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EP. 17: Why Are Girls So Mean?

On this episode of No New Friends Podcast, Olivia and Arden discuss a recent podcast episode that brought Arden to tears. They discuss Hollywood Gossip, KIND campaign, and bullying. LEAVE A 5-STAR REVIEW: Show us some love and leave a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts! This helps more than you know and is greatly appreciated! GET FEATURED ON THE PODCAST: Do you want to be featured on an episode of NO NEW FRIENDS PODCAST? Write us and tell us about your crappy ex, crappy best friend, or...


EP. 16: How To "Start Over" If You're Unhappy

On this episode of NO NEW FRIENDS PODCAST, Arden and Olivia tell their listeners who they think deserves to be MAN OF THE YEAR for 2018 (so far) and then they read a listener DM which sparked the topic for today’s episode, “How To “Start Over” If You’re Unhappy” LEAVE A 5-STAR REVIEW: Show us some love and leave a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts! This helps more than you know and is greatly appreciated! GET FEATURED ON THE PODCAST: Do you want to be featured on an episode of NO NEW...


EP. #15: Who Would You Switch Lives With?

Olivia + Arden jump right in to “Pet Peeve of The Week” (00:42) and talk about what’s annoyed them that week. For this episode they focus some on recent Hollywood gossip (3:45) revolving around Chan & Jen. They try to get to the bottom of some rumors that Arden has heard only to find - they think it’s fake news. (11:00) Olivia + Arden decide who they would switch lives with if they could be anyone else. And then because the rapid fire questions were so popular last week - they decide to...


EP. 14: What is Your Favorite Summer Activity?

Olivia + Arden are back with another episode of NNFP! After trying to record this episode and realizing it wasn’t recording, they still can’t get it together. They share their “Pet Peeve of The Week” (1:00) and then they switch it up for this episode and play a round of rapid fire questions. (5:50) They try to take it seriously but you have to wait and hear these questions - who thought of these? SEND IN ANY FRIENDSHIP/RELATIONSHIP STORIES - TO SHARE AND RECEIVE ADVICE ON THE...


EP. 13: A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

No New Friends podcast is back this week and they are doing their usual segments, Pet Peeve of The Week and Question of The Day. Arden switches up the "Pet Peeve of The Week" and shares something about Olivia's house that is bugging her. They discuss weird outfits that people wear out in public, what they ate for lunch and more. And of course, Arden has to discuss her bowel movements AGAIN. We promise, this is not a new segment. Olivia and Arden discuss the popular saying "A Friend in...


EP. 12: The One With All The Bowel Movements

Welcome back to another episode of NNFP! First, the girls apologize for this week's late podcast. They start the podcast off with their two favorite segments, "Pet Peeve of The Week" and "Question of The Week" and this is your warning - there is a lot of Friends talk on this episode! Olivia just finished watching for the first time (it's okay to judge her) and she's obsessed. The ladies also discuss Arden's bowel movements for more time than they should and they shuffle around through some...


Ep. 11: Why Do Friendships Really Fall Apart?

Olivia + Arden are back in their kitchen/studio sitting in front of the infamous extra oven. (2:25) They jump into “Pet Peeve of the Week” and share what is annoying them this week. (4:24) The question of the week is “How old were you when you had your first boyfriend?” (7:25) Arden shares an odd childhood memory and the girls try to figure out what was going on in young Arden’s mind. (13:57) Olivia + Arden jump into their topic, “What are the most common reasons why a friendship falls...


Ep. 10: Being Friends With Your Boss

Olivia + Arden are back with another episode of #NNFP and they are a little late (but they explain why at the beginning of the podcast) On this episode they discuss being friends with your boss on social media and outside of work. For the “Question of the Week” segment this week, they share where they worked for their first job. And they discuss how they feel about people who text a lot of emojis! As always they get a little off topic discussing popular TV shows and later in the podcast...


EP. 09: Do You Tell Your Significant Other How Many Partners You've Had?

The girls are back complaining about their pet peeves during their segment “Pet Peeve of The Week” (2:00) This week on No New Friends Podcast, Olivia + Arden base their conversation around their “Question of The Week” which is “Do you tell your significant other how many partners you’ve had before them?”(11:30) Arden + Olivia want to hear your stories about your crazy ex-boyfriend or girlfriend or a moment where YOU were the crazy one! Send your stories to and...


