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Beauty Revealed Not Applied With Kim Roxie

Where does beauty come from and who decided what’s beautiful? Beauty is revealed not applied is the motto for a cosmetic company called LAMIK beauty. The CEO Kim Roxie talks about how women are becoming more conscious about what they have on the inside as well as what they put on the outside of their bodies. Men don’t want a woman who is made up, they want a woman who is grown up. For episode notes and more resources go to:


Your Relationship with Confidence

Studies show that women are competent but not confident. Bernie Dixon retired Army officer and corporate executive shares her research and her strategy for helping female CEOs build million dollar businesses. After failing at become an angel investor to female CEO because she couldn’t find them, she committed herself to training them and investing in them with her knowledge, wisdom, and network. Bernie explains to us what women need to succeed in business ownership and how to play the long...


Balancing Feminine And Masculine Confidence

Whose more confident, whose stronger, whose better, men or women? It’s hard to say because there are benefits in both feminine and masculine energy. Society has filled our heads with stereotypes and judgments so we begin to believe that one is better than the other. These stereotypes and ideas get in the way of our connection.The questions I answer in this mini course are, do these ideas really serve us and our they really true? I also address a way of seeing masculine and feminine...


Having Tough Conversations

What’s your idea of prosperity? Are you still trying to figure it out? Andy and I can help you with this today. We also discuss the Marriage Money Mission and how to set core values for your relationship. They say marriage is hard, we say marriage takes effort. With a few key lessons and a strong support system in place you can stay happily married. Check out this episode and learn something you can start using today to improve your marriage. Check out our episode notes here:...


Overcoming Financial Infidelity with Paul Golden of NEFE

Have you ever deceived your partner or been deceived by a partner financially? Do you keep some of your money moves a secret from your partner because you feel judged? We call this financial infidelity. The numbers are startling, many couples are experience financial infidelity right now. February is the month of love and feeling more confident financially and romantically can help cut down on the stress and frustration many couples feel, that causes financial infidelity. We talk with Paul...


Dating with Dignity with Marni Battista

Are you attracting what you really want in your life? If not, do you know what’s blocking you? Marni Battista, talks about finding yourself before you find your partner…and you can do this, even if you are already married. Women, have you been confusing your man with mixed messages about what you really want because you don’t really know? Men, have you been sitting back waiting for your woman to pull your true emotions out of you? On this episode we explain how to attract a quality man,...


Your Most Important Relationship

How would you answer this question, who is the most important person in your life? Your children, your parents, your spouse, your pet? Find out who Kiné says is the most important person in your life. Get tools on how to cultivate and enhance the most important relationship. You know the answer but your likely not living the answer. Listen to this episode and allow yourself or give yourself permission to be vulnerable and love this person fully and completely. You will be so glad you...


Favorite Love And Money Books

Want to grow together with your partner rather than apart? Whether audible, hardback, or paperback reading is a great way to stay on the same page (yup, I said it) financially and romantically. When you continue to learn together you grow together. Andy and I discuss our favorite love and money books and a few other tips to help you gain or maintain confidence in your relationship.


Time After Time with Tom Evans

Are you overwhelmed by your schedule, wishing there was more time? We are programmed to hate time.Time can be the enemy if you don’t know how to use it. Improve your relationship with time with this episode. Tom will breakdown how timefulness can work in your favor. Stop letting time stress you out. Take control, learn to Control the Controllable. Believe it or not, you can control time and Tom tells us how. For More Info Go To:


Holistic Healing With Amy

Did you make resolutions this year about your health, wellness, fitness or nutrition? Want to know how to keep them? Learn how to turn your resolution into a lifestyle. You don’t have to fail at your resolutions again…you can make it this time. Just follow the steps in this episode as Amy guides us and informs us on how to make getting yourself and your children or a healthier lifestyle. The tips in this episode are so easy to implement and remember. You will be surprised but relieved at...


