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#51: Through Pain Pressure & Perseverance

DeAvera Monique a.k.a. Coach Dee Persevered & Prospered. When All your greatest moments are being snatched from you how do you overcome? How do you grow? How do you celebrate your life? Father in Prison. Losing Gymnastic Scholarship. Being Kicked out of College. You Coach Yourself Through Life, & To Greatness. This Divine Conversation was such a joy, deep, & necessary conversation. Follow Coach Dee on IG (Adults) @ Deavera (All Ages) @ CoachDeavera Subscribe to her youtube @...


#50: Finding Your Inner (G) Part 2

Gee quotes Zora Neale Hurston “If you're silent about your pain, they'll kill you and say you enjoyed it.” Listen to Part 2 to find out why she lives by this quote. She is an author of Inner (G) and multiple journals that can be found on, Barnes & Noble, as well as one of the models for how to mom hard & how to be a woman.


#49: Finding Your Inner (G)

When You Find Your Inner (G) you do all things possible to help others find theirs. Gabrielle (Gee) Morton soon to be Dr. Morton, sip it with me to help me and you get our whole life back. She is an author of Inner (G) and multiple journals that can be found on, as well as one of the models for how to mom today and still make shit happen. Check her out on the nets at & On IG @ Blackintoxication & Get Your Spiritual Healing on IG @ KingStreetApothecary &...


#48: Soundtrack of Our Life - Pt.2

#48: The Soundtrack of Our Life (Part 2)... had a blast with 'TRC (The Report Card) Podcast' & 'Welcome to the Wall Podcast' to tell our life stories using music. Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, Old School & New School. We had a blast & My Diddy Bop Drink they made me was great!! Yup Thats right No wine this episode, they tried to get me drunk drunk. We got deep in PART2 Follow My New Friends on IG, Twitter, Face Book, & Subsbribe to their channels on Youtube & Their Podcasts. & Follow me on all social...


#47: Soundtrack of Our Life - Pt.1

#47: The Soundtrack of Our Life (Part 1)... This episode was sooooo dope. I enjoyed joining forces with 'TRC (The Report Card) Podcast' & 'Welcome to the Wall Podcast' to tell our life stories using music. Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, Old School & New School. We had a blast & My Diddy Bop Drink they made me was great!! Yup Thats right No wine this episode, they tried to get me drunk drunk. We got deep, we laughed, we reminisced, & maybe a little twerk went on. Please enjoy this PART 1 & Come Back...


#46: Protect Your True Identity

In this episode I sip it up with Jamesia about Owning & Protecting our true identity. How to stay connected to our true identity & some things that threaten it. Jamesia a Motivational Holistic Health Coach & Yoga Instructor, lives her life by leading by example and living a life that is authentic. Follow her on social media @ Kemunity_yoga to get some motivation. Thank you for listening follow me on all platforms @ MyVoicePodcast. SUBSCRIBE - LIKE - SHARE - RATE - COMMENT Love Y'all All...


#45: Childhood Issues become Adulthood Problems Pt. 2

Part 2 of Childhood Issues become Adult Problems with Melody Shari. If you haven't listened to Part one please do that as well. Follow me on all Social Media @ MyVoicePodcast. To contact Mel visit her @ MemeB28 & Please LIKE COMMENT SHARE RATE & SUBSCRIBE. Love Y'all all ways, Always!


#44: Childhood Issues become Adulthood Problems

Joined by Special Guest Melody Shari, to discuss ways to nurture our inner child. Adulthood is much more difficult when childhood issues are not dealt with. We get into some of our own childhood issues and how they have affected our adult journeys. PART 1 of a 2 PART conversation. Grab your glass of wine and join the discussion, share with friends to get them involved and head over to my IG @ MyVoicePodcast to share your stories. Follow Mel on IG @...


#43: Hopeful Romantic

She is hopeful, not hopeless, that love and romance is in her future. Listen to my top movies that made me such a hopeful romantic, featuring current movie "A Star is Born" with Lady Gaga. Love is Amazing. Follow me on all social media platforms @ MyVoicePodcast. Love Y'all All Ways, Always.


#42: Real Estate & Wine with Kerry

In this episode I sip it up with Kerry from New Home Advisors and break down the new home industry. The What, The Who, The Why, & The How to get started and When. We also answer questions from listeners & Taste some Stella Rose Rosso Wine. I was actually introduced to this wine by one of my favorite Aunts, and thought I would share the taste with Kerry. Listen, Share, Like, & Grab a Glass & Join the discussion. To contact Kerry for help on buying a home visit &...