Ep. 08: What Is The Strangest Gift You've Ever Received?

Arden starts this podcast episode off with a story about an unfortunate event that is going on her house right now. Spoiler alert: She has mice and is losing her mind. Then the girls do the fan favorite segment, “Pet Peeve of the Week” where they each share something that is really under their skin. (8:14) Olivia + Arden discuss “What quality do you value most in a significant other? What value in a friend?” (16:00) Arden rants about how her sensitivity has heightened and she now really...


Ep. 07: Are you really married if you don't wear a wedding ring?

In this week’s episode of #NNFP, Olivia + Arden get back to discussing friendships and relationships (with a little bit of pop-culture of course). First, they jump right in to your favorite segment, “Pet Peeve of the Week” (1:00) as they tell you what really got under their skin this week. Then they move on to your next favorite segment “Question of the Week” (4:00) where every week they both answer a really random question! Today, the girls discuss if they would be upset if their husbands...


Ep. 6 Stormi Days + Purple Rain

Olivia + Arden dive head first into discussing pop-culture on this episode of NNFP!They kick off the episode with the popular segment, “Pet Peeve of the Week” (0:56) and follow with a new segment, “Your Last Three” where each week they discuss three random questions. (4:37) The BFFs discuss the Super Bowl halftime show (11:30), Kylie Jenner, Arden’s lack of athleticism and so much more! This episode is strictly pop-culture so sit back, relax and enjoy a candid conversation between two...


Ep. #5: Is It Okay To Be Friends w/ a Friend’s Ex?

Olivia + Arden dive head first into discussing pop-culture on this episode of NNFP! They discuss the Super Bowl (no actual football talk of course), JT, Kim K and more! Then they discuss their “Pet Peeve of the Week” (9:45) in their popular new-ish segment. Today’s discussion is about the question “Is it okay to be friends with a friend’s ex?” - (13:00) listen in and hear what the ladies of NNFP think of this one as they tie personal stories into the equation. Every Tuesday on Instagram...


Episode #4: Do Platonic Friendships Really Work?

Olivia + Arden are discussing platonic friendships and they have a lot to say! First they discuss Aziz Ansari as he has recently been accused of sexual misconduct then Arden shares psychic predictions that were shared from a Raleigh radio show (G105) and some of the predictions were jaw dropping. Stay inside Alex Trebek! The girls are back with the segment “Pet Peeve of The Week” and discuss something that has really ticked them off over the last week! Send in any stories or questions...


Episode #3: Can You Really Be Friends With An Ex?

Olivia + Arden discuss the question, “Can you really be friends with an ex?”, and debate each side of the complicated question. Naturally, they go back in time and discuss if Ross + Rachel (yes, from FRIENDS) were in fact “on a break” because let’s face it, they are the ultimate example of both how this can and cannot work. The girls also read listener emails and attempt to give them good advice on handling their issue. Do you need any friendship or relationship advice? Arden + Olivia...


Episode #2: No New Toxic Friends

Olivia + Arden discuss their views on handling a toxic friend and/or significant other. They discuss how to know that you are in a toxic friendship or relationship and a safe way to get yourself out of one all while adding a few personal stories to the mix. Arden + Olivia also introduce a brand new segment, “Pet Peeve of The Week” where they each share one thing during their week that really got under their skin. Use the hashtag #NNFP to tell us your pet peeve this week! Do you need any...


Episode #1: Losing Our Podcasting Virginity

On the very first episode of No New Friends, Olivia + Arden tell their listeners how they met, why they call this podcast “No New Friends”, discuss maintaining a healthy friendship (with the help from a recent Buzzfeed article) and they answer two listener emails! Arden + Olivia help James deal with an awkward encounter with a new girlfriend and an anonymous listener has a really sad and hurtful problem with a long-term bestie. Listen as the girls discuss their New Years Eve (no matter how...

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COMING SOON: No New Friends Podcast with your hosts, Olivia + Arden. Listen as two-long term friends discuss everything that's anything from friendships to relationships, pop culture + much more! Tune in every Tuesday for new episodes! Follow us on social media: Twitter @nonewfriendspod Instagram @nonewfriendspodcast And please email us with any stories about your best friend or crappy ex. Send in all questions and stories to