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Author interviews that challenge us to live our best life. Family, work, balance, and more.

Author interviews that challenge us to live our best life. Family, work, balance, and more.


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Author interviews that challenge us to live our best life. Family, work, balance, and more.






Bohemian Daughters with Anttonia Barten

It was August 1968 and nine-year-old Anttonia Barten was enjoying her last day of summer camp in Bohemia, Czechoslovakia, when she was awakened ... Join me as I speak with author Anttonia Barten about her book "BOHEMIAN DAUGHTERS: Family Quest." Pick up your copy online:


This Wonderful Thing Called Life with James Grace

Join me as I talk with author James Grace. When asked, "Who is James Grace? What makes you, you?" He replied... Born in Saskatchewan, I moved to northern Alberta at a young age where I met most of my really close friends who, to this day, still love and support me even when we don’t get a chance to speak for extended periods. I graduated and went to work in the oil sands right out of high school, earning great money and living the life I thought I was supposed to live. I met Rita when I was...


Divine Sweetness with Jennieke Janaki

The search of everlasting love with author Jennieke Janaki. You can find her online:


Life is Just a Bowl of Choices with Robyn Russell

Join me as I discuss the inspiration behind the writing of a memoir from an ordinary 68-year-old woman sharing her thoughts on the choices she was given during her life and the decisions she took. It also looks at the overall consequences of those decisions and how they affected both the writer and those around her. Visit Robyn online at


Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder with Dr. Susan Rich

Dr. Rich highlights her journey of discovery that alcohol – our social drug of choice – has led to the incarceration of individuals with prenatal alcohol exposure who unwittingly commit unsophisticated crimes and are often left holding the bag in crimes they are duped into committing. According to the CDC, whereas 1 in 20 children in “middle America” are affected by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), 2 to 3 times that number are affected in communities of color. That means 1 in 10 to 1...


Capacity for Truth with Bernard Fischer

Capacity for Truth is a focused and detailed study of the gospel teachings of Christ. It is a complete review and analysis of his doctrines, designed to provide a complete picture and context of his teachings and to educate Christians concerning higher spiritual principles Christ outlined for his disciples and for his followers. Pick up your copy on Amazon:


God Please Help Me Find A Job! 21 Prayers for the Job Seeker with Sonia Cameron

Have you recently been released from your job? Has the entire industry you were working in been eliminated? Are you now facing the fact that you now are back in the job market? Does the whole idea of unemployment make you want to pound your head up against a wall? I understand your dilemma. Join me as I talk with author Sonia Cameron. Pick up a copy on Amazon:


Ace the Medical Job Interview and Prevent a Code Blue with Dr. Kristy Taylor

If you are seeking a job in the healthcare industry and need targeted interview preparation, this book is for you. It is jammed packed with articles, tips, and exercises to help better prepare you for healthcare job interviews. Whether you are an experienced professional or new to the field, this concise guide will give you the confidence that you need to ace the medical job interview and prevent a code blue by already knowing what to do! Pick up your copy on Amazon:...


Sharing Good News in a Creative Way with Kristy Irvin

ABCs of Performing Art: Leading People to Christ through Creativity is a collection of tools and information gathered to help clergy and laypeople share Christ in a creative way. In addition to a lot ofhelpful resources, there is a script for a play, four Bible studies, and church service all included in this one volume. Living Orlando Florida, She and her late husband spent many years in the ministry of Christin a creative way.


The Miracles of Jesus with Rev. Devin Miller

The Miracles of Jesus: The Process for Community Building through Kingdom Expansion is a blueprint for both community and church leadership to look at as they face timely issues in their own leadership environments. For community leaders, it will assist you in addressing issues in a more compassionate yet practical way. For church leaders, it will interpret the miracles of Christ from a community perspective, allowing churches to reconnect with communities and become more engaged to expand...


BOHEMIAN DAUGHTERS: Family Quest with Anttonia Barten

It was August 1968 and nine-year-old Anttonia Barten was enjoying her last day of summer camp in Bohemia, Czechoslovakia, when she was awakened by hundreds of planes soaring overhead. The Russians had officially invaded. In a gripping narrative, Anttonia chronicles her journey after her mother and stepfather kidnapped her and took her to Australia to escape the war, never telling her biological father. While detailing how they all embarked on a new life, she also began what would become a...


