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AJ & McCall Drop the Mic: Would You Rather

AJ & McCall Drop the Mic 'Would You Rather' the fun question game to pass the time or really get to know someone better. Mitch plans this week's podcast and wants to dive in to the type of people we are. Producer Butterz is back hosting and firing off the tough questions like 'Would you rather be invisible or fly for just one day?' Some of the questions are tough and some are easy. 'Would you rather be famous when you're alive and no one knows you when you're dead or no one knows you when...

AJ & McCall 06/22/18

AJ & McCall got treats yesterday, and yes it's too early to eat candy but not to debate what the best candy bar is. Also, are Reese's Peanut Butter Cups candy bars? McCall went to a wedding last night and is going to a baby shower tomorrow, but isn't sure what to get. Is money too tacky to give as a gift? AJ's dad put a family car out to pasture after 22 years and absolutely refusing to not let it die. Do you need car closure? McCall says no way for the Debate At 8. iPod Idol returns with...

AJ & McCall 06/21/18

Summer is the time of movies but McCall doesn't do that, so we're going to play a game and AJ is getting a little revenge for Car Part or Not. Today's game is describe a movie plot badly and we'll see if McCall can guess it. A pizza company has created a box that has legs so you can your own little table, would you use? Do you even have a dining room table that you eat at? It's always important when we talk about wedding stuff to let everyone know that AJ & McCall still aren't getting...

AJ & McCall 06/20/18

Does it feel like the third straight Monday? AJ & McCall and Intern Regan are going to clear the air. What is something you did that you're not proud of? And from that we are going to vent, maybe even yell. What was the last thing that made you want to scream, that really frustrated you? The girls are going to confess, despite initially denying that there was a moment they made sure they guys were in for the long haul. What was the moment you knew you were in for the long haul, that it was...

AJ & McCall 06/19/18

So AJ is still trying to find his next car and McCall is going to test what he knows. Can you perform maintenance on your vehicle? Do you know what is a car part and what isn't? The embarrassment doesn't stop there either, because for his whole life AJ has believe that potatoes and corn aren't vegetables because of what his mom told him. What lies did your parents tell you? In Kansas a toddler broke a very valuable statue worth over $130,000. What's the most expensive thing you or your kid...

AJ & McCall 06/18/18

AJ & McCall are previewing the Man versus Grill burger contest of Center Street Grill today, and you can sign up to take it on Friday, but what would your all-eat-food of choice? You have 45 minutes to eat as many as you can, what would you pick? A mom won $10,000 and a year's worth of Reese's Cups for naming her daughter Reese Eve Cup. Now, yes that is ridiculous but is it all that crazier than some of the celebrity names out there? AJ and Mitch will put product names versus McCall's...

AJ & McCall Drop the Mic: Moral Questions

AJ & McCall Drop the Mic on Moral Questions. Producer Butterz is in charge of coming up with this week's podcast and he's going to test everyone's brains. He has dug up some tough questions to test how we respond and Engineer Kevintron 3000 is joining our podcast this week. Who's morally clean and who operates in the gray area? Some of the questions are funny and some are tough. Who would you save in a fire? What about finding a wallet on the ground? What kind of people are we?


AJ & McCall 06/15/18

Who has their present for Father's Day? AJ just divides it up with his siblings and they all say it's from all of them, anyone else do that? McCall's family does more white elephant for just one person. How do you do gifts? McCall called her dad and he says butatoes, yes with a b. Her stepdad's family calls Netflix Neckflix. Do your parents pronounce words in weird ways, or just entirely incorrectly? It's only when you clean out your car that you realize just how much stuff you have...

AJ & McCall 06/14/18

It's Throwback Thursday and AJ & McCall and crew are throwing it back on traditional names. Have you ever known a Karen, Linda or Harold as a kid and not an adult? Do you have a nickname that you go by for one of those older sounding names? AJ thinks Intern Regan has one of those names, but McCall and Mitch don't agree. Who has been grounded as an adult? Your kids tattled on you and got you in trouble, rat em out ahead of Father's Day. Call McCall Dr. Phil because a friend needs advice...

AJ & McCall 06/13/18

Everyone wants to get rich but how are you going to make it happen? One third of people, of all ages, are counting on inheritance to strike a fortune and this is one of the most ridiculous things AJ & McCall have ever heard. Instead they're going to play VFX Rapid Fire of things much more fun and realistic when it comes to building a fortune. In China they've built lanes for people walking with their faces in their phones, good idea? And why stop there to alleviate that traffic headache?...

