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KPBS listeners turn to the Editors Roundtable for lively discussion of the week's biggest stories. The Editors put the news into perspective while offering their own opinions and insight.

KPBS listeners turn to the Editors Roundtable for lively discussion of the week's biggest stories. The Editors put the news into perspective while offering their own opinions and insight.


San Diego, CA


KPBS listeners turn to the Editors Roundtable for lively discussion of the week's biggest stories. The Editors put the news into perspective while offering their own opinions and insight.




Living With The Coronavirus Pandemic

Cruise lines, concerts, classes, conventions, conferences, even conversations. The novel coronavirus is disrupting most aspects of daily life in San Diego, just as it is in the rest of the world.


Roundtable: March Primary Recap

Our panel parses the (partial) primary results pertinent to San Diego County for president, mayor of San Diego, 50th and 53rd Congressional Districts and Measures A, B and C.


The California Primary Is Early, Big And Important

What a difference a date makes. This is the first year the California Primary is early enough to have some influence on the selection of a presidential nominee. And there are plenty of important local races and issues to decide.


Roundtable: Candidate For Judge Posted Racist Jokes On Facebook

A candidate for Superior Court judge in San Diego has posted several racist and sexist photos and jokes. Plus, we've got the story of a former Navy SEAL who suffered a psychotic break after receiving an experimental treatment from a UCSD physician. And we look at Proposition 13, a statewide school bond.


A New Political Party You May Not Have Known You Registered For

The new Common Sense Party needs some now. And we look at the city attorney's race and the cases for and against Measures A and C.


Roundtable: Candidates Raise Issues, Money In County Supes Races

The races for three seats (Districts 1, 2, and 3) on the San Diego County Board of Supervisors will determine which party dominates the five-member board and directs spending of the $6 billion-plus budget


Candidates, Issues In 50th, 52nd & 53rd Congressional Districts

We sort through the multiple congressional candidates and issues in the 50th, 52nd and 53rd Congressional Districts (15 are running in the 53rd!). Who will survive the crowded March primary?


The Race To Replace San Diego's Mayor

This look at San Diego politics and the city's ability to solve big problems -- homelessness, housing affordability, infrastructure -- through the 2020 races for mayor and city council includes some speculation on what's ahead for Mayor Kevin Faulconer.


San Diego Airport's Crowded Terminal 1 Due For $3B Makeover

Terminal 1, the home to Southwest, Alaska and a few other carriers, is closer to a major makeover.


Duncan Hunter Resigns

On Monday, Congressman Duncan D. Hunter will resign. There will be no special election for the 50th Congressional District. Local vets reveal their thoughts on the situation with Iran. And homelessness is spreading to the suburbs.


Rise In Minimum Wage Impacts Workers, Businesses

This week, the minimum wage rose $1 an hour in California, on a path to reach $15 an hour in 2023. The pay increase will impact workers and businesses and eventually consumers.


Top Stories Of 2019

We look back at some of the biggest stories from the past year with our panel of San Diego journalists.


President Trump Is Impeached

The House of Representatives approves the impeachment of President Donald Trump, Democratic presidential candidates hold a debate in Southern California, and companies cut freelance workers as a result of California's new gig economy law.


The Truth in Afghanistan

A Washington Post report details misleading public information over the course of the war in Afghanistan, San Diego has a stark racial gap when it comes to arrests and drug prosecutions, and the new religious themed Legacy International Center opens in Mission Valley.


Hunter's Guilty Plea; Poway Water Woes; Al Gore

No longer a witch hunt. Duncan Hunter now says he's guilty of corruption. What's next for the East County congressman and those running to replace him? An inconvenient truth. Al Gore brings his climate message to San Diego as scientists escalate their warnings for our planet. And, more than an inconvenience. How the water problem in Poway could end up costing the city millions.


KPBS Podcasts

A special episode of KPBS Roundtable features a discussion with several KPBS podcast hosts about their shows and the growth of the podcast platform.


Calls For White House Adviser To Resign Following Email Leak

Calls for White House adviser Stephen Miller to resign following a leak of controversial emails. The alarming death rate among San Diego County jail inmates. San Diego State University moves forward with its Mission Valley stadium plans.


Alarming Rate Of Law Enforcement Officers With Criminal Records

A collaborative inquiry finds hundreds of California law enforcement officers with criminal backgrounds. The nation's highest court could decide the future for nearly a million undocumented immigrants. Wildfires destroy more than structures, a look at the impact on survivors' mental health.


Soaring Homicide Rates In Mexico

Soaring homicide rates in Mexico. How America contributes to the problem. Overlooked San Diego rape kits yield DNA matches in the federal database. Dockless scooters are an economic boom, but are they really beneficial to the environment?


Wildfires Burn Across California And Northern Baja

A week of strong Santa Ana winds lead to destructive fires across the state and into Baja California and precautionary power outages in San Diego County. Plus, several car companies join President Trump's push to strip California of its right to set fuel mileage standards. And, the social media rebrand for the San Diego State University College Republicans.