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#47: From Music Teacher to Physician

Episode Notes Lara talks with Angela Kalcec, who sits on the Board of Directors of the Advocates of the American Osteopathic Association, about the resources available to medical spouses and about Angela's own medical journey when her husband decided to become a physician after years of teaching music. About Angela Angela Kalcec currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Advocates for the American Osteopathic Association and the Advocates of the Michigan Osteopathic Association. Most...


#46: Improving Your Emotional Intelligence

Episode Notes Lara talks with Dr. Shakila Angadi, a dentist and a certified social and emotional intelligence coach, about how physicians and their families can better avoid burnout and unnecessary stress. About Dr. Angadi Dr. Shakila Angadi is a dentist and a certified social and emotional intelligence coach. As a wife to a pediatric anesthesiologist and mom to a very active 6-year-old, she is loving the journey of finding balance and peace in her life. As a self-proclaimed recovering...


#45: Love and Time: A World War II Story

Episode Notes Lara shares a story from her aunt's experience of being separated from her husband during World War II and explains how time doesn't always equal love in relationships. About Lara Lara McElderry is the podcast host and founder of Married to Doctors. She and her husband got married before he decided to start down the medical path. For the past sixteen years, they’ve struggled and triumphed through the MCAT, medical school, residency, and fellowship with several twists and...


#44: How to Make Changes When You're Feeling Stuck

Episode Notes Lara and certified life coach Andrea Liebross discuss how to keep your personal goals on track when your spouse's medical journey leaves you feeling stuck. About Andrea Andrea is a Possibilities Coach who works with women who are married to busy, professional spouses and take on the primary role of Household CEO, regardless of whether or not they work in or outside the home. Her mission is to empower smart women to see things from a fresh perspective and to discover the...


#43: Affairs in Physician Marriages

Episode Notes Lara talks with marriage and family therapist Yasman Mostajeran about the relationship characteristics that often cause affairs, how to avoid attachment issues, and how to regain trust in a relationship that has suffered a betrayal. About Yasman Yasman is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist-Associate, Certified Sex Therapist-Candidate and Gottman Level 3 trained psychotherapist in Houston, TX. Although most of Yasman’s clients are couples, she works with individuals and...


#42: Persevering in Your Own Way

Episode Notes Lara talks with Dr. Ashlee Klevens Hayes, a pharmacist married to a physician who worked hard to establish her career while also making some sacrifices to make her marriage strong. Lara and Ashlee discuss the challenges of long-distance relationships and the residency Match, and how perseverance looks different for everyone. About Dr. Hayes Dr. Ashlee Klevens Hayes, PharmD/MHA is the founder of Rx Ashlee, a coaching program that helps healthcare professionals transition into...


#41: Interview with the White Coat Investor

Episode Notes In this episode Lara discusses marriage, finances, and owning your decisions with Jim Dahle, M.D., creator and host of the popular "White Coat Investor" podcast and website. About Dr. Dahle James M. Dahle, MD, when not out skiing, mountain biking, or rock climbing with his wife and three children, practices emergency medicine in suburban Utah. As a medical resident, he grew tired of being ripped off by unscrupulous financial professionals including mutual fund salesmen,...


#40: Medicine: The Third Partner in Your Relationship

Episode Notes Lara and Sarah Epstein, author of the Amazon bestseller "Love in the Time of Medical School," discuss communication in medical relationships and how medicine can sometimes feel like the third person in our marriages. About Sarah Sarah Epstein is a marriage and family therapy intern, international speaker, and author of the #1 Amazon bestselling book “Love in the time of medical school: Build a happy, healthy relationship with a medical student”. She dated her husband Brian...


#39: The Ups and Downs of Being Married to a Surgeon

Episode Notes Lara has a conversation about the good and bad of being married to a surgeon with Megan Sharma, author of the upcoming book, "Memoir's of a Surgeon's Wife: I'm Throwing Your Damn Pager Into the Ocean." About Megan Megan Sharma is an author and writing professional originally from Seattle, Washington and recently transplanted to the Midwest. In 2015, the same year she moved cross-country (again!) and became a mother, Megan traded her 9:00 to 5:00 for calling the shots in her...


#38: Making a House a Home

Episode Notes In this episode Lara shares some memories from all the different houses she lived in during her husband's medical training and how she has tried to make each house a home. About Lara Lara McElderry is the podcast host and founder of Married to Doctors. Her and her husband got married before he decided to start down the medical path. For the past sixteen years, they’ve struggled and triumphed through the MCAT, medical school, residency, and fellowship with several twists and...


