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Real Estate...Appraisal...Success...and everything in between!

Real Estate...Appraisal...Success...and everything in between!
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Real Estate...Appraisal...Success...and everything in between!




When the Passion Fades...

In this episode, Blaine talks about what happens when the passion for doing something fades or disappears and what to do about it. Blaine discusses discipline and motivation and in what order those things need to be to be successful in anything! Make your vocation your vacation Mark Twain said! Yeah right! How many people can actually say that was a possibility? And what are the dangers of making your vocation your vacation? Listen in to find out!


Carrying the Bags of a Zen Master

In this episode Blaine talks about an aspect of leadership he learned while carrying the bags of a Zen master. Blaine discusses how he learned the lessons of servant leadership without knowing he was actually learning! Blaine shares a story about his life as 'otomo', or servant to an Aikido and Zen Master, and how the lessons he was learning along the way set the foundation for what would become a lifelong study of leadership principles and practices. Grab a note pad and pen and take some...


Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone?

In this episode, Blaine talks about the difference between being an average business owner or 'proprietor' of a business versus being a true entrepreneur. Blaine talks about the great Peter Drucker and his all important questions for business owners and managers at all levels within an organization. If you think you're an entrepreneur because you started an appraisal company, listen to this episode and ask yourself the questions Blaine suggest to see if you truly are or if you're merely...


Have Gun, Will Value!

In this episode, Blaine discusses the tactical and practical of carrying a concealed weapon while doing real estate appraisals or selling real estate. Its a hot topic given several news stories of real estate agents encountering dangerous situations while showing homes and holding open houses. Real Estate Appraisers occasionally have to appraise homes in known high crime areas and occasionally encounter hostile individuals while taking comp photos. Does this warrant carrying a gun for...


You're Just Not That Good

In this episode Blaine addresses the ego and how much it influences our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and responses to our surroundings. While there are many really good appraisal, lending, and real estate professionals in the market, the ego's belief that you're good is a voice that says its ok to stop growing and behaving in a way that leads to more insight. The reality is that, on any given day, none of us is really THAT GOOD at anything we think we are, at least its not the proper...


You're In The Wrong Biz!

In this episode, Blaine talks about how most people tend to believe they are in the business of appraising real estate, or selling real estate, or closing loans. This is the absolute wrong belief system to have in ANY business! Whatever business one is in can be broken down to people issues and marketing issues. Learn to reframe all of your business issues into people and marketing challenges and you'll start to see things from a different perspective.


To Be or Not to Be?

In this episode, Blaine discusses the dilemma of being a licensed real estate salesperson while also being a licensed real estate appraiser. Blaine also goes into why the attitude that real estate agents are the 'enemy' is the absolute WRONG attitude to have to be a successful appraiser. Blaine talks a little more about the upcoming AppraiserFest and his hopes for a new era of appraisal training conferences.


Right Business, Wrong Time?

In this episode, Blaine answers a listener question about whether or not new real estate appraiser, Derek, got into the appraisal business at the wrong time. His question pertains to news and information he has been seeing that lead him to believe the appraisal industry is in decline and that his decision to get into it was the wrong one. Listen in as Blaine gives Derek some advice and an appraisal veteran's view of the role of the real estate appraiser in the current world. A world rapidly...


So You Wanna Be An Appraiser!

In this episode, Blaine Feyen discusses the very common tactic of new, or soon to be new, appraiser trainees looking for an apprenticeship with an existing appraiser mentor. While most just send out a resume or call asking for an opportunity, Blaine gives practical advice for how to think about the process completely different so as to bring some value to the potential mentor. The mindset talked about in this episode is a game changer in an industry filled with gatekeepers. Listen in and...


Top 3 Ways Appraisers Can Add Value to the Process!

One of the longest and most valuable Real Value Podcasts to date!! Blaine goes into depth on how to turn much of the mundane appraisal process into benefits for the client. Blaine also talks about how to make the invisible visible and get new clients as a result. If you want to be the preeminent real estate appraiser in your market, its going to take more than just knowing how to add charts and graphs to your appraisal reports! It takes knowing how to speak the language of the various...


Zillow Just Got Into The Mortgage Biz!

In this episode of the Real Value Podcast, Blaine discusses Zillow acquiring a mortgage company, what it all means for lenders and real estate appraisers, the eight day mortgage close, and 175 year old appraisers!


Top 3 Ways to Give Yourself A Raise As An Appraiser!

In this episode of the Real Value Podcast, Blaine Feyen discusses 3 ways (with a 4th bonus method) that Real Estate Appraisers can increase their income and dollars per hour and, at the same time, have more life and peace in the process. Blaine also talks about the 80/20 rule and how 20 percent (or less) of your clients likely deliver 80 percent of your results and income. Blaine goes on to talk about how letting some of your biggest headache clients move on may be the best thing for you,...


The Mobile Appraiser and the Paperless Office

Blaine talks about the best reasons to become a mobile appraiser and make the switch from paper and pen, pencil and clipboard, to a mobile device like an Ipad or Galaxy Tablet and laser measuring tool for appraising real estate. Blaine talks about more than just the practical reasons though as there are some very important time issues related to making the switch to mobile real estate appraising and going paperless, or at least utilizing considerably less paper and becoming considerably more...


Real Value Podcast Reboot!

The ever popular Real Value Podcast is back! Revamped, reengineered, and rebooted with better content and great info for Real Estate Appraisers, Real Estate Agents, and mortgage lenders. Blaine Feyen, founder and CEO of Real Value Group, is a popular podcaster in several genres and industries. Blaine runs a successful Real Estate Appraisal firm in Grand Rapids, Michigan and is a sought after consultant, speaker, and teacher in several industries due to his vast experience in marketing,...


What the heck is a 'Comp'?

In this episode, Blaine discusses how Appraisers define 'comparable' sales and what criteria they typically use to weed out the sales that may not be the best ones to utilize in an appraisal. Blaine gives 4 basic criteria he uses when he's looking at sales in the market and how he decides if they can move from the 'just a sale' category to the 'comparable sale' category. Grab a pen, a cup of coffee and a bagel and lets get our learn on!


New FHA Appraisal Inspection Standards

In this episode, Blaine discusses some of the changes in the recently updated FHA 4000.1 Handbook for Appraisers and appraiser inspections. Blaine also includes a few tips for Realtors at the end of the show which can help the inspection go smooth and painless.


10 Tips for Growing Your Social Media Following

In this episode, Blaine Feyen, president of Real Value Appraisal Group, talks about growing your social media following and how to have some fun doing it. Quite often, businesses are at a loss on just how to manage their social media presence so Blaine covers some simple things everybody can do today to help increase followers, readership of your posts, and how to enjoy the process.


Have you even been in that house bro?

In this episode, Appraiser Blaine Feyen, President of Real Value Group appraisal company in Grand Rapids, Michigan, discusses how appraisers choose comparable sales and touches on the somewhat controversial topic of whether or not appraisers actually walk through the inside of the comparable sales they use in appraisal reports.


Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble...

In this episode of Real Value Cast, Blaine discusses what contribute to real estate bubbles and the market forces at play. Blaine also touches on some of the key factors in today's economy that affect the micro and macro real estate markets.


Why did my house appraise for exactly what I paid?

In this episode, Blaine Feyen, from the Real Value Group, discusses a very common misunderstanding in the Real Estate and appraisal world: why homes often appraise right at, or really close to, the sale price of a home purchase transaction. Listen in as Blaine discusses what makes up 'market value', how appraisals are developed, and finally solves the age old mystery that has been talked about in hushed circles for decades.