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The World's Only REAL Rock'n'Roll Podcast Network Formerly known as the GaragePunk Podcast Network (GPPN) and GaragePunk Pirate Radio (GPPR), Radio Mutation features a rotating schedule of "radio" shows featuring real DJs spinning their favorite wild-ass rock'n'roll records.

The World's Only REAL Rock'n'Roll Podcast Network Formerly known as the GaragePunk Podcast Network (GPPN) and GaragePunk Pirate Radio (GPPR), Radio Mutation features a rotating schedule of "radio" shows featuring real DJs spinning their favorite wild-ass rock'n'roll records.


Saint Louis, MO


The World's Only REAL Rock'n'Roll Podcast Network Formerly known as the GaragePunk Podcast Network (GPPN) and GaragePunk Pirate Radio (GPPR), Radio Mutation features a rotating schedule of "radio" shows featuring real DJs spinning their favorite wild-ass rock'n'roll records.




The Mal Thursday Show #158: Wanna?

On this thoroughly kick-ass installment of The Mal Thursday Show, Mal presents songs with “Wanna” in the title. It’s garage, punk, soul, rock n’ roll, and a whole lotta Wanna. Also, recent releases from ANC4, Brad Marino, The Jackets, and more, plus a wild trip in Mal Thursday’s Texas Tyme Machine. Presented in Living Monophonic …


BIG ENCHILADA 131: But Seriously, Folks

I kid you not, this is seriously the finest rock ‘n’ roll on the face of the planet. (Earth.) You’ll hear lots of new garage-punk, mutant blues and other madness here — including Imperial Wax, The Jackets, The Mystery Lights, Nots, Daddy Long Legs, Left Lane Cruiser — and immortal sounds of yesteryear like The …


The Mal Thursday Show #157: In the Face

Another smashing episode of The Mal Thursday Show, with the Word of the Week being “Face.” In the second hour of the show, it’s a musical Indentikit with songs about Eyes, Mouths, and other facial features. Featuring a double shot of King Khan & The Shrines and a wild trip in Mal Thursday’s Texas Tyme …


Smashin’ Transistors 50: The Golden One

The 50th episode of Smashin’ Transistors! That makes us gold, right? What you’ll hear: The Beaubeins – Times Passed Hash Redactor – Open Invites To The Caves Red Mass – Show Me The Money Lassie – Deposit Bottles The Shifters – John Doe’s Collegue -words from your host- The That’s Thats – More Wolfmanhattan Project – Now Now Now Crosscut Sores – Dead …


It’s Trash! #133 Interview w/ Ian Graham of Nowhere Fest

Priors- New Pleasure Messrs- Slop Meat Cheater Slicks- Flashback Timmy’s Organism- Spirit Spiller Bloodshot Bill- Keep Movin On Big Blood- Intensify Schpazz- Schpirit Tommy T- I Hate Tommy T Strange Boys- Shoulda Shot Paul The Daughters of Eve- Don’t waste my Time Susans- Distractions Erik Nervous and the Beta Blockers- State Line Burning Itch- Say …


Shadows In The Void #18

Shadows In The Void #18 Shadows In The Void #18 on Radio Mutation…just another way to get f*ck’d up, lost and wandering wondering what’s all this fuzzed up fuss was all about… Here’s the playlist : Radio Dub- Midnight Mines (from the 7” on I Dischi Del Barone) Radio Tay- Scrotum Poles …


Get Weird 002: TIKI TORTURE

It’s once again time to…GET WEIRD! This time, we go back to Get Weird’s debut show at OTTO’S SHRUNKEN HEAD in New York City, to give you the music that hurts so, so, sooooo gooood, the metal-laced surfers known as TIKI TORTURE! Meanwhile, DJ GREG GORY and STRANGE JASON spin all the trashiest garage …



RECORD ROULETTE CLUB #63 GARAGE—>PUNK—>ROCK AND ROLL—>SOUL—>R&B—>45RPM——->WEIRDO A fortune teller does not recognize a man she gave a reading for. He believes his past was erased when his hands were burned in a fire… his life line destroyed by scar tissue! Can a plastic surgeon restore his personality? 001-KICKIN’ MUSTANGS-Kickin’-Shaftman Introducing a Bad Mutha-FUNKY FINGER …


Way Past Cool – Episode 70 [Crypt Records Special]