#41: Embracing Your Broken Heart

Embracing your broken heart is one of the most liberating and healthy things you can do to have a beautiful loving relationship with yourself. What do I mean by that? Love as we all know is a natural thing, but love ending or a broken heart is one of the things that we can't seem to embrace as natural. Listen in to why we should began to embrace it, and understand how it is a natural part of the flow of life. Please join the discussion on anyone of my social media pages IG:...


#40: Mr. & Miss. Communication

Who lie more men or women?, 99 yr old man divorces his 96 yr old wife, & why men and women have miscommunication problems. I sip it up with one of my great friends Ryan & his friend Carobe. Great convo & great wine with great men. Follow Ryan on IG @ RealRyanGeorge Follow Me on FB/IG/Twitter @ MyVoicePodcast Grab Your Glass, & Join The Discussion. LIKE - FOLLOW - SUBSCRIBE - SHARE (Yeah! All that.) Love Y'all All Ways, Always! Dara Ayana


#39: Black Father's Myth pt.2

As Promised 2 NEW Black Dads doing it the way it should be done. From coaching teams to knowing when their daughters cycle started. They are here and they are fighting for the presence in their children's lives. Listen as I sip it up with these 2 fine men Richard & Curtis and get into the hurtful truth of how they became single dads & how they continue to be great dads. In this podcast we sip on some nice "cheap wine" you can find anywhere... 14 Hands Wine "Hot to Trot" smooth red blend. A...


#38: Black Girls Homeschool!?

In this episode: Bill Cosby sentencing, Homeschooling, failed education. I enjoyed sipping it up with my homegirl Precious & GiGi to break down the do's & don'ts, the funny & the serious of HomeSchool. We sip on Remole (Toscana) red wine and get all into their homeschooling business. Follow on all social media @ MyVoicePodcast SHARE SHARE SHARE!!! Like Subscribe & Grab a glass and join the discussion. Love Y'all All Ways, Always.


#37: Tricks of the Trade

Make money but don't let money be your focus. How is that possible? Daniel & Richard sip it up with me and tell us some "Tricks of the Trade". We sip on Sweet Riesling & Niagara by Love Cork Screw wines. She's Black & She's a SHE making great wines. Follow Me as always @ MY VOICE PODCAST FinD Daniel & Richard ON IG @ ATLANTATRADERSCLUB as well as @ CHECKTHNCHARTS & @ WALLSTREETDREAMZ To sip on what we're sipping on go to @ LoveCorkScrew and see "what all the taste is about"


#36: I Love Self

In This episode; Nicki & Cardi Fight, Mary J & Faith Rumors; Body Shaming; Gaining a healthy self image. Remember no one will know how to love you if you don't know how to love you. Thank you to Toya & Sarah for being open in honest. Follow me on all social media @ MyVoicePodcast Like Follow Share & Subscribe. Love y'all All ways Always. Dara Ayana


#35: Vision, Power, & Black Women

We Talk Business, $20 Lip Balm (whaaat? Yup that's right), & dating. Nikki Porcher owner of Buy From a Black Woman is nothing short of amazing. Enjoy hearing about how it all started & how it has grown. Tonight we sip on Black Label Old Vine Zinfandel by F. Stephen Millier. Follow Nikki @ BuyFromAblackWoman on all social media. For merch, a list of Black women owed businesses, and much more visit , or .net, .biz & Follow me on all social media @MyVoicePodcast. Love...


Goals & Shit with S. A. Grant

Packed full of jewels, keys, & sexual relativity. I sip it up with S. A. Grant Author of "Fuck Failure Seduce Success" and we laugh, educate, & reminisce. "Fuck Failure Seduce Success can be purchase on his website at Mysuccesssex. com as well as amazon. You can also follow him on IG @ MySuccesssex_grant Follow me on IG, Facebook & Twitter @ MyVoicePodcast. & I Love y'all all ways, always! Dara


Invisible Boundary Lines

In this episode of M Voice we talk about Boundaries..."What the f**k are those". Life is so convoluted already, why make it more convoluted with Boundaries. &&&&& Why do men still have problems with allowing women to lick the crack. LOL! Listen in, Ryan is Hilarious! Follow me on ALL social platform: IG-Twitter-Facebook @ MyVoicePodcast Send Questions or Inquires to Love Y'all All Ways, Always!


Changing What U Can

In this episode... Reusing Condoms (Yup), Where I've been, & Making big Changes!!!!!!! "Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future. The past is closed and limited; the future is open and free." Deepak Chopra....The Path to Love Changing what you can and allowing yourself to let of the things you can't opens doors to peace, happiness, love, and greatness. Listen to this episode of My Voice to hear about how...