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Implementation Agenda – REI In Your Car

Hi, everybody. Glad you’re here! Gavin Timms, my business partner, is with me on the podcast. We’re on our way to an Implementation Workshop. We have several clients and their business partners joining us here in St. Louis. We’re setting up their systems, scheduling their marketing and hiring VAs while they’re here. These clients will […]


663 » Lifestyle Freedom Investing » David Phelps

Welcome to the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast. Please leave a review of our show wherever you listen to it. Also, please visit my website. You can listen to and get links from shows dating back to 2011. We have a special guest today, David Phelps. David has a company called Freedom Founders and coaches […]


662 » Doing Virtual Deals From Thailand » Tre’Leon Bey

Welcome to the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast. Please leave a review of our show wherever you listen to it. We have a special guest, Tre’Leon Bey. He’s doing deals from everywhere, literally. He’s living in Thailand with his wife and traveling around that area of the world. Tre realized he had an entrepreneurial spirit […]


661 » Creating Win Win Win Deals » Part 3 » REI In Your Car

Hey, what’s going on? I’m enjoying a beautiful sunset right now as I’m driving to pick up my son at his tumbling class. We’re talking again about Win Win Win Deals. These are ideal because the seller, the buyer and you (the investor) all feel like they’ve won when the deal is complete. Aim for […]


Getting Fired Up and Making 5 Simple Offers A Day » Tom Krol

Welcome to the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast. Glad you’re here. Tom Krol is here today. He’s been my most frequent podcast guest; Tom is one of the best wholesaling coaches ever. Tom’s company is putting on Wholesaling Summit 2018 on October 15, 16, 17 in Asheville, NC. The objective is to teach wholesalers how […]


660 » Creating Win Win Win Deals – Part 2 – REI In Your Car

Hey, everybody… how you doing? REI In Your Car. I’m just coming back from the 100th PGA Championship. It’s being played in St. Louis this year, which is pretty exciting whether you’re a golf fan or not. We’re still talking about Win Win Win Deals. This podcast is Part 2, and I want to talk […]


659 » Creating Win Win Win Deals – Part 1 – REI In Your Car

Hey, what’s up everybody? Right now, I’m driving to the PGA Championship. Cool, huh? It’s in St. Louis this year at a course called Belle Rive. My new book, Wholesaling Lease Options, just came out. If you haven’t already ordered it, you really should. It’s free… just pay shipping. In the book, I talk about […]


How They’re Flipping Deals Without Any Direct Mail – Automated Mojo 2.0

On this special podcast, Joe & Gavin talk about how they’ve done over $100,000 in the last couple months, wholesaling deals, in a couple virtual markets, without ever talking to a single seller or buyer. And they’ve done all this without any direct mail… While most wholesalers are spending $2,000 – $5,000 in marketing for one […]


(Audio) 658 » Data Not Drama » Meet The Real Deal Maker » Mark Evans

Welcome to the Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast. This episode is being broadcast live on Facebook. Join us there if you can. Our guest, Mark Evans, has a new book out that I really like. It’s The 10-Minute Business Owner. It talks about freedom, building wealth and creating a life worth living. Mark is the […]


657 » Doing Massive Deals In The Carolinas – Part 2 » Larry Goins

Hey there, welcome to the Real Estate Investing Master podcast. This is part 2 with my guest Larry Goins. Larry is an active investor and a teacher. His 1st deal was in 1986, and he’s done almost every type of real estate strategy. If you want to hear the part 1 episode with Larry, go […]


656 » Creating A Blueprint For Your Investing Business » Jason Palliser

Welcome, I’m with Jason Palliser in this episode. He’s a friend of mine here in St. Louis, and he’s been a real estate investor for a long time. Before I met him, I’d heard his name from other investors and numerous people told me Jason would be good for me to work with. Like many […]


655 » A Simple Formula To Handle Objections – CRIAC » REI In Your Car

So, I’ve got a short episode today. I’m driving home from a couple of real estate classes that are required to keep my real estate license active. I’m sharing an acronym with you that may help when you encounter objections… CRIAC. It stands for Cushion, Restate, Isolate, Answer and Close. I’ll explain what each of […]


654 » Secret Marketing Ninja Hack » REI In Your Car

So, I’m excited about this… I’m recording this episode in a rented Suburban. My family’s going to Florida in a couple of weeks, and I wanted to rent instead of taking one of our cars. Anyway, I have a cool marketing tip that came from one of my coaching calls. A student named Dustin shared […]


653 » Inside An Automated Wholesaling Coaching Call With Rockstar Student » Melissa Dodson

In this episode, you will be joining me on a coaching call with Melissa Dodson. She lives in Birmingham, Alabama, and has been our boots on the ground in small markets in Alabama and Mississippi, where we’ve been having great success lately. My partner Gavin and I have been working on perfecting the auto-dialer cold […]


652 » How To Be Super Productive In Your Real Estate Business » REI In Your Car

So, I’m keeping this ep short and sweet… Recently, I’ve been getting a ton of work done. How? By making my to-do list shorter. A to-do list doesn’t need to catalog every bit of minutia that pops into your head. Just list the important task(s) you want to complete. I changed my to-do list to […]


Get My New Lease Options Book » REI In Your Car

So, I’m driving to meet a coaching client who’s spending the day with me in St. Louis. We’ll have fun mapping out systems and marketing plans for his business today. But, drum roll, please… I’ve just released my book, Wholesaling Lease Options: Discover the Fastest and Easiest Way to Make Money in Real Estate. I […]


651 » What Are You Doing With Your Old Leads – REI In Your Car

651_Transcript So, I’m driving to The Original Pancake House to have breakfast with one of my coaching clients. You’ve probably heard me talk about how some of my clients come to St. Louis and spend time with me. That’s what’s happening today. I’ve been thinking about this and want to share it with you… If […]


650 » Do You Want Results Or Not » Jackie Jackson

I’m here today with Jackie Jackson who has a TV show that airs in Orlando and Miami. She started by interviewing established and new entrepreneurs in different fields. Lately, it’s morphed into being more about real estate. Her show can also be seen online. She’s still doing real estate investing, and her advice is that […]


649 » How We Did 21 Deals In The Last 4 Months » REI In Your Car

So, I’m driving around St. Louis, and I want to tell you what we’re doing… In the past 4 months, we’ve made 21 deals and grossed about $100,000. Some deals made only $300. You’ve had those, right? Sometimes we see this coming, but generally don’t renegotiate. My business partner, Gavin, is involved. He started in […]


648 » Tell Yourself It’s Easy… Because It Is » REI In Your Car

So, I want to talk to you today about handling overwhelm. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. There’s just so much information. We can access podcasts and YouTube videos and courses on real estate investing, and many of them are quite good. You buy a new course and tell yourself you’ll follow it through to the […]