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Shite'n'Onions Paddy's Day 2018

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Shite'n'Onions with 20 of the best of Celtic-punk'n'roll Bank - Track Black 47 - Green Suede Shoes Neck - Every Day's St Patrick's Day BibleCodeSundays - Drinking All Day ALternative Ulster - Pog Mo Thoin The Mahones - The Wild Rover Finnegan Hell - Shane MacGowans Grave The Rumjacks - An Irish Pub song The Peelers - Going Down Swingin' Craic - Rocky Road To Dublin Horslips - Dearg Doom The Tossers - St Patrick's Day Narrowbacks - Muirsheen...


Shite'n'Onions best of 2018

#1 The Peelers: Palace of the Fiend Going Down Swingin' (ft. Finny McConnell) I'm Off to Kill the Devil #2 Flogging Molly: Life is Good The Hand Of John L Sullivan The Guns Of Jericho #3 Bill Grogan’s Goat: Third Eye Ye Jacobites By Name Paddy's Dead #4 The Trouble Pilgrims: Dark Shadows and Rust Queen of Heartache The Velvet Tongue #5 The Tossers: Smash The Windows Erin Go Bragh The Foggy Dew The Kilmaine Saints: Whiskey Blues and Faded Tattoos Long...


Shite’n’Onions Celtic Punk Podcast #107

01 Hit The Bottle Boys - Bottle of Smoke 02 The Tossers - Katie At The Races 03 Kilmaine Saints - Long Shot Nag 04 Fiddler's Green - Sporting Day 05 Kilmaine Saints - Ride Like Hell 06 Bill Grogan's Goat - The Galway Races 07 The Mickey Finn - A Jig For Sporting Paddy 08 The Tossers - Leopardstown Races 09 Shambolics - Riot on Race Day 10 The Mickey Finn - Ride On 11 Jug'o'punch - A Fiver On The Horses 12 The Wild Irish Roses - Galway Races


Shite’n’Onions Celtic Punk Podcast #106

The Templers Of Doom - The Oliver Cromwell Twist (Bring Me The Head Of John The Baptist) The Radiators From Space - Television Screen (TV Tube Heart - 40th Anniversary Edition) Hudson Falcons - Monahan's (Desperation and Revolution) The Skels - Pot to Piss In (Stoney Road) The Bloody Irish BoysShake Hands With the Devil (Whiskey Devils: A Tribute to the Mahones) Kilkenny Knights - Mick Watson (Various - Raise Your Pints Vol.2) Sir Reg - All Saints Day (Various - Raise Your Pints...


Shite'n'Onions Podcast #105 The Fighting Irish

Shite'n'Onions musical tribute to the legendary Irish pugilists. John L. Sullivan Flogging Molly - The Hand Of John L Sullivan Dropkick Murphys - Blood and Whiskey Mickey Ward Dropkick Murphys - The Warrior's Code Neck - Come Out Fighting Larkin Brigade - Planxty John L The Peelers - Stand Down Cleary Billy Conn BibleCodeSundays - Pittsburgh Kid James J Braddock BibleCodeSundays - The Cinderella Man Flogging Molly - Punch Drunk Grinning Soul The Peelers - Going Down...


Shite’n’Onions Celtic Punk Podcast #104

Podcast #104 brings new music from The Peelers, Jamie Clarke's Perfect and The Real McKenzies. The Real McKenzies - Fxxk The Real McKenzies - Two Devils Will Talk Jamie Clarke's Perfect - Back From Hell - Hell Hath No Fury The Ceili Family - Band of Bowsies - Ministry of Silly Folk BibleCodeSundays - Lash in the USA The Peelers - Bastard of the Bunch - Place of a Fiend The Peelers - The Dark Path - Place of a Fiend The Rumjacks - Paddy Goes to Babylon EP The Real McKenzies -...


