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Cold Calling Is Stupid… It Doesn’t Work… Says Your Competition Who Doesn’t Want You Doing It

Cold Calling Is Stupid... It Doesn't Work... Says Your Competition Who Doesn't Want You Doing It. $97 until Sunday night - $297 next week @


Cold Calling 101 – The Simplest Way To The Most Deals

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840 » How To Get Seller Leads From The Radio With Chris Arnold

Nobody, and I mean nobody’s doing radio ads, and that means it’s a perfect medium for advertising. But there are some misconceptions about radio ads, like the costs or where the audience is really hanging out. Chris Arnold from Wholesaling Inc lays out those misconceptions and the truths about them, and he even includes some […]


5 Days 5 Leads Challenge

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839 » Why You Should Consider Using Realtor’s Contracts » REI In Your Car

First of all, before we get started today, I want to tell you to take everything I say with a grain of salt, and that you should definitely consult a real estate attorney when dealing with legal matters. But now that I have that out of the way, I want to offer up some creative […]


838 » Doing High Margin Deals From Probates and Tax Delinquents with Jason Lucchesi

Dealing with probates and tax delinquents requires a little bit of care and finesse, which Jason Lucchesi from No Flipping Excuses, is happy to provide. He opens up about all of his tips for chasing down leads in this podcast, and how to navigate the difficult conversations you have to have with people as they’re […]


837 » Funding For All Your Deals with Matt Bell

On his platform, Lending For Deals, Matt Bell currently has 132 lenders in 50 states with all kinds of deal types and credit profiles. Now that is music to my ears. And while they don’t currently do every deal in every state, they do most deals in every state, and they can pull up your […]


836 » Why You Need A Vision For Your Business

Real estate experts love to focus on so many different things, like wholesaling and raising capital and flipping houses, and oh, rehabbing too. All of these scattered focus shows up in their bank balance. They work 80 hours a week so they don’t have to work 40 hours a week, and they listen to that […]


835 » How To Run A Virtual Wholesaling Business As A Business with Justin Wilmot

When I got started in real estate, I bought a lot of courses. You could even call me a course junkie because I spent so much time buying them and so little time actually doing what they told me to. Justin Wilmot had a similar beginning, and in that way, we are kindred spirits. When […]


834 » Profiting Big In Land Investing With Willie G

I’ve been working with my own sons teaching them how to flip land, so it was really great to talk with Willie G about his experience in the vacant land business. Willie started out as a banker at Wells Fargo, but quickly realized that being an entrepreneur was a better route to success than the […]


833 » How To Build Wealth Without Wall Street

I know there’s some of you who are out there wholesaling and making $20-$30,000 a month, but if you stop buying and selling, you know your income is going to go down. So you think about it, and then you may decide to keep a few of your very best deals to try and create […]


832 » Marketing Like The Pros with Jason Roberts & Rachel Schneider

Almost straight out of high school, Jason Roberts and Rachel Schneider started their own mortgage company in St. Louis. Working 12-15 hour days, they were able to find great success…..until the market crashed. After filing bankruptcy, losing cars, and a primary residence, they were literally at their rock bottom. But what could have been a […]


831 » You’ll Win Big When You Hit The Real Estate Trifecta with Cameron Dunlap

In 25 years, real estate hasn’t changed much. It’s still a relationship business that requires negotiating and huge trust between parties. But the tools we use to find leads, fund transactions, and find reputable buyers is very different. Cameron Dunlap from Real Estate Wealth Network goes deep today on the app he built, the funding […]


830 » Things Real Estate Investors Must Focus On To Be Successful in 2020

Don’t just make more money in 2020: make more profit. This is the year you need to simplify your business and focus on the right things that will help you navigate any change coming your way. I’ve given a lot of thought to this, and I have over fourteen key things that you should focus […]


One Deal Series Part 6 — One Checklist To Sell » REI In Your Car

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One Deal Series Part 5 — One Contract » REI In Your Car

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One Deal Series Part 1 — What Is A Lease Option? » REI In Your Car

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