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Love Money Tax Strategies

Your tax strategy can save you thousands of dollars but it’s only as good as your tax preparer. In some cases your tax strategy can make or break your financial plan. As you become wealthier your taxes can become more complicated. The more money you make the more taxes you pay, right? Maybe not… We talk to Enrolled Agent, Larisa Humphery to answer the tax strategy questions many couples and business owners have. Tax time can cause stress if you are unprepared or not sure what you are...


Love Money Credit Card Offers

Society will have you believe that you are a bad person if you use a credit card. The truth is there is a healthy way to use credit and an irresponsible way to utilize credit. Our guest Jason Dittforth from USAA tells us the difference. He breaks down what you should look for in a credit card and how you should use them. He also tells his love and money story that included buying a fancy car that he later regret.#creditcardoffers For More Information Go...


Love Money Life Addition w/ Leah Marshall

A conversation with a friend can clear up some of life’s complexities. My good friend Leah Marshall and I love to discuss life challenges by breaking down an episode of something we’ve watched that we found valuable. This week we discuss Red Table Talk featuring Will & Jada Smith getting super real about their marriage- what fuels it, what’s ruptured it, and the glue that holds it together. We open up the episode discussing masculine and feminine energy and bring awareness to how we have...


Love Money Insurance with Marc Turim

Confused by insurance quotes? Are you trying to save 15% or more or are you more concerned about having the right amount for your situation? So many people are confused about how much insurance they need and even more confused by how to use it. It’s easy to get an insurance quote but not as easy to determine which quote makes sense for your life. Whether it’s auto, home, life, long-term care, or disability insurance my guest, Marc Turim, can explain it to you. Almost 40 years in marriage...


Love Money Surviving Domestic Violence

We talk to a domestic violence survivor with a unique story of financial, emotional, and verbal abuse. Our guest Monica talks about how people thought her husband was “Prince Charming” because they couldn’t see her internal scars and bruises. It’s not always about the external scars and bruises, sometimes there are internal wounds. An Allstate Representatives also joins us. She tells us what Allstate Foundation’s Purple Purse campaign is all about and ways we can help. Ashley Horner was...


Domestic Violence Awareness

In honor of domestic violence awareness month a portion of every Prosperity Club purchase will go to Allstate foundations purple purse. Our goal is to raise $10,000 and donate it to Allstate Foundation’s Purple Purse to assist domestic violence survivors in becoming more financially aware. We will also donate one Prosperity Club membership a month to a survivor and help them navigate the money cycle to reach their true heart’s desire. ALL OF THIS WILL BE IN THE SHOW...


Love Money Travel Rewards with Brad Barrett of ChooseFI

You are now free to move about the country…make that the world and in this travel reward episode we tell you how. Brad Barrett of ChooseFi podcast and tell his travel reward success stories plus he shares all the details and simplifies it for us travel reward newbies. Would you like to travel for free? For More Information Please Go To:


Love Money Stress Free with Chris Peach

What brings you stress? For many people money is the leading cause of stress. It’s also the number one reason couples get divorced. How would it feel to be stress free when it comes to money? How would it feel for the money and love to just flow in your relationship? Sound impossible? Well Chris Peach of Money Peach talks about his money journey and gives actionable steps to reach financial flow. For More Information Go To:


Love Money Business Ownership with Paul and Sherene Vasey

Navigating marriage is hard enough with money, time constraints, and disagreements. Try throwing a business into the mix. What about two businesses? That can make it really complicated. We talk with Paul and Sherene Vasey who both own businesses about the joys and pains of running a business in a marriage. Learn how they have been able to juggle the business and love in their marriage. For More Information Go To:


LOVE MONEY TEAMWORK with Elle Martinez of Couple Money

Teamwork makes the financial dream work, would you agree? So why do so many couples want to keep their finances separate? Do you think they are dodging a money fight? Do they feel they can reach their dreams faster this way? Maybe…but it’s just not true. Elle Martinez from Couple Money and I talk about some of the myths and benefits of combining finances. For More Information Go To:


Love Money Frustration with Jill Emanuel

From financially frustrated to financial coach, Jill Emanuel shares her real life financial therapy success story. Jill and her husband hit bottom after they both tried to use their debt cards only to discover there was nothing left. A dual income family, with six figure salaries coming in, yet they still couldn’t keep up with their spending habits. Jill admitted she cried through her whole first financial coaching session but is happy to report she smiles as she helps others gain the...



