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Cassi DeHaas: The Importance of Attending a Mastermind

Cassi and I sit down to discuss the power of attending mastermind events for real estate investing. We are currently attending InvestorFuel hosted by Mike Hambright and we discuss the impact that it will have on our business. Hope you enjoy this shorter, different style episode. For more information regarding InvestorFuel please visit http://investorfuel.com/rjbatesiii


Elijah DeLaGarza: Flipping Hawaiian Real Estate

Elijah is my childhood best friend since 5th grade and also my partner at Titanium Investments of Hawaii! He shares with you his journey from being an entrepreneur straight out of high school to becoming a real estate investor in the most remote location on the planet! He has owned roofing businesses in Florida, Arizona, Texas, Colorado and now Hawaii. He is truly one of the most brilliant minds I have ever gotten to know and why I keep him around as my friend and business partner!


Marco Romero: Forging His Path to Freedom

Marco Romero owns Hilco Homes and Bella Buyers with his wife in San Antonio, Texas. They started their business in 2015 and have since built up a rental portfolio of 20 properties with Bella Buyers. With Hilco Homes they focus on wholesaling to generate revenue and create the opportunities to continue to build their rental portfolio. Marco shares some great tips for newer wholesalers and how they can jump start their business!


Holly McKhann: Flipping Houses with Hard Hat Holly

Holly is a real estate investor who has flipped over 200 houses in Southern California. She tells her inspiring story of how she went from being a CPA to a full time mother of four and is now a successful investor, podcast host and mentor. We discuss how she uses creativity within her financing of properties and utilizes seller financing and subject to's to create more attractive offers. Hope you enjoy the interview with the one and only, Hard Hat Holly! https://hardhatholly.com/home


Mark Podolsky: The Land Geek

Armed with only $3,000, gut-wrenching fear, and absolutely no real estate experience… Mark bought his first few parcels of raw land in 2001. Today Mark is the owner of Frontier Properties, a very reputable and successful land investing company, and has been buying and selling land full time since 2001. By focusing on working smart, not hard, he has completed over 5,000 land deals with an average ROI of over 300% on cash flips, and over 1,000% on the deals he sells with financing terms....


Mark Evans DM: The Deal Maker

Mark Evans DM is a 7 time bestselling author; the creator of multiple innovative, cutting-edge real estate software; he's the host of a popular podcast, TheRealEstatePowerHour.com; he's a go-to real estate investing coach to the gurus, and he has students all around the world. In this interview, we discuss what it took for Mark to achieve such success and where he plans to go from here in his career. To reach Mark visit his website at www.markevansdm.com


Michael Zuber: Retirement from One Rental at a Time

Michael Zuber recently retired from his career because of the passive income he was able to generate through real estate. In this interview, Michael goes into detail on how he was able to accomplish such a feat. Throughout the discussion you will see how humble Michael is about this accomplishment. Every morning Michael would wake up at 6:00 AM to search the MLS for available properties which is how he bought the majority of his portfolio. Michael's current goal for 2018 is to help 1,000...


Todd Fleming: If You Can't Wholesale After Listening To This, We've Got Nothing For You

Todd Fleming is the CEO of Coalition Investments and founder of The Kingdom Real Estate. Todd breaks down how he got his start in real estate investing as a wholesaler and made the choice to find fulfillment in his career path. We also break down creative ways to create passive income within real estate investing. This past year, Todd also wrote the book If You Can't Wholesale After This: I've Got Nothing For You. - Volume 1 which is full of actionable advice. You can purchase the book at:...


Loe Hornbuckle: Out of the Box Real Estate Investing

Loe Hornbuckle had planned on becoming a multi-family syndicator but found a passion and opportunity with assisted living facilities. Loe now owns five boutique assisted living facilities in Dallas, Texas. His company, Sage Oak Assisted Living and Memory Care, focuses on offering a more intimate care facility to their residences. In this interview, Loe goes into how he got his start and the benefits of this type of business. To find out more about Loe and his company please visit his...