It’s A Sin – The Revelators Kinds Of Women – Thee Mighty Caesars Drums-A-Go-Go – The Hollywood Persuaders Dressed In Black – Teengenerate The Nightriders Theme – The Beguiled 69 – The Four Nitroglycerine – The Gories Man Of Wealth & Taste – Bantam Rooster Buzzsaw Twist – The Gee Cees I’ve Been Had – …



RECORD ROULETTE CLUB #62 GARAGE—–>PUNK——>SOUL——–45RPM——>WEIRDO—->RADIO SHOW Three men, crippled by an evil warlord, become friends and learn kung fu with the help of an old teacher and his idiot pupil. 001-THE SOUL BENDERS-Seven And Seven Is-45rpm-PHANTASM 002-NEGATIVE SPACE-Zero Hour Contact-Cruelty 12″-DRUNKEN SAILOR 003-THE GAYLADS-Africa-45rpm-STUDIO 1 004-GINO WASHINGTON-Gino Is A Coward-Out of This World LP-NORTON …


The Mal Thursday Show #156: The Music Machine Story

Mal Thursday welcomes lead guitarist, race car driver, and Emmy-winning make-up artist Mark Landon to tell “The Music Machine Story,” the true tale of the L.A.-based ’60s band led by the late Sean Bonniwell, featuring future Grammy-winning Hall of Fame producer Keith Olsen on bass, Doug Rhodes on organ, and Ron Edgar on the drums. …


The Mal Thursday Show #155: Stronger and Dirtier

Mal Thursday recently made his Austin radio debut as guest DJ and curator of the April 13th edition of Scott Gardner’s long-running “Stronger Than Dirt” radio program on KOOP-FM (Saturday nights from 8 to 10 p.m. Central, streaming at This episode of The Mal Thursday Show presents super-charged versions of the sets spun on …


Cut X Cut: Radio Free Alderaan: Greedo

In a galaxy far far ago, rebels fought a great war in the stars against a vast imperial army. D.J. Erik and co-host RA-D10 were sent to the planet Alderaan to build morale for the rebel soldiers. Their strategy: keep ’em rocking. Their problem: staying beyond the reach of the evil Empire. Every other week, …



RECORD ROULETTE CLUB #61 GARAGE——PUNK——ROCK AND ROLL—SOUL—WEIRD TRASH—45 RPM A police detective determines that the disappearances of young, unmarried women all coincide with a visit to the Medical Sciences Building. When he mentions breeding experiments, he is silenced with a promotion. 001-FLAT WORMS-Shouting At The Wall-Into The Iris EP-GOD? 002-THE IMPERIALITES-Have Love Will Travel-45rpm-IMPERIAL 003-THE …


Rock & Roll Rampage #266

1. Donnie Elbert – A Little Piece of Leather – 1965 2. O’Nita Hammond & Group – Mighty Fine – 1962 3. Little Gigi – Take The Bitter With The Sweet – 1964 4. The Sonics – Shot down – 1965 5. Tigermen – Close That Door – 1966 6. Bunker Hill – You Can’t …


Smashin’ Transistors 49: It’s got ten-foot wheels and all that stuff

“I got a truck that’ll mess you up.” ‘Round here, those words aren’t said much. The looks flashed from people in such trucks say it without even uttering a word. The Kid Rock CD they have blasting out the truck while giving such a stare is used as some sort of punctuation of the point. …



It’s time to…GET WEIRD! It’s the debut episode of the podcast broadcasting straight from OTTO’S SHRUNKEN HEAD in New York City. DJ GREG-GORY and STRANGE JASON spin all the trashiest garage rock, surf music, punk, junk – all while you lose your mind to rock and roll. Speaking of which, for this inaugural episode, we …


BIG ENCHILADA 130: Here”s Looking At You!

Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, you had to walk into The Big Enchilada Podcast. You’ll be shocked—shocked—to find that crazy rocking is going on in here! We’ll always have The Big Enchilada. Here’s looking at you, kid! And remember, The Big Enchilada is officially listed in the …



RECORD ROULETTE CLUB #60 A carnival gymnast is fired for a younger model, but before she can go, the boss is killed. Was it her… or the monkey who goes crazy at the sight of a gun? Maybe it was her secret admirer! (But they kill the monkey.) Danny plays GARAGE PUNK / OLDIES / …


The Mal Thursday Show #154: Live n’ Wild Pt. 3

Mal Thursday presents another two hours of rock n’ roll recorded live in the wild. This time out, it’s garage rock recordings from the ’80s to the present, including radio broadcasts, B-sides, and several from Cavestomp, the Garage Rock Festacular. The second half of the show is devoted to The Mal Thursday Quintet Live at …