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Changing What U Can

In this episode... Reusing Condoms (Yup), Where I've been, & Making big Changes!!!!!!! "Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future. The past is closed and limited; the future is open and free." Deepak Chopra....The Path to Love Changing what you can and allowing yourself to let of the things you can't opens doors to peace, happiness, love, and greatness. Listen to this episode of My Voice to hear about how...


Friday Facts: Change

"Your mind blocks the free flow of the life force by saying, 'This is how things must and should be.' Letting go releases you from this insistent grip, and when you let go, new forms of reality can enter.' Taken from Deepak Chopra "The Path to Love" Take a listen to how I had to learn how to embrace change again. #FridayFacts #Change Follow me on IG & Twitter @MyVoicePodcast Love Y'all All Ways, Always!


Princess Shaw: Buried Treasure

Found a hidden treasure on Netflix... "Presenting Princess Shaw". This Documentary lead me to a beautiful soul, & she was gracious enough to give me a phone interview. Living in New Orleans with a BIG Voice & a dream to share it. Not only should you listen to this interview, BUT you need to check out the documentary which is still playing on Netflix. Follow Princess Shaw on IG @ _Princess_Shaw and check her out on Youtube and listen/Like/Share her songs by searching for Princess Shaw or...


Friday Facts - Let Go

The new addition to My Voice with Dara & Friends is me, myself, & I feeding you FRIDAY FACTS. Just a little message to help you grow, question, love harder, smile brighter, look within, & understand all things GREAT. Short sweet & to the point. Today's Friday Fact "Let Go to Move Forward". As always comment, like, share, let me know how I am doing. Follow Me on IG & Twitter @ MyVoicePodcast What do you want to hear me talk about, what are you needing some advice on. Love y'all all ways,...


Jamaica Has My Heart

Jamaica Has My Heart...This episode goes more in detail about how I enjoyed myself in Jamaica and truly truly enjoyed what Jamaica has given me. You seen some of the pictures, now listen to the real, about what went down in Jamaica. To see all pictures follow on IG @ MyVoicePodcast LIKE SUBSCRIBE SHARE & FOLLOW


The Path 2 Love

We have been reading "The Path to Love" By Deepak Chopra. A deep and profound book on the path to healing. In order to be open for more fulfilling relationships you have to look inward. I sit with my best friend Tonya and explain how we are learning and growing from this book. Please join the discussion and follow me on IG @ MyVoicePodcast and on Twitter @ MyVoicePodcast Like Share & Subscribe Love You All.


Parenting Over Wine

When parenting becomes your life and all the visions you seen for yourself, becomes such a faded dream... Or when its too late to realize that you have damaged your child because of what you have endured as child, what do you do??? Listen in on how we are dealing with it all and challenging ourselves to do better and be better. Katrina thank you so much for the love and conversation. Follow me on IG @ MyVoicePodcast Subscribe & Rate the podcast please. I want to talk about things you want...


Grown Shit (Eps. 22)

some lessons I have learned, and seeing the vision, vision boards, and growing up. I am excited this is my birthday month so I wanted to start it off with just me. Follow me on IG & Twitter @ MyVoicePodcast


Profit in The Pain (Eps. 21)

Andrette Chapman Author of "Grace Through Insanity" & Her her new book "Don't Punch Your Boss in the Face".. We get into great conversation about healing and overcoming set backs. How she decided to profit off her pain. Please SUBSCRIBE to my podcast & GO TO MY IG & FOLLOW @ MyVoicePodcast Also visit & follow Andrette on IG @ AndieTheAuthor & go to her website I TRULY enjoyed this interview/discussion.


The Black Father Myth...(Eps. 20)

"Black Dads Are Doing Best of All" The title of an article written in the NY Times. The myth that black dads are not involved, not active, & has dropped their responsibilities as a father, has in my opinion been one of the greatest attacks on the black community. Thankfully it has many men stepping up to show you that just because we are not counted, because we are not married, does not mean we are absent. This is the first of many to talk about the roles that they do play in their...


"Real Men...Lick"

Unfortunately we live in an age where fellatio is still something that women aren't receiving. How is it that Gabrielle can brag about giving her man "anilingus", while at the same time DJ Khaled can boast about NOT giving his woman head...(They still make men like you??). Listen as Me & my friends Ryan & Shari discuss how this is all all possible over a glass of Beringer White Merlot (Yum, My Fav).


