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"Angry Black Woman" Syndrome

Why Tyler Perry needs to have several seats. I hate that Tyler Perry puts out movies depicting BLACK WOMEN as Angry, Bitter, Delusional, Desperate & Lonely Women who can't seem to heal. I feel this is so over done when HE is the producer & writer, he doesn't have any creativity when it comes to the movies he produces. This is my take on Acrimony & the "Angry Black Woman" Syndrome. I. Am. Sick. Of. It! I am also sipping on a new wine listen in to find out what wine has me feeling Grown &...


Life Love & Sex V. 3 - Bullying

We talk about life situations... Guns, Bullying, Parenting, & more. Tune in as we get real personal about our past, & try to understand the WHAT, WHO & the WHY of it all; Follow me on IG @MyVoicePodcast & Mari Mo @TheMariMoShow. BIG THANKS to Emporattie IG: @Papiloso718 on SoundCloud @therealemporatti for sending his music to share with you all. "Murder She Wrote" Intro/Outro Beat/Produced By: Music Artist Fleslit from his Single “Right Now” PLEASE LIKE SUBSCRIBE SHARE RATE & AS ALWAYS JOIN...


Men...Take Off The Mask

"He wears a masks and his face grows to fit it" ~George Orwell Sensitivity is not a quality men want to be know for... Strong, fighter, masculine, & touch all the terms that come to mind as descriptive words. Soft, caring, sweet, sensitive, all are great qualities to have as a human in general, but to be called this as a man is an insult. WHY?, That is the question. Ryan G. & Antonio join me to have a much needed conversation about men and the masks they were. We skim the surface over some...


Music's Next Big Thing - Tamara Goldinella

Tamara Goldinella on her start in music, working with big names in the music industry, her celebrity crushes (yes I said crushES). Her Voice, her confidence, & her drive, will make her the next BIG Thing in music. Listen til' the end to hear a snippet of her NEW SINGLE, & our after interview live performance. Rate this Podcast & SUBSCRIBE so you never miss an episode. LIKE COMMENT & SHARE…. FOLLOW ME Instagram @MyVoicePodcast & @Dara_Ayana Facebook @myvoicewithdara WordPress:...


E=MC2 * My Mom * Happy Birthday

I thank you all for continuing to listen every Monday. Today you get the to meet the woman who gave birth to me on HER birthday. March 12, some year... a beautiful woman was born and lived a very amazing life. Good, Bad, Strong, & times of Weakness, she has made it to this day. Over coming Cancer and many other trails. Find out where my strength comes from in this episode. Follow me on IG @MyVoice.TheShow & @Dara_Ayana EMAIL PLEASE LIKE * SHARE * SUBSCRIBE * WISH...


Life, Love & Sex - 2

Every First Monday of the Month We Bring You Life Love & Sex Talk On "My Voice with Dara & Friends". In this Episode we go from talking about parenting to pussy... Yes the conversation gets really weird, but hey thats Life Love & Sex. Please remember to SUBSCRIBE to my podcast LIKE COMMENT & SHARE.... Instagram @MyVoice.TheShow & @Dara_Ayana Also Follow @TheMariMoShow WordPress: SoundClound: Thank You to MariMo for...



My Thoughts My Voice on Monique vs. Netflix, do she have a point or is she over shooting??? InEQUALITY is a real issue but we continue to make it a joke, ignore the facts, & black women are still standing alone. Follow me on IG @MyVoice.TheShow & @Dara_Ayana Subscribe/Like/Comment/Share.... Thanks! the audio snippets used in this podcast I do not own but were used for the sole purpose of discussion only.


Money, Power, & Respect - Episode 10

Listen! Listen! Listen! You will learn so much in this episode about your finances, life, & business. Business owner Corey S. & Handsome Kelly join me to really help break down the "Come Up." Listen, Like, Share, & Follow! Follow me on IG @MyVoice.TheShow & Subscribe and Rate Please. Also to hear more from Handsome Kelly his podcast is named "What Are We Doing" on SoundCloud & iTunes Also On IG @HandsomeKelly_ Corey not on any social media BUT I THANK YOU!!!


Life Love & Sex (Level 1) with Dara & MariMo

Life, Love & Sex... I sit down with MariMo to discuss it all. Life Love & Sex, we answer all your question and we debate on the issues. To follow along don't forget to subscribe, share, and Rate the show. Go follow MariMo on IG @themarimoshow ] & Follow my podcast @MyVoice.TheShow ] NEVER MISS A SHOW NEE Episodes EVERY week!!! EVERY 1st MONDAY - Join us here to discuss Life, Love & Sex. SUBSCRIBE!!! SUBSCRIBE!!! SUBSCRIBE!!! Listen on iTunes Podcast - SoundCloud - Spreaker


2017 Review 2018 Projections

YES! I decided to wait to do my Happy New Year Episode, because a lot of us start it on a high and fall off... So now we get to see who the real warriors are. Are you sticking to those goals, resolutions, plans, or what ever you decided?? Hopefully you are, and having a GREAT start of year, because I AM! Joined by Forever Friend Tonya (IG: @Errylilstep) We talk about the good that we experienced in 2017 and the Plans for 2018. Be Blessed Be Positive & Be Amazing!!!!


NFL - Cosey Coleman talks with me about "A Players Perspective "

I am so happy to have the opportunity to sit and talk with one of my good friends COSEY COLEMAN. He talks about his time in the NFL along with some of the issues going on in the NFL today, and where he stands. Giving us the "players perspective" and what they may be thinking.


Black Lives Matter, except when...

Rashaad discusses with me his perspective on some of the BLACK issues we are dealing with today, and why he doesn't agree with the "Black Lives Matter" movement. Please SHARE, COMMENT, & LIKE... AND SUBSCRIBE !!!!!!!


Women & Sexuality - Own it, Love it, Live it.

Thank you Chrissy * Cherry Coco & Angela * Dynasty... The beautiful women of Dance 411 Studios in Atlanta took time to sit and talk with me about being a woman and owning your sexuality. They talk about being sexy, intelligent, & taking on an alter ego. It is so important for women to own who they are what ever that may be. Listen Comment & Subscribe & SHARE - SHARE - SHARE. You can follow these lovely ladies on their IG Pages @thecherrycoco & @dynastyzworld also visit...


Divorce...The Good, The Bad, & The Lessons. (pt. 2)

As Promised here is Part 2 of the Divorce discussion with my two good friends Monica & Anniliese. I am so glad they came on and told their story, their way. My Voice is all about giving people a platform to tell their truth in the own VOICE. Join in the discussion, comment, share, or find your voice and tell your story.


Insecure Hella Hoe'ish

Insecure Season 2 "Hella" has come to an end and we are all either glad or upset at one thing or another. This season was "Hella Hoe'ish" & "Hella Entertaining". I believe that this season was needed to bring to the surface a lot of issues that we deal with today. The couple in the open marriage, the lost girl that is no longer in a relationship, or the one that continues to want more but keeps sabotaging her own outcomes. Listen. Comment. Share.


Divorce...The Good, The Bad, & The Lessons. (pt. 1)

Marriage is suppose to be a "forever" choice, when you walk down that aisle and you say those vowels, its real. No one ever says, "I hope this ends in divorce". "I hope I become a divorce statistic." "Give me something and then take it away." And sure some may call us weak, or even say we lack value or morals when it comes to staying in our marriages. There may have even been a point when I would agree with you. BUT today is not that day! I sit down and speak with 2 beautiful ladies about...


Black Men are Intimidated by Black Women...Really??

The first show of My Voice with Dara & Friends. We did deep into what it truly means when Black Men say they are intimidated by Black Women. Should black women turn the magic down some to stop scaring black me off. What's all the fuss about, tune in to listen to Me an some of my closest friends as we discuss more. Thank you to all who joined. Precious, Corey, Pleasant, Shani, Scotty, & Tan (From Harlem). I truly appreciate you all for this!


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