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Episode 12 - Starting A Utility Billing Program (feat. PayLease)

On this episode of Building Success: A Real Estate Podcast, Nick speaks with Tiffany Mittal, Director of Platform Management and Strategy at PayLease about the need for utility billing programs at property management companies, how to get a program started at your property, and some of the common misconceptions around this evolving industry. For more information on utility billing, check out For all things Building Success, check out...


Episode 11 - Physical Assets gone Digital (feat. Dror Poleg)

On this episode of Building Success: A Real Estate Podcast, Nick speaks with Dror Poleg, Founder of Rethinking Real Estate, and host of his own podcast Dislocation. Their conversation dives into many new technologies and commercial real estate disrupters that are creating new challenges and opportunities for commercial real estate owners, operators and developers. To learn more about Dror, visit or listen to his podcast at For more information on...


Episode 10 - Multifamily Tech Amenities (feat. ServusConnect)

Today Nicholas speaks with Jamie Wohlschlegel, CEO and Cofounder at ServusConnect, a technology company specializing in apartment maintenance operations. Their conversation begins with a discussion on some of the future innovations Jamie sees in real estate tech. The topic then shifts to the concept of "tech as an amenity" and how the future consumer will be (and already is) expecting residential communities to keep up with many of the technological advances already serving the consumer...


Episode 09 - Blockchain for Real Estate and Beyond (feat. Boxer Property)

On this episode of Building Success: A Real Estate Podcast, Nick speaks with Justin Segal, President at Boxer Property about Blockchain. A hot topic issues in the world of tech, blockchain has many exciting applications that could be on the horizon for the real estate industry as well. Nick and Justin discuss what blockchain is, how it is currently being applied in multiple industries, and what Justin is already doing at Boxer Property, implementing technologies from Stemmons Enterprise, a...


Episode 07 - The Impact of GDPR on Buyer Behavior

On this episode of Building Success, Nick sits down with Stuart Lee to speak about the General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) and its effect on marketing and marketers. GDPR may seem to be a EU-driven data operations shift, but Stuart and Nick explore its ramifications on buyer behavior, consumer choice, and the future of marketing. Regardless if you work in B2B or B2C roles, US-exclusive or international, real estate or otherwise, GDPR may very well change the way you do business with...


Episode 05 - Perfecting The Art Of The Student Turn (feat. Happy Co.)

On this episode of Building Success: A Real Estate Podcast, Nicholas talks with Happy Co's Ben Chadwell and Ray Campbell about the Student Turn, the seasonal focal point when thousands of student residents (around 70%) move out and new ones move in in a few short weeks. They discuss best practices and strategies to control costs and keep rents from rising year after year. For more information, check out Happy Co's 7 Essential Strategies to Nail the Perfect Student Turn:...


Episode 05 - The State of Real Estate Tech (MRI Software Survey Results)

On today's episode of Building Success - a Real Estate Podcast, Nicholas speaks with Mandira Mehra, Chief Marketing Officer of MRI Software, who recently completed a survey about real estate trends with technology in the real estate industry. Today's discussion dives into the statistics discovered, and what the future holds for technology in both the commercial and residential real estate industries. For more information about the survey, or to download your own copy, visit...


Episode 4 - AI and RE - Artificial Intelligence and Real Estate (feat. Leverton)

On this episode of Building Success, Nick speaks with Abhinav Somani, CEO of Leverton (and moonlighting DJ!). They speak about how Artificial Intelligence affects Real Estate, how decision making is relying on data, "the currency of the future", and how the future of real estate may involve machine and deep learning, even in this sometimes slow-to-change industry. For more information on Leverton and their AI for Real Estate, check out: If you like what you hear, please...


Episode 03 - The Future of Package Management

On today's episode of Building Success, Nick sits down with Brian Zrimsek to discuss the topic of package management. How do property managers handle the influx in quantity of packages? Where do they store these packages as online ordering and delivery continues to grow? Nick and Brian take a deep dive into the package management software being implemented to track packages at communities. You’ll also hear them talk about the impact of package delivery services that allow residential...


Episode 02 - New Financial Lease Accounting Standards

On this episode of Building Success: A Real Estate Podcast, I speak with Marcus Scholes and Steven Fox, regarding the upcoming changes to the financial standards for those acting as lessees. Both the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) have introduced new rules on what leases must show up on financial statements. Marcus and Steve provide a background into the need for these updates, and how companies can best prepare...


Episode 01 - 2018 Real Estate Trends

In this first episode of Building Success: A Real Estate Podcast, Nicholas speaks with Brian Zrimsek, Industry Principal at MRI Software, about his thoughts on trends in the Real Estate Industry for 2018. Some of this conversation stems from an article he wrote, available here: