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MAP 047: How to Become the Go To Agent in Your Farm Area w/ Ray Wood

This week you’ll learn a specific idea for getting seller leads using a flyer, postcard, door hanger, or even Facebook ad that is so damn clever, it’s bound to get your phone ringing. Some concepts will be true forever, and some strategies will always work. Focusing your real estate marketing efforts in a defined geographical “farm area” is a strategy that will always work. What may change, however, is HOW you go about building name recognition in your farm area. There are countless ways...


MAP 046: How One Agent Gets 75% of Her Business Organically From YouTube w/ Karin Carr

Imagine 75% of your business organically coming from any one source. Pretty awesome, right? This week we're sitting down with rockstar real estate agent and YouTube star Karin Carr from Savannah, GA. Karin tells us about her journey from struggling to get new business in a new town, to now getting 75% of her business organically from her YouTube videos. We dig deep on YouTube and video in general, and Karin will teach you how to master YouTube's tags, description, hashtags, thumbnails,...


MAP 045: Our Proven Facebook Ads System AND How to Use the New Facebook Premiere for Video

We're bringing double the awesomeness this episode. Two great topics, one episode. First, we're giving you the Cliffs Notes from our real estate Leads Webinar last week, where we show you how to create our complete, proven Facebook Ad Lead generation system. I'll walk you through the ad we know converts well, how to respond to the leads instantly and automatically, and how to follow up long term. One agent from our webinar reported that in just one day, he received 4 leads at $1.50/each,...


MAP 044: Why Zillow Is NOT the Company That Real Estate Agents Should Be Worried About w/ Jason Cassity

No single word strikes more fear and anger into the hearts of real estate agents than... wait for it... Zillow! The real estate industry's perennial villain, Zillow, is constantly a topic of conversation and debate between agents on social media, as well as a target for vitriol. But as you'll learn from our special guest, Jason Cassity of The Cassity Team in San Diego, Zillow is really NOT the company that real estate agents and loan officers should be most worried about. Not right now...


MAP 043: How to Build a Custom Alexa Skill for Your Open Houses & Listings

This week I show you how you can use a custom Alexa Skill at an open house or a listing, to deliver information about the property in a clever, cutting edge way. When was the last time you saw Alexa giving info about a property to potential buyers? Probably never. Well, you can be the first in your market. We did a custom Alexa skill at an open house last weekend, and it was a huge hit with buyers, and potential future sellers. Not to mention the buzz from you all when we shared the video...


MAP 042: How to Create a Killer Listing Presentation to Win More Listings

You could be doing everything right; running an awesome Facebook ad, getting the lead, following up with that lead for months until it's time to sell their house, and then when it comes time for the listing presentation... you basically shit the bed. Why? Because your listing presentation sucks! All of us real estate agents want more listings, but if we have a crappy, ineffective listing presentation, we're losing a ton of business that we should have closed. On this episode, I'll tell you...


MAP 041: How to Come Up With Great Ideas for Content

Easily one of the questions I get asked by real estate agents most often is, "what kind of content should I do?". They feel stuck because they don't know where to start. Most of you know by now that content marketing is the path to success in 2018 and beyond, but many then struggle with content ideas. They get writers block, if you will. This episode is meant to give you a ton of ideas for content, and teach you how to start coming up with your own creative content ideas. There are...


MAP 040: My Favorite App Recommendations for Real Estate Marketing

These 7 apps can really help improve your real estate marketing game. I personally use all of these apps, and most all of them are free. From making professional videos w/ graphics and transitions, to staying organized, I think you'll like my top app recommendations. Real estate agents and mortgage lenders alike can use these apps to improve their real estate marketing, and ultimately get more deals from the leads they generate.


MAP 039 - Loan Officers are Finally Waking Up! My Takeaways from the Engage.Marketing Conference

Boy ohh boy do I have some things to say! I made some pretty interesting observations at a HousingWire conference last week, and will share my takeaways with you. I had the honor of speaking at the Engage.Marketing Conference last week in Dallas, TX about the relationship between a mortgage lender and real estate agent. We focused mostly on what a mortgage lender can do to gain a Realtor's business. Spoiler Alert: most loan officers are doing it completely wrong! We talk about that, but...


Massive Agent 038 - How to Get Thousands of Shares on Your Content

Getting your content SHARED on social media can make or break your success in content marketing. In fact, if you have a website or blog, Google looks at how many social shares your content gets when they're deciding which content to display (and WHERE) in the search results. Social shares are a big factor in SEO. If you do video content or Instagram Stories, getting shares will grow your subscribers and followers. It's absolutely possible to get thousands of shares on your content (as long...


