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Candice Mary - Be Patient Better Is Coming

Q: Hi Candice. I’ve recently started very seriously dating someone since my divorce. This lady is everything I’ve always wanted... It might sound bad but she has more of what I want than my ex-wife or anyone I’ve ever dated ever did. Despite knowing this, I still think about my ex wife and the good times we had together all the time. We knew each other so well and I miss that even though the bad times were really bad. A: LISTEN NOW


Candice Mary - The Heart Wants What It Wants

Q: Hi Candice, I’m the most frustrated I’ve been since I can last remember. I’m completely taken with a woman who refuses to give me the chance to spend time with her. What she does not realise is that I’m convinced she’s exactly what I want and everything I’ve searched for, and I’m willing to do whatever it takes. She told me she’s seeing someone, and she won’t do anything to jeopardise it. I love her integrity but I’m not happy to be at the losing end of it. Who is this guy and what does...


Candice Mary - Marry That Girl

Q: Hi Candice. I’m in love and committed to my girlfriend and I plan on marrying her as soon as possible. Thing is, we want a wedding abroad and a lot more that we must save for. She is frustrated with the delay. How can I make her understand that I really want to marry her but it’s a process? A: LISTEN NOW


Candice Mary - Adam Didn't Swipe Left

Q: Candice, I sent you a message on Instagram a few weeks ago. You said ‘hi’ but after I told you how beautiful you, you replied, ‘thank you’ and I haven’t heard from you since. Despite sending you at least 4 more messages. I’m sorry if I was too direct but maybe we can talk and get to know one another? A: LISTEN NOW


Candice Mary - Put your pride where your money used to be

Q: Hi Candice. I own my own business and generally do well but the last 3 months have been bleak and I’m starting to panic because my wife is still spending like I’m Elon Musk. I haven’t said anything because I don’t want her to worry. Do you have some advice on this? A: LISTEN NOW


Candice Mary - How big is your bed?

Q: Hey Candice. I know God says I must forgive but my wife’s infidelity is something I can’t accept. I don’t trust her anymore. I feel like I should make it work because I neglected her, and it is probably my fault she cheated but it is so difficult. What do you think? A: LISTEN NOW


Candice Mary - He's on a highway to hell

Q: Hi Candice. My son’s behavior lately is very disturbing. He speaks rudely about girls, comments on their body parts and yesterday I overheard him making sexual remarks. How do you suggest I stop this? I don’t know where it’s coming from and he is only 14. A: LISTEN NOW


Candice Mary - You're just chasing ass

Q: Hi Candice. A few of my friends, and myself, have gotten divorced because the romance and excitement was long gone. We all agree that the chemistry was probably never there to begin with. What’s your take on this? A: LISTEN NOW


Candice Mary - Your wife's a freak in the bed

Q: Hi Candice. My wife has always been naturally reserved sexually and I think this stems from insecurity. She also has a stressful job since I’ve known her. Also, our sex has definitely decreased since getting married. I always thought it was an old man joke but I’m beginning to think marriage really does have that effect on women. I would love for her to be more proactive/risky/experimental and put in more energy into our sex life. Do you have any tips about this? I’m trying not to...


Candice Mary - When God's Disgusted

Q: Hi Candice. I saw your post about people who use Christianity as a mask. What are the important things to look out for? A: LISTEN NOW


Candice Mary - Don't feed the bad wolf

Q: Hi Candice. I’m listening to the Man Might book via Audible and I’m really enjoying it and feel inspired to be a better husband and one day great father. Have you ever heard of MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way). It’s basically the male version of the Feminazi. Men who have sworn off women completely for many reasons. They are usually very bitter and angry men, probably hurt in previous encounters with women. I am not a MGTOW nor would I want to be, but it’s an interesting sub community...


Candice Mary - The Epic Fail

Q: Hi Candice. I’m falling in love with someone I met through work. She makes me feel so good. I feel sorry for my wife and 3 kids but I know God wants me to be happy and this is a new lease on life for me. I’m going to tell my wife before I do anything because I have integrity, I just need to know how best to tell her please. A: LISTEN NOW


Candice Mary - Loading... Next Level

Q: Hi Candice. I’m Dean and I’m irritated. I have the coolest mates and we usually have the best time together. Now they have invited some guys to hang with us who talk about the meaning of life and who we are. I already know, I’m Dean and I like bikes, booze and beautiful women. My friends seem to be into this shit. What is going on? A: LISTEN NOW


Candice Mary - Move Your Feet

Q: Hello Candice. My girlfriend and I broke up 2 years ago. I still love her and don’t want to live without her. I’ve been praying that she will come back if it is meant to be. She obviously does not feel the same because I have not heard from her. How do I accept this and move on? A: LISTEN NOW


Candice Mary - Let's get lit

Q: Candice, is it possible to not want anything? To need nothing? My wife keeps on busting me about my hopes and dreams, the stuff I want and I am always like, nah, I’m cool. Things are good. She keeps asking me. I am really just happy and grateful for what God has given me. How do I make her stop? Can you call her for me? A: LISTEN NOW


Candice Mary - Find me my doubleganger

Q: Mom, does everyone have a doubleganger and do you think if your doubleganger knew about you they’d hunt you down to destroy you because they would want to be the only 1 of their kind in 7 billion? A: LISTEN NOW


Candice Mary - Man Up

Q: Hi Candice. My wife and I were drunk and had a horrible fight two weeks ago. I threatened her and she took my daughter and left. Things have not been good for a while. We have nothing in common and I feel like God has called me to peace. I believe this is God’s will so I’m right to let it be. I’d like to schedule Coaching with you to get my life back on track. A: LISTEN NOW


Candice Mary - She's Not Meat

Q: Hey Candice. I know you personally so I’m not giving you my name but I need help and I figure if I want it straight, I should ask you. I’ve always believed in supporting my wife’s dreams but lately the only thing she cares about is attention. She is throwing herself around social media like she’s everybody’s. Now I’m not the jealous type but she’s got me filming her every move to replicate every cool post she sees on Instagram and it feels like I’m assisting in an advertising campaign...


Candice Mary - Homewreckers Be Gone

Q: Candice, my friend is having problems with his wife and he is talking about divorce. I am single so it will suit me if he is too and I have been prompting him towards the divorce court. I can see I am the bad guy. Is it too late to fix it? A: LISTEN NOW


Candice Mary - Bring Out The Big Gun

Q: Hi Candice. It’s hard for me to forgive people who think they can do and say what they like but expect others to treat them differently. I read about it in your book and I just want to know what causes this? A: LISTEN NOW