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The Homesnap Snapshot podcast features real estate agents who are using social media and content marketing in innovative ways to develop clients and build their brands.

The Homesnap Snapshot podcast features real estate agents who are using social media and content marketing in innovative ways to develop clients and build their brands.
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The Homesnap Snapshot podcast features real estate agents who are using social media and content marketing in innovative ways to develop clients and build their brands.






The Snapshot: Why Every Agent Needs A Google My Business Profile

We talk to Homesnap's Director of Product Marketing, John Hogan, about why it's so important for agents to have a robust Google My Business Profile and how Homesnap's new product, Homesnap Pro+, makes it easy for agents to set them up. You'll learn: 1. Why having a Google My Business Profile is as important as having a website and Facebook presence. 2. Why not having a Google My Business profile can lead to other real estate players hijacking traffic meant for you. 3. How most home...


The Snapshot: Get More Business From Social Media

We talk to Sonia Figueroa, an agent at Century 21 in Chicago about how to get more business from social media. You'll learn: 1. How Sonia has gotten business through Snapchat, including referrals, Snapchat content and groups. 2. What to post on Snapchat. 3. The difference between the Instagram Newsfeed and Instagram Stories. 4. How to deliver valuable content and engage with your audience. 5. How Sonia developed a blogging strategy. 6. Why agents should "be real and show...


The Snapshot: Social Media Contests For The Win

We talk to Nicole Solari of The Solari Group in Solano and Napa Counties, CA, about how social media contests can boost engagement and drive results. You'll learn: 1. Why contests are so appealing. (We love free stuff!) 2. How to use contest to drive people to open houses or to bring in business. 3. How a comment giveaway works. 4. How to use your own inventory to create a contest. 5. How to determine ROI of contests. 6. How Nicole has used "Evidence of Success" posts to drive...


The Snapshot: Don't Post The Wrong Social Media Content!

We talk to Candy Miles-Crocker, real estate trainer at Real Life Real Estate, about how to determine the line between appropriate and inappropriate social media content. Be flexible and astute, and listen. You'll learn: 1. How to take cues from your social media audience to determine the right content topics. 2. Whether personal content is appropriate for agents' social platforms. 3. How to use social media to develop clients, especially through referrals. 4. Why you should show your...


The Snapshot: How Virtual Staging Can Help Sell Homes

We talk to Jared Barnett and Augusto Bittencourt of Compass in New York City about how virtual staging has evolved into a very valuable tool to sell homes and sets this team apart from other agents. You'll learn: 1. Which homes are good candidates for virtual staging 2. How to avoid 'bait and switch' complaints when using virtual staging 3. How much money you can save using virtual staging 4. How to show renovation possibilities without misleading buyers 5. How to add features that...


The Snapshot: Don't Make These Common Marketing Mistakes

Homesnap chats with Italina Kirknis, an online presence expert who works with real estate agents, about common mistakes agents make in their social media marketing. You'll learn: 1. How to send people from your personal Facebook page to your business page. 2. How to list your services on your Facebook page and add a description to your Facebook photo. 3. How to create a content mix that provides value, is relevant and still promotes you and your personality. 4. How to get the most out...


The Snapshot: How A Denver Lifestyle Blog Brings In Clients And Sells Homes

Homesnap chats with Mor Zucker, an broker associate at Kentwood Real Estate in Denver, CO, about her awesome lifestyle blog, The Denver Ear, which delivers value to clients after they have moved into their new home, and addresses a need they have. We talk about: 1. the time commitment to produce the blog 2. the genuine relationships Mor has built with the businesses she covers in the blog 3. why you should ignore "best time to post on Facebook" articles 4. Mor's most successful...


The Snapshot: Technology In The Agent-Client Relationship

We talk to Sarah Kirsch Richardson, Designated Broker/Principal at Tru Realty in Scottsdale AZ about the proper role of technology in the agent-client relationship. When does it make sense to use technology to automate, and when must it not replace the trust and rapport of the agent-client relationship? You'll learn: 1. Why you shouldn't automate your content 2. CRM tools that help you automate your lead generation and relationship management 3. Which technology tools clients want to...


The Snapshot: How To Manage Millennial Real Estate Agents

We talk to Christina Pappas, District Sales Manager at The Keyes Company in Miami about millennial agents and how they are transforming the business of real estate. You'll learn: 1) What millennials can learn from seasoned agents, and vice versa. 2) How millennial agents are developing business using social media, and why it beats door-knocking and networking events. 3) What millennials expect from their brokers. (Think culture and community!) 4) How millennials - agents and clients -...


The Snapshot: Marketing To Agents - What's Working?