Massive Agent 037 - Exactly HOW to Go the Extra Mile to Get More Business

We've heard "go the extra mile" so many times now that it's started to lose meaning. WTF does it even mean anymore? Well, going the extra mile will absolutely lead to more real estate business and more closings... but let's first talk about exactly HOW to go the extra mile. We go over some specific things you can do right now, today, to ensure that you get more referrals, and better online reviews, down the road. I'll tell you the reason why I work exclusively with one escrow officer now,...


Massive Agent 036 - When to do Facebook Live on Your Personal Profile vs Business Page

It's a question I get asked a few times each week; should you go Live on Facebook on your profile, or on your business Page. Well, the answer is... yes! It just depends on what you're trying to accomplish. It depends on your goal for that particular piece of content. We go over when you should do Facebook Live on your profile, and when to do it on your business Page. We also talk about how to use Facebook Friend Lists to help your posts get more organic reach, and I have an exciting...


Massive Agent 035 - Why Earning It and Learning It Always Beats Something Handed to You

With so much entitlement out there these days, it's no wonder why so many real estate agents and loan officers feel like they don't need to, or shouldn't have to, learn how to get their own clients. They join a team where everything is handed to them, they never have to generate their own leads. Unfortunately, they're in for a rude awakening if those leads ever dry up and they have to go out on their own. But I'm here to tell you why having to earn it (aka get your own clients) is...


Massive Agent 034 - How to Turn Old Leads into New Clients

You probably have a pile of old leads that are just sitting there in your CRM, not assigned to a Drip campaign, and not being contacted. Usually they're older leads, 6+ months old. But I'm here to tell you "There's gold in them hills!" There are a few simple things you can do to revive those old leads and bring them back to life. I'll give you a few specific text messages that you can send, today, to your old leads and get a surprisingly good response. We'll also talk about the importance...


Massive Agent 033 - How Your Marketing Is Pissing People Off, AND Zillow Gets into Mortgages

I hope you're wearing steel toed boots, because this week, I'm stepping on toes! I may just call you out this week for using these crappy marketing tactics, BUT I do it with love. How is anyone supposed to improve if they don't know what to improve on!? I start out briefly talking about the big real estate news this week; Zillow bought a mortgage company and is officially getting into the mortgage game. Want my take on that? Well you'll certainly get it! Then I start jumping up and down on...


Massive Agent 032 - What Most Agents are Doing Wrong w/ Katie Lance

This week, the one and only Katie Lance, author of Get Social Smart, joins us to talk about what most real estate agents today are doing wrong, and what they're doing right. She gives us a handful of great app recommendations. We also cover how to overcome writers block when creating content, the first hire to make when you become very busy, tips for staying consistent with your content, and how to avoiding analysis paralysis. This is another jam packed show, and you'll certainly walk away...


Massive Agent 031 - Starting Over as a Realtor, and MUCH More w/ Neil Mathweg

Neil Mathweg, the Host of the Onion Juice Podcast, makes his very first appearance on the show today, and DAMN is it packed full of value, tactics, and insight. I originally brought Neil on to talk about his experience starting from scratch as a Realtor (he recently stepped down as the CEO of his local Realty Executives brokerage to be a full-time Realtor again) and he certainly delivered on that. But in true Massive Agent fashion, The Squirrel made yet another appearance and led us to talk...


Massive Agent 030 - Why Sometimes the Best Client is the One You DON'T Work With

Your time is extremely valuable. The reason why is because it's limited. We only have 24 hours in a day. So who we choose to work with, and who we spend our precious time with, matters a great deal. As real estate professionals, we can choose who we work with and associate with. In this episode, I explain why I say that sometimes the best client, is the one who never actually becomes a client. If you've ever had a nightmare client, or a deal that sucks all your time and positive energy away,...


Massive Agent 029: Building a Client Attraction Machine, and How to Use IGTV

Building a Client Attraction Machine can change your life, and your career forever. In this episode, I tell you about the one article I wrote that has generated over $100k in commission over the last couple years. Look, we all have a choice to make. We can choose a business model that requires us to continue to chase down clients one at a time. OR we can build a solid foundation of valuable content, aka the Client Attraction Machine, that continues to bring in new leads and new clients over...


Massive Agent 028: What it Takes to Become a Local Media Company

You've probably heard for years that you need to "become a local media company that happens to sell real estate." Gary Vee has been saying it for a couple years now, and to be honest, his message is what got me on board the media company train. It's why I launched Search Salt Lake and Salt Lake Insider. But what the hell does being a media company even mean? What does that look like? What SPECIFICALLY do you need to do to become a local media company that sells real estate? Well, grab a note...