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The Floor Plan: A podcast for some real talk on real estate

The Floor Plan: A podcast for some real talk on real estate
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The Floor Plan: A podcast for some real talk on real estate




Show me the money! How to pay for your property party.

So, you're pretty sold on this whole property buying thing. Have you worked out how you're going to pay for it yet? There are so many different lenders, product features, special offers and just good old-fashioned maths hacks you can use to finance your property purchase in a way that's going to get you into the property you want, and pay the thing off faster. (Because who wants a mortgage for a moment longer than necessary?) If you're ready to get your property finances sorted, you need to...


Property war stories: The good, the bad and the still-in-progress.

Everyone has a great real estate story - including the guests in this episode. You'll meet John - the first home buyer who bought his first property at age 20. And you'll hear how he actually did it, too. You'll also meet Lucas. He and his wife are trying to buy property in Sydney. So far they're six months in and have more than a few battle tales to tell. While they haven't successfully landed a property yet, they've certainly learned their share of lessons and would do a bunch of things...


The Thrill of the Chase: How to find the one

So you've decided to buy property. Time for things to get exciting, right? Well, depending on where in Australia you live, your life is about to get busy. Really busy. Say goodbye to leisurely Saturdays, and hello to frantic racing in traffic to make every single real estate inspection that's on your shortlist. And also.. just in case no one's told you yet.. the property search can be stressful. It can even put strain on your relationship. Just ask Hannah and Michael - who searched for 16...


Coming soon... Some Real Talk on Real Estate

Are you on a mission to buy property? Or maybe you're dreaming about breaking out of the rental rut and finding a little (or not so little) piece of Australia to call your own? Whether you're actively searching for your version of The Great Australian Dream, whether you're fantasising about it, whether you own property already and are trying to get the mortgage monster off your back, or whether you simply enjoy a good ol' chat about the real estate market like any Australian worth their...