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A few of my favorite things that make life more enjoyable

I already know you love podcast, so in this episode I share a few mine. I will also share a few books, apps, and videos that have shaped my business and guide my everyday activity. There is no magic bullet to success. The key to success is layered. One of those layers is learning…but more importantly unlearning. In order to unlearn the negative programming society gave you (without your permission) you have to put new information in. The resources I give you in this episode will help you do...


Presidential Lifestyle progress check Q2

You know how we say hard work is not the key to success at Presidential Lifestyle? Well today I want to share with you what is. Progress… If you track your progress you are more likely to succeed. Tracking your progress helps you get a clear picture of what’s going well, what’s not working, and what challenges might block your success. When you have this clarity you can succeed. I share my journey this quarter and I give you tips on how to improve your tracking and your overall progress....


Declare Your Independence From These 3-Things

Do you feel stuck sometimes? Well this episode is a little activation to help you get unstuck. I invite you to release the top 3-things distracting many business owners. Make this Independence Day the beginning of your journey to freedom. The road map is inside this episode. Listen now and share it with a business owner that could benefit from this 5-Minute Activation. Even if you only choose one to conquer, you are still on your way to freedom. That’s all it takes to break free is one small...


My Shift, My Story, My Gift

Shift happens…especially when you are in business. It can be a gift or it can be a burden, it’s all in how you frame it. Listen now to find out how to see your shift as a gift rather than a burden. I’ll also share more about my business journey and give you tools you can take away to enjoy your journey more. Plus, I am going to give you a gift at the end. Yes, it will be valuable and worth your time. Listen now. For complete episode notes go to Are you a coaching...


How to declutter your life and your business with Leann Pruett

Marie Kondo became a trend over the past year with her Netflix show “Tidying Up” where she helps families unite by clearing their physical space. Well Marie Konti doesn’t have anything on our guest today, Leann Pruett. Leann teaches business owners how to get out of their own way and ace their space. She does this by not only helping them to decluttering their office, but also their mindset, so they can take their business from cluttered to clear and full of clients and customers. For...


Using Belief To Grow Your Business

Some say business is hard, but in this episode we talk about what makes it easier. Agatha Achindu went from a 6-figure salary to choosing between walking to the grocery store with her last $10 or putting gas in her car. That didn’t stop her or send her back to corporate America because that’s the sacrifice she was willing to make for her passion and purpose. Let’s dig deep into knowing if the business you are starting is really your passion or if you should keep your day job. For complete...


Do These 3-Things To Reduce Stress And Hard Work

“I can’t wait to grow up and work hard”…said no kid ever. If we are honest with ourselves, nobody really wants to work hard. Give our all, do our best, give full effort, yes all of those, but not hard work. We learned the idea that hard work was the key to success from society, but it’s a lie. It’s negative programming. Stop listening to quotes about hard work and listen to this episode now. I’ll prove to you that society is lying to you and I’ll tell you the real key to success, but first...


Don’t Want To Be Another Failed Marriage

Is it true that love is all you need to be happy in a relationship…or is money an important part of the equation? A listener questions how to combine her husband’s philosophy that “love is all you needs” with her philosophy that financial security and love create a comfortable future. Andy Hill and I answer this question with deep thought and a little humor. Check it out now. For full episode notes go to Share this episode with a friend who may have this same...


Your Relationship With Anxiety With Natalie Kohlhaas, LPC

What do you do when you feel anxiety, you try to get it to go away right? Did you know that anxiety could be a good thing? We judge anxiety and anxious people as bad, but when we use anxiety to our benefit it can be rewarding. Sound crazy? Listen to this episode with Licensed Professional Counseling, Natalie Kohlhaas as she explains how anxiety can be helpful and breaks down each part of anxiety so you can understand it better. For full episode notes go to...


