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Dymphna Boholt keeps you abreast of the real estate opportunities, strategies and tactics you need to create significant wealth and a prosperous lifestyle.

Dymphna Boholt keeps you abreast of the real estate opportunities, strategies and tactics you need to create significant wealth and a prosperous lifestyle.
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Dymphna Boholt keeps you abreast of the real estate opportunities, strategies and tactics you need to create significant wealth and a prosperous lifestyle.




Why The New Breed Of Intelligent Cars Will Hit Property Prices In Unexpected Ways

In this weeks podcast I carry on from where I left off last week, looking at the big disrupters. This week I’m going to look at something that at first glance you may ask: “Dymphna What the heck does that have to do with property?!?” But stick with me – I’ll show you exactly why […]

The Big Disrupters To Australian Property

Last week I introduced you to my research and stats about why the world is not as bad as the mass media would have you believe. In today’s podcast I’m going to start exploring the big disruption forces that will not only change many technological things, but change the way we live. These forces will […]

The reality of where the world is really at

Over the next few weeks, my podcasts will contain sections from my recent blockbuster NEXT10 event where I revealed extensive research about where the world is headed, what the big disrupters to the way we live are and how they are going to affect the way we live and the Australian property market. To those that […]

Changing old negative patterns to success patterns

I’m here in New Mexico training with one of the worlds leading thinkers and scientists around the subject of cellular change. Why? No, I didn’t become a biologist while you weren’t looking. I’m here because the information coming out of this cutting-edge science is the difference between success and failure… It’s the key that can […]

The Multi-Millionaires Guide To Achieving Your Dreams…

Today podcast is a bit special. Call it the multi-millionaires guide to achieving your dreams… I’m talking to Jon Giaan – founder of Knowledge Source about: How he got started in real estate (and how he’s made millions since – Current portfolio is around $25M and cash flow positive) Why stock market Gain analysis is […]

[PODCAST] Where to begin if you are just starting out in property

I’m often shocked at the mis-information that comes out of the media. Especially about young people being priced out of the market. If you are (or have a child that is) a young person wanting to get into the property market… this podcast is for you. Today’s special guest is a 23-year-old who is […]

[PODCAST] Successful Developer’s Inside Secrets to Joint Ventures

When people first start to look for investment properties they often find themselves saying they can’t find any deals… their feasos never work out… They can’t find anything… From experience, it’s just in their heads… Once you get your head straight you’ll start finding deals all over the place. But that brings its own issues… […]

[PODCAST] The critical ATO announcement that could affect your ability to invest.

One month into the new tax year and I wanted to make sure you are across this important announcement. Each year we move more toward a credit score system like the Americans have… This year – effective from 1st July the ATO have jumped on that bandwagon. Today’s podcast is only a short one… but an important […]

[PODCAST] My proven formula for creating the life you want

We, as humans, have specific abilities and traits. This isn’t meant to be a biology or psychology lesson, I mention it just to say this: We are all affected by these traits every day and you can either use them to your advantage or you let them work to your disadvantage. It’s up to you […]

[PODCAST] Curing the painful frustration of procrastination and inaction

When I was still running my accountancy practice I used to help people work out the steps to replace their income. I got to see the personal strategies that helped people do just that… And I got to see the obstacles that held people back from achieving that. For example, many people waffle on about […]

[PODCAST] Nasty Insurance Loopholes and How To Avoid Them

Sadly insurance companies are widely known for playing dirty and using ‘iffy’ loopholes to get out of paying for claims. It also is worth mentioning that most people don’t understand insurance or how to do it right (including many insurance brokers). When you understand the different kinds of insurance there are and how to best […]

10 Tricks For Killer Win-Win Negotiation

Negotiations are the juice that powers all serious property investing. It’s the lube that greases the wheels of the property machine. I’ve heard it said that we negotiate every day for every thing we do… but most people never realise that’s what’s happening… That’s why not many people are actually good at it. …and […]

Housing affordability is NOT the issue – Here’s the fix for your kids

I stumbled across a great article from the Sydney morning herald the other day, dating back to 1992 It was calling Australia and one of the most expensive places to buy real estate… in the world. The article went on to say that Sydney house prices were becoming unattainable and questioned how young people […]

[PODCAST] The Path To Real Estate Success – Regardless Of Where You Are At Right Now

I ended up in a mastermind group in Adelaide this week. It was a group of what I call “Mates in the market” You know what I was so amazed by? This was a group of students and they are all using different strategies to invest and succeed in real estate. This is exactly […]

[PODCAST] How To Quickly Find The Bargains And Opportunities In A New Area

It’s all well and good knowing your area when it comes to finding good deals but what happens when you start looking at a new area? …Or in my case when I wanted to find out what kind of opportunities there were while I was on holiday in the UK. How do you quickly find […]

Are Trusts All They’re Cracked Up To Be? Do We Really Need Them?

For years I have told you that trusts are the best way too go for asset protection. Recently there have been several cases that have tested trusts in the courts. Added to that certain people in the media maintain that trusts are not worth the paper they’re written on and claimed they could “Drive a […]

How you can get ahead of the curve on housing changes that are about to happen

With the great Australian housing crisis still driving prices up and making it harder for people to get into the market it makes sense that there are people around the country looking for solutions. Changes are afoot in the landscape of Australian housing. Being ahead of this curve is critical if you want to stay […]

17 tax deductions you may not be taking full advantage of

You probably know that before I dedicated myself to property – in my former life – I was an accountant. So I have a built in automatic reaction now to sit up and take notice when it’s coming up to tax time. First of all, let me say that most people (including accountants) think in […]

[PODCAST] The Ultimate Partnership Insurance Policy – You Must Have this in ANY Partnership or Joint Venture

At some point in your property investing career, you are going to find many deals that are just out of your league. You’ll be able to see how it’s a good deal. You’ll be able to see the potential profit… …but it will just be too big for you based on where you are in […]

[PODCAST] The Terrorist Attack On Our Investing

We’re under attack – your investing is under fire. APRA was set up to save us from the banking industry but sadly they have inadvertently done the opposite. I’m really annoyed by what is going on. But – it also means there are changes YOU need to know about and implement to keep your portfolio […]