Are you a millennial wife or fiancé? Are you afraid your relationship isn’t as perfect as everyone else’s? Tia Davidson felt the same way when she realized that marriage was not a fairytale. Tia’s husband Travis also joins us to give the male point of view on marriage expectations. We talk about marriage myths plus the support group Tia started called Millennial Wives Club. The club is for wives juggling self, home, and work. Hear her story and get tips on how to navigate your own...


Love, Money, Forsaking All Others

Forsaking all other, did your vows say that? What does that mean to you? Did you know that statement included parents, friends, and even children? We hear from (Khary Lewis from episode 12 mother), Gloria Lewis, retired Big Brothers, Big Sisters CEO about her strategy for putting the marriage first for over 46 years. She gives couples practical advise on how to be flexible and accepting even in the painful moments. Oh and here is a hint, Gloria says you may get your heart broken at some...


Love Money Second Marriage Same Person with Khary Lewis

Does love hurt? Well it did for this couple the first time around. And despite the pain of their short marriage and divorce they decided to try it again. Khary Lewis talks about the pain and the power in marriage and why he decided to marry the same woman for a second time. He also discusses how he listens to his parents now who have been married for 46 years. They help him understand what to expect in a successful marriage. For More...


Love Money Kids Later with Annie Coffman

When is it the right time financially to start a family? Can children ruin the love in marriage? Is it better to wait or jump right in to having children? Many couples conflict over when to have children or to have children at all. Anne Coffman a new mom talks about her experience with marriage and how she and her husband waited until they could mentally and emotionally afford children rather than just focusing on being financially ready. For more details go to :...


Love Money Passion with DeShelle Burrowes

When things are going great in a relationship, it feels beneficial to both partners, but when it’s bad, the couple suffers tremendously, sometimes one more than the other. A power struggle can begin when one person holds out or checks out emotionally. This sort of undermining can cause friction and result in a disconnect; emotionally and physically. When the relationship’s turmoil is heavy, the communication needs to be increased in order to keep the bond. When the bond is broken it can...


Love Money Abuse in Marriage with Porsha Jones

A happy marriage is less about what we have and more about who we are becoming together. We speak to Porsha Jones Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist about ways to connect as a couple to avoid divorce. We also discuss how to avoid abuse and control that can come with an unhealthy marriage. In our last episode we discussed using a mental illness to control a relationship. In this episode, we talk about using invisible weapons like money, status, or emotional attachment to...


Love Money Mental Health, with Suzanne Maiden

Psychotherapist Suzanne Maiden helps breakdown the factors and the necessity behind seeking therapy. This discussion is focused on the mental health issues of children and how a parent learns to block out their own personal problems to stay boxed in a space of denial. For more information, visit the show notes at


Love Money Students with Bill Dwight of FamZoo

Teaching your children good money habits can be difficult. Not everyone has an accounting degree or even good money habits themselves. So how do you teach children good money habits when you are still trying to figure it out? Our guest created a money tacking system for his family to keep. Bill Dwight's goal was to tame what he called, the “family zoo.” He later turned his project into a business (FamZoo) to help families, like yours, gain control over the family budget while teaching...


Love Money Retirement, with Kevin and Matti Williams

Do you wonder if you will ever be able to retire? So did this couple, especially when they lost hundreds of thousands of dollars of value in their 401k accounts during the financial crisis. Matti became nervous and started watching her accounts daily, but this behavior only made her more anxious. Matti and Kevin Williams share their story on how they set their retirement plan and stuck with it even when the markets failed.