#37: Embracing the Realities of Being Married to a Doctor

Episode Notes Lara talks with Donna Rovito, editor of Physician Family Magazine, who shares some of her experiences of being in a medical marriage for over 30 years and how the medical profession has evolved over time. Lara and Donna also discuss the importance of support for physician spouses and the best marriage advice Donna says she ever received. Physician Family Community Facebook Page Transcript and full show notes About Donna Donna Baver Rovito has been navigating life in a...


#36: Second Chances

Episode Notes Lara talks with Joyce Bass about her experiences of being married to an ObGyn physician, and how she chooses to deal with prejudice and misconceptions. About Joyce Joyce stays busy working different part-time jobs and raising her children. She also enjoys making jewelry and you can see her work here at Lisa and Baleigh. For complete show notes and a transcript please visit Stay up to date with the latest from Married To Doctors!


#35: Moving: What You Can Do to Improve Your Attitude

Episode Notes For full show notes and transcript, visit Lara has a great conversation with certified life coach Suzy Rosenstein about how to practice positive mindfulness during difficult situations and the importance of using healthy thoughts to foster positive outcomes. Lara and Suzy also discuss the sometimes difficult career choices physician spouses have to make in order to support their partners and how they can use mindfulness exercises to find joy in their...


#34: When Opposites Attract

Episode Notes Lara talks with artist and physician spouse Lauren Watkins, who shares her experience of realizing the importance of pursuing her own passion while supporting her husband through medical training and and how she works to find balance with her art business, her marriage and taking care of her family. About Lauren Growing up Lauren Watkins always considered herself an artist, but it wasn’t until her husband was in his 3 year of medical school and she had three young children...


#33: Helpful Tax Tips for Physician Families

Episode Notes Lara will be talking with Dave Denniston, creator of the Freedom Formula for Physicians Podcast. Dave will explain how his experiences of dealing with his daughter's premature birth led him to focus on financial advice for physicians and will also share some helpful tax tips for medical students, residents, fellows and attending physicians. About Dave Dave Denniston is an author, tax consultant, & financial consultant, but most importantly a life-long learner. Dave is the...


#32: Finding and Creating the Support You Need

Episode Notes In this episode, Lara will be talking with three physician spouses who each have different backgrounds and life circumstances, but who are each passionate about helping physician spouses understand how to create and find the support they need both during and after their partner's medical training. Resources mentioned for support: American Medical Association Alliance, Side by Side, Lives of Doctor Wives Facebook Group, And of course, there is the Married To Doctors...


#31: Growing Up as a Doctor's Kid

Episode Notes In this episode Lara will be interviewing her oldest son, Orlando, who is almost a freshman in high school and has been with his parents through most of his dad's medical journey. Lara and Orlando will talk about the pros and cons of living in several different places while you're growing up and the extra challenges that doctors' kids sometimes face. About Orlando In addition to three cities in Arkansas, Orlando has also lived in Ohio, Wisconsin and New Mexico. He will soon...


#30: Facing Autism During Medical Training

Episode Notes In this episode Lara will be talking with Megan Henderson, a self-proclaimed workaholic turned stay-at-home whose oldest son was diagnosed with autism during her husband's medical training. Lara and Megan will be discussing the importance of having support when raising a child with special needs and the sometimes difficult challenges that come from leaving a job to be a full-time parent. About Megan Megan is the mother of her amazing four children and married to a...


#29: Finding My Identity as a Stay-at-Home Parent

Episode Notes In this episode Lara will be talking with Shawn Stratton, a successful international leadership and team development consultant, professional speaker and bestselling author who recently decided to put his business ventures on hold to take care of his three young daughters while his wife practices as an orthopedic spine surgeon. Lara and Shawn will discuss the unique challenges that stay-at-home dads sometimes face and how to have a healthy sense of identity when choosing to be...


#28: Childless by Choice

Episode Notes In this episode Lara will be talking with Angel Rodgers, a writer and Physician Family blog editor who has supported her wife, Dani, for the past several years as Dani decided to switch careers and pursue her dream of becoming a physician. Lara and Angel will be discussing the unique circumstances that come from starting medical school later in life and Angel and Dani's decision to be childless by choice. About Angel In addition to serving as one of Physician Family's...