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AJ & McCall 09/24/18

Cops intervened when a mom took a cell phone away from her kid, which is just ridiculous. Isn't the threat of losing stuff one of the primary ways your parents kept you in line? What did you have threaten to get taken away? With new interns in the building it means McCall gets to pass on her dating knowledge, and this is a revisit for AJ because you can't ask for numbers just anywhere. Where is it okay, and not weird, to ask for a phone number? AJ has been telling a lie for a long time and...

AJ & McCall Drop the Mic: Serial Killers

AJ & McCall Drop the Mic on serial killers, a fascination the VFX staff has but one that is seemingly still a bit taboo. Producer Butterz and Intern Tiny Tim talk about the popular interest in these monsters that interest us. Why is it taboo? Do we believe in desensitization when it comes to music, video games or reading material such as serial killers? How does an interest in the paranormal compare?


AJ & McCall 09/21/18

AJ & McCall went back to school and did a lot of thinking about how they were in high school and what they did and today it's your turn. What were you like but you can only use a GIF. AJ & McCall and Intern Tiny Tim all have Queen mattresses, but apparently you're wasting your time if you don't have a King mattress. What size is your bed? Everyone has boundaries, but where is yours? For the Debate At 8, what personal items would you not let anyone borrow? McCall got everyone sick! But now...

AJ & McCall 09/20/18

Are you an AJ or a McCall? Whenever people meet them they usually tell them what side of their past Debate At 8's they side on, so take our quiz and find out which one you are. How lazy are you, what did you do recently that made you realize how lazy you were being? Yesterday it was the rules for attending weddings and today it's rules for ex's for the Debate At 8. What things can you bring from a past relationship in to a new one? And AJ has a bone to pick with the double standard when it...

AJ & McCall 09/19/18

Post Malone is cursed! He touched one of the most cursed items in the world and that's why all the bad things have been happening to him. Have you ever felt cursed? Yesterday McCall ordered food for AJ and Intern Tiny Tim, but they were broadcasting live from a parking lot. Have you ever had to give special instructions or go somewhere specific to get your delivery? AJ & McCall are going to a wedding next weekend as a Morning Show, and are feeling nervous about embarrassing VFX. What wedding...

AJ & McCall 09/18/18

The IG Nobels were announced, parody Nobel Awards, including how effective a voodoo doll would work on your boss. McCall has experience with voodoo dolls and may in fact be part witch! Rich people in NYC are hiring nannies...for themselves to help them get dressed and drive them around which just seems a bit too extra. However, no one would turn down some extra help so what chore would have someone do if you could pass it off? AJ has been doing some traveling and unfortunately had his...

AJ & McCall Drop the Mic: Cringe and Uncomfortable

AJ & McCall Drop the Mic on cringe and uncomfortable, the things that make you sick and make you squirm. Producer Butterz and Intern Tiny Tim join the podcast to discuss the unusual things that really bother you. Who hates styrofoam? Tearing of cotton balls is the worst sound to someone on the podcast, but who? What tastes and textures do you hate? And it also includes the very epic discussion of cloth napkins and what you can and can't do with them.


AJ & McCall 09/17/18

Next week's weather forecast calls for sunny and lower 70s and McCall says that is sweater weather, which AJ says is ridiculous! When is sweater weather? Monday is a time we all could use a little advice, but no one needs a rambler so you have only four words. What's your advice in four words? Would you make a good plus one to a wedding? AJ & McCall got invited to a wedding and aren't sure which side the fall on. For the Debate At 8 what's your resume that would you make a good or bad plus...


AJ & McCall Drop the Mic: Live Action and Remakes

AJ & McCall Drop the Mic on Live Action and Remake movies, starting with Disney. Producer Butterz and Intern Tiny Tim join AJ & McCall to rank our top animated classics to springboard in to the remakes and live action movies. Do we like any of them and are we excited for all of them coming out in the future? Who of the four of isn't really in to Disney music? Who didn't know about the Pixar theory? (Here's the link if you didn't either https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejgaEbKT1sA)


AJ & McCall 09/14/18

Everyone around the station is sick and AJ is trying REALLY HARD to avoid it. What do you do to preemptively avoid getting sick? Taco Bell was voted the best Mexican restaurant in America, okay...? But what is your go-to fast food place? And speaking of fast food, we all know McCall is extra but what will she pay extra for on her food? Treat yo'self for the Debate At 8. How do you get a job on the board that determines the classes for the National Toy Hall of Fame? The Finalist won't be...