AJ & McCall 06/11/18

AJ & McCall have cracked the code for scratchers, you've got to not care! Think about it, the stories are always from people who get em for no reason and win big money. Do you feel like an adult or an overgrown child? McCall has a quiz to determine just that, so will she prove to be older than AJ again? 'Juniper' sent us an email about their boss and all the gross habits he has when going out to eat, but is unsure if they can say anything about it. What should Juniper do? And for the...

AJ & McCall Drop the Mic: Shocking Shazam

AJ & McCall Drop the Mic on Shocking Shazam, an invented musical guessing game with a shocking punishment. Producer Butterz is the host and put together a list of all kinds of songs that our contestants will have to guess. AJ & McCall and Mitch will each get a few seconds to try and figure out what the song is and guess for points. If they get it wrong then the others can steal and they will get shocked. Who knows music best? Who will suffer the most punishment? Can you do better than AJ,...


AJ & McCall 06/08/18

What's the one thing McCall needs to function in the morning? Coffee! What's a flavor no one wants added to anything? Broccoli! But apparently that's a thing now. Also, Nickelodeon brought back the absolutely wrong throwback in colored ketchup. IHOP is changing its name to IHob. Wrong answers only, what does the b stand for? International House of b___? While getting his hair cut this week AJ got asked what he'd be doing if he wasn't doing radio and froze. He had never thought about the...

AJ & McCall 06/07/18

We all fight with our alarm clocks each day, but when it comes our significant others do their alarms wake you up? Fun fact, McCall sleep walks and injured herself today and her morning ritual is thrown off. AJ is finally doing some meal prepping with Tupperware that was received as a gift, which he thinks is a lame gift but McCall says it's a great gift! It's a venting Debate At 8 today, McCall and Dustin are running in to issues with a package being mailed and some shoddy customer...

AJ & McCall 06/06/18

Do you believe a baby's first word could be Alexa, because apparently that's the case. What were your first words? AJ & McCall and Mitch and Intern Regan are all disgusted by the new summer craze, a Spaghetti O's popsicle. Would you try it? Are there weird foods that you eat cold? One of us has a real hobby problem, a hobby junkie. Spoiler! It's McCall. What hobbies have you dropped and what was your shortest hobby for the Debate At 8? One of our new favorite games makes a return, VFX...

AJ & McCall 06/05/18

Congratulations to all the graduates! You're heading out in to the big scary world and we're not gonna let you do it alone! We're writing a letter full of inspiration and advice one line at a time, comment yours so all the graduates in the world can be prepared. What word can't you spell? For AJ it's always restaurant, for McCall it's embarrassment, and for Mitch it's rhythm. And we're dishing up server's revenge. What are the things you held back saying to rude customers that you can say...

AJ & McCall 06/04/18

What are the Sins of Summer, the things that you have to do to actually have a summer? VFX has the cure for all the sins and it means big winning! It's a sin not to enjoy your yard and we're going to help you do just that, keep listening on how to win. Father's Day around the corner and there's a new candle out for him and it's meat smells. A1 is releasing three candles with meat scents and AJ & McCall are feeling like this is more like a cruel prank you'd play someone. Would you buy them...

AJ & McCall Drop the Mic: Survival

AJ & McCall Drop the Mic on survival! Fresh off his first camping trip AJ has a fun scenario game for McCall, Producer Butterz, Mitch and himself to play. And who doesn't want to answer the question who would be the most likely to survive in a crazy scenario. You can play along too! You're in a plane crash that happens in Northern Canada in January. You have 12 items (ball of steel wool, small axe, loaded pistol, can of vegetable oil, newspaper, empty cigarette lighter, extra shirt and...


AJ & McCall 06/01/18

It's National Doughnut Day! First AJ & McCall want to define a doughnut because Burger King doesn't get it and then figure out what the best doughnuts are. What's your favorite? Everyone is ready for the weekend and maybe plans with friends and family, but if they get cancelled don't you feel just a little relieved? As long as you aren't the one cancelling it's totally okay and everyone agrees. What's the worst hair decision you've made, could be inspiration for this week's iPod Idol...

AJ & McCall 05/31/18

Glasses not only make you appear smarter but bad eye sight is tied to intelligence, but is it the case with AJ & McCall? Do they look more intelligent with their glasses on? It's only fair to establish that neither AJ or McCall are getting engaged, but there are wedding dilemmas. AJ told a friend he'd go to his wedding in Miami but then the date got moved from a Saturday to a Thursday and he's waffling. What should he do? Speaking of weddings, a new trend with weddings is invoices being...