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With renovation TV shows like The Block, Selling Houses and Backyard Blitz many of us spark up the passion to purchase a property, renovate it and then sell it for a small profit.

With renovation TV shows like The Block, Selling Houses and Backyard Blitz many of us spark up the passion to purchase a property, renovate it and then sell it for a small profit.
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With renovation TV shows like The Block, Selling Houses and Backyard Blitz many of us spark up the passion to purchase a property, renovate it and then sell it for a small profit.




#40 Kirsten Molds Renovations With Creative Real Estate

With renovation TV shows like The Block, Selling Houses and Backyard Blitz many of us spark up the passion to purchase a property, renovate it and then sell it for a small profit. What if you could purchase a property without using any of your own cash, renovate it and maximize your profit? In this [...]

#39 Creating The Perfect Partnership!

In this podcast, Jane and I are going to share with you how we were able to succeed in the real estate business… We’ll share with you some of our tips and strategies on how we went from husband and wife, to business partners and how we started with buying and selling houses to creating [...]

#38 Student Steve Reveals His Street Smart Secrets

It’s an interesting episode this week as Steve Donaldson from Gold Coast joins us for a discussion of how to make it big in real estate. Listen as Steve takes us through his adventures in the property business using my strategies—how he started, when he made that first successful deal, and how he improved my [...]

#37 Sell Your House Faster With UGLY Marketing

In this podcast Ben and I are going to share with you some of our biggest secrets for getting your phone ringing off the hook with potential buyers … Your also going to learn how to sell your property for the exact price you want much faster using my “flexible terms” strategy. Tune in now [...]

#36 Create The Dream Team!

We have been involved in the property market for so many years and we understand that running a business requires a lot of resources –financial, administrative, legal etc. And it helps to make the work easier and faster if you got a team with members that do they job, at their best. In this episode [...]

#35: Real People, Real Deals: Finding the Perfect Strategy for Your Transac

It’s numbers, numbers and more numbers for you guys in this new episode of Creative Real Estate as Ben and I try to come up with the best strategy to solve some real estate problems sent over by our followers from all over the world. We’ve recently asked investors and home buyers to email us [...]

#34 Solutions For Owners Who Have Negative Equity!

There are many reasons why people struggle with their loan repayments, but there is one that has impacted many property investors who have purchased property ‘off the plan’. When real estate prices are declining, and economic indicators don’t fill the market with confidence, it can happen that by the time the property is built, its [...]

#33 Case Study: Ben’s Waterfront Property Deal

In these difficult times, we teach you how to buy houses from scratch, with no bank loan and with no money of your own. Join us as Ben and I squeeze out our creative juices as we come up with a strategy to apply to an actual transaction that we’re in right now. Yes, this [...]

#30 Renovations: Do they always pay off?

In this creative real estate episode we bring another real estate issue to light ‘Renovations: Do they always pay off?’ This is an interesting episode we reveal important concerns about renovations that most renovators don’t know about! You’ll discover: Unique renovation ideas that would surely bring profit How to control your renovation project to make [...]

#29 The Power Of Passion In Real Estate

In this episode Rick and Ben discuss how the power of passion in the real estate market (and in anything you do) plays a significant role in every property transaction.In this new episode we reveal how it is the power of passion that ignites us to move forward and become innovative. In this episode, we [...]

#28 How and Where to Get Funding–The Creative Real Estate Way!

Rick and Ben continue to make creative real estate accessible and understandable for both new and experienced property investors.In this new episode,we reveal the financial side of creative real estate—funding.This episode is important because most investors say that the thing that’s either holding them back or stopping them getting started is finding the funding, or [...]

#27 Survey Result; Not What We Expected!

We recently sent out a survey and over 300 of our listeners answered the key question ‘What is your biggest challenge in property investing?” and the answers absolutely shocked us – so we had to record a podcast episode immediately to discuss the key theme that we discovered; This episode we will reveal how you [...]

#26 The Truth About Property Valuations

In this episode Rick and Ben reveal the truth about property valuations and how certain valuations can make or break your property transaction – In this episode you’ll discover: The different types of valuations and the criteria for each type The difference between Purchase, Refinance and Lenders Valuation How the economy affects the market value [...]

#25 You Asked, We Answered: Another Podcast Designed By You

With Creative Real Estate storming the property market, we reveal the answers to the questions that you have submitted to us recently! These are some of the questions investors ask about Rick’s property investment strategies: The answer to the ultimate seller question ‘I want my cash NOW?’ What do sellers want to use all the [...]

#23 Negotiating Houses With Sellers!

Rick Otton continues to amaze the people with his wit and extensive knowledge of the property market. In this new episode, Rick breaks down the step by step process in negotiating houses with sellers. He outlines every detail of the negotiation and shares his techniques in making a successful transaction. In this podcast, Rick and [...]

#22 Students Reveal Secrets To Success In Creative Real Estate Investing!

Rick Otton’s next podcast is interesting because it features actual successes in creative real estate. In this episode, Rick and Ben interview people who have actually tried Rick’s strategies and how they were able to make money in real estate. This episode is also special because there’s a LIVE audience this time! For this episode, [...]

#21 The Power Of Vendor Finance Revealed!

This episode has to be one of the most exciting episodes of all as Rick is about to reveal how he was able to generate aMASSIVEproperty portfolio using the power of vendor finance. Rick expresses his love for seller finance because it harnesses the power of using other people’s money. Rick discovered the power of [...]

#20 Superannuation: How Much Is Enough?

In this Creative Real Estate episode we discuss the ongoing reports about superannuation (pension funds) proving that MORE than three quarters of employees will not have enough superannuation to last them throughout retirement – will this be you? Tune in as we discuss how you can take control of your financial future and ensure you [...]

#19 Turnkey Versus DIY Investments

In this Creative Real Estate episode we discuss which investment path will be a better choice, Turnkey or Do-It-Yourself?Plus Ben reveals an interesting and quite humoress magazine article that he just couldn’t wait to share with you… Rick and Ben are about to shift your mindset and have you thinking outside the box shaping endless [...]

#18 James’ Commercial Property Success Formula

In this episode of Creative Real Estate we bring back an old buddy of Rick who has found full success transacting commercial property…. Meet James Dawson the commercial property guru that is about to reveal his key ingredients to creating positive cash flow through commercial property. Meet James and discover: How James has managed to [...]