Shite'n'Onions best of 2016

Our St. Patrick's Day / Best of 2016 podcast. Enjoy. #1 The Rumjacks: Sleepin’ Rough Les Darcy Kathleen #2 The Go Set: Rolling Sound Bones Rolling Sound #3 The Langer’s Ball: Whiskey Outlaws Sword of Light Whiskey Outlaws #4 The Gobshites: The Whistle Before the Snap Shane's Dentist Somebody Put Something #5 Sir Reg: Modern Day Disgrace Cranky George: Fat Lot of Good Tunnel of Love Sisters of Murphy: Working Stiffs Unite Jack Haggerty Bodh’aktan: Bodh’aktan Besoin...


Shite’n’Onions – Podcast #102 a tribute to Horslips

Podcast 102 features three tracks from our recently released tribute to Celtic-rock originators Horslips. Band - Track - Album The Tossers - Erin Go Bragh - Smash The Windows Bill Grogan's Goat - Dearg Doom - The Poxmen of The Horslypse / Horslips Tribute Ferocious Dog - Gallows Justice - From Within The Mahones - Down the Boozer - The Very Best (25 Years of Irish Punk) Sharks Come Crusin - Three Score and Ten - Kettle Jane BibleCodeSundays - Pittsburgh Kid - New Hazardous...


Shite’n’Onions – Podcast #101

The Muckers - Eddie Conners The Muckers - Molly Sisters of Murphy - 40 Days At Sea The Rumjacks - Eight Beers McGee The Woods Band - Kilmainham's Glen Sisters of Murphy - Green Over Red Langers Ball - Sword of Light The Mighty Regis - Brothers Rafferty The Rumjacks - Kathleen The Gobshites - Lets Talk About Me The Muckers - New York Girls Cranky George - Misery Road Handsome Young Strangers - Battle Of Broken Hill The Wild Irish Roses - Margaret Thatcher's Death...


Shite’n’Onions – Postcast #100 featuring The Gobshites

The Gobshites – Somebody Put Something In My Drink The Gobshites – Trouble With Women Ceili Family – Band of Bowsies The Rumjacks – Les Darcy Sisters of Murphy – L.O.V.E The Led Farmers – Share The Wealth The Gobshites – Cheers The Mahones – Girl With Galway Eyes (dedicated to Anne McConnell) Gerard Smith – The Parting Glass The Rumjacks – Fact’ry Jack The Popes – Storming Heaven The Wild Irish Roses – Brennan On The Moore James Vincent McMorrow – Rising Water


Shite'n'Onions - Podcast #99 - Celtic punk

Playlist: Mischief Brew - Roll Me Through The Gates Of Hell Mischief Brew - Every Town Will Celebrate The Gobshites - Shanes Dentist Currency - Tenpenny Bit Sir Reg - Boys of St. Pauli Sir Reg - The Wrong Bar Bunch of Bastards - Back in the Day Tomfooligans - Fireman's Carry Bodh'aktan - Zimmerman Headsticks - Every Single Day The Go Set - Rolling Sound Steam Pig - Enemies


Shite'n'Onions - Podcast #94

The Whisky Priest - The Hard Men ( Mischief Brew - Every Town Will Celebrate ( Bodh'aktan - Grazie Mille ( Alternative Ulster - Riot in the Rondout( Rovers Ahead – Ghost Of Anne Reily ( The Real McKenzies - Skye Boat Song ( Jamie Clarkes Perfect - Thru Sid Vicious Eyes...


Shite'n'Onions - Celtic-punk Paddy's Days RIOT! - Podcast #93

Happy St. Patrick's Day - Here our playlist for the day. Up the Republic! Shite'n'Onions - the original Celtic-punk blog Kilkenny Knights - Dance Neck - Come Out Fighting Shambolics - Pogue Mahone (Kiss My Arse) Drunken Dolly - Drunken Man's Curse The Mahones - Shakespeare Road The Popes - Drunken Lazy Bastard The Pubcrawlers - I'll Tell Me Ma The Rumjacks - An Irish Pub song The BibleCodeSundays - Going On The Lash in the USA The Tossers - The Rocky...


