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ired of Tinder, Bumble & OkCupid? We feel you! We share the trials and tribulations of dating in LA, interview experts about how to attract love, and share what we learned and how we can all be better in this jungle of dating & relationships. Enjoy, subscribe, rate & review!

ired of Tinder, Bumble & OkCupid? We feel you! We share the trials and tribulations of dating in LA, interview experts about how to attract love, and share what we learned and how we can all be better in this jungle of dating & relationships. Enjoy, subscribe, rate & review!
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ired of Tinder, Bumble & OkCupid? We feel you! We share the trials and tribulations of dating in LA, interview experts about how to attract love, and share what we learned and how we can all be better in this jungle of dating & relationships. Enjoy, subscribe, rate & review!




It’s Time to Love Fearlessly

Chris joins us to talk about how our generation can love fearlessly in a culture that tells us to repress our emotions. We’ve been told not to be thirsty or desperate but that has left us not expressing our feelings at all. As a result we have become passive daters waiting for the right opportunity to fall in our laps while we entertain all the wrong opportunities. How do we date with intention in a society that tells us more is more? It’s time to open your eyes to putting it all out on the...


Tough Love Lessons from Reality Bytes

Courtney Kocak from Reality Bytes joins us to share how getting to rock bottoms with a man she was dating forced her to take control of her love life. After getting a driving ticket while begging a man to date her over another woman, she realized enough is enough. She got back on online dating and asked guys to drinks once they connected to see if there was chemistry. From there she went with the flow and it opened her up to new opportunities and enjoying life, which ultimately led her to...


How To Thrive Being Single!

On this episode we have Besidone talking about being single for 11 years. When we first heard about her being single for 11 years, many people wanted to know why? Is she open to love? What does single even mean? Is there something about her that stops her from finding love? She shares how she refuses to use apps like Bumble, OkCupid, Tinder, Hinge to find her dream man and that she believes she’ll manifest him in real life! Follow Us: Besidone: Facebook:...


Losing Yourself All For The Sake of A Relationship

James joins us to talk about deciding how much to give during the dating phase of a relationship. How much is too much when deciding how much quality time to give, how much love to give, how much money to invest in a relationship etc.? In the modern romance world it’s easy to find yourself doing way too much all for the sake of a relationship. Follow Us: James Henry: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:...


Fear of Being Single in Your 40s. Take this advice!

Are you scared of being alone forever? Jamie joins us to talk about being single in your 40s. She shares how she was worried about being single in her 40s for most of her 20s and 30s but when she got there, she realized life is truly what you make it. She shares her journey of enlightenment, the amazing trip she took to Paris and Barcelona discover herself and how your world can open up if you let it. Follow Us: Facebook: Twitter:


Attachment Styles For Dating Success

While you may be on all the dating apps (Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, Okcupid) you may be passing up the good ones because you haven’t figured out your attachment style! Are you secure, anxious-preoccupied, dismissive-avoidant, or fearful-avoidant. We delve into figuring out which one you are and how being aware can help you find the right match for you! Follow Us: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Email:...


She Was In A Fake Relationship! How?

Chika returns to Love in Limboland to share her latest dating experience where she caught herself in a fake relationship. After she made the conversion from Bumble dating app to boyfriend, she realized the man of her dreams wasn’t invested in her but the idea of her. He wanted the plug in Michelle Obama who he could wifey up and show off but Chika was looking for much more. From seeing each other only once a month to a lack of emotional connection, she shares the signs that led her to...


Want A Relationship? Put The Damn Phone Down!

On today’s episode we have Alyssa. Author of “Put The Damn Phone Down: Disconnect to Connect”. Her book tackles where we're at in 2018 with technology, communication, self-image, sexism and the changes in the dating landscape we are all feeling. She wants everyone to take a step back, remove themselves from their devices, and utilize the innate communication skills that came before the digital age. Follow Us: Facebook: Twitter:


A Very Common Dating Mistake! The One Who Got Away

Jessica joins us to share her dating story of how she let the right guy get away because she was chasing a hot young thing she met off the dating app Bumble. Have you ever met someone on Tinder, OKCupid or any other dating app and got caught up? Jessica felt like she couldn’t entertain a relationship with the man of her dreams because it would come in the way of her career but that if it were someone young and fun she wouldn’t let it get in the way. She learned the hard way that you can...


