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AJ & McCall 07/17/18

AJ & McCall got a lyric stuck in their head yesterday that they're really struggling to figure out. What does it mean to 'live life like a volcano' because this lyric has them confused? Wrong answers only! Max George has been tweeting us back and we're a little starstruck, so let's all humble brag. What are your celebrity encounters? It is Feel Good Tuesday and today that is us venting our First World Problems for the Debate At 8. Is it not being able to use your hands-free equipment like...

AJ & McCall 07/16/18

So we feel sad about Halsey and G-Eazy having broken up after making the 'Him & I' song, but maybe this is a lesson about doing things with not your fiance or husband/wife? What are the things you shouldn't do with a boyfriend/girlfriend? Last week it was McCall talking about sleepwalking and sleep talking, but this week's it's AJ's turn. Sometime last night while getting ready for bed AJ got a cut on his finger and has no idea how. What are your theories? And have you ever suffered a...

AJ & McCall 07/13/18

A new study says that the hot weather actually makes us dumber, but AJ & McCall say that may not be totally the case. In fact they share their stories that prove they say dumb things ALL the time. McCall got a call about her car getting scrapped three years ago, which is crazy! So today we will confess our guilt and you can do so on Sarahah too if you aren't ready to totally to own up to it. A lot of our confessions had to do with cars and the cars aren't stopping for the Debate At 8. In...

AJ & McCall 07/12/18

A whole range of emotions will be covered on today's AJ & McCall Show. You break in to someone's house, not to steal or smash anything, but just to be annoying. What would you do to leave a mild inconvenience? McCall sleep walks and talks, do you? That's a bit weird and funny to the creepy that is our imagination. Does your kid have an imaginary friend? What happened the last time a figment of your imagination scared you? And yes, this Debate At 8 gets super scary fast! What makes people...

AJ & McCall 07/11/18

Everyone was afraid of needles as kid right? Maybe even still to this day? But I bet you never thought the solution would be to swallow a needle. There's a pill designed for just that and AJ & McCall say hard pass. In fact they're going to list things they'd rather swallow than a needle. AJ & McCall already talked about the Kool-Aid house, but what were the things that you saw as a kid and thought 'they are rich.'? Whether it's car stuff or cooking fiascoes, AJ & McCall, don't we all have...

AJ & McCall 07/10/18

Humans are inquisitive and want to learn but that doesn’t mean all studies are necessary. There’s another duh study when it comes to speedos so AJ & McCall are gonna play VFX Speed Round to come up with more certain studies. From banana hammocks to banana fruits because you can write on them and make …

AJ & McCall 07/09/18

McCall didn't learn he lesson last weekend and got burned again, but AJ is peeling. All weekend long he picked at and got harassed but swears it's normal. Do you pull your peel? While road tripping AJ and the GF had to rig up her aux cord, 10 minutes of twisting and tying it up with a hair tie, to listen to music. What do you have rigged up around your house? Now the Biebs is engaged. Maybe he wanted to all along but Selena didn't. For the Debate At 8, what's something your ex didn't want...

AJ & McCall 07/03/18

AJ & McCall got burnt at Warped Tour this weekend and if you've been on social you have probably seen the new shaving cream and menthol one that got told to them like 100 times yesterday. What remedies do you use? And where is your worst and/or funniest sun burn at? Tomorrow is the holiday and some people will be lucky and have a nice long weekend, some summer vacation, but what's your worst summer vacation? The challenge is you have to tease it in only five words and AJ & McCall will tell...

AJ & McCall 07/02/18

It's officially July! What are your firework etiquette rules? And we promise AJ & McCall aren't super old just because they think there should be some more leeway on the weekend because they get up early. Also, what weekend is 4th of July weekend? It falls on a Wednesday that leaves us confused. Did we pass the holiday weekend or is it coming up still? For the holidays you will be probably seeing family and maybe taking some photos? So if you're dressing up and wearing one of those button...

AJ & McCall Drop the Mic: Millennials

AJ & McCall Drop the Mic on millennials. For the People's Jason Williams joins us to discuss the generation that seems to be the bane of the world and cause of all the problems. Producer Butterz and Mitch give us a room full of millennials to discuss with Jason if it is more criticism, why there is such vitriol and how all of us in this generation view it from the inside. It's a fun, intellectual discussion about society, social media and the history of how generations view themselves and...


