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Actionable real estate investing ideas each and every week. This is a podcast for every real estate investor looking for cash flow opportunities - the difference is, we offer a Florida twist.

Actionable real estate investing ideas each and every week. This is a podcast for every real estate investor looking for cash flow opportunities - the difference is, we offer a Florida twist.
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Actionable real estate investing ideas each and every week. This is a podcast for every real estate investor looking for cash flow opportunities - the difference is, we offer a Florida twist.




Ep. 186 Nahir Solis: Real Estate Mortgage Note Investing

Did you know that over 50% of mortgages in the USA are owned by individuals and not banks? Nahir Solis does just that. She started a family operated investment firm that buys real estate mortgage notes at a discount of the current balance due, and then works with investors who are looking to purchase mortgage notes already vetted with due diligence and clear for investing. If you have a self-directed IRA or 401k and have some money sitting around, notes are a good match for this type of...


Ep. 185 Neal Bawa: Global Negative Bond Yields & How This May Affect U.S. Real Estate

Neal Bawa discusses his analysis of the current global economy including Bloomberg's recent report that $17 trillion dollars worth of world-wide bonds have now gone negative -- which means the bonds' yield has fallen below zero. Having $17 trillion dollars of negative yielding debt has never happened in the history of the world before. So how will this affect the real estate market? Is a recession imminent? You won't want to miss the insightful analysis Neal provides, and his advice for...


Ep. 184 Greg Bond: The Orlando Real Estate Market

In this week's episode, we talk with Greg Bond about his take on the Orlando market as well as what he's got going on with his property management business. Greg is still finding great deals by using basic common sense and some good marketing strategies. Some of his strategies include: Diversifying his portfolio Leveraging IRAs Going to outlying areas to get better margins Renting to retirees Join us for this episode as Greg shares is experience and insights into the Orlando real...


Ep. 183 John Wilson: Personal Journey into Multifamily Real Estate

John Wilson worked in the corporate world for about 20 years before deciding to quite his corporate job and get into multifamily real estate full time. John shares his journey starting from his first multifamily real estate investment to the lessons learned from investing in a 17 unit apartment to what he is investing in now. He also shares advice to others who are looking into taking those first steps into the multifamily market.


Ep. 182 Joe Turney: Self-Taught Lessons for a Single Family Home Portfolio

Joe Turney had worked for 20 years in computer software which gave him a great income, but very little retirement and wealth. Between 2005-2010 he had several close people pass away including his dad, and it was then he started realizing he was trading his life for dollars. He decided he wasn't going to do that anymore and he wanted out of the corporate rat race, the commuting, and the alarm clocks. Joe wanted a lifestyle with more freedom. He asked several people with that lifestyle what...


Ep. 181 Rob Walton: Adverse Possession and Unlawful Detainer

Join us as Rob Walton delves into some quirky parts of Florida law (Adverse Possession and Unlawful Detainer) that could really have an adverse impact on your real estate ownership and real estate investing. Eric shares his own personal story of how he learned about unlawful detainer when he found somebody squatting in his house. In this case, Eric worked with Rob Walton who worked to quickly get the squatter out. Others are not so lucky. And still others find themselves in an adverse...


Ep. 180 Devon Richter: Free Commercial Real Estate Listing Service

Deven Richter identified a problem in marketing commercial real estate and set about to solve it. Sometimes there is a price barrier that is just a little bit too high for people to get involved in commercial real estate. He created a website ( that allows everyone to list and find commercial properties for FREE. To be specific, currently only commercial firms and agents can list commercial properties, but it is open to the public to search and view listings. Another great...


Ep. 179 Frank Coto III: Lending Market Update

In the last 4-5 years, there has been an increase in more aggressive loan programs for investors such as no income / no verification loans, rehab loans, and stated income loans. Frank Coto III shares his view of the current lending market and deep dives into the various types of loan programs that can help investors secure their property based on their situation.


Ep. 178 Richard Wilson: Family Office Market Update & Insights

Richard Wilson joins us for this podcast to discuss his insights and updates on the family office market. He also addresses how the family office applies to the real estate sandbox, and how real estate syndicators / sponsors can best approach investors. The family office is a wealth management solution for those that are ultra-wealthy. The wealthier you are, the more a 1% or 3% mistake -- selling assets at the wrong time, tax mistakes, regulatory fines, paying too much in fees, etc. --...


Ep. 177 David Beshears: Market Update on Multifamily & Other Asset Classes

David Beshears shares some great market perspectives on the four asset classes of commercial real estate, with a focus on the multifamily market. Join us for this episode to learn why David sees a positive outlook for those interested in investing in the multifamily market.


Ep. 176 David Tilney: The Benefits of Master Leasing

Master leasing has been around for a long time and offers some good benefits for both the investor and the property owner. Join us for this episode as David discusses his experience and the many benefits of master leasing.


Ep. 175 Adrian Smude: Overcoming Shyness & Limiting Beliefs to Achieve Real Estate Success

Adrian Smude discusses his personal growth in overcoming shyness and limiting beliefs in order to find a successful niche in the mobile home market.


Ep. 174 Frankie Herrera: Real Estate Success through Listening and Solving Problems

When people do business, they are usually always talking and selling. Frankie Herrera, however, takes the opposite approach. Frankie's strategy is to get in front of the investors and listen in order to understand the problem, and then provide them with a solution that's mutually beneficial.


Ep. 173 Steven Rinaldi: Opportunity Zone Program and its Capital Gains Tax Incentives

The Opportunity Zone Program can provide a big financial gain for investors through generous capital gains tax incentives. Since the Opportunity Zone program is so new (late 2017), relatively few investors are familiar with it. Steven Rinaldi, who has his own law firm focusing on business law matters and intellectual property matters, joins us to discuss the details.


Ep. 172 Jason Wojo: 4 Steps to Achieving Balance on Your Real Estate Investment Journey

Many turn to real estate investing to achieve greater freedom and flexibility in life. However, the desire for freedom often materializes as financial freedom. If you forfeit your happiness for greater financial wealth, you will never gain true life balance.


Ep. 171 Kim Lisa Taylor: Tips for Growing Your Real Estate Syndication Network

From new regulations to tried-and-true methods, securities attorney, Kim Lisa Taylor discusses the tools and know-how needed to form successful real estate syndication deals.


Ep. 170 Eddie Lorin: Carving Out Your Niche in the Affordable Multifamily Market

Affordable housing has been a long-standing issue for many real estate investors. This episode impact investor, Eddie Lorin, joins us to discuss the strides he has made in the affordable multifamily market.


Ep. 169 Rob Gidel: Lawfare - How to Address Mold in Your Commercial Lease

Florida real estate investors know that mold is prevalent issue. You can leave yourself open to considerable risks if you don't include mold-specific clauses in your commercial real estate leases.


Ep. 168: Jimmy Clark: Lawfare - Protecting Your Property Against Worker's Comp Claims

As a property owner or manager, you may be dealing with various contractors and sub-contractors in your day-to-day operations. Making sure you and your asset are protected against unforeseen situations can keep your investment on the right track.


Ep. 167 Rob Gidel: Lawfare - Navigating Exclusive Use Clauses in Your Retail Lease

Exclusive use clauses can be a mutual benefit for retail landlords and tenants alike. But an oversight on specific language in your lease could mean trouble down the line. Attorney, Rob Gidel joins us again for another lawfare episode where we discuss the potential pitfalls of exclusive use clauses in your retail lease.