A Treasure Chest of Best-Loved Poems with Dr. James Lockhart

Prepare to go on a journey of foot-stomping praise and worship; expressions of true, romantic love; humor that tickles the funny-bone and some just plain good reading when you just want to relax and enjoy a little time out. Drawing upon the wisdom of Gospel passages, some of the poems include verses or excerpts from the Bible that reflects the theme of the given work. This is to encourage hearts and minds to rest on the Lord during and subsequent to the reading experience.


Hot and Holy Lady with "Dr." Ruth Clarence

Join me as I talk about her new online course - Hot and Holy Lady. "Dr." Ruth Clarence is a best selling author, conference speaker, who helps ladies to turn up the heat on their love life to enjoy the passionate fulfilling sex life they deserve! She has spoken worldwide to ladies of all ages on this traditionally taboo sensitive topic and helps ladies change their sex life from a pressure to a pleasure! Her very tasteful, candid delivery, peppered with lots of humor, gives ladies renewed...


The Secret is Revealed with Yzabel Gance

Join me as I spend time with Yzabel Gance about her newest book "DIVINE AMBROSIA: How to Live in Miracles--Great Alchemists' Secret Golden Alchemical Mantra." A book about how you can transcend your life into a Divine miracle of splendor: expansion and abundance, through self-application of Great Alchemists' secret Golden Alchemical Mantra (GAM), metaphysical psychology, philosophy, Hermetic art (Alchemical Science), the Divine Laws and wisdom (God's tricks and treats). Visit


Recipes for BEing: The Power of Seven with Dawn Airhart Witte

Recipes for BEing:The Power of Seven ~ a book that delves into seven words that help you celebrate living your life of purpose by design ~ kind, grateful, inspired, happy, strong, genuine, and love. The co-authors of Recipes for BEing: The Power of Seven live these words and are well-versed in self-care. Their stories and ideas will tune you in, tune you up, and set you on a course for living your BEst life, your way. You can find out more online. Visit or pick...


Expectations with Sarah Kanya-Ngambi

Join me as I talk with Saran about her book: ‘Expectations; The Real World Behind the Curtain of Time’. An award-winning author, she hopes her stories communicate a strong message of hope, faith and deliverance.


The Red Horse: War Against God's Government with Connie Anderson

Symbols are a part of our society. But where words change biblical symbols remain the same. In her study of symbols, author Connie Anderson used a literal meaning of a word, unless the word is a number or symbol. Fish, for instance, is associated with the words of Jesus, who invites us to be fishers of men, not real sharks, crabs, or clown fish. Symbols anciently explained events in world history. Indicating God is revealing his plan, Anderson details the differences between how the Holy...


Prowl: In Heat with Jenna Wilder

Prowl: In Heat is about the purring beginnings of a teenage girl between the beginning and end of her teenage years. Fifteen-year-old Josephine Blanchard had far more to worry about than high school and boy troubles when she visits a small town in Ohio known as Creek Meadows. There is a haven of feline species living in secret, domesticating themselves, living quietly with the human race who have no idea what’s really beneath the skin of their neighbors and friends. Josephine enters a new...


Thank You Lord with Daniel Well

Born in Nasir (Upper Nile region), South Sudan. Daniel, has been through a lot and seen too people being forced to join the army against their will - including underage children - in 1984. Now, after being in America, I see some people who have forgotten to worship Go and then Him for his help. They forget what their Creator has done for them.


Nellie's Journey with Mary Druce

Nellie Parkin is a young woman of spirit and intellect. The advent of WW1 frees her from the drudgery of the mill, enabling her to become a nursing aide at the front of the battle. Here, strong relationships are formed, and friendships are cemented. Fascinated by the problems facing the fighting men - in particular the victims of the so-called "Shell shock," Nellie reads as much as she can regarding the effects this shock has on the brain. Back at home, her journey of discovery continues, as...