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F2F 111: The Objection Annihilation Method for Closing More Deals

Download Episode 111 Discover How to Overcome 14 of the Hardest Objections Youll Hear Every Day. In this episode explain how to overcome the 14 hardest objections youll hear every single day when dealing with motivated sellers. First I explain why a seller might have an objection or use an objection like these in a negotiation process. Once you understand their mindset, its very easy to confidently and tenaciously overcome their objections in a gracious manor. Here are the 14 Main...

F2F 110: Option Agreement vs. Purchase Contract: Which One to Use and Why

Download Episode 110 Real Estate Purchase Contract vs. Option Agreement, Which One to Use and Why? In this episode Im driving in my car headed to an appointment so the sound quality is not the bestsorry Yesterday there was a question in the Flip2Freedom Academy private Facebook group regarding the use of an option agreement vs. the real estate purchase contract. So while driving to my appointment I decided to answer the question for you guys. Theres defiantly a strategy on how to use each...

F2F 109: Dean Graziosi’s SHOCKING Real Estate Market Prediction for 2014 an

Download Episode 109 Dean Graziosi Shares His Insights on the Current Real Estate Market and His #1 Strategy for Generating FAST CASH Starting from Scratch In this episode I speak to Americas #1 real estate educator Dean Grazosi. In this amazing interview Dean and I speak candidly about his humble beginnings and what it took for him to reach the pinnacle of success. Dean gave a very detailed comparison between a highly successful person and a unsuccessful person. The primary difference...

F2F 108: Follow Up Fortunes for Real Estate Wholesalers: How to Triple Your

Download Episode 108 The Science of Effective Follow Up for Real Estate Wholesalers In this episode I share why follow up is SO important. I explain in detail how to double even tripe your income by using these 3 advanced follow strategies. Here are some amazing stats on why follow up is do important. 2% of sales are made on the first contact 3% of sales are made on the second contact 5% of sales are made on the third contact 10% of sales are made on the fourth contact 80% of sales are...

F2F 107: EXPOSED: The $368K a Month Wholesaling Houses Business Model Step

Download Episode 107 Discover the $368,000 a Month Wholesaling Houses Business Model In this episode I share my business model and systems in detail. I share how I generate leads, manage the leads, process the leads and turn them into deals. This episode I explain exactly how I make big money wholesaling houses. You... Read more

F2F 105: Bug Man to Making $134,000 in Eight Short Months Wholesaling House

Download Episode 105 How Tyler Went from Being a Bug Man to a Becoming a Full Time Wholesaler Making $134,000 in Eight Short Months! Tyler Weitz has an amazing story. As a full time bug guy making $50,000 a year with no future, life seemed a little dim. With the corporate politics and the ridiculous hours, he wanted out but didnt have any options until he read my book. He actually had to read it twice because he didnt get it. He didnt understand how the wholesaling process worked. After...

F2F 103: How to Overcome 3 of the Biggest Obstacles Holding You Back from A

Download Episode 103 How to Breakthrough these Three Almost Impossible Obstacles Well, its been a while and Ive missed you all! In June I was in Maui for 2 of the most amazing weeks with my family and close friends. We stayed at the Hoolei Luxury Villas located across the street from the Grand Wailea. What an amazing time that my kids will remember for the rest of their lives. (more details on the show) Now in July I was at my beach house in Dana Point CA hanging out with the family and...

F2F 101: Coaching Call Insider: How to 10X Your Income Using These “ADVANCE

Download Episode 101 Coaching Call Insider: How to 10X Your Income Using These ADVANCED Tactics This is a coaching call we did for the Flip2Freedom Academy members on 4-24-13. We go in detail on advanced strategies of negotiation. Anyone can get deals here or there from low hanging fruit, its the investors that uses these advanced strategies that will make more money on the same leads thus out spend the competition on marketing and own the market. Youll Discover: 1. How to recognize and...

The Lighting Fast $5K Formula: How to Generate $5K in the Next 30 Days or L

How to Quickly and Easily Make $5,000 in the Next 30 Days or Less This was a segment of coaching call we do every two weeks for the Flip2Freedom Academy Members. Cheers, Sean Click the Join Now Button Below to Get Your 30 Day Risk Free Trial of Flip2Freedom Academy [video:] Subscribe To The Flip2Freedom Podcast: Read the rest

F2F 099: [$0 to $100K a Month] Part III – Sell Your Property in Lighting Sp

Download Episode 099 Discover the Exact Blueprint to Go From Where Your Are to $100K a Month in Detail This is Part III of the $0 to a $100K a Month Blueprint. In this episode youll discover precisely how to sell your properties on hours not days. Youll learn 3 highly successful strategies for selling properties super fast along with what to say when the buyer calls in. Youll understand the attitude needed to negotiate with the buyer and what is the most important thing to get from your...

