we couldn't let her go without some wisdom on biking to work.


46: Adventures in bikepacking

Biking can change your life. Bikepacking is transformatively fun. Ask Jon Rosenberg. Jon became consumed with biking and bikepacking after moving to Minnesota to address an addiction problem. He now blogs and conducts seminars on bikepacking and held Amber and Patrick in rapt attention as he gave a how-to and told tales from the trails.


45: Cycle story, Counter Stories

The Pedal Hubbers are very fond of their sister podcast "Counter Stories," a show 'by and for people of color and everybody else.' So they asked host David Cazares to talk bikes with them. David's cycle story is common. Growing up, he and his bike were inseparable. Cars and adult responsibilities drew him away from cycling, but now he's coming back. His podcast "Counter Stories" is an ambitious, multi-racial meeting of the minds on race, social justice and culture.


44: Sizing up women cyclists

Going to a bike shop isn't always a pleasant experience, especially if you're a woman. Condescension, sexism, even harassment are still pretty pervasive. It's created a business opportunity. A growing number of 'women focused' bike shops are opening across the country, led by "Gladys Bikes" in Portland. The Pedal Hubbers spent some quality time with Gladys Bikes owner and Wisconsin native Leah Benson. Leah shared her views on why sexism is still rampant in the bike industry, and her...


43: Live with the Gear Junkie!

We couldn't have picked a better location for our first live podcast than the Science Museum of Minnesota! On Thursday June 4th, the Pedal Hubbers and special guest Stephen Regenold, founder of the premier online outdoor gear publication, "Gear Junkie," held court in front of a live audience. The event was "Bike Night," part of the museum's 'Social Science' series. The conversation was all over the Pedal Hub map, touching on everything from the good and bad of bike culture and the leading...


42: What's the Pedal Hub mission?

We've been coming at ya for 42-episodes. Now it's time to park our bikes and reflect on our mission. Is it to inspire more people to bike? Yep. Is it to discuss what leads to safer and better cycling? It is. Is it to tell the stories of the biking community? Oh oh. This may not be as easy as we thought. And, we'll explain what the 'gnarly ride twins' are as we highlight our favorite biking promotions.


41: Don't be a jerk

Bike path behavior and Pedal Pubs are occupying the Pedal Hubbers this episode. To get beyond our bike biases, we asked Bob Collins to be our guest. Bob writes the "Newscut" blog for MPR News. He's reflected on bike path rules and etiquette, and the Memorial Day weekend ambush of a few pedal pubs by squirt gun shooting, water balloon lobbing marauders on bikes. The discussion delved into such topics as our aging cycling population, the urban/suburban divide, and the tribe mentality that...


40: A poster party for bike people

Minneapolis-based ARTCRANK has become an international phenomenon with its mash-up of beer, bikes and cycle-inspired art. Founder Charles Youel joined the Pedal Hubbers to tell the ARTCRANK origin story (a certain renegade co-host played a key role), discuss why bike posters have captured imaginations at home and abroad, and clue us in on what to expect at this year's ARTCRANK, which is Saturday, June 6th, at the Fulton Brewery in Northeast Minneapolis. We'll also hear about an exciting...


39: Mpls + STP = bike cities!

Two big Twin Cities biking proponents also happen to be prominent local politicians--Minneapolis City Council member Lisa Bender and St. Paul City Council President Russ Stark. Guess what? Pedal Hub nabbed them both! We'll hear Ms Bender and Mr. Stark in a free flowing conversation rich in personal bike history, bike infrastructure topics and issues related to the future of cycling in Minneapolis/St. Paul. How do we grow the number of cyclists on the streets? Are we going to get another...


38: What it takes to bike to work

It's "Bike to Work Week" (5/11 - 5/15)! Are you ready to become a bike commuter? In honor of the occasion, the Pedal Hubbers chatted with Bill Nesper, VP of programs for the League of American Bicyclists in Washington D.C. We'll explore what goes into the decision to ride -- not drive -- to work. And, we'll learn about other cycling constituents the league is trying to motivate, in addition to commuters. Wow. May is a big month for cycling. It's also National Bike Month!


38: Bike to work!

"Bike to Work Week" is next week (5/11 - 5/15)! Are you ready to become a bike commuter? In honor of the occasion, the Pedal Hubbers chatted with Bill Nester, VP of programs for the League of American Bicyclists in Washington D.C. We'll explore what goes into the decision to ride, not drive to work. And, we'll learn about other cycling constituents the league is trying to motivate, in addition to commuters.


37: A gravel road odyssey

What started out as a spontaneous bike ride through the southeastern Minnesota countryside has become the "Almanzo 100," the premier gravel road cycling race in the country. It's happening May 16 in Spring Valley. The Pedal Hubbers dial up Almanzo's founder, Chris Skogen, to get the full back story and some wisdom on how small towns can tap into the power of bikes. Skogen is stepping down as organizer this year and will ride in the race for the first time. Also, what are your goals for...