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New Chat Mixtapes #298 - YUSH 1-9-19 live mix by DJ Pete Bodega

Keep pace with the YUSH playlist in the podcast or radio world. Step to the riddim firing line. Catch it live every Wed or hit subscribe on New Chat Mixtapes. New mixes weekly, hot riddims, original blends, non stop mega mix style with no sync button inna first touch no look dj style. Realness, vibes, more life!


New Chat Mixtapes #297 - Zion Train Radio live mix 1-4-19

The West coast's favorite Reggae locomotive is full steam ahead in 2019 with all the new wave roots, riddim, dancehall, reggae, dub and classic hits you can't live without. Catch the movements here on New Chat, click subscribe and never miss a mix or tune in live every Friday 7pm-9pm PST on 91.9 KRVM available worldwide at more music, more life!!!


New Chat Mixtapes #296 - Reggae Fix Up 1-3-19 live mix by DJ Pete Bodega

This episode was recorded live at Reggae Fix Up in Eugene, OR an event hosted by Small Axe International. Press play on DJ Pete Bodega's early warm set full of new and old riddim. Hits from various genres, live remixes, and lots of vibes! Hit the New Chat Mixtapes subscribe button on iTunes, Google Play Music, TuneIn Radio, Radio Public, Mixcloud, and elsewhere!!!


New Chat Mixtapes #295 - YUSH 1-2-19 live mix DJ Pete Bodega - 1/7/19, 12.08 PM

The first episode of YUSH for 2019 came in knockin. Don't sleep. Shouts to Tommy Boy Recs for the old school shots. As always, riddim from around the world, in the mix, every Wed 5pm-7pm PST check the vibes on Nice Up Radio. New music every week and some old school flavor mixed up bashment style right here. Waves from all over the reality of music from Dancehall and Reggae to House, Soca, Hip Hop, Grime, Jungle, Dub, Reggaeton and more. Subscribe to New Chat Mixtapes and never miss an...


New Chat Mixtapes #294 - YUSH live mix 12-26-18 DJ Pete Bodega

We're doing 2019 how we do every year, live in the mix. This time its DJ Pete Bodega rounding out last year with another edition of the YUSH mix ultimate riddim shredding and blending with exclusive superfire playlist material. Catch the live broadcast of YUSH every Wed 5PM-7PM PST on and subscribe top New Chat Mixtapes so you can collect, share, and stream your favorite mixes and mixtapes, wherever, whenever!!! Bless up, link up online: @djpetebodega


New Chat Mixtapes #293 - DJ Kenny Tekneek live in Dallas Dec. 2018

Superfire riddim playlist with DJ Kenny Tekneek live in the mix. Party flavor for the Holiday raver! Happy New Years! Catch DJ Tekneek live in Dallas this New Years Eve at Renfield's uptown get it, get it!!! Link up online: @djkennytekneek and subscribe to the podcast: New Chat Mixtapes.


New Chat Mixtapes #292 - YUSH 12-19-18 live mix by DJ Pete Bodega

Vibes worldwide, riddim is life, and we're breathing new mixes every week over here at New Chat Mixtapes. Subscribe and don't miss a beat. Stay on the frontline of new music that does not suck. Yush, the superfire playlist, live in the mix every Wed 5pm-7pm PST on courtesy of DJ Pete Bodega... don't sleep, more music, more life. Subscribe to New Chat wherever podcasts are available and link up online: @djpetebodega


New Chat #291 - YUSH 12-12-18 live mix by DJ Pete Bodega

Week to week, pound for pound, one of the hottest playlists in existence is what DJ Pete Bodega rolls out every Wed for his weekly YUSH mix on Nice Up Radio. First touch, no sync, mega mix freshness. Subscribe to New Chat Mixtapes podcast, available worldwide, and flex the sounds. Tell your friends, cause too many folks is sleeping these days. Catch the live YUSH mix every Wed 5pm-7pm PST on or check out the Nice Up Radio app. Salute!!!


New Chat Mixtapes #290 - YUSH 12-5-18 live mix by DJ Pete Bodega

Subscribe, listen, download, and share some of the superfire riddim available on New Chat Mixtapes podcast. Non-stop mix flavor with beats and lyrics from all over the world. This episode of YUSH from early Dec. 2018 features new reggae, dancehall, soca, hip hop, reggaeton, dub, house and som crucial breakbeats you don't wanna sleep on! Press play, volume up!!!


