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Are relationships supposed to be hard? - Before Anyone Else

Society really romanticizes the passion and many ups and downs of a relationship. But are relationships really supposed to be this hard? How hard is too hard? We’ve heard that relationships are hard work but is there a limit? Should you work through all the problems? Should you change yourself for someone else? When is it okay to just leave… Read more →


Is getting married the end game? - Before Anyone Else

Getting married is a lifetime milestone in society. Is getting married the actual end game in life? As marriage is romanticized in movies and by our parents, have we got the wrong idea? Should we date to get married? Do people get in relationships just to get married? Does marriage change people’s lives? Read more →


Ask a therapist: Supporting a partner with mental health issues - Before Anyone Else

Our guest Judy Lui, MSc, CCC, RP is a registered Psychotherapist specializing in relational therapy. We ask Judy how can we help support a partner facing mental health issues. Is there a certain way to approach the topic? How can I ask for help when my partner doesn’t feel comfortable doing so themselves? How can I encourage them to go… Read more →


Ask a therapist: When should you see a relational therapist? - Before Anyone Else

Our guest Judy Lui, MSc, CCC, RP is a registered Psychotherapist specializing in relational therapy. We ask Judy when should you see a relational therapist? We explore the therapeutic process and some of the most common issues that couples see therapists about. Is there a certain time or situation where you should see a therapist? How can we distinguish between… Read more →


How does #MeToo affect society and dating? - Before Anyone Else

What is the #MeToo movement and how does it affect our social life and dating? In this episode, we take a look at the history and the many events that have happened to spur the popularity of the #MeToo movement. From the positive impacts to the negative impacts, we take an unbiased look at some of the ways society has… Read more →


Dating safety - Before Anyone Else

You’ve found a great prospect and they’ve asked you out on a date. You’ve never met this person so naturally you feel a bit cautious. What steps can you take to feel safe when going on a first date with someone you have never met before? Are there red flags that you can watch out for? What are some things… Read more →


How to be a supportive partner during tough times - Before Anyone Else

Although relationships have its high points, there are also the lesser talked about low points. While your partner might be going through a low in their lives, it is very important to be supportive. Showing empathy and creating a safe space is very crucial during this time. We go through some of the ways you can be a more supportive… Read more →


Red flags in a relationship - Before Anyone Else

Before getting into a relationship or while in a relationship, certain red flags come up that we miss. We take a look at few of the red flags that you should look for when dating someone or in a relationship. As we discuss some of the more obvious ones such as lack of communication or trust and abusive behavior, we… Read more →


How do I stand out on dating apps? - Before Anyone Else

Taking that step into online dating is a big decision in its self. But what about creating your profile? How can someone stand out in a long list of potential daters? What type of pictures should you put up? Now that you’ve set up your profile, how should you open up that first line of contact? Should you use a… Read more →


Do I take his last name? - Before Anyone Else

Whether to hyphenate your last name, take his name or even to create a completely brand new name, this is a decision that will follow you wherever your name will be displayed. The decision of what last name to use when you finally tie the knot takes a lot of consideration. There might be a history behind the name or… Read more →


Where do I go on a first date? - Before Anyone Else

Introducing our First Date System. Planning your first date is the most important for first impressions. Where should you go? Where should you avoid going? In this episode we take a look at some great date spots and some not so good date spots and the reasons why. Whether its first meeting over a coffee or a going for a… Read more →


Interracial relationships - Before Anyone Else

Since the legalization of interracial marriages in the US, interracial marriages have increased more than 5 times, but is that enough? As the hosts of the Before Anyone Else podcast have all been in or are currently in interracial relationships, this is a topic very close to home. From light-hearted struggles like taking couple selfies to much serious topics such… Read more →


Dating young vs old - Before Anyone Else

Going beyond the usual societal norms of dating within a close age gap, some people choose to date much younger or much older. Age sometimes effects dating experience, commitment and sometimes even interaction between friends. On this episode we take a look at some of the pros and cons of dating outside the usual age gap. Read more →


It’s ok to be single. It’s ok to be in a relationship. - Before Anyone Else

Is it better to be single or is it better to be in a relationship. We explore the different scenarios of how someone can benefit being in both situations. How does bettering yourself change when in both situations? Are decisions harder to make or easier? Is there any disadvantages when going out on the town when someone is single? Can… Read more →


Can relationships survive cheating? - Before Anyone Else

Can you forgive someone who has cheated on you? How can we take a mature approach to continuing the relationship? What are some of the dependencies on figuring out if you should continue the relationship? What can help a relationship continue after infidelity? Read more →


Meeting their parents - Before Anyone Else

Where should I meet their parents? When should you meet the parents? Why does it take so long to meet parents for some people? Should you push your partner to meet their parents? Tips for meeting the parents. Read more →


Meeting their friends - Before Anyone Else

What to expect when meeting their friends for the first time? Where should we meet? What are some of the Dos and Donts when first meeting? What should you do if you don’t get along? Read more →


How to argue in a relationship - Before Anyone Else

How should I argue with my partner effectively? Can I effectively get my points across over the phone? Is there a right time to bring up an argument? What should I take into consideration when arguing with my partner? Is there a way to win the argument? Read more →


How many dates before we’re exclusive? - Before Anyone Else

Does the talk need to happen? How do you have that talk? Is being exclusive take away the need for the talk? Should relationships have deadlines and ultimatums? Is having the exclusive talk by a certain time necessary? Read more →


New relationship, who dis? - Before Anyone Else

Why do some people change when they start a new relationship? Is it easy to lose friends when you’re in a relationship? Is there a certain type of person who falls into this trap? Do people change because of who they are in a relationship with? How much of a priority should you make your partner vs your friends? Can… Read more →