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Exploring the Frontier of Architecture & Design with David Bianciardi, Founder of AV-Controls

David Bianciardi is the Founder and Principal of AV&C. AV&C is a collaborative firm with a proven process to distill complex objectives into design driven solutions, partnering with clients to bridge the worlds of storytelling, architecture, and technology. What’s the Big Idea? AV&C create landmarks that enhance the placemaking, connectivity and responsiveness of architectural spaces around the […]


How Technology is Transforming Commercial Real Estate Marketing with Kris Krisco, CRO of Buildout

Kris Krisco is the Chief Revenue Officer of Buildout. Buildout is marketing software for commercial real estate that uses a brand’s blueprints to automatically populate all marketing documents with property information and graphics. What’s the Big Idea? With Buildout, you enter your listing information once and it instantly updates everywhere—your marketing materials, website, proposals, emails and […]


Understanding the Commercial Real Estate Tech Landscape with Michael Beckerman, CEO of CRETECH

Michael Beckerman is the CEO of CRETech. CREtech is where the commercial real estate industry comes to discover all things tech. What’s the Big Idea?. In depth research and analysis The most comprehensive directory of startups News from the leading media sources Original expert content And of course, the largest events in the most cities anywhere […]


The Search Engine That’s Revolutionizing Real Estate Crowdfunding with Ashley Smith, CEO of Crowdseekr

Ashley Smith is the CEO and Co-Founder of Crowdseekr. Crowdseekr helps investors with search tools to identify commercial real estate crowdfunding projects that meet the investors investment criteria. What’s the Big Idea?. Crowdfunding is a disruptive technology that is fundamentally transforming real estate investment. Due to the proliferation of real estate crowdfunding platforms, investors may […]


Real Estate Investing to Reduce Violence with My City at Peace Co-Founder, Geoff Nesnow

Geoff Nesnow is the CEO and Co-Founder of My City at Peace. My City at Peace helps communities reduce violence and as people begin to feel safer, local commerce increases, investors start investing locally, local social services become more effective and the neighborhoods become more desirable. What’s the Big Idea?. My City at Peace helps […]


Exploring Next Generation Property Management Platforms with Dana Dunford, CEO of Hemlane

Dana Dunford is the CEO and Co-Founder of Hemlane. Hemlane is a next generation property management platform. Hemlane streamlines and automates the entire lifecycle of rental management. What’s the Big Idea?. Hemlane provides rental owners and managers with an intelligent online platform to manage rental properties. For remote rental owners, Hemline connects them with agents and […]


Artificial Intelligence Powering Retail Site Selection with Joe Lee, CEO of LocateAI

Joe Lee is the CEO and co-founder of LocateAI. LocateAI is a software platform which enables machine learning for the retail real estate industry. LocateAI has created the first location intelligence platform that’s powered by artificial intelligence. What’s the Big Idea?. Locate AI fine tunes models specific to a retail businesses needs and iterates through millions […]


How Sensors are Optimizing Office Space with Elizabeth Redmond, CEO of CoWorkr

Elizabeth Redmond is the CEO and co-founder of CoWorkr. CoWorkr is a software platform that leverages high resolution sensor data and a secure Google cloud environment. CoWorkr gives organizations the data and tools needed to learn and manage dynamic commercial real estate. What’s the Big Idea? Optimizing office space can result in increased productivity and […]


The Impact of Autonomous Vehicles on Real Estate with Phil Levin, Founder of 99mph

Phil Levin is the founder and principal of 99mph, a boutique consulting firm which is preparing policy makers, investors, and businesses for the disruptive arrival of autonomous vehicles. Prior to starting 99mph, Phil was the creator of two international teams as part of Facebook’s initiative helping to bring over 25 million people online. What’s […]


Moderning Existing Facilities Infrastructure with Senseware Co-Founder, Serene Al-Momen

Serene Al-Momen is Co-Founder and CEO of Senseware. Serene is an entrepreneur working on her 2nd startup with Senseware and an adjunct professor at George Mason University. Her Phd research led her to meet her co-founder Julien Stamatakis. Julien was focused on developing the use of accelerometers and sensors to measure Parkinson’s disease severity levels which […]


Creating a transparent marketplace for over $500B of commercial loans with Yulia Yanni, CEO of Real Atom

Yulia Yaani is Co-Founder and CEO of Real Atom. Before founding Real Atom, Yulia managed over half a billion in commercial real estate investments for Amstar Global Partners, a US private equity fund, as well as worked in multifamily sales & marketing for Related Group. Her experience exposed her to two critical groups 1. a […]


Physical to Mobile Ad Platforms with Kobi Wu, CEO of VisuWall

Kobi Wu is Founder and CEO of VisuWall. Wu is the former SVP of Strategic Planning at Combs Enterprises where she was responsible for managing the business and creative strategies including Combs Wines & Spirits and Sean John. Some of the global brands she’s affected through her unique lens of entertainment and planning include Spotify, Google, […]


Creating Transparency for Lease Comp Data with Michael Mandel, CEO of Compstak

A former NYC commercial broker, Michael Mandel founded Compstak to fix the inefficiencies of data sharing in the CRE industry. Michael is a regular speaker on the future of commercial real estate, real estate technology, and data transparency. He graduated from Babson College in 2005, where he led the Babson Entrepreneurial Exchange and was a […]


Upending the Traditional Self Storage Model with Kyle Bainter, CEO of Call Box Storage

Kyle Bainter the Co-founder & CEO of Call Box Storage, an alternative to traditional self storage. He has 15 years of experience as a real estate executive – focused on auditing, accounting, underwriting, and private equity. Previous to Call Box Storage, Kyle was the CFO of Silverado Interests, a boutique real estate firm focused on […]


Building Management at Scale with Michael Franco, CEO of Riptide

Michael Franco the founder & CEO of Riptide, a cloud-based building management solution to make every building an exceptional experience. He has 20 years experience as a technology executive — leading teams in product, project and program management. Previous to Riptide, he managed the international services team for Cisco Systems Smart+ Connected Buildings. “We started […]


Exploring Site Selection with Mark Smookler, CEO of Ideal Spot

Marc Smookler is the founder of Ideal Spot the premier retail site selection platform. Marc has founded has founded 6 companies–4 of which are current market leaders in their respective spaces: the premier retail site selection platform, a leading online retailer, a leading unified communications provider, and a cutting-edge marketing service platform. Marc is also […]