Shite'n'Onions celtic-punk Paddy's Days booze-up - Podcast #92

The Gobshites - Guinness Boys The Mahones - The Whiskey Devils The Skels - Whiskey You’re the Devil Big Bad Bollocks - Guinness The Porters - Lady Whiskey The Indulgers - Whiskey Tonight The Fighting Jamesons - One More Drink Sir Reg - Drink Up Yah Sinners The Gobshites - Beer Song KIlmaine Saints - The Whiskey's Calling Lexington Field - Whiskey Ceann - Whiskey Hurts My Tummy The Bastard Bearded Irishmen - Drinkin, Drankem, Drunkem The Fenians - Token Whiskey Song Ceann -...


Shite'n'Onions celtic-punk Paddy's Days special - Podcast #91

Muirsheen Durkin and Friends - The Pogues & Whiskey The Mahones - St. Patrick's Day Irish Punk Song Hit The Bottle Boys - Whiskey in the Jar Jackdaw - Where is Claire? Alternative Ulster - Jenny Metals The Tossers - Johnny McGuire's Wake Neck - The Foggy Dew The Narrowbacks - Rising Of The Moon The Langer's Ball - Cork Dry Gin


Shite'n'Onions celtic-punk Paddy's Days special - Podcast #90

The Langer's Ball - Sword of Light The Go Set - Rolling Sound Alternative Ulster - Riot in the Rondout Charm City Saints - The Night Paddy Murphy Died The Rumjacks - Sober & Godless The Go Set - Punkfest Night The Narrowbacks - Shannon The Dullahans - Molly Malone Mischief Brew - Every Town Will Celebrate BibleCodeSundays - Pittsburgh Kid Shite'n'Onions


Shite'n'Onions celtic-punk Podcast #89

Shite'n'Onions best of 2015 list. Celkilt: On The Table On the Table The Tosspints: The Privateer Marching On Circle J: Year of the Goat The ones we left behind Larkin: A Toast to St. Jude Wages of Sin Continental: Millionaires Fun Fun Fun Trouble Pilgrims Instant Polaroid Ferocious Dog: From Without Gallows Justice Slow Motion Suicide Pete Berwick: The Legend of Tyler Doohan The Legend of Tyler Doohan Keep your socks on and don't look down Greenland Whalefishers: The...


Shite'n'Onions celtic-punk Podcast #88

Shite'n'Onions celtic-punk Podcast #88 The Mahones - Punk Rock Saved My Life - from Hunger and the Fight II Trouble Pilgrims - Instant Polaroid -The Single - the new single from Dublin's original punks FKA Radiators from Space The Go Set - The Old Dark Brown - from their debut The Ramshackle Army - Uprising Young Citizen Wild Colonial Bhoys - Falling Through the Cracks - from the new album On Our Own Larkin - A Taste to St. Jude - the title track from the new album Greenland...


Shite'n'Onions Podcast #87

Shite'n'Onions podcast #87 July 2014 Celtic-punk for the masses Playlist Band - Song - Album 01 - Lexington Field - Ghostwriter - Greenwood 02 - The Kissers - What They Can - Good Fight! 03 - Pete Berwick - Renegade - Give It Time 04 - Drunken Dolly - Drunken Man's Curse - And The Drunken Man's Curse 05 - Stone Clover - One More Beer - Proper Villians 06 - Amadan - The Old North End - Pacifica 07 - Circle J - The Ones We Left Behind - Year...


Shite’n’Onions Podcast #86 - Here's to you Shane MacGowan

Here's to you Shane MacGowan. Songs about and inspired by the legendary Pogue. Hit The Bottle Boys - Queen and Tequila Mursheen Durkin - The Pogues & Whiskey The Dirges - BOSM Filthy Thieving Bastards - Phony Drunken Poet Dipsomaniacs - Shane MacGowan Neck - Blue Skies Over Nenagh The Kidney Stones - Whiskey Vomit n Piss The Mahones - Across the USA Shambolics - Pogue Mahone (Kiss My Arse) The Gobshites - Shane's Dentist БелФасТ (Belfast) - Угонщик О'Хара Lullygag - Shane...


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