Adam Moe: Managing 10% Appreciation in 3 Months!!!!

Adam Moe is a licensed REALTOR® in Newark, California which is one of the hottest markets in the United States. They have experienced 10% appreciation since the beginning of 2018! Adam goes into detail on how he is managing this market with representing both buyers and sellers. We also discuss his experience of living in China, his fantasy football podcast for charity and the most expensive real estate zip code, Atherton, California. You can connect with Adam at http://www.rainbowfunding.com/


Corey Thompson: Roughneck 2 Real Estate

Corey Thompson is a real estate investor unlike any other. He currently is based out of Groesbeck, Texas but invests all across Texas. He specializes in mobile home parks, owner financing and wholesaling. His background is in the oil industry and he chose to make the change to real estate investing when he became concerned about job security. Since that decision, he has learned the in's and out's of real estate investing through the school of hard knocks. As you will see in this interview,...


Erik Saengerhausen & Collin Corrington: Stop Flipping & Start Creating Notes

Erik Saengerhausen and Collin Corrington are real estate investors based out of San Antonio, Texas that specialize in creating real estate notes. Their core business focus is to purchase real estate, rehab the property and then sell it via owner finance terms. They will then either keep the note as part of their retirement plan or sell the note at full value. They usually do this over 100 times per year! They are very passionate about this strategy and have even created an education...


Jean Ginzburg: The Importance of Digital Marketing

In this episode, we have Jean Ginzburg who is a #1 best-selling author and marketing expert with more than 10 years of industry expertise helping companies scale revenue, optimize sales and marketing processes and improve productivity. Jean has been featured in Forbes and the Huffington Post. She is also a speaker and consultant for companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500. Jean goes into detail about the importance of digital marketing and how it can pertain to the real estate...


Trinity Bates: Puts DaDa on the Hotseat

In this episode, I decided to have my son, Trinity Bates, be my guest host and put me on the real estate investing hot seat! I answer questions about why I started this podcast, what challenges wholesalers will face over the next five years and who was my biggest outside influence in real estate investing. It was a blast to have my son on this episode. DaDa loves you, Bubba!


Jamie Wooley: 102 Wholesale Properties in Her Second Year

Jamie Wooley is the owner of W Streets which is a real estate investment firm in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. W Streets primarily focuses on wholesaling but they also flip properties and acquire long term rentals. Jamie is celebrating her two year anniversary of being a real estate investor this month. She has quickly become one of the top wholesaling businesses. Last year, W Streets successfully wholesaled 102 properties! In this interview, Jamie shares how she was able to make the...


Brian Meara: Thousands of Properties Invested in Nationwide

Brian Meara is a real estate investor based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He started off as a real estate agent that specialized in short sales and stopping foreclosures. He quickly learned that it would be more profitable to become the investor that purchased these short sale opportunities. Once he started investing in these properties, he quickly grew a team of negotiators to help him acquire as many properties as possible. It was at this time that there were changes made by the...


Nathan Brooks: 150 Turnkey Properties Annually

Nathan Brooks is the CEO of Bridge Turn Key Investments based out of Kansas City, Kansas. In this interview, Nathan shares some great tips on setting up a successful real estate investing business. He explains how he implemented systems and learned from his failures but made sure he always failed forward. Nathan also shares the importance of continuing to educate yourself within your business. Throughout this episode you will hear Nathan share insight from books that he has read and...


Corey Peterson: The Big Kahuna of Apartment Investing

As the owner of Kahuna Investments, Corey strives to provide his investors with stable cash flow returns and long-term capital appreciation by buying multi-family apartments. Corey has managed and acquired over $65 million in real estate across the country. He is the bestselling author of “Why The Rich Get Richer – The Secrets to Cash-Flowing Apartments” and host of the Multi-Family Legacy Podcast. He speaks around the country on his subject including at Harvard and Nasdaq. Corey has been...


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