AJ & McCall 06/29/18

Today it's Intern Regan's last day, but we'll try and power through with some fun even though AJ & McCall will be super sad. Facebook is working on a feature that allows you to mute certain words so you don't have to see those stories anymore. What words would you mute? Have you ever heard the term 'Kool-Aid house?' It is the cool house that everyone wanted to hang at. What makes a house the cool one? It's the 11th anniversary of the iPhone going on sale and so today we will take a stroll...

AJ & McCall 06/28/18

There's a lot of talk about being kicked out of places going on right now, so where have you been booted from? Mitch is in with AJ & McCall for his last day and one of the three of them has a guilty story. Since Mitch is leaving we need to go over the VFX 'Unwritten Rules' to make sure we send him in to the real world prepared. What are the 'Unwritten Rules' in your life? A story featured on Florida Or Not was a drunk driver blaming his dog as the reason his car was swerving. It's McCall's...

AJ & McCall 06/27/18

Summer is the season of a new wardrobe, and fireworks which we will get to later, but that doesn't mean they're always the most appropriate clothes. Yard work, camping, all that means some comfy clothes that have maybe seen better days. Do you have any clothes that were banned by a significant other? Yesterday it was an eight week paid vacation but today it's a separate vacation. Would you take a separate vacation from your significant other? Summer is also the season of fireworks, please...

AJ & McCall 06/26/18

AJ & McCall love handing out hypothetical money and today it's an eight week vacation. It's all paid and you have nothing to worry about when it comes to your job, so what would you do? After a complaint Producer Butterz thinks it would be good to open things up to see what they can improve. Why do AJ & McCall suck? Last week AJ and Mitch's softball team got whomped and they're looking for a bounce back and changing their luck. Do you have any superstitions that they could use? And there's...

AJ & McCall 06/25/18

Over the weekend Millennial Classic Rock was trending and it was too fun not to share. Take a Classic Rock song and change it, like 'We Are the Champions' becomes 'We Are All the Champions.' McCall had some crazy dreams over the weekend, though actually not that scary, and our friend Geoff had a kid stand outside his house for over two hours. What would you have done and do you have any stranger danger stories? Jurassic World had a huge opening weekend and continued Chris Pratt's success,...

AJ & McCall Drop the Mic: Would You Rather

AJ & McCall Drop the Mic 'Would You Rather' the fun question game to pass the time or really get to know someone better. Mitch plans this week's podcast and wants to dive in to the type of people we are. Producer Butterz is back hosting and firing off the tough questions like 'Would you rather be invisible or fly for just one day?' Some of the questions are tough and some are easy. 'Would you rather be famous when you're alive and no one knows you when you're dead or no one knows you when...

AJ & McCall 06/22/18

AJ & McCall got treats yesterday, and yes it's too early to eat candy but not to debate what the best candy bar is. Also, are Reese's Peanut Butter Cups candy bars? McCall went to a wedding last night and is going to a baby shower tomorrow, but isn't sure what to get. Is money too tacky to give as a gift? AJ's dad put a family car out to pasture after 22 years and absolutely refusing to not let it die. Do you need car closure? McCall says no way for the Debate At 8. iPod Idol returns with...

AJ & McCall 06/21/18

Summer is the time of movies but McCall doesn't do that, so we're going to play a game and AJ is getting a little revenge for Car Part or Not. Today's game is describe a movie plot badly and we'll see if McCall can guess it. A pizza company has created a box that has legs so you can your own little table, would you use? Do you even have a dining room table that you eat at? It's always important when we talk about wedding stuff to let everyone know that AJ & McCall still aren't getting...

AJ & McCall 06/20/18

Does it feel like the third straight Monday? AJ & McCall and Intern Regan are going to clear the air. What is something you did that you're not proud of? And from that we are going to vent, maybe even yell. What was the last thing that made you want to scream, that really frustrated you? The girls are going to confess, despite initially denying that there was a moment they made sure they guys were in for the long haul. What was the moment you knew you were in for the long haul, that it was...

AJ & McCall 06/19/18

So AJ is still trying to find his next car and McCall is going to test what he knows. Can you perform maintenance on your vehicle? Do you know what is a car part and what isn't? The embarrassment doesn't stop there either, because for his whole life AJ has believe that potatoes and corn aren't vegetables because of what his mom told him. What lies did your parents tell you? In Kansas a toddler broke a very valuable statue worth over $130,000. What's the most expensive thing you or your kid...