F2F 098: Eric (ET) Thomas Exclusive Interview: How Motivation & Persistent

Download Episode 098 Exclusive Interview with ET Eric Thomas from In this exclusive interview with Eric Thomas (ET) the Hip Hop Preacher. Eric is one of the most motivational speakers on the planet today. Sean Interviews Eric about Motivation and Persistence and how that can transform you from average to exceptional. He Shares his WHY and how to use your WHY to break through obstacles. He explains the process of success and what it takes to really make it. Eric Thomas CEO...

F2F 097: [$0 to $100K a Month] Part II – How to Talk to Sellers, Negotiate

Download Episode 097 Discover the Exact Blueprint to Go From Where Your Are to $100K a Month This is Part II of the $0 to a $100K a Month Blueprint. In this episode youll discover how to to set up you machine to start taking calls from sellers. Well discuss the exact process on how to talk to sellers, determine motivation and analyze comparable sales to determine ARV (after repair value). We get in detail on how to get the contract signed, what closing tips you need to get the deal done....

F2F 096: $0 to $100K a Month in 18 Months Even if You’re Broke and Have a 4

Download Episode 096 Discover the Exact Blueprint to Go From Where Your Are to $100K a Month Imagine learning the exact step by step process for changing your financial future. Now imagine taking ACTION and creating momentum. Youre excited, youre gaining confidence and Boom, you get that call from the quintessential motivated seller. You now cant even sleep youre so excited. You go on the appoint and YES you secure the contract. You take some pictures , throw it up on Craigslist and holy...

F2F 095: 4 Physiological Triggers to Get Motivated Sellers to Practically G

Download Episode 095 Discover the 4 Simple Tells that Motivated Sellers Project When Their Ready to Sell In this episode you will learn how to talk to sellers and discover their tells to determine how to negotiate the best deal possible. In poker, some players telegraph their tells that let you know exactly what they are holding in their hand. Well, motivated sellers have these same tells that if known can change how you negotiate with them. Youll also learn one ninja strategy that will...

Listen to the #1 Real Estate Book in Amazon and iBooks: The Ultimate Real E

Download Now Listen to the #1 Real Estate Book in Amazon and iBooks. Just released! The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Blueprint: How to Quit Your Job in 19 Weeks or Less! The eBook version has been downloaded over 500,000 times and has changes peoples lives. This book explains the exact process on how to flip houses in your spare time using no cash and no credit. Heres what you learn: 1. How to plan your escape. Know the exact numbers to strategically amass one years worth of income as...

F2F 089: 3 Small Tweaks to Transform Your $50K a Year Wholesaling Business

Download Episode 089 These 3 Small Tweaks Can Transform You into a Wholesaling Rockstar Hey all, Im back from my 10 day excursion to the Bahamas via the Disney Dream, a Mega cruise line that holds 4000+ passengers. Ill post videos in a few days. Anyways, in this episode I explain the steps needed to go from a $50K a year investor to a $500K a year investor. These three steps are simple to implement, easy to follow and the results will be astonishing. No one talks about this detailed meaty...

F2F 088: [TGE 03]: Eric Hits a Wall and Runs Out of Cash…Now What? (you’ll

Download Episode 088 The Great Escape: The First Ever Podcast Reality Show with Eric Thiele. Episode #3 is here. Eric hits a wall and runs out of cash to market. How do you wholesale house when youre broke? Well in this episode youll find out how. There are a lot of people out there that are struggling and want to make this work but have limited funds, so they give up or just make excuses on why they cant make it work. I can tell you, Ive been there many times and YES it sucks. But youve...

F2F 087: Do These 3 Sins and You’ll Sink to the Bottom of Failures Miserabl

Download Episode 087 You Do Not Want to Do These 3 Deadly Sins that will Ensure Your Failure If you want to know the exact type of character that will GUARANTEE failure than this episode will reveal what you DONT want to be like. In this episode I dont talk specifics about real estate or wholesaling. I talk about something much more important. The type of person you have to be to make it in this business. Click the Join Now Button Below to Get Your 30 Day Risk Free Trial of Flip2Freedom...

F2F 085: The Great Escape: First Ever Podcast Reality Show with Eric Thiele

Download Episode 085 The Great Escape: The First Ever Podcast Reality Show with Eric Thiele. In this first ever episode you be introduced to Eric Thiele a full time computer consultant from Chicago that is a new real estate investor. His quest is to gain control of his chaotic life and live the life to freedom by flipping properties in his spare time. Eric has never completed a wholesale real estate transaction but youll listen as I guide Eric through the processes by giving him assignments...

F2F 084: How to Make Money in Real Estate With No Money: The Anatomy of a D

Download Episode 084 How to Make Money in Real Estate with NO Cash or Credit: The Anatomy of a Double Escrow In this episode you’ll learn the exact process on how to make money in real estate using no cash and no credit. I explain the step by step process of finding a deep discount properties, locating a closing agent and selling the property fast to a end user or cash buyer fast. In this Episode You’ll Learn: 1. How to find deep discount properties. 2. How to negotiate with the seller. 3....