New Chat Mixtapes #289 - YUSH 11-28-18 live mix by DJ Pete Bodega

Heading into 2019 there is no better way to enjoy mixtapes than by subscribing to New Chat Mixtapes. Available everywhere amazing music podcasts are streaming! Episode 289 is another weekly installment of the hit radio show YUSH with DJ Pete Bodega at the controls burnin up the airwaves every Wed. 5pm-7pm Pacific on Nice Up Radio. No sync, first touch, music that doesn't suck. Link up online: @djpetebodega


New Chat Mixtapes #288 - DJ Kenny Tekneek Live in Dallas 10-31-18

One of the best party rocking dj's in the world captured live in the mix at Renfield's Corner in Dallas, TX on Halloween 2018 lighting up one of America's top dance parties with a special superfine playlist, available here for downloading and streaming. Link online: @djkennytekneek


New Chat #287 - YUSH 11-14-18 live mix by DJ Pete Bodega

The superfire living playlist in the YUSH mix is only available in mixtape form right here on Nw Chat Mixtapes. Subscribe wherever awesome music podcasts are available. More riddim, more life! Link up online @djpetebodega


New Chat Mixtapes #286 - Zion Train Radio 11-9-18 live mix by Emperial 1 and DJ Pete Bodega on 91.9 KRVM

Get on the Train! Its the best music in the world live in the mix every Friday 7pm-9pm Pacific on 91.9 KRVM as Zion Train Radio runs full steam ahead out of babylon, celebrating 20 years, spinning the hottest and most righteous reggae, dub, dancehall, and riddim playlist on Earth! Join the movement live every Friday or subscribe here to the New Chat Mixtape podcast and never miss an episode. Bless Up!!!! @djpetebodega @emperial1


New Chat Mixtapes #285 - YUSH live mix 11-7-18 Nice Up Radio

Give thanks for life!!! New dance music in the mix every week >>> YU$H live very Wed 5pm-7pm PST on Nice Up Radio, get the app or find us online, and of course grab all the mixes coming out weekly on the podcast troddings right here on New Chat Mixtapes. Word up! @djpetebodega


New Chat Mixtapes #284 - YU$H live mix 10-31-18 DJ Pete Bodega

Bodega has the hottest playlist in the world right now. Check the vibes. New riddim and lyrics every week in the YU$H mix every Wednesday 5pm-7pm PST on believe in yourself, trust in music that doesn't suck. Link up: @djpetebodega


New Chat Mixtapes #283 - Zion Train Radio 10-19-18

Zion Train Radio came with a Maters of Dub edition of their popular radio show on KRVM and we have a segment of the Dub mix right here for your listening enjoyment on New Chat Mixtapes. Subscribe, download, listen and share with your friends. Zion Train Radio run-in every Friday on and y'all can link up online: @djpetebodega @emperial1


New Chat Mixtapes #282 - YU$H live mix 10-24-18 @djpetebodega

It's no sync flavor every week in the YU$H mix. Shouts to Major Lazer for their ten year riddim release in honor of which DJ Pete Bodega decided to give you a live mash up blend blend taste of his exclusive Augustus Pablo x Dillinger x Major Lazer refix of Take It Easy and that's just the start of this two hour riddim mega mix. Don't snooze, tell your friends about the New Chat Mixtape podcast and get the vibes!!!!


New Chat Mixtapes #281 - YU$H 10-17-18 live mix by DJ Pete Bodega

The independent radio playlist everyone is talking about; YU$H every Wed 5pm-7pm PST on Nice Up Radio ( is available for download, streaming, and sharing exclusively on New Chat Mixtapes. Personally cultivated by DJ Pete Bodega (@djpetebodega) YU$H is the home for original, no-sync, first-touch, mixes of all the best in riddim from around the world. Music that doesn't suck. YU$H. Link up!


New Chat Mixtapes #280 - YU$H 10-10-18 live mix @djpetebodega

The hottest playlist on earth and its actually in mixtape form; YU$H nw riddim from around the world every Wed 5pm-7pm PST on Nice Up Radio. Tune in and catch the live broadcast. Stay up with the flow of dope music by subscribing to the podcast New Chat mixtapes wherever podcast content is available, worldwide. More music, more life, no sync button bullshit on some first touch every week no time to practice type live mixing by DJ Pete Bodega and friends. Link up: @djpetebodega


New Chat Mixtapes #279 - Zion Train Radio 10-5-18 live mix @djpetebodega

Turn up the volume on some new wave reggae, dub and dancehall vibes with the world's favorite riddim locomotive; Zion Train Radio full charge live in the mix from 10-5-18. Your hosts Emperial 1 and DJ Pete Bodega serving up good music every Friday 7pm-9pm PST on 91.9 KRVM. Subscribe to New Chat Mixtapes wherever dope music podcasts are available, download, share, and tell your friends. One love!!! Link up online @djpetebodega @emperial1