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Real Estate...Appraisal...Success...and everything in between!

Real Estate...Appraisal...Success...and everything in between!
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Real Estate...Appraisal...Success...and everything in between!




What the heck is a 'Comp'?

In this episode, Blaine discusses how Appraisers define 'comparable' sales and what criteria they typically use to weed out the sales that may not be the best ones to utilize in an appraisal. Blaine gives 4 basic criteria he uses when he's looking at sales in the market and how he decides if they can move from the 'just a sale' category to the 'comparable sale' category. Grab a pen, a cup of coffee and a bagel and lets get our learn on!


New FHA Appraisal Inspection Standards

In this episode, Blaine discusses some of the changes in the recently updated FHA 4000.1 Handbook for Appraisers and appraiser inspections. Blaine also includes a few tips for Realtors at the end of the show which can help the inspection go smooth and painless.


Have you even been in that house bro?

In this episode, Appraiser Blaine Feyen, President of Real Value Group appraisal company in Grand Rapids, Michigan, discusses how appraisers choose comparable sales and touches on the somewhat controversial topic of whether or not appraisers actually walk through the inside of the comparable sales they use in appraisal reports.


Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble...

In this episode of Real Value Cast, Blaine discusses what contribute to real estate bubbles and the market forces at play. Blaine also touches on some of the key factors in today's economy that affect the micro and macro real estate markets.


Why did my house appraise for exactly what I paid?

In this episode, Blaine Feyen, from the Real Value Group, discusses a very common misunderstanding in the Real Estate and appraisal world: why homes often appraise right at, or really close to, the sale price of a home purchase transaction. Listen in as Blaine discusses what makes up 'market value', how appraisals are developed, and finally solves the age old mystery that has been talked about in hushed circles for decades.


Do multiple offers affect appraised value?

In this episode of Real Value Cast, Blaine discusses a very common occurrence in the current market in 2015, multiple offers. The market is hot for sellers with many of the listings being fought over by multiple buyers all bidding the sale price upward in a classic supply and demand battle. Blaine talks about some of main factors affecting this phenomenon and also answers the question of whether or not multiple offers have an effect on the final appraised value regardless of whether or not...


RVC 003- Divorce Appraisals and the Appraiser You Choose

In this session, West Michigan's best divorce appraiser, Blaine Feyen, discusses the 5 things good divorce appraisers need to be and do when performing an appraisal for a divorce situation. Make sure you have a pen and paper to write some notes and set some goals for 2014.


RVC 002- Assessed Values, What They Are and How NOT to use them

Certified Residential Appraiser in Grand Rapids, MI, Blaine Feyen, discusses assessed valuations utilized by assessing bodies to help determine taxable values and fair market values. Blaine explains the differences between assessed value, taxable value, and state equalized values, what they're used for, how they're determined, and how NOT to use the assessed value to determine the fair market value for your home.


RVC 001- Top Ten Real Estate Appraiser Success Tips for 2014

In this episode Blaine Feyen discusses the top 10 success tips for Appraisers, real estate professionals and lenders for 2014. Listen close and take notes because this list is key to growing your appraisal or real estate and lending business in a way that gives you more life while enjoying more success with less work!


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