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Exploration and fulfillment in BDSM Mistress Alisa is a professional and lifestyle Dominatrix who offers BDSM Counseling. Her specialties are in issues pertaining to the BDSM lifestyle, lifestyle-related addictions (sex, pornography, and masturbation), and healthy relationship building. You, too, can explore and find true fulfillment in BDSM.

Exploration and fulfillment in BDSM Mistress Alisa is a professional and lifestyle Dominatrix who offers BDSM Counseling. Her specialties are in issues pertaining to the BDSM lifestyle, lifestyle-related addictions (sex, pornography, and masturbation), and healthy relationship building. You, too, can explore and find true fulfillment in BDSM.
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Exploration and fulfillment in BDSM Mistress Alisa is a professional and lifestyle Dominatrix who offers BDSM Counseling. Her specialties are in issues pertaining to the BDSM lifestyle, lifestyle-related addictions (sex, pornography, and masturbation), and healthy relationship building. You, too, can explore and find true fulfillment in BDSM.




The Power of Hope

One of the most common reasons that sex addicts find themselves on the losing side of their battle with sex addiction is because they no longer acknowledge that things can get better. Hope is powerful because it helps a person to endure the more challenging parts of their journey. It helps the individual to not give up. For, giving up is like embracing death. Hope infuses us with strength. It can be like a beacon in the black of night. You may not know where you are going, exactly, or how...


The Alpha Male and His Addiction

Addiction, in any form, is a parasite. The thing to remember about a parasite is that it is never finished with its host. Ever. As long as that host is able to sustain life for itself, while also sustaining life for the parasite, the parasite will continue using the host. The parasite’s work is only done when the host is dead. It is only at that time that the parasite stops its destructive work. The good news is that it is possible to break free from sexual addiction. The breakthrough for...


The Importance Of The Dash

The dash represents the life actually lived. It represents the hopes and dreams, the love, the tears, the laughter. It also represents the disappointments, the despair, those times when the individual was absolutely shaken to his core, those times when the individual experienced the most glorious moments of his life. The dash represents that which is real and lasting. It represents legacy. And, in the midst of all of the hustle and bustle, the dash represents how the individual’s life was...


Mending A Relationship After Infidelity

Men cheat for many reasons. Actually, both men and women cheat for many reasons. However, Mistress Alisa's speciality is in working with men. And, in this program, she takes a direct approacch to addressing many of the issues that men face while trying to heal broken relationships, due to infidelity. The steps provided in this segment are sure to yield results for those who follow the advice. Though the work will not be easy, it will absolutely be worth the effort for most men who chose to...


5 Struggles of a Submissive Male

What goes on in the mind of a submissive male? Mistress Alisa is the "submissive whisperer" and She can crack the code. In this podcast, She points out 5 struggles that submissive men face in the lifestyle and in life, in general. She gives tips for working through these challenges and for coming out on the other side of them. This podcast is also great for women who may see that their male partners are struggling, but they do not seem to be able to put their finger on what the problem...


Porn And The 20-Something-Year-Old

Young men are being attracted to the lure of addiction at younger and younger ages these days. The impact that can have on a 20-year-old is massive. By the time the young man understands that he is addicted, every aspect of his life has been impacted by his obsession with p--o--r--nography. Mistress Alisa weighs-in on the issue. For more information, visit: http://www.AlisaCoaches.com


The Victim Mentality

When you know your truth and you live it, then nothing and no one can stand in your way. On the journey to wholeness and healing, many who seek recovery find themselves stuck in a rutt because they live their lives like victims. They have given their power and have therefore relinquished their own ability to be strong for themselves. Thinking like a victim and acting like a victim suck the very joy out of life. If you want to live a life that is free and beautiful, one that represents that...


The Life You Want To Live

On a daily basis, sex addicts face extremely negative feelings like: judgment, guilt, shame, embarrassment, self-doubt, and even self-hatred. They wonder how to break free from addiction in order to be the people they have always wanted to be, and in order to live the lives that they have always wanted to live. When faced with all the unhealthy behaviors that they seem absolutely obsessed with, it can be overwhelming to even think about how it could be possible to live a full and rewarding...


Mistress and the "dominant" Male

Mistress Alisa receives several messages of inquiry from men who identify as Dominant. In this segment, she explains why she has, thus far, refused to work with such individuals. This is the story of Mistress Alisa and the "dominant" male who inspired this segment. It is also an invitation for any truly Dominant males in the lifestyle to reach out to Mistress Alisa. She would love to hear from you! For more information, visit: http://www.AlisaCoaches.com


Tumultuous Relationship Cycles

This podcast was inspired by yet another real-life situation. Mistress Alisa talks about the patterns that a specific client has found himself in for over 2 decades. She uses this case study to help shine a light on the decisions and behaviors that keep people going in cycles that they claim they want to break out of. If you find yourself in the midst of tumultuous relationship cycles, there is going to be a common denominator: you. Mistress Alisa helps talks about breaking dysfunctional...


