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Why Won't God Answer Prayers for My Marriage - Leighann McCoy and Dr. Joe Beam

You've prayed. Others have prayed with you...for you. Your children pour out their hearts. Yet, your marriage continues to spiral downward. Someone on TV tells you that if only you have enough faith, God will do whatever you ask. (Then s/he asks you for a check to prove your faith...) Well-meaning friends tell you that God is faithful if only you will continue to be...that He will bring about healing for your marriage...and that you should not doubt. However, time passes, your prayers...


My Spouse Says I'm Controlling - The Dr. Joe Show

Are you controlling? Really? Or is your spouse trying to manipulate you? S/he claims you're controlling because you're an obstacle to him or her doing whatever they wish. Maybe there's a combination. You have been controlling and now your spouse is using that to manipulate you into inaction by accusing you of being controlling now. If you are controlling, eventually that behavior will destroy your marriage. If you're being manipulated, backing off on a matter could make a clear path for...


Controlling and Dominant Spouses - The Dr. Joe Show

No one wants to be treated as a child...especially by the person that is supposed to be our partner...our equal...our mate. We don't appreciate being told what to think, how to act, what to feel, or what to believe. Each of us craves being accepted and appreciated for who we we are. When we were children, we understood the need for an authority figure to guide us, teach us, and, sometimes, to command us. But we aren't children and we don't want our husbands or wives telling us...


What's On Your Mind About Love? - The Dr. Joe Show

Love. Lots of people think they know what it is...until they realize that they don't. Think of the hit songs from your lifetime. How many were about wanting to be loved, enjoying amazing love, or longing for lost love? Why those topics? Because most adults fit into one of those three categories. Some wonder where their lover may come from...if at all. Others hope the one they secretly love will finally come to realize it and respond with passion. Many bask in the deep emotions of shared...


[SUCCESS STORY] Marriage Saved After 7 Years of Decline and an Affair

It was a slow decline. 7 years ago is when Brandon and Carrie’s marriage started experiencing troubles, but they didn’t realize it yet. Over the years, they grew apart. Even though they were living in the same house. Work, kids, and the daily occurrences of life started tearing them apart from each other until one day, it seemed like everything came crashing down all at once. What did they do next and where are they now? That’s what we are going to explore in this week’s episode of...


[MINISODE] How to Work on Your PIES When There's Obstacles

Want to work on becoming more attractive, but you feel like there are so many obstacles in your way? Kids, spouse living at home, job, and more? Here's the question that we received: "My situation is unique in the sense that my husband and I are not separated. We are in the same house. When it comes to working on my PIES, it's hard at times because we have kids, my husband's hours are all over the place, and I am so busy with our daughter. It's also hard because there's no


Dr. Joe Answers Your Questions - The Dr. Joe Show

We receive so many questions ranging over so many aspects of marriage, relationships, love, sex, and more that we can't get to them all. This show helps alleviate that problem. Ask anything you wish about any of the topics in the paragraph above. Or other topics about relationships or marriage if there is something you would like to discuss. There will be a time limit to each call. Therefore, if you take too much time to tell your story, Dr. Beam won't have time to respond. Be succinct so...


How Pornography Affects Marriages - w/ Clay Olsen of Fight the New Drug

How does sexually explicit material affect relationships? With your spouse or with your children? What can you do about it? In this podcast, we interview Clay Olsen, co-founder of Fight The New Drug, a global movement focused on spreading the word on how this type of media affects relationships. As Fight The New Drug puts it, "it kills love. In this podcast, we talk about how sexually explicit material affects marriages, what to do if you have a spouse who is addicted and how to respond....


Risking Love (Can Kids Learn to Love Again After Divorce) - The Dr. Joe Show

No matter the age, we hurt deeply when we feel abandoned by someone we thought loved us...or that should have loved us. The information in this program can be used effectively by an adult dealing with lost love, such as a divorce. It also gives effective directions for helping a spouse...or a potential spouse...risk loving you when deep inside they feel that they cannot trust anyone to always love them. In this program Dr. Joe Beam and Justin Prince, Program Director for the amazing...


The 3 Phases of Limerence (Being Madly in Love) - The Dr. Joe Show

When Dr. Tennov introduced the concept in the 1970s, it was mostly rejected. We encounter marriage counselors who have never heard of it. But the research is solid. PhD's including anthropologists and biologists and more study it, even having brain scans that teach us much about it. It's called limerence. It is a state of being "madly in love' to the point that it becomes obsessive and affects the way a person feels, acts, and thinks. It is powerful. It can be beautiful. It often is...


