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Pablo Rodriguez: Real Estate Wholesaler Through the Grace of God

Pablo Rodriguez is a real estate wholesaler that has a story unlike any other guest The Titanium Vault has ever had. He shares his story from being an aspiring athlete in high school to losing everything and spending over thirteen years in prison. He shares incredible stories of how close he was to spending his entire life behind bars but through the grace of God he found peace and eventually freedom. Pablo is now a real estate wholesaler based in San Antonio, Texas and is considered a cold...


Cliff Hayden: Show Me the Cash Flow

Cliff Hayden is a real estate investor based out of Louisville, Kentucky. He has been buying rental properties since 2007. He has identified along his journey that money is not the answer to happiness but a tool to establish a lifestyle of happiness. Because of this he created This is a website that does lead screening for vacant rental properties allowing the landlord or property management company to solely focus on solid prospects. Cliff and RJ go into...


Ryan Wright: How to Start Flipping Houses, Pull Comps and Use Hard Money

Ryan Wright is the CEO of Almost 19 years ago, Ryan started his investing career in real estate. He soon found out how difficult it was to find funding for these types of transactions, much less from reputable and reliable sources. Having come from a family with a real estate investing background, he sought out to create an easier way to fund investment properties as a hard money lender. In this interview with RJ Bates III, he goes into how newer real estate investors can...


Terry White: Self Directed IRA's & Buying Debt

Terry White, President & CEO of Sunwest Trust, has been working in the real estate & investment world for 35+ years, and he’s got the expertise to prove it. After graduating with a degree in Accounting and working as a controller for a local title company, Terry launched a small escrow company, which quickly gained a reputation for being honest, hardworking and fair. In 2003, Terry took his success a step further and formed Sunwest Trust, Inc. Headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico,...


Antoine Campbell Sr: How to Utilize Virtual Assistants in a Real Estate Investing Business

Antoine Campbell Sr. is a real estate investor based out of Washington DC. He started his investing journey flipping houses because of his construction knowledge from working within his grandfather's business. He has now transitioned to wholesaling in multiple markets utilizing virtual assistants for cold calling and acquisitions. In this interview, Antoine and RJ go into detail how he has created systems for his virtual assistants to work within and how they are equipped to make offers over...


Andrew LeBaron: Flippin' Paper Worldwide

Andrew LeBaron is a successful real estate investor based out of Phoenix, Arizona who has a passion for creative financing and building businesses. Andrew and RJ discuss how Andrew got his start in real estate investing as a wholesaler with his partner Isaac Moore. They go into detail about the roles within their company and how they balance each other as partners. Andrew also gives an overview of the different service based companies they have been able to create from their wholesaling...


Ryan Rotty Garcilazo: How to Manage Contractors while Flipping Houses

Ryan Rotty Garcilazo has been a licensed general contractor for over 15 years and has flipped thousands of properties. He is the owner and founder of The Rehab Depot which includes an online course for teaching real estate investors how to successfully flip houses. In this interview, we go into detail on how an investor should analyze a rehab, manage the rehab process before purchasing the property and how to properly set expectations with the contractor. Ryan gives some great tips on how...


Earon Bevans: Wholesaling, Cold Calling, Entrepreneurship & Personal Development with The Millennial Entrepreneur

Earon Bevans is a real estate investor based out of San Antonio, Texas that primarily focuses on wholesaling. He has been full time in real estate investing 372 days as of June 7, 2019. When asked about what brought him to wholesaling and real estate investing the interview takes an interesting turn as Earon focuses on entrepreneurship and his personal development. We go into detail how self development has impacted his team, how it is an integral part of his company's culture and the value...


Case Study with RJ Bates III: How to Appropriately Co-Wholesale a Property

In today's real estate investing case study with RJ Bates III, we break down how to co-wholesale a property the correct way. RJ goes into detail how, why and the importance of how you handle a co-wholesale could impact your future business. Reputation and your ability to close on contracts is vital to growing you wholesale business and sometimes co-wholesaling is necessary.


Case Study with RJ Bates III: Quit His Job & Bought a House

In this real estate investing case study, RJ Bates III covers how he quit his job, cashed out his 401(k) and bought his first piece of real estate. He bought the property via lease option and eventually found a way to purchase the property with a conventional loan from a bank. Titanium Investments now owns the property as a rental property and RJ plans on owning the property forever. To get more content from RJ Bates III and the entire team at Titanium Investments join our Facebook Group:...