Fix Me

In this segment, Mistress Alisa helps addicts to understand what to expect from counselors, as well as what addicts need to be able to expect from themselves. Addicts are required to work for their own freedom. The truth is that no one can "fix" you. This is your journey and others can support you, at best. But there is no one who can "fix" you or take all of your problems away. Consider the amount of time that you invested in getting yourself into a precarious situation. Now, expect to...


Secrets: Fuel For Addiction

Secrets have consistently been one of the biggest issues that keep My clients from walking in freedom and from walking in their truth. Secrets, lies, manipulations, deceptions. They all belong to the same family of untruths. We are more aware of direct deceptions, however, and not as much attention is placed on the dangers of keepingsecrets. How to reveal your secrets, when to reveeal your secrets, and to whom your secrets should be revealed. I discuss these issues while also impressing...


What Is A Dominatrix?

There are so many definitions of what a Dominatrix is and is not. Mistress Alisa challenges the status quo and introduces personal insights into what a healthy version of a Domme looks like. Mistress Alisa has made a name for herself in BDSM as a Dominatrix who helps Her clients to peace in the lifestyle. Her clients embrace and live their personal truths. Being a Dominatrix does not give one a license to be an immoral person. Being a Dominatrix is an honor and it requires a great deal of...


Freedom In Letting Go

The importance of "letting go" cannot be underestimated - both in life and in BDSM. Mistress Alisa explains what it means to let go, and for the first time She publicly recounts a precautionary tale of what happened when She was in a relationship with a wolf in sub's clothing. She explains how in letting go, She was able to find Her truth and move deeper into Her own destiny - which just happened to include creating her own brand of BDSM. Mistress Alisa warns that if you are so preoccupied...


I'm Addicted. Please help.

I received an email request today. On the surface, the message may seem simplistic in nature, but underneath the surface, the message is full of complexity. In this podcast, I delve into an answer that will shed light on what it takes to start to work one's way out of sexual addiction. The original email message: "Hello Mistress, I am a married man who seems to have a growing interest in blackmail. I started off just reading stories and then went to having cam sessions but not showing...


The Two Voices In Your Head

One of the most important things for a sex addict to be able to do is to identify when the voice of his addiction is speaking, as opposed to the voice of his truth. Determining which voice is speaking is a game-changer in the life of an addict. In this scenario the addict becomes accountable and he becomes empowered. Which voice does he want to listen to? Will he feed his destiny or his addiction? What is he missing? Where does he hurt? What is he afraid of? What kind of help does he need....


Challenges Facing Recovering Sex Addicts

Sex addicts as well as those who love them are oftentimes overwhelmed by the challenges that face addicts on the journey to recovery. It can be difficult to know what is going on in the mind of a sex addict, especially when he has become so accustomed to checking out mentally and emotionally that he, himself, is not fully aware of where he is on his journey. Understanding what to expect as an addict can go a long way to helping you to be better prepared for the journey ahead. What are the...


How To Know If You Are Ready For BDSM Counseling

If you struggle with , sex, or masturbation addictions, you may have considered getting counseling. This podcast will help you to know if you are, in fact, ready for that counseling. What does it take to receive support for addictions of a sexual nature? What frame of mind should one be in to receive said support? Though an unlicensed professional, Mistress Alisa is a leading expert in the field of BDSM Counseling. For those who are interested in seeking support for addictions of a sexual...


How Did I Become Addicted?

Men seek assistance for sexual addiction everyday. They want to understand how they became addicted. They want to know if they can be helped, and if so, how? I received a question today that moved Me. After answering the individual's question, I decided to turn our interraction into a podcast. I hope that this will help someone. The question: "Hello mistress Alisa, I am a married man who fantasies about this lifestyle. I cannot get it out of my head and it has been affecting my sex life. Saw...


Sub or Not? (#1)

Have you ever thought about what constitutes a submissive male? Mistress Alisa reviews a couple of profiles of online submissive males. She points out the good and the bad of each profile, and gives Her opinion on why each selected individual is or is not a true submissive male (sub). Mistress Alisa also helps subs to understand what they may be doing incorrectly in their profiles and what may be preventing them from successfully connecting with true Dommes. Pay close attention and change...