Love Your Life

Society has lied to you and lead you to believe that everyone has the key to happiness except you. It’s just not true. This episode is a mini course to help you to stop comparing and start repairing your mindset, your money, your relationships, and your life. For Full Show Notes Go To:


Love Money Q and A

We are nearing the end of the 4th quarter, which is a time of reflection and goal setting to gear up for 2019. People usually self-evaluate what changes are necessary to receive the best out their life. Today is a Q&A episode that focuses on different life scenarios that require logical thought. Kine is joined by Andy Hill and together they go through a couple of questions from the Facebook group and give advice to listeners. Between navigating the car buying process and dealing with...


Love Money Tax Strategies

Your tax strategy can save you thousands of dollars but it’s only as good as your tax preparer. In some cases your tax strategy can make or break your financial plan. As you become wealthier your taxes can become more complicated. The more money you make the more taxes you pay, right? Maybe not… We talk to Enrolled Agent, Larisa Humphery to answer the tax strategy questions many couples and business owners have. Tax time can cause stress if you are unprepared or not sure what you are...


Love Money Credit Card Offers

Society will have you believe that you are a bad person if you use a credit card. The truth is there is a healthy way to use credit and an irresponsible way to utilize credit. Our guest Jason Dittforth from USAA tells us the difference. He breaks down what you should look for in a credit card and how you should use them. He also tells his love and money story that included buying a fancy car that he later regret.#creditcardoffers For More Information Go...


Love Money Life Addition w/ Leah Marshall

A conversation with a friend can clear up some of life’s complexities. My good friend Leah Marshall and I love to discuss life challenges by breaking down an episode of something we’ve watched that we found valuable. This week we discuss Red Table Talk featuring Will & Jada Smith getting super real about their marriage- what fuels it, what’s ruptured it, and the glue that holds it together. We open up the episode discussing masculine and feminine energy and bring awareness to how we have...


Love Money Insurance with Marc Turim

Confused by insurance quotes? Are you trying to save 15% or more or are you more concerned about having the right amount for your situation? So many people are confused about how much insurance they need and even more confused by how to use it. It’s easy to get an insurance quote but not as easy to determine which quote makes sense for your life. Whether it’s auto, home, life, long-term care, or disability insurance my guest, Marc Turim, can explain it to you. Almost 40 years in marriage...


Love Money Surviving Domestic Violence

We talk to a domestic violence survivor with a unique story of financial, emotional, and verbal abuse. Our guest Monica talks about how people thought her husband was “Prince Charming” because they couldn’t see her internal scars and bruises. It’s not always about the external scars and bruises, sometimes there are internal wounds. An Allstate Representatives also joins us. She tells us what Allstate Foundation’s Purple Purse campaign is all about and ways we can help. Ashley Horner was my...


Domestic Violence Awareness

In honor of domestic violence awareness month a portion of every Prosperity Club purchase will go to Allstate foundations purple purse. Our goal is to raise $10,000 and donate it to Allstate Foundation’s Purple Purse to assist domestic violence survivors in becoming more financially aware. We will also donate one Prosperity Club membership a month to a survivor and help them navigate the money cycle to reach their true heart’s desire. ALL OF THIS WILL BE IN THE SHOW...


Love Money Travel Rewards with Brad Barrett of ChooseFI

You are now free to move about the country…make that the world and in this travel reward episode we tell you how. Brad Barrett of ChooseFi podcast and tell his travel reward success stories plus he shares all the details and simplifies it for us travel reward newbies. Would you like to travel for free? For More Information Please Go To:


Love Money Stress Free with Chris Peach

What brings you stress? For many people money is the leading cause of stress. It’s also the number one reason couples get divorced. How would it feel to be stress free when it comes to money? How would it feel for the money and love to just flow in your relationship? Sound impossible? Well Chris Peach of Money Peach talks about his money journey and gives actionable steps to reach financial flow. For More Information Go To: