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Divorce coach and mediator Mandy Walker shares compassionate, practical, expert advice on moving from we to me, featuring interviews with the leading divorce experts on every aspect of divorce: making the decision, parenting, money, healing and recovery, the STBX and the legal stuff ... we cover it all. You don't have to do this alone and you will get through this.

Divorce coach and mediator Mandy Walker shares compassionate, practical, expert advice on moving from we to me, featuring interviews with the leading divorce experts on every aspect of divorce: making the decision, parenting, money, healing and recovery, the STBX and the legal stuff ... we cover it all. You don't have to do this alone and you will get through this.
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Divorce coach and mediator Mandy Walker shares compassionate, practical, expert advice on moving from we to me, featuring interviews with the leading divorce experts on every aspect of divorce: making the decision, parenting, money, healing and recovery, the STBX and the legal stuff ... we cover it all. You don't have to do this alone and you will get through this.






Understanding Divorce With Adult Children

If you're looking for guidance on divorcing with adult children, you might not find much.They tend to be the forgotten demograhic: the legal system is all about minor children and there simply hasn't been much research on the impact of divorce in adult children. That's probably because until recently divorce among people with long term marriages was less common. That's changing and in fact, the divorce rate among people aged 50 and older is increasing. That means more and more adults are...


Getting To Grips With Your Finances After Divorce

Household bills, credit card bills, bank charges, late-payment fees, kid expenses, mortgage refinancing, IRA transfers ... divorce often means having to deal with all of these all at once. It's a deluge that can be overwhelming even if you are used to handling all the finances. If you haven't been handling the finances, then you might feel like you're drowning. Layer on top of that the emotions and beliefs we all attach to money and it's no wonder people procrastinate and delay dealing with...


Why People Stay In Unhealthy Marriages

As a divorce coach and blogger, I hear lots of stories about people's marriages - they write and share the awful things that have been going on, often times for years, Then they say they really feel like throwing in the towel and calling it quits but should they? They feel guitly, scared, embarassed, ashamed, afraid for the kids, can't afford to leave and sometimes even wonder if their reason for wanting out is good enough. If things are so bad and have been so bad for so long why do they...


Dealing With The End Of Your Marriage

Most people don't make snap decisions to end a marriage and that's as it should be. Getting a legal and financial assessment about the impact of divorce is helpful but how do you assess the emotional relationship? And if it's your spouse who's deciding to end the marriage, how do you know whether to keep fighting for the marriage or to accept their decision? Joining Mandy for this Conversation are Elaine and Joe Foster, co-authors of I Wish I Knew This Before My Divorce: Ending The Battle...


Learning To Love Yourself After Divorce

Have you ever met anyone who said their divorce was easy? The legal process may be easy for some but the emotional process of ending a marriage is challenging for virtually everyone. People often describe it as the hardest life experience they've faced. Getting divorced has a way of bringing out the worst in the best of us. It shakes your confidence, your self-esteem and fills you with self-doubts and fears of not being enough - not good enough, not smart enough, not attractive enough, not...


Surviving Wedding Season After Divorce

It doesn't matter who it is, best-friend, niece, cousin ... who wants to go to an event celebrating a marriage when your own marriage is falling apart or if you're in the middle of all the legal wrangling or even when you're just starting out on your own again? Can you say no to wedding invites? Can you go solo, even before you and your spouse have gone public? Who else can you take as a plus one? How do you handle those awkward questions from extended family members? Joining Mandy for this...


How To Overcome Anger In Divorce

Regardless of how civil or amicable you want your divorce to be, disagreements are inevitable. Knowing how to calm anger in divorce could be your key to resolving these disagreements and staying out of the courtroom. When you're negotiating over the division of assets and how to parent together, and the hurt and pain are fresh and raw, it's hard to approach this simply as a business negotiation. It's easy to let all the past history bubble up into angry outbursts. Those angry exchanges can...


What You Need To About Divorce And Financial Aid

Many couples don't discuss their child's college expenses at the time of their divorce for two reasons. One, typically, courts have no jurisdiction over this and there is no requirement for parents to pay for their child's college education so many lawyers recommend leaving it out of the divorce agreement. Two, when getting everything else resolved has taken so much time and effort, who has the energy to discuss something that isn't required? That could be a big mistake and at the very...


Is Your Spouse Lying To You?

Nobody likes to think their spouse is lying to them but if you're getting divorced, the chances that they are not being entirely truthful increases and you need to be alert to that possibility. Accepting everything they say as fact could hurt you. If you've always believed your spouse, how to do start to detect the lies? On the otherhand, if you're convinced now that everything out of your spouse's mouth is a lie, how do you know what's true? What are the telltale signs the experts watch...


Keeping Your Divorce Civil

Most people don't want a litigated divorce. They want a civil divorce. They hope their spouse will agree that the marriage is over and then they can discuss the parenting and finances as reasonable people who once loved each other. No one wants the nastiness and expense of a courtroom battle and no one wants long, drawn out negotiations that keep you locked in a state of limbo for months. The good news is that you can have a civil divorce and the key to that is being emotionally prepared to...


The Increase In Gray Divorce And What It Means For You

Whether you like the term or not, gray divorce is real and the rate for midlife divorces in the U.S. is increasing. Most of the time, the kids are adults or in college so the absence of parenting issues can make the divorce easier. Conversely, there may be more assets that need to be divided and this makes these divorces more complex. What is clear, is that midlife splits are not easy or straight-forward and men and women experience these divorces very differently. Listen in to discover what...


Handling Debts In Divorce

Nobody likes to talk about their debts and it's often the hardest part of negotiations in divorce. Too often, one spouse didn't realize the extent of the debt or perhaps there's always been conflct because one party is a spender and the other is a saver. Perhaps both spouses knew about the debt but didn't really pay attention to it because, well, life was grand, the money was coming in, and borrowing for a second car or a vacation was part of the plan. It was all going to work out. But then...


Navigating Compensation Complexities In Divorce

Compensation issues in divorce may be more common than you would expect. They often come up in connection with spousal support or alimony and when it comes to things like stock options and deferred compensation arrangements, the division of marital assets is impacted. The questions that come from different compensation arrangements are frequently confusing and complex and even the recipients often don't fully understand what they have. So if you're the divorcing spouse what are you supposed...


Coping With Divorce And The Threat of Suicide

There have been numerous studies finding that divorce increases the risk of suicide and that risk is much higher for men than for women. While the marriage maybe ending, suicide is not the outcome most people want. How do you respond if you start to discuss divorce and your spouse starts talking about suicide? What do you do if it's you whose having suicidal thoughts? And maybe even more difficult to deal with, what if your child starts to talk about just wanting to be done? Should the...


The Financial Essentials You Need To Know For Your Divorce

Whether you are using attorneys or not, to get started on your divorce, you will have to gather all of your financial information and share it with your spouse (and vice versa). Many people, inadvertently skip this step and jump straight into discussions about who's going to keep the house and how other assets should be divided. That's not smart and it can lead to deadlocks and breakdowns in the negotiations. You'll also be making life-changing decisions with incomplete information. Yet,...


What The New Tax Law Changes Mean For Your Divorce

The new tax bill has lots of changes that impact people getting divorced and while there's been plenty of media coverage of the changes, that coverage has been short on the divorce related details and specifics such as the tax year in which changes take effect or reminders about changes that will revert in 2026. Understanding these changes is important for anyone negotiating a divorce settlement and especially important if you started those negotiations last year. What makes this even more...


What Will Happen To Your Business In Your Divorce?

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes. If the business is making money, then it's pretty obvious that there's going to be a discussion about how that business should be valued and divided in divorce and there's rarely one answer to that. If the business isn't making any money, then a common mistake is thinking that it can be ignored. It can't. You may still need to discuss compensation for the startup expenses and you'll definitely want protection from future debts and liabilities. Joining...


Could A Post Nuptial Agreement Save Your Marriage?

If you're working on your marriage, trying to save your relationship, then you need to create a post-nuptial agreement. The communication that goes into creating one of these agreements means that your relationship could be transformed in a meaningful and lasting way. If it doesn't create lasting change, then the agreement could make your divorce much. much easier and significantly less expensive. Joining Mandy for this Conversation is attorney Tom Gardiner, author of The Post Nup Solution:...


You Can Embrace The Holidays While Dealing With Your Divorce

The Holidays are tough no matter where you are in the divorce process. And while you may feel like skipping them altogether, they are hard to avoid. Everywhere you go, there's a message about the holidays that hits you - on T.V., on the radio, at the grocery store, at work, in your neighborhood, at your kid's school .... There's no escape. So what are you supposed to do? Is there a way to change your thinking and instead of dreading them, embrace the holidays so you actually have fun and...


The Things You Need To Know About Pets And Divorce

Pets are an integral part of daily life for many families. They're often seen and treated as family members. So when it comes to divorce, deciding what happens to the pets can be every bit as contentious as deciding how to co-parent together. While couples may want to create a plan for sharing, in the vast majority of places in the U.S. the law still treats pets as property. That means if you can't come to your own agreement, then a judge will decide what happens to the pets following the...