Life Love & Sex Vol. 4

We talk about StarBucks & the arrest, Love & Whoo'ing, & We play a fun game of NEVER HAVE I EVER with some whisky. Also I showcase my first "BLACK OWNED" Liqueur on the show that we made Sangrias with. This episode was so much fun. Thank you to all the phone in guest and of course to MariMo for joining me every month for Life Love & Sex. Follow me on IG & Twitter @ MyCVoicePodcast Follow MariMo on IG @ TheMariMoShow & Look for her Youtube channel coming soon. Intro/Outro Music by Fleslit


"Angry Black Woman" Syndrome

Why Tyler Perry needs to have several seats. I hate that Tyler Perry puts out movies depicting BLACK WOMEN as Angry, Bitter, Delusional, Desperate & Lonely Women who can't seem to heal. I feel this is so over done when HE is the producer & writer, he doesn't have any creativity when it comes to the movies he produces. This is my take on Acrimony & the "Angry Black Woman" Syndrome. I. Am. Sick. Of. It! I am also sipping on a new wine listen in to find out what wine has me feeling Grown &...


Life Love & Sex V. 3 - Bullying

We talk about life situations... Guns, Bullying, Parenting, & more. Tune in as we get real personal about our past, & try to understand the WHAT, WHO & the WHY of it all; Follow me on IG @MyVoicePodcast & Mari Mo @TheMariMoShow. BIG THANKS to Emporattie IG: @Papiloso718 on SoundCloud @therealemporatti for sending his music to share with you all. "Murder She Wrote" Intro/Outro Beat/Produced By: Music Artist Fleslit from his Single “Right Now” PLEASE LIKE SUBSCRIBE SHARE RATE & AS ALWAYS...


Men...Take Off The Mask

"He wears a masks and his face grows to fit it" ~George Orwell Sensitivity is not a quality men want to be know for... Strong, fighter, masculine, & touch all the terms that come to mind as descriptive words. Soft, caring, sweet, sensitive, all are great qualities to have as a human in general, but to be called this as a man is an insult. WHY?, That is the question. Ryan G. & Antonio join me to have a much needed conversation about men and the masks they were. We skim the surface over some...


Music's Next Big Thing - Tamara Goldinella

Tamara Goldinella on her start in music, working with big names in the music industry, her celebrity crushes (yes I said crushES). Her Voice, her confidence, & her drive, will make her the next BIG Thing in music. Listen til' the end to hear a snippet of her NEW SINGLE, & our after interview live performance. Rate this Podcast & SUBSCRIBE so you never miss an episode. LIKE COMMENT & SHARE…. FOLLOW ME Instagram @MyVoicePodcast & @Dara_Ayana Facebook @myvoicewithdara WordPress:...


E=MC2 * My Mom * Happy Birthday

I thank you all for continuing to listen every Monday. Today you get the to meet the woman who gave birth to me on HER birthday. March 12, some year... a beautiful woman was born and lived a very amazing life. Good, Bad, Strong, & times of Weakness, she has made it to this day. Over coming Cancer and many other trails. Find out where my strength comes from in this episode. Follow me on IG @MyVoice.TheShow & @Dara_Ayana EMAIL PLEASE LIKE * SHARE * SUBSCRIBE * WISH...


Life, Love & Sex - 2

Every First Monday of the Month We Bring You Life Love & Sex Talk On "My Voice with Dara & Friends". In this Episode we go from talking about parenting to pussy... Yes the conversation gets really weird, but hey thats Life Love & Sex. Please remember to SUBSCRIBE to my podcast LIKE COMMENT & SHARE.... Instagram @MyVoice.TheShow & @Dara_Ayana Also Follow @TheMariMoShow WordPress: SoundClound: Thank You to MariMo for...



My Thoughts My Voice on Monique vs. Netflix, do she have a point or is she over shooting??? InEQUALITY is a real issue but we continue to make it a joke, ignore the facts, & black women are still standing alone. Follow me on IG @MyVoice.TheShow & @Dara_Ayana Subscribe/Like/Comment/Share.... Thanks! the audio snippets used in this podcast I do not own but were used for the sole purpose of discussion only.


Money, Power, & Respect - Episode 10

Listen! Listen! Listen! You will learn so much in this episode about your finances, life, & business. Business owner Corey S. & Handsome Kelly join me to really help break down the "Come Up." Listen, Like, Share, & Follow! Follow me on IG @MyVoice.TheShow & Subscribe and Rate Please. Also to hear more from Handsome Kelly his podcast is named "What Are We Doing" on SoundCloud & iTunes Also On IG @HandsomeKelly_ Corey not on any social media BUT I THANK YOU!!!