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Episode 20: Giving Back

Giving back is central to the business of many real estate professionals. Beyond just providing a new marketing platform, charitable giving allows agents to interact more closely with their communities, and affords them an opportunity to make a positive impact close to home. In this episode, we analyze the link between real estate and philanthropy, including the recent trend of businesses building social currency.


Episode 19: David Childers

David is the VP of Content and Marketing at Keeping Current Matters, which is a working real estate agent's personal research department. Beyond just keeping agents aware of market trends, Keeping Current Matters aims to equip agents with the knowledge they need to stay relevant to their clients, and to be better equipped to answer any question that comes their way. For more information, visit


Episode 18: Open Houses

Hosting an open house can lead to all kinds of unique business opportunities, if you put in the time and effort to make it great. Beyond just putting some cheese and crackers on a plate and tying balloons to the mailbox, holding an open house is a unique opportunity to tell the home's story. In this episode, we break down the basics of open houses, and offer insights from industry experts on how you can master them to create more buzz for your listings.


Episode 17: Michael Hellickson

Michael Hellickson built a thriving real estate business that sold over 100 homes a month. Much of his success was due to excellent professional coaches in his life, which is how he recognized the need for more coaching in real estate. He subsequently founded Club Wealth, where he coaches agents on how to grow their business from a small side gig to a burgeoning real estate empire. In this episode, Michael discusses the need for intelligent client systems, the importance of hosting client...


Episode 16: Networking in Real Estate

Nobody loves networking events, but they’re a necessary evil that will always be part of life in real estate. There aren't many comparable events that can so quickly grow your network and help you expand your business, but being prepared is important. From what to do with your hands to how to start a conversation with noteworthy clothing, this episode offers tips on how to conquer your next networking event. Networking can happen anywhere, and with the right preparation you can be sure to...


Episode 15: Lars Hedenborg

Lars Hedenborg joined the world of real estate in 2007. From the start he had a successful business, but he was working so many hours a week that he didn't have much time to spend with his family. Knowing there had to be a better way, he started building a team and scaled his business to the behemoth it is today. Nowadays he only works one day a week on his real estate business. He runs Real Estate B School, where he coaches other agents how to scale their own businesses more...


Episode 14: Career Growth

Careers can stall at any point. Whether you're just starting out in the world of real estate, or if you have decades under your belt, it's perfectly normal to not know which step you should take. This episode offers advice from industry experts that could very well steer your career in a bold new direction and accelerate your career growth. From embracing the internet's full advertising potential to perfecting your daily routine, these tips and tricks will pull your real estate career out...


Episode 13: Mallory Meehan

After flirting with a future in business and law, Mallory ended up settling in real estate at Penn State, where she teaches risk management courses. Commercial and residential real estate are very different beasts, and a person who excels in one may not necessarily enjoy the other. In this episode, we discuss the changes to commercial real estate brought about by Amazon and the 2008 financial crisis, and what the future of corporate real estate might look like.


Episode 12: The New Year You

New Year's Resolutions are hard, and each year we feel the societal pressure to come up with good ones. Over half of all resolutions fail as the year wears on, but it's because of a lack of planning. These early days of the year are a great time to plan for your personal and professional growth, and to set achievable goals for your real estate business. On this episode, we hear from industry experts regarding their own resolutions, planning routines, and what a career change can do for your...


Episode 11: Adrienne Meisels

Adrienne started her career in law, but technology kept calling to her. After leading the Innovation team at AOL, she went on to create myPlanit, a new smartphone app that seamlessly connects all of your contacts and location history with MLS data to simplify your life as a real estate agent. In this episode, we discuss the early potential she saw in GPS technology, and why technology can be so powerful for working agents. MyPlanit aims to make your faulty pen and paper note-taking a thing...


Episode 10: 2018 Wrap Up

Despite rocky politics, 2018 was a great year for the economy and a good time to work in real estate. On this episode, we look back at the major news stories of the year and explore what some of them mean for the industry as we move into 2019. Articles mentioned in this episode: - Inman's article about Matthew Gardner's predictions for 2019 - A poll conducted by NBC News / Wall Street Journal


Episode 9: Linda Nystrom

Linda Nystrom is the mother of two boys, and in 2010 she decided to try out a career in real estate. She's been working in Colorado real estate since then, and today is the Managing Broker at Envision Realty, where she's seen the state's real estate market explode in recent years. A native of Sweden, Linda speaks both Swedish and German, which has served her well as she caters to diverse clients. She works solely by referral, which takes her well outside her farm areas, and we talk about...


Episode 8: Holidays and Real Estate

The holidays are a time to disconnect and spend time with family, but real estate's a unique industry with some unique requirements, and sometimes disconnecting isn't possible - or even a good idea. On this episode, we dive in to what the holidays mean for the real estate industry, including why it may be a great time to carve out a niche for your business. Featuring advice from experts Joe Sinnona, Michael McAllister, Eden Elder, and Jill Malloy, we see that listing your house during the...


Episode 7: Jill Malloy

Jill Malloy started her career on a whim. She initially took a break from being a telephone operator to to support her husband in his new real estate career, but she ended up loving the flexibility and never went back. Today she’s the Real Estate Expert at The CE Shop, tasked with coordinating a team of Subject Matter Experts to ensure that every course has the content it needs. In this episode, Jill talks about how she stays ahead of new state requirements, why online learning is the best...


Episode 6: Ethics in Real Estate

Members of the National Association of REALTORS are required to take Code of Ethics training every two years, and the next deadline is coming up at the end of 2018. This episode discusses the importance of ethics in the business of real estate, why NAR has designated ethics as important enough for ongoing training, and the history of that training. Industry experts Michael McAllister, Eden Elder, Linda Nystrom, and Joe Sinnona weigh in with advice and insights.


Episode 5: Eden Elder

Born in the Netherlands, Eden Elder has been in the US for over twenty years. She used to work in corporate America, but got bored of the lack of humanity and turned to real estate to fulfill her. She balances her career with raising five kids, and makes giving back a key part of her business model. This episode covers how to stay sane in a turbulent business climate, and why it's so important to write a well-crafted business plan. Eden emphasizes being yourself through every step of your...


Episode 4: Agent Safety

Real estate agents face unique risks every day, and being aware of them is essential to staying safe on the job. On this episode, we discuss some key safety tips from the National Association of REALTORS, and feature advice from industry experts Michael McAllister, Joe Sinnona, Eden Elder, and Linda Nystrom. 56 Safety Tips for REALTORS: Safety Resources for NAR Members:


Episode 3: Joe Sinnona

Joe Sinnona, Team Leader at The Joe Sinnona Team at Verdeschi Realty and CEO of Sinnona Speaks Seminars, talks about forming healthy habits, and how new agents can make themselves essential.


Episode 2: Back to School

Kids are back in school and the real estate market has shifted. This episode, we discuss what that means for your business, and hear from industry experts Michael McAllister, Eden Elder, and Joe Sinnona.


Episode 1: Michael McAllister

Michael McAllister, Founder and Co-CEO of The CE Shop, talks about the importance of entrepreneurship, giving back, and building community in real estate.