Case Study with RJ Bates III: Wholesale Deals Gone Bad

In today's case study RJ Bates III discusses two deal Titanium Investments attempted to wholesale that went horribly wrong. He explains how the projects were not what was expected and how he had to make a decision to lose money for the sake of doing the right thing. Wholesaling real estate is normally referred to as a great strategy due to the lack of liability but in this episode RJ explains how that is not always the case. Join our Facebook Group for more tips on wholesaling and real...


Case Study with RJ Bates III: Our First Hawaii Flip

In today's episode of The Titanium Vault hosted by RJ Bates III, we breakdown the first flip Titanium Investments completed in Hawaii! RJ goes into detail how they were able to pick up the property from a wholesaler based out of California and use a hard money lender from Dallas, Texas! After the dust settle they were able to have a net profit of $75,000 on their first flip in the most remote location on the planet!


Case Study with RJ Bates III: How Titanium Investments Flipped a House by Buying Another House

By popular demand, The Titanium Vault is pleased to bring you Case Study Number One. In this case study RJ Bates III covers the property that kept on giving, how light rehabs with smaller margins can still be very beneficial in certain areas that have low days on market, and creative strategies to move listings with buyers that are flexible by helping them solve their real estate needs and making sure everyone wins.


Elijah DeLaGarza: 2 Keys to Guaranteed Business Success

Elijah DeLaGarza, CEO of Titanium Investments of Hawaii, guest hosts for RJ Bates III this week. Elijah shares his two key factors to guaranteed success in business, no matter what business, Integrity and Excellence. Since the day Elijah graduated from high school he has fulfilled his destiny of being an entrepreneur. He has owned roofing companies from Florida all the way to Hawaii and now has found a passion within real estate investing. Despite being in the most remote location on the...


Karl Spielvogel: Solving Crazy Real Estate Problems

Karl Spielvogel joins RJ Bates III to discuss his unique strategy of focusing on extremely niche real estate lists. With this strategy, Karl has had to become an expert in skip tracing, solving complicated tax delinquency situations, multiple heirs and foreclosure issues. Karl and RJ dive into some of Karl's most profitable real estate transactions and how he was able to push the transaction across the finish line. Karl also discusses his new mastermind group, Uncle Karl and Friends...


Greg Dickerson: Bought & Sold over $200 Million of Real Estate

Greg is a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor and developer and over the past 20 years he has bought, developed and sold over $200 million in real estate, built and renovated hundreds of custom homes and commercial buildings and started 12 different companies from the ground up. Greg is an expert on the topics of real estate development and entrepreneurship. He has spoken at real estate investing conferences and events around the country, he's been a guest commentator on Fox Business...


Emily Snider: House Flipping @ 22 Years Old

Emily Snider is a real estate investor based out of San Antonio, Texas. She first learned about real estate investing at sixteen years old while attending a seminar. She started wholesaling at the young age of 18 and is now crushing it at 22 years old while wholesaling and flipping houses. She has successfully been virtually wholesaling properties across the state of Texas and is open to doing deals in other states. Emily also prides herself on her ability to build a brand by using social...


Paul Thompson: New Money Mindset to find Freedom

In 2015, Paul Thompson wanted out. His corporate office had become a suffocating cell. Paul decided to start buying rental houses, build passive income and break the chains of Corporate America. He was so successful, he secured 20 deals in his first 18 months of investing. Since that time he has acquired more than 2 dozen rentals without bank financing. Now he teaches others how to raise money from regular people that have some funds to invest. In addition to coaching others and still...


Cory Nemoto: Flipping Houses with an Aloha Spirit

Cory Nemoto is a real estate investor based out of Honolulu, Hawaii that primarily focuses on rehabbing properties and new construction developments. He also has a partner in Seattle, Washington where they flip houses and also accumulating long term cashflowing assets. Cory and I discuss some of the differences and similarities of flipping houses in Hawaii compared to the rest of the country. We also go into detail of how to "CPR" a lot and also to add an "ADU" to increase the value of your...


Scott Carson: The Note Guy

Scott Carson is the President & CEO of We Close Notes. Scott has been in the mortgage, finance, and banking industry since 2001 and an active real estate investor since 2002. He has been actively buying notes on residential and commercial properties since 2005. Scott is also the host of The Note Closers Show Podcast which covers everything you don't know about real estate investing! In this interview, Scott covers his note buying business from start to finish. He goes over how we finds the...