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Improving Property Performance with Lyra Intel Founder & CEO, Rob Finlay

Rob Finaly is the Founder & CEO of Lyra Intel. What’s the Big Idea? Lyra Intel is a commercial real estate tech startup and business intelligence solution built for CRE professionals by CRE professionals. The Lyra solution was created out of a need for better information to influence decisions at the commercial property level. By designing the […]


The Marketplace for Government Real Estate with Public Assets CEO, Skip Rudolph

Skip Rudolph is the CEO of Public Assets. What’s the Big Idea? PublicAssets brings the dynamic government real estate market to the mainstream by connecting governments, buyers, investors, developers, and brokers in local, regional, and national commercial and residential real estate markets. Thank you for the podcast reviews! Your written iTunes reviews encourage me and […]


A Broker’s Perspective on CRE Tech with Jeremey Neuer, Executive Vice President, New Jersey Capital Markets at CBRE

Jeremy Neuer is the Executive Vice President, New Jersey Capital Markets at CBRE and an active blogger at NeuerSpace. What’s the Big Idea? Jeremy Neuer is the co-lead for CBRE’s Capital Markets Group in New Jersey, focusing on office and industrial properties. After an 18-year leasing career, he transitioned to Capital Markets to leverage his unique […]


Connecting Buyers and Sellers of Underutilized Property with Bryan Copley, Co-Founder of CityBldr

Bryan Copley is the CEO and Co-Founder at CityBldr. CityBldr’s software finds under-utilized land that could be developed into more lucrative properties. The company has helped neighbors with single-family homes that could support multi-family apartment buildings sell together as a bundle for greater returns than if they’d sold individually. What’s the Big Idea? CityBldr uses machine […]


Beautiful and Inspiring Workspaces for Teams of All Sizes with Itay Banayan, VP of Real Estate at Mindspace

Itay Banayan is the VP of Real Estate at Mindspace. Mindspace gives entrepreneurial-spirited members the freedom to thrive in a collaborative working environment dubbed a ‘co-working space.’ This type of office encompasses gathering a myriad of startups, freelancers, and businesses of all sizes under one roof in a shared environment, which promotes creativity, the creation […]


The Modern Commercial Real Estate Brokerage’s Back Office with Turner Levison, CEO of CommissionTrac

Turner Levison is the Co-Founder & CEO of CommissionTrac. CommissionTrac is the first brokerage transaction management, accounting automation platform for commercial real estate brokers. It fills the need for technology that manages everything that happens after the deal and helps brokers get paid faster. What’s the Big Idea? CommissionTrac was created to remove the headache […]


Online Commercial Real Estate Loans with Tim Milazzo, CEO of StackSource

Tim Milazzo is the Co-Founder & CEO of StackSource. StackSource’s new marketplace product lets commercial real estate owners and developers easily connect with bank and non-bank lenders. The platform guides users through the process of building a digital loan request, and automatically connects them with matching lenders through StackSource’s proprietary lender database. What’s the Big Idea? […]


Automated Multifamily Analysis with Marc Rutzen, CEO of Enodo

Marc Rutzen is the Co-Founder & CEO of Enodo. Enodo automates data collection and analysis to deliver meaningful insights to users, greatly accelerating our users’ collective ability to understand and act upon market opportunities. What’s the Big Idea? Enodo’s automated data collection methods provide rich content, free from error-prone human entry, and scale effectively to […]


Setting the New Standard for Net Lease Real Estate with Camille Renshaw, CEO of B+E Net Lease

Camille Renshaw is the Co-Founder & CEO of Brokers + Engineers. Brokers + Engineers (B+E) is setting the new standard for net lease real estate brokerage services and performance. B+E redefines NNN trading through a more fluid process that affords greater transparency, speed and unrivaled transaction efficiencies. What’s the Big Idea? Founded by deeply experienced professionals, […]


Algorithms Matching Retail Tenants and Landlords with Andrew Tavakoli, Founder of RetailMatch

Andrew Tavakoli is the Founder of RetailMatch. RetailMatch uses over 20 different data sources and 200 variables to identify and vet vacant spaces, scoring against demographics, lifestyle attributes, labor, traffic, and more, optimizing the score with gap and void analyses. What’s the Big Idea? RetailMatch is the matchmaker that identifies vacant retail spaces—and scores them based […]


