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Donald Ross: Beast Mode CRM and Virtual Wholesaling

Donald Ross is wholesaling properties in Wisconsin while living in Southern California and is also the owner of REI Automation Squad. REI Automation Squad has created their Podio based CRM called Beast Mode to help automate your leads from motivated sellers. Donald also shares in this interview the dynamic within his team and how he is able to wholesale properties in Wisconsin. He also gives us some inside information on the future developments of the Beast Mode CRM and what we can expect...


Quentin Flores: From Selling Dope to Selling Houses

WARNING!!!!! This episode contains explicit information on how to be successful and not make excuses!!!! If you cannot handle this information, DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS INTERVIEW!!!! Q shares his amazing journey from selling marijuana for years, being caught by the police and spending time in jail. He is now a successful real estate investor that buys and sells properties across Texas. We discuss the importance of family, the impact of being a father and what it takes to be a successful...


Bonus Episode with Chris Naugle: #RiskyBuilders on HGTV

On today's special bonus episode, I sit down with Chris Naugle from HGTV's new show, Risky Builders! Chris shares his journey from professional snowboarder to HGTV real estate investing star! His company is based out of Buffalo, New York and has successfully completed over 200 projects over the past 4 years. His new show, Risky Builders, is set to air on HGTV, August 9th at 10:00 PM CST!


Chuck Taylor: From Bartending to Real Estate Investor

Chuck Taylor shares his journey from a failed business venture and how he transitioned into becoming a successful real estate wholesaler in Austin, Texas. He is now actively investing in the DFW market as well as Austin, Texas. He also has expanded to doing rehab projects and is in the beginning processes of expanding into development projects.


Dale Hensel: One of the Best Real Estate Investing Interviews EVER

Dale Hensel started his real estate investing journey as a multi-family investor when he was 26 years old. In 2007 he transitioned to buying non-performing notes and making that company a publicly traded company. After semi-retiring for a couple of years he began investing in commercial real estate including skyscrapers. He now is currently investing in short term vacation rentals and is developing a training program on how you can achieve the success he has in this strategy!


Jason Lucchesi: No Flipping Excuses to Being a Real Estate Investor

Jason Lucchesi is a real estate investor in Indianapolis, Indiana who primarily wholesales but also does fix and flips and rental properties. He is the host of The No Flipping Excuses podcast and also hosts nationwide training workshops for newer investors. In this interview, we discuss how a newer wholesaler can get started and generate business with zero money. Jason and I even role play a conversation to have with an experienced cash buyer!


Ryan Pineda: Flipped his Future from Baseball Player to Real Estate Investor

Ryan Pineda is a former minor league baseball player that is now a full time real estate investor in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ryan's company solely does fix and flips and is on pace to do over 120 flips in 2018! He began as a realtor in 2010 while playing minor league baseball. In 2015, he began rehabbing properties and completed 5 projects that year. He has now scaled his business and has even written a book, Flip Your Future, detailing his journey and what his company does! Purchase Ryan's...


Joe Evangelisti: 2 Hour Work Week

Joe Evangelisti is a real estate investor in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania market. He specializes in fix and flips but also wholesales, owns rentals and has a retail real estate brokerage. Joe talks about scaling his business and putting the right people in the right position. He now only works around two hours a week in the business and focuses on helping other entrepreneurs be able to scale their businesses.


Brad Chandler: Wholesaling 200 Properties Annually

This week's guest is one of the most successful real estate investors that I have had the honor of interviewing. The one and only, Brad Chandler. Brad shares how a couple of years ago he made the transition from a full-time rehabber to full-time wholesaler. He credits this change in strategy to why he had one of the most financially successful years in business in 2017. He now wholesales over 200 properties a year and shares some great tips for both new and experienced investors. To find...


Mike Wagner: Lifestyle Through Investing in Self Storage Units

Mike Wagner was a multi-family investor for many years while working a full-time career. Then during a vacation he determined he needed to make a shift in strategy to live the life that he desired. That is when he left his job and became a full-time self storage unit investor. He know has developed processes to be able to invest nationwide while also training newer investors on the self storage strategy.


Mark Podolsky: The Land Geek

Armed with only $3,000, gut-wrenching fear, and absolutely no real estate experience… Mark bought his first few parcels of raw land in 2001. Today Mark is the owner of Frontier Properties, a very reputable and successful land investing company, and has been buying and selling land full time since 2001. By focusing on working smart, not hard, he has completed over 5,000 land deals with an average ROI of over 300% on cash flips, and over 1,000% on the deals he sells with financing terms....


Mark Evans DM: The Deal Maker

Mark Evans DM is a 7 time bestselling author; the creator of multiple innovative, cutting-edge real estate software; he's the host of a popular podcast,; he's a go-to real estate investing coach to the gurus, and he has students all around the world. In this interview, we discuss what it took for Mark to achieve such success and where he plans to go from here in his career. To reach Mark visit his website at


Michael Zuber: Retirement from One Rental at a Time

Michael Zuber recently retired from his career because of the passive income he was able to generate through real estate. In this interview, Michael goes into detail on how he was able to accomplish such a feat. Throughout the discussion you will see how humble Michael is about this accomplishment. Every morning Michael would wake up at 6:00 AM to search the MLS for available properties which is how he bought the majority of his portfolio. Michael's current goal for 2018 is to help 1,000...