We talk to Tom Flaherty, Director of Marketing and Communications at Northstar MLS in Minneapolis about how he uses digital marketing to reach agents, as well as how his members are using marketing. You'll learn: 1) The #1 way Northstar MLS reaches agents. 2) Why it's important to hit agents on more than one channel. 3) How Northstar is using targeted marketing to send their messages to the right audiences. 4) The one type of marketing message that works every time. 5) How Homesnap and...


The Snapshot: Cold Calling Is Dead, So What's Next?

We talk to Bubba Mills of Corcoran Consulting and Coaching LLC in O'Fallon Illinois about real estate sales tactics that work today. You'll learn: Links mentioned: RealTrends article about alternatives to cold calling SendOutCards Cole Directories Blue Hammer Weird Facts App Photofy VIPerks


The Snapshot: How To Create SEO-Friendly Content

We talk to Joshua Jarvis of 4rd Marketing about SEO, and why good content is more effective than buying up keywords. Video content, for example, provides quality content that audiences want and helps establish stronger, trusted relationships. Recommendations for effective content and tactics for SEO: 1. Monthly video market updates 2. Video FAQs - post them on LinkedIn! 3. Be consistent 4. Choose between the SEO content website camp or the pay per click website camp 5. Create content...


The Snapshot: Marketing 101 For New Agents

We talk to Shayan Jalali of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Warrenton Residential in Boston about how new agents should spend their first year in terms of marketing their business and building a brand. You'll learn: 1. Treat your real estate practice like a business from day 1. 2. Be purposeful with your marketing. 3. Be sincere. Wording matters! (Don't call potential clients "leads.") 4. How to avoid generic content. Don't be something for everyone, but be everything for someone. 5....


The Snapshot: Write Email Subject Lines That Work

We talk to Tom Van Buren, Content Manager at social media scheduling tool MeetEdgar about how to write subject lines that get people to open your emails and read your content. You'll learn: 1. Why email is not dead! 2. Be specific in emails. 3. Use "language with muscle". 4. Provide an answer, don't ask a question. 5. How your open rates/click rates compare to the industry average. 6. How much email is too much? (Be mindful of timing, and give your audience control.) 7. Common...


The Snapshot: Forming Connections Through Content Marketing

We talk to Heather Flack, director of marketing at ERA Grizzard in Central Florida, about the value of inbound marketing in building a brand and developing clients. You'll learn: 1. The difference between inbound and outbound marketing (giving vs. selling) 2. Why real estate agents in particular should focus on content/inbound marketing 3. How content marketing establishes credibility and gives prospective clients a sense of what an agent is like 4. Why content marketing is not "one and...


The Snapshot: 4 Marketing Trends Shaping Real Estate in 2018

We talk with Brandon Doyle, realtor at Doyle Real Estate Team in Maple Grove, Minnesota and co-author of Mindset, Methods and Metrics: Winning As A Modern Real Estate Agent about what is going on this year in the world of real estate marketing. We'll cover: 1. The importance of personal relationships with your sphere of influence and investing in your CRM. Don't spam your clients! And don't give up on leads too soon. 2. The importance of real-time response to leads - ideally a human...


The Snapshot: Audience and Message Segmentation on Social Media

We talk to Lisa Coutts and Evan Marbury, realtors at The CM Group at Compass in Washington, DC, about how to use different social media platforms to accomplish messaging goals and reach distinct audiences. We discuss when it makes sense to segment based on audience or content, and how the different platforms provide unique opportunities to reach specific goals. We also cover how to allocate budget among platforms and how to monitor campaigns. Links mentioned: Hootsuite Homesnap Pro...


The Snapshot: Free Marketing Tactics To Promote You And Your Listings

We talk to Brandon Jones of Real Estate Hacks in Springfield, Missouri about free marketing tactics that agents can take advantage of. Some of the tactics we discuss include: Links mentioned: Inman article: 5 Free Marketing Tricks For Your Next Listing ScannerPro Homesnap Buildium


The Snapshot: Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

We talk to Brian Hopper, a broker with Sotheby's International Realty in Kirkland, WA, about digital marketing trends in 2018 and how to incorporate them into real estate agents' marketing plans. Trends discussed: Links mentioned: BoxBrownie Grasshopper WeChat Wunderlist PipeDrive Contactually DropBox Genius Scan Sign Easy Snapseed


The Snapshot: How Search Marketing Delivers High-Interest Leads

On this episode, Homesnap Chief Product Officer Lou Mintzer introduces our newest network for Homesnap ads: Google. 42% of people who use search engines will make contact or buy after getting their results, making search marketing a very effective way to connect with high-interest, motivated leads. Homesnap ad campaigns on Google include search ads, Gmail ads within inboxes, and animated, interactive web ads. You'll learn: 1. How Homesnap is democratizing search marketing 2. How to...