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Episode #27: Live from Bumbershoot with Neko Case and Rachel Flotard

Sherman and Jess are live at the Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle, Washington. Jess reads a new poem about the end of days, while Sherman reads a new poem about his mother’s recent death. Acclaimed singers Neko Case and Rachel Flotard also join the show, performing gorgeous music before sitting down to talk with Sherman and Jess about making records, troubles with mothers, and Sky Mall. Plus, questions from the audience.


Episode #25: Richard Russo and Go Set a Watchman

Pulitzer Prize winning author Richard Russo is interviewed. Sherman and Jess weigh in on Go Set a Watchman and answer a listener question from a guy who binge listens to the show while vacuuming his house in the buff.

Episode #11: Works in Progress and the Best of 2014

Sherman Alexie and Jess Walter read new works in progress, pick their favorite books and movies from 2014, and answer a delicate listener question.

Episode #10: Other People’s ‘Stuff,’ Sharma Shields, and Roundball Roundtable

Sherman and Jess read from other authors’ work, and welcome Sharma Shields to read from her upcoming novel, The Sasquatch Hunter’s Almanac. Plus, writers Shann Ray and Kevin Taylor join the hosts to talk trash and pretty jump shots.

Episode #9: Peter Himmelman, Writing for Hollywood, and the Six-Word Short Story

Sherman and Jess read from there shortest short stories (six and 79 words, respectively) and welcome singer/songwriter/ATSOA theme composer Peter Himmelman.

Episode #8: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Toilet and Aaron Guest of Polecat

Sherman and Jess read from some of their shortest stories in this episode, then discuss meeting and not meeting celebrities, culminating with Sherman on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s toilet. They also welcome musician Aaron Guest of the band Polecat and discuss their 3 favorite songs.

Episode #7: Molly Ringwald On Writing, Singing, and Work Clothes

Actress/Novelist/Jazz singer Molly Ringwald joins Sherman Alexie and Jess Walter to talk about singing at the Carlyle, what writers wear to work, and her suspicion of people who say they love to write. Sherman and Jess also discuss the thrill and agony of submitting one’s work.

Episode #6: Ellen Forney and the Literary Mendoza Line

Sherman Alexie and Jess Walter talk rejection, depression, bipolar disorder, and art with graphic novelist Ellen Forney. Sherman also reads from Radioactive Love Song, the unreleased follow-up to his bestselling YA novel, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.

Episode #5: ‘Why Do You Always Write About White People?’

How can you write about people who aren’t like you? Should you even try? Sherman and Jess take this question head-on, and read from their attempts to do so. With special guest Erica Dawson.

Episode #4: Jess Walter Is Taking His Talents to the Grave, With Special Guest John Sirois

Jess Walter ruefully retires from playing basketball, Sherman Alexie ponders the footwear choices for Planned Parenthood visits, and special guest John Sirois discusses tribal singing and Facebook drama.

Episode #3: Pilot Season, The Mermaid, and a Chat with Steve Almond

Sherman and Jess read about pilots (the TV kind) and mermaids, and talk with Against Football author Steve Almond, who is not ready for some football.

Episode #2: Psalms, Spokane, Stusser, and Seeping Gunk

Sherman and Jess read poems; welcome writer/documentarian Michael Stusser to talk technology, pornography, and drinking with Spokane’s mayor; and check in with Sherman’s wife’s friend Polly, who is dealing with seeping gunk, back girdles and “high boobs.”

Episode #1: Cheston, Applied Science, and Star Anna

On the first episode of “the middle-aged writer fading jock show,” Jess tells us about a nihilist 4-year-old, Sherman talks about sexual awakenings and the tendency of all Christian movies to be about the apocalypse, and they welcome musician Star Anna.