Your Relationship With Hope With Dr. Stephanie Rimka

Have you given up hope in reaching your goals? Whether it’s body image or financial image who we think we are and how we think others see us affects our mental health. Dr. Stephanie Rimka, a brain optimization expert, talks about all the health aspects that can chip away at your hope in health and she shares tips to restore hope with actionable ideas. For More Information Go To:


What It Takes To Reprogram Your Brain

You’ve been programmed to repeat the same patterns. Do you believe me? If not, that’s probably your program running. Did you know that 80% of our daily thoughts are the same? That’s why we keep doing the same things expecting a different result. You don’t have to live that way. You can train your brain for change. This month is Mental Health Awareness month, and it’s my goal to give you tools you can use to improve your mental health. This episode will get you started. Listen now. For...


A Couples Personal Experience With Financial Therapy

Their marriage and money improved after experiencing financial therapy. Last year we spoke to Victoria and Greg Goebel about their personal experience with financial therapy. Victoria hadn’t looked at the couple’s finances in many years, until one day she decided she wanted to be more involved. Greg had been carrying the weight of making sure the family reached their financial goals and was feeling stressed about it. The couple went through Dave Ramsey’s program but that did not change their...


How Companies Can Help Employees with Money Stress with Michael Dickey

Some employees can barely make it to work because they awaken with money stress each morning. So they take off work, but taking days off work causes more money stress. Employees do it anyway, because they don’t know what else to do. The companies, who are also losing money from employee’s absences, don’t know how to help, but it doesn’t mean they don’t want to. We explore ways companies can help their employees with money stress. It starts with awareness, but what do employees and employers...


Millennial Money Makeover With Conor Richardson

Money rules have changed but the money books haven’t. So how can you win at the money game when you don’t have the right rulebook? You can’t. Maybe that’s why reports show that Millennials are unhappy financially. Conor Richardson says, “Millennials have new money challenges that their parents and grandparents didn’t have.” He walks you through the changes and helps you to prioritize paying off debt and saving. Listen now. For full episode notes go to Be sure to...


Dealing With Money Stress With Mandyy Thomas

Many of us are stressed financially and it shows in our sleep patterns, our eating habits, and even in our bodies. We don’t need anyone to tell us that we are stress, what we need is someone to tell us the cause and how to deal with the stress. Mandyy Thomas is a the #1 Wealth and Wellness Coach at Presidential Lifestyle. With a masters degree in nutrition and experience in financial coaching, she coaches high income earning professionals who are stressed and unhealthy, helping them repair...


Is It OK For Couples To Have Separate Bank Accounts

Is it ok for a couple to have separate accounts? There are pros and cons to this decision and we will discuss them today. Another question we will address is, “does the person who handles the money have the most power in the relationship.” Couples sometimes fight over who should handle the money in the relationship or whether it is best for each to handle their own relationship. Andy has his views and Kiné has hers. What’s yours? Listen to this episode and comment. With a few key lessons and...


Beauty Revealed Not Applied With Kim Roxie

Where does beauty come from and who decided what’s beautiful? Beauty is revealed not applied is the motto for a cosmetic company called LAMIK beauty. The CEO Kim Roxie talks about how women are becoming more conscious about what they have on the inside as well as what they put on the outside of their bodies. Men don’t want a woman who is made up, they want a woman who is grown up. For episode notes and more resources go to:


Your Relationship with Confidence

Studies show that women are competent but not confident. Bernie Dixon retired Army officer and corporate executive shares her research and her strategy for helping female CEOs build million dollar businesses. After failing at become an angel investor to female CEO because she couldn’t find them, she committed herself to training them and investing in them with her knowledge, wisdom, and network. Bernie explains to us what women need to succeed in business ownership and how to play the long...


Balancing Feminine And Masculine Confidence

Whose more confident, whose stronger, whose better, men or women? It’s hard to say because there are benefits in both feminine and masculine energy. Society has filled our heads with stereotypes and judgments so we begin to believe that one is better than the other. These stereotypes and ideas get in the way of our connection.The questions I answer in this mini course are, do these ideas really serve us and our they really true? I also address a way of seeing masculine and feminine...


Having Tough Conversations

What’s your idea of prosperity? Are you still trying to figure it out? Andy and I can help you with this today. We also discuss the Marriage Money Mission and how to set core values for your relationship. They say marriage is hard, we say marriage takes effort. With a few key lessons and a strong support system in place you can stay happily married. Check out this episode and learn something you can start using today to improve your marriage. Check out our episode notes here:...