Know-How You Can Use to Help Troubled Marriages - The Dr. Joe Show

Maybe your marriage is wonderful. Maybe not. Either way, you're surrounded by friends or relatives whose marriages are in trouble. Most of our programs speak directly to those whose marriages need help. However, in this program, Dr. Joe Beam shares basic but valid knowledge with you so that when you encounter someone in marital distress, you can offer more than a kind word. No, it won't make you a counselor or therapist. It will help you know practical things to do or say that can offer...


Changing the Past Through the Future (Defining PIES)

As we end 2016 and move into 2017, it's time to look forward into what the future holds. Just because things have been a certain way in the past does not mean that they have to be that way in the future. In this episode, Dr. Joe Beam and CEO of Marriage Helper Kimberly Holmes will teach you how YOU can change your future, no matter what your past has been, and no matter what your situation is. Believe it or not, you have the power to change a lot of things by focusing solely on yourself....


What is a Mid-Life Crisis? Signs, Symptoms, and How to Save Your Marriage

What is a mid-life crisis? What age does a mid-life crisis happen? What are the signs and symptoms of a mid-life crisis? If your spouse is going through a big change in life, these are probably things that you have searched for answers. Do you think that your spouse is going through a mid-life crisis? What should you do? Can you keep your marriage from falling apart? In this podcast we discuss how to understand what is really happening with your spouse (hint: it's NOT a mid-life crisis),...


3 Keys to Have a Great Holiday in a Broken Home

Married? Separated? Divorced? This podcast is ESSENTIAL for getting through the holidays without going crazy. Justin Prince, program director of What About Me (a site for children and parents experiencing divorce), joins us to reveal THREE KEY THINGS to do to avoid having a stressful, terrible holiday season filled with fighting, disagreements and hurt feelings. This is especially crucial if you have kids...and even more crucial if you are separated or divorced. You'll be surprised at just...


Can a Marriage Recover from an Affair? YES, It Can.

There are a ton of "what ifs" that go through someone's mind when their spouse is in love with someone else. What if the affair doesn't end? What if the affair does end, but my spouse still doesn't come home? Can I trust again? Can we make it work? On this show, Kimberly Holmes, CEO of Marriage Helper will interview Richard and Petra. Richard and Petra saved their marriage after his affair, but it wasn't easy. Some days it looked like it wasn't ever going to be saved. But it happened....


How to Heal From the Loss of Love (and more) - The Dr. Joe Show

When you love deeply, it hurts to lose that love. Whether the person you love dies, abandons you, cheats on you, turns on you, or continues to live in the same house but with no love shown, you will find yourself in the powerful grasp of grief. We see it with people whose spouses fall in love with another. We witness it in a straying spouse who decides to come home but now has to deal with the loss of the other relationship. We feel our hearts break when it is a child struggling to...


Kids Whose Parents Split (or Fight) Ask "What About Me?" - The Dr. Joe Show

You know they're thinking it, even if they don't say it out loud. "What about me? Does anyone care about my hurt? My fear? My future?" You can help these kids. The first step is easy. Tell us your story if you lost a parent to divorce or death. We'll use it to help kids. How? To help parents realize the hurt. To inform those in positions to help if only they understand the deep pain. One of the greatest fears of any child is losing a parent. Not just to death, but by the family splitting...


When and How To Move On From a Marriage - The Dr. Joe Show

Can every troubled marriage be saved? We believe nearly all can. However, not all will. Sometimes one spouse does all s/he can to save the marriage. They learn, put into practice the right things, make right the things they did wrong, demonstrate remarkable love, patience, and...forgiveness. Yet, the other mate doesn't respond. Maybe it's another person. Maybe a different lifestyle they want to pursue. Is there a time when the spouse striving to save the marriage should stop trying and...


Diving Deep: How the Save My Marriage Course Works

You've heard about the Save My Marriage Course that Marriage Helper offers...but is it right for you? How does it really work? Listen to this for some great insight. We talk about how the course came to be, what kind of marital situations it works best for (and what situations it DOESN'T work for!), and how the course works. Hint: you get lifetime access ;) Join the course by October 31, 2016 and get 50% off with code MH50. Go to for more info.


What Would You Like To Ask About Relationships (Open Mic) - The Dr. Joe Show

Rather than starting with a theme or subject as he usually does, in this program Dr. Joe Beam opens the mic for callers on any subject or area of relationships. Love, sex, dating, rescuing lost love, salvaging a troubled marriage, parenting, or any other subject that you wish to discuss. If you are a regular caller to this program, we ask that you allow new callers first chance to ask their questions or make their comments. The program begins 9 p.m. Central time tonight, October 25, 2016....