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Home Flipping Tips

Hello and welcome to the Real Estate Marketing Minute. Today, we're going to be talking about tips for real estate investing...


Grouches and Cupcakes | Real Estate Marketing Minute

Hello and welcome to the Real Estate Marketing Minute. This week we’re doing a weekly roundup and for the week of October 14th through 20th of 2018. So, this week we’ve got two wacky holidays coming up. On the 15th, we’ve got National Grouch Day. My wife would say I fit in real well with it, and then on the 18th, we’ve got National Chocolate Cupcake Day. I would say I fit real well with that...


Why Real Estate Agents Should Attend Conventions

A great discussion with Donna Gordon-Willoughby and Nelson Weaver of Kentucky Realtor Association on why agents should attend local, state and national conventions.


Places to Bicycle

Welcome back to the Real Estate Marketing Minute. Today, I'm out here at Fort Harrison State Park in Indiana, and I'm going to go on a bike ride. I was thinking that this would be a great opportunity to take a minute and put that out as a great content idea for your guys. Put together a list of five places to go biking in your town or area. Talk about them a little bit, elaborate on them. Don't forget to send it out, email it, and post it to your social channels. That's been your Real Estate...


Tips to grow your business

Hey, guys. Welcome back to The Real Estate Marketing Minute. As you can see, I'm in front of our booth here at Louisville, at the Kentucky Realtor Association Conference and Expo and you can hear the party way over there. Realtors are having a really good time. They walked by our booth here earlier tonight and we got to meet a lot of them. Lot of fun there. So, here in this moment, you're going to get a bunch of tips on how to grow your business from all the other vendors at the...


Idea Share and Follow Up Processes

Hi guys. Welcome back to the Real Estate Market Minute. Sorry it's been a few weeks since we've done this. Been a little busy. Went to Toronto, did the whole Conex (content experience conference). Did a couple of podcasts up there. Got those out last week and now just trying to jump back into the swing of things. This is a real estate marketing minute weekly roundup, and this is for the week of September 9 through 15. We've got two wacky holidays going on this week. One's on the 10th and...


Ethics in Marketing | Real Estate Marketing Minute

Great conversation with Lindsay Tjepkema and Doug Karr about ethics in marketing.


Account Based Marketing

What we learned about Account Based Marketing at Uberflip's Conex.


Seniors, Waffles and 6 Month Follow Up | Real Estate Marketing Minute

Hello, and welcome to the Real Estate Marketing Minute. This is the weekly roundup for the week of August 19 through 25th. This week we've got on our calendar two wacky holidays: one being National Senior Citizen day, and that is on the 21st of August, and the other one is National Waffle Day on the 24th of August. So, you know, go ahead, put some memes out there, find something appropriate there, maybe tag some of your friends that are senior citizens, or love waffles, for that matter, and...


Reviews and Testimonials | Real Estate Marketing Minute

We decided it'd be a good idea to do a podcast on reviews and recommendations, and how that can impact your being found online.


Interview with Harmony Moves - Senior Relocation Services | Real Estate Marketing Minute

An enlightening interview with Johna Cripe and Nicky Corder on the services that Harmony Moves offers in Senior Relocation. A must listen for any real estate agent.


Regional Adventure | Real Estate Marketing Minute

Hello, and welcome to The Real Estate Marketing Minute. This week is a local expertise week, so I thought what I'd do is show you some pictures and stuff from a trip that my son, and I took last weekend. We decided that we were gonna find some Indiana waterfalls in the area, and go out and just take some pictures of those. That's what you're looking at right now is those pictures. The whole point of this is to show you that you can go out, and you can find something somewhat regional,...


Happiness Books and Testimonials | Real Estate Marketing Minute

Hello, and welcome to the Real Estate Marketing Minute. This is our weekly round-up for the week of August 5th through August 11th. This week, we've got two wacky holidays for you guys. On the 8th, it's National Happiness Happens Day, so you can have some fun with that and put a smiley face or some sort of happiness symbol out on your social channels, and then on the 9th is National Book Lovers Day. This is one where you could go and go to a site like Amazon where they sell books and copy a...


Internet of Things | Real Estate Marketing Podcast

The whole world is about to be connected in ways that we never imagined. We talk about how this is going to impact the real estate marketing world in this episode.


Interview a Mortgage Broker | Real Estate Marketing Minute

Hello. Welcome to the Real Estate Marketing Minute. This week is a technical week for us. This week, your task is to do an interview with a mortgage agent. When you do this interview, I want you to dig in with them, and really explore different mortgage opportunities ... the different types of them, VA, Conventional, FHA, that sort of thing. Then, explain how important it is to qualify for them ... what the credit score does for you. Even, dig into some of those things that we talked...


Lasagna and Coloring Books

Hello and welcome to the Real Estate Marketing Minute Weekly Roundup. This is for the week of July 29th through August 4. So, this week, we actually have quite a few items on our wacky holiday list. On the 29th, we have both National Lasagna Day and Chicken Wing Day, so take your pick. Put something out there on those, and then on the 31st is Avocado Day. That might be something that would appeal to all the millennials out there. The 2nd is Coloring Book Day, so maybe toddlers are on social...


Interview with Angela Allen - VA Real Estate Expert

The VA Loan is a complex and intricate loan but it has many benefits that Veterans and Sellers should consider. In this episode we cover those with Angela Allen.


Bagels and CTA's | Real Estate Marketing Minute

Hello, and welcome to the Real Estate Marketing Minute Weekly Roundup. This is for the week of July 22nd through July 28th. So, we only have one wacky holiday this week and that is on the 26th, and it is National Bagel Fest Day. So you could have a lot of fun with that. Maybe find a local bagel festival, or, you know, maybe something related to New York city, that sort of thing, since bagels tend to be associated with New York. And then, you know, we are coming up on the end of the month,...


Blockchain in Real Estate | Real Estate Marketing Podcast

We discuss what Blockchain technology is and how it can used in the real estate industry for to provide greater transactional security.


5 Things to avoid before closing | Real Estate Marketing Minute

Hello, and welcome to The Real Estate Marketing Minute. This week's a technical week for us so your task for this week is gonna be a real light and simple blog post. The topic of that blog post is going to be Five Things Not to Do Before you Close. We just want to make a little list of five things not to do before you close. It could be three if you can't think of five, but just put the title in bold and then say why not to do it. It might be something like, "Don't buy a new car the week...