AJ & McCall 09/13/18

Who doesn't Pot Lucks? They're easy and fun, but some times we skim corners right? What's the laziest thing to bring to a Pot Luck? McCall got to break the glass on Tinder Tuesday yesterday with our new interns and we're revisiting it today, but the other side of the coin. What have you done to get your ex's attention because AJ & McCall have stories of fake engagements and stolen phones to get attention. Yesterday, the Debate At 8 was about bosses so Producer Butterz picked today's and it's...

AJ & McCall 09/12/18

Everyone is trying to come up with the unique and new baby names, but what about the old ones that no one uses anymore. What are the old fashioned names that would make you do a double take? McCall really wants to bring back Tinder Tuesday and now that we have young minds, Intern Tiny Tim and Intern Gunner, she is handing out dating advice again. Is it okay to date the ex of a friend or family member? Would you work for a younger boss? AJ says he would have some serious skepticism and McCall...

AJ & McCall 09/11/18

Yesterday AJ & McCall had a friend that said Jason Momoa, Aquaman, wasn't attractive and didn't get all the hype. Now that's crazy but everyone has some celebrities that they don't dig despite the rest of the world saying they're gorgeous, who are yours? AJ got a talking to about being too casual, so what is appropriate for a guy who is 30? Yesterday the Debate At 8 was washing disposable items, but AJ & McCall agree that if you didn't have those Cool Whip or Country Crock butter containers...

AJ & McCall 09/10/18

Celebrity deaths always come in three and it's such sad news...and embarrassing if you mix them up. AJ spent a good chunk of Friday being sad about Burt Reynolds but picturing Tom Selleck. What celebrities do you mix up? McCall is really unhappy with the net because of their comments towards Ariana Grande with the passing of MacMiller. What are your Facebook pet peeves? Do you wash trash, reuse things like Solo Cups and plates? It's a common trend among some family members and there's a lot...

AJ & McCall 09/07/18

McCall is going to get her first tattoo! ...as long as it gets her free stuff for life. Dominoes in Russia was giving away free pizza for life you got a tattoo of their logo but then had to backtrack because so many people tried to do it. What tattoo would you get if it meant free stuff for life? In Florida Or Not a guy ransomed himself for $100, not nearly enough, so if you were to kidnap your self what would the ransom? What's your quirky rule in life, the thing you can't do any other way...

AJ & McCall 09/06/18

AJ came back from California where motorcycles can lane split and did so all the time diving between cars all the time and couldn't believe it, but McCall and everyone else said they've seen it and weren't surprised. It's time for another rousing version of 'What's in McCall's car?!' for 9 holes at Logan River Golf Course. McCall is now an aunt! And she is already making changes in her behavior. What changed, or did you give up when you had kids for the Debate At 8? Yesterday it was jobs...

AJ & McCall 09/05/18

Back in the studios for AJ & McCall but they're bringing back something from the Back 2 School Tour, spam! AJ had a fun exchange with a spam social media account that texted him and McCall actually stopped a crime! What was the occasion that you spent the most on a meal because AJ set a new high this past weekend. Of course meeting lots of people AJ & McCall get a lot of questions about being an On Air Personality and how much they love, but we've all gone through bad jobs. What's the worst...

AJ & McCall 09/04/18

The last stop of the Back 2 School Tour has AJ & McCall at Box Elder High School and there are some people that need to come back to school because they don't know how lines work. We can vent a little because McCall had a rough trip down to the school. 'I know you're a bad person because _______.' what's the answer? Labor day weekend let everybody get some me time, and for McCall that was binge watching her favorite shows and now she's waiting. What show do you have watcher's remorse for,...

AJ & McCall Drop the Mic: Back 2 School Tour

AJ & McCall Drop the Mic on the Back 2 School Tour and really on the differences they've noticed from not just their own high school days, but even from just doing it a second year in a row. AJ and Producer Butterz graduated in 2007 and McCall in 2012 and things have drastically changed since they were students. Trepidation, avoidance and even some of the things that are covered on the first day have really stood out to AJ & McCall. Also, has there been a big difference between schools on...


AJ & McCall Drop the Mic: Chicago and All Things Radio

AJ & McCall Drop the Mic on their Chicago work conference, but also give a behind the scenes look on what it's like doing their morning show every day. Producer Butterz is in with us as AJ & McCall talk about what they learned and what it meant to go meet some of the big wigs in their industry, but also what it has been like going from their first day on the show to now almost 15 months later. What are the answers to some of the common questions they get and McCall forgets what sidewalks are.