Real-Time Vehicle and Pedestrian Data with MotionLoft CEO, Joyce Reitman

Joyce Reitman is the Chief Executive Officer at MotionLoft. MotionLoft offers real-time and historical pedestrian and vehicle analytics using computer-vision based sensor technology. What’s the Big Idea? MotionLoft tracks vehicles and people in real time, MotionLoft places cameras in a location where they can see everything that’s happening in a given area. Software attached to the […]


Driving Deal Flow Using the Leading Web-Based CRE CRM with Apto Founder, Tanner McGraw

Tanner McGraw is the Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of Apto. More than a CRM, Apto’s commercial real estate software helps you build better relationships, win more business, and close deals faster. What’s the Big Idea? Apto is the leading web-based software for managing customer relationships, properties, listings, and deals. Apto serves nearly 10,000 commercial brokers and […]


Modernizing the Commercial Office Leasing Process with Jonathan Wasserstrum, CEO of SquareFoot

Jonathan Wasserstrum is the Founder & CEO of SquareFoot. SquareFoot is a New York-based commercial real estate technology company that provides online real estate search and concierge services. What’s the Big Idea? SquareFoot is a next generation commercial real estate tech company that makes leasing office space easier. With technology that simplifies the search for the perfect office and a […]


Fueling Smarter Corporate Real Estate Decisions with Ryan Turner, CEO of RefineRE

Ryan Turner is the Founder & CEO of RefineRe. RefineRE is a Portfolio Intelligence platform that allows occupiers and their brokers to leverage big data, machine learning, and automated processes to create actionable insight, reduce risk, and drive strategic objectives through combined, simplified data points. What’s the Big Idea? If data is the new oil, we’re […]


On-demand electric vehicles parked where you live, work and stay with founders, Aric Ohana & Ori Sagie

Aric Ohana and Ori Sagie are the Co-Founders of Envoy There. Envoy There provides property owners a fully integrated platform to implement community cars as an amenity for their tenants and guests. Cars on-demand where you live, work and stay. What’s the Big Idea? As successful real estate developers, Aric and Ori have long recognized […]


Financial Modeling Powered by Machine-Learning and the Cloud with Brian Axline, CEO of Lucro

Brian Axline is the Founder & CEO of Lucro. Lucro’s financial modeling softwares allows its users to spend less time crunching the numbers and more time getting deals done. What’s the Big Idea? Lucro’s collaboration suite enables organizations to get more deals done faster. On the Lucro platform, every side of a deal is working off […]


Exploring the Frontier of Architecture & Design with David Bianciardi, Founder of AV-Controls

David Bianciardi is the Founder and Principal of AV&C. AV&C is a collaborative firm with a proven process to distill complex objectives into design driven solutions, partnering with clients to bridge the worlds of storytelling, architecture, and technology. What’s the Big Idea? AV&C create landmarks that enhance the placemaking, connectivity and responsiveness of architectural spaces around the […]


How Technology is Transforming Commercial Real Estate Marketing with Kris Krisco, CRO of Buildout

Kris Krisco is the Chief Revenue Officer of Buildout. Buildout is marketing software for commercial real estate that uses a brand’s blueprints to automatically populate all marketing documents with property information and graphics. What’s the Big Idea? With Buildout, you enter your listing information once and it instantly updates everywhere—your marketing materials, website, proposals, emails and […]


Understanding the Commercial Real Estate Tech Landscape with Michael Beckerman, CEO of CRETECH

Michael Beckerman is the CEO of CRETech. CREtech is where the commercial real estate industry comes to discover all things tech. What’s the Big Idea?. In depth research and analysis The most comprehensive directory of startups News from the leading media sources Original expert content And of course, the largest events in the most cities anywhere […]


The Search Engine That’s Revolutionizing Real Estate Crowdfunding with Ashley Smith, CEO of Crowdseekr

Ashley Smith is the CEO and Co-Founder of Crowdseekr. Crowdseekr helps investors with search tools to identify commercial real estate crowdfunding projects that meet the investors investment criteria. What’s the Big Idea?. Crowdfunding is a disruptive technology that is fundamentally transforming real estate investment. Due to the proliferation of real estate crowdfunding platforms, investors may […]