How Successful Women Can Win in Life and Love

Journalist Jenna Birch joins us to share her research on why so many independent, successful women are winning in life, but losing in love. Her book, The Love Gap, delves into the confusing rift between who men say they want to date and who they actually commit to. Her extensive data, research, in-depth interviews with experts and real-life relationship stories allow her to share how women can, and should, have it all, without settling. Follow Us: Facebook:


Why Playing Games is Essential to Dating Success

Ben joins us to discuss his strategy of playing the game to win the girl of his dreams! From planning the right type of outings to introducing his date to his cool friends and even becoming an expert in the activities his date loves, he shares his tactics to convincing his date that he’s the man of her dreams. He also shares his three pillars of success when it comes to relationships and why keeping the mystery alive is crucial! Follow Us: Facebook: Twitter:...


A Dating School Might Solve Our Problems

Willa joins us to share her game changing idea for a dating school that will help people live their best dating lives. She reveals her recent dating practices, why feedback is essential when it comes to dating and some common rules that everyone should know when they enter the dating world! Follow Us: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Email:


Change Your Energy To Improve Your Dating Life

Do you feel like online dating is a wasteland? Have you swiped your life away and not gotten the results you wanted? The answer may be that your input is dictating your output. If you aren’t excited or putting that passionate energy into your prospects then you probably won’t be getting it back! We delve into a 21 day challenge for getting that excitement back and why changing your mentality will bring you the best results! Follow Us: Facebook: Twitter:...


When Long Distance Actually Works

Jared joins us to discuss how he met his fiancé at a bar years ago only to find out his soon-to-be partner would be moving abroad for 4 years. He shares how they’ve been able to have a loving, healthy relationship even with the distance and how they maintain communication when they are worlds apart. What made him want to stick it out even though they’d have to go years without being able to see each other consistently? We learn how when you love someone you’ll make sacrifices to give your...


The Ex-Factor Revisited: His Side of The Story

Kendall returns with her man Easton from our most popular episode The Ex-Factor, to share Easton’s side of their love story. We hear about everything from how he saw her at the bar and nervously asked her out to finally getting to become her boyfriend 10 months later only to be told a couple months after that she needed to figure things out! Did he know Kendall was seeing her ex again, did he keep the conversation going even when he found out, and what did he think when he saw photos of the...


Using Social Media to Meet Your Match

Bruna, Author of Let That Shit Go: A Journey to Forgiveness, Healing & Understanding Love, joins us to share her experience of meeting a man through Twitter and how he helped her discover how she should be treated when it comes to dating. Before she would find herself in situationships were there would be no defined relationship and the guys would treat her as a maybe baby. Bruna walks us through her journey to self discovery and how her eyes were opened to a new way of supporting one...


He Refused to Define The Relationship

In this episode we had Nic Mora who discussed situationships - the undefined relationship. How you can end up in one, why you end up in one and how you need to get yourself out. She shares how she had to look into herself and what she wanted to discover he wasn’t the guy for her. Follow Us: Nic Mora: IG: Nic Mora Website: Facebook: Twitter: IG: Email:...


When Timing Gets In The Way of Love

Jeff joins us to share his past year in getting to know Tiffany. They met over a year ago on Jswipe and then for their second date, Jeff took Tiffany as his +1 to his cousin’s wedding where she met his family. After that they continued to stay friends and would meet up every couple of months to catch up. They delve into why a romantic relationship never developed between the two in this past year and what was going on in both their minds as they continued to hang out as friends. Follow Us:...


The Vampire Diaries: His Fetish Was Blood Sucking

Helen joins us to share her experience of being with a man whose fetish was drinking her blood. She coined the descriptor "vagina vampire” to describe his fascination with drinking her blood during her menstrual cycle. What does one do when the person you’re into has a fetish and how do you both stay respectful of one another as you share a unique experience!? Helen shares her personal account and the importance of setting boundaries and being communicative when to comes to exploring new...


Risky Social Media Behavior...

We discuss the pros and cons that come with sharing your personal brand on social media when it comes to dating. What should you share and what should you keep in the archives? We also talk about if having a big following would be a turn-off or turn on when it comes to dating. Follow Us: Facebook: Twitter: IG: Email: