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68. How To Set Goals That Are Free From Stress - Part 1

Have you ever had an obstacle that got in the way of your target? Of course. We all have. So what do you do when you think you will miss your target? You get stressed, I'm guessing. This is a reality many high-achievers face, but don't always have someone to talk to about it. In this episode, we are not talking about goal setting. You are a don't need that. Listen now and you'll get the four W’s to help you get around obstacles, so you can hit those targets free from...


67. What to do when you can't talk to the people around you.

What do you do when you feel isolated because you can’t talk to the people around you about your life’s purpose or passion? This is a question asked by many high-achiever. There is a way to handle both yourself and the people around you when you are having trouble connecting. We go deep into this challenge and a few more that high-achievers experience. Listen to this episode now and let us know what questions you have. We may answer yours on the next episode. For more episode notes go to...


66. Collaborating To Overcome Domestic And Financial Abuse – Part 2

Does your home feel safe or scary? Do you wonder if you will be sucker punched verbally or physically? You may not, but millions of people are afraid in their own homes because of domestic and financial abuse. Your home should feel like a safe place, when it doesn’t it can cause fear and anxiety. I’ve worked with men and women who have been abused and who have been the abusers. You may have seen a Lifetime Movie about it, but for some, it’s not a move…it’s real life. In this episode we...


65. Collaborating To Overcome Domestic And Financial Abuse – PT1

Power comes in all shapes and sizes, but what do you do when your power has been taken away from you? This happens in the workplace, but it also happens domestically. In this episode we talk to Bettina Benson of Chloe Kristyn about both. She’ll tell us how to own your power without losing your feminine side as well as how to know if you’ve lost your power to domestic abuse. This month is domestic abuse awareness month. Bettina and I are collaborating with AVLF, Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers...


64. Acceptance: It’s Not Changing, So Just Accept It

How many times have you tried to change your habits just to end up back at square one? Better yet, how many times have you expected someone else to change and gotten disappointed because they didn’t? Maybe it’s time to accept yourself, flaws and all, as you grow. No need to beat yourself up…just get on the path to healing. As you know you can’t change people, so go ahead and allow them to grow even if it is slow growth. In this episode we talk about how to do just that. We also talk about...


63. Presidential Lifestyle Update: New Hire, New Products

Tracking progress is the key to success. The only way of knowing how close you are to your target is to track and measure. At Presidential Lifestyle we bring you our quarterly updates because we want you on this journey with us as we grow, scale, and fall deeper in love with this business. We want to be a shining example to you of what to do, but also what not to do. You can learn from the lessons we’ve learned and you can celebrate our wins with us. As we show you the wins and the...


62. Let Go And Let God Take Control

Despite what society tells you, hard work is not the key to success. There is so much more to the formula that will add up to your success and one of the components is rest. Did you know that rest is when your brain and body repair? Today, I am announcing what we are referring to as a “Presidential Pause.” In this episode I tell you what a Presidential Pause is and I tell you why it’s important. Learn how to take your own Presidential Pause, I walk you through the steps. Listen then go ahead...


Tips To Recession Proof Your Life And Your Business

Did you make money during the real estate boom? Do you still have any of it? Many of us, including myself, gained and lost during the real estate boom. I learned a valuable lesson during that time. It’s a lesson that I share with my tribe on a regular basis in my community. And a lesson I’ll share with you today. It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep and I wanna give you 10-tips to help you keep your hard earned dollars and investments. Get the foundation you need to make it through the...


Self-Awareness: What Do You Like About Yourself

I bet if I asked you what you like about your friends, family, mate, or even children, you could tell me with certainty. But what if I asked you what you like about yourself…sometimes answering that question takes longer. Have you spent countless hours analyzing your friends, family, mate, or even children? Do you know them like the back of your hand? Maybe you can tell them what they’re going to do before they even do it. That’s incredible. How do you do that? Can you do that for yourself...


Manifest Confidence And Anything Else You Want

Think positive and everything will be awesome, right? Wrong! Many people think manifestation and the law of attraction are about positive thinking. Guess what, positive thinking is a small part of it but there is something bigger. We talk all about it in this episode and give you a clear path to manifest confidence, your idea of prosperity, or anything else you want in life and business. You are already a powerful manifestor, you’re just manifesting what you don’t want. Listen and find out...


A Wealth Of Confidence

Insecurity and self-consciousness get in the way of feeling confident and successful. How many times have you compared yourself to someone else or felt like you were competing for your place in life? Too many, I’m guessing. This episode will help you better understand why you compete and compare yourself to others. It will also give you the keys to clear up some of your confusion, so you can have more self-confidence rather than self-consciousness. Listen now and get the confidence boost...


What Is Hypnotherapy And Who Can Benefit From It

Many people think hypnosis is mind control…it’s not. Unless you count the fact that you will have more control over your own mind. They say that doing the same thing expecting a definition result is the definition of insanity. What if I told you it’s really the definition of humanity. Humans are wired to go toward familiar even if it hurts them or does not serve them. If you are stuck in a pattern that does not serve you, you may be a good candidate for hypnosis. You can stop the old habits...


Biggest Fears And How To Overcome Them

We are born with 2-fears, the fear of loud noises and the fear of falling. Any other fear is learned. Yes even your biggest fear. It may feel like you were born with it but you weren’t. You picked it from somewhere and it’s time to put it down. Here are ways to overcome your fears and give yourself the courage you need to succeed. For more episode notes go to Are you ready to conquer the fear that’s blocking you from turning your service-based business into a...


Move Toward Your Dreams With Brielle Friedman

Are you feeling stuck? Do you know what it takes to get unstuck? My guest and I have some ideas on how to move toward your dreams. Brielle Friedman says moving toward your dreams starts with moving your body. In order to get unstuck you have to take a step. It doesn’t have to be big and it doesn’t have to be graceful. Clumsy steps count too. If you are worried, concerned, or too fearful to take the next step, the ideas in this episode can help you move from next big idea to latest...


What's Not On Your Resume?

What’s not on your resume is a question I ask professionals I work with who are either stuck in the past or too far in the future. I’ll reveal a few small changes you can make to update your life resume as well as your professional resume. Are you stuck in the past or are you daydreaming so much about the future that you can’t get anything done? Want to get more things on your resume and be proud about the things that are on there now? Listen to this episode now. For more episode notes go...


Why You Need To Follow Your Dreams With Tarah Gee - EP53

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s most memorable speech is, “I Have a Dream.” He died living his dream and it’s still alive today. Are your dreams alive or are you letting them fade away? Well, I’m here to revive your dream and get you to take one baby step toward reaching them. My project manager, Tarah Gee and I, have traveled the world in search of our dreams and we want to share with you are strategy for keeping our dreams alive. (Even when it gets tough and confusing.) Let’s breathe some life...


A few of my favorite things that make life more enjoyable

I already know you love podcast, so in this episode I share a few mine. I will also share a few books, apps, and videos that have shaped my business and guide my everyday activity. There is no magic bullet to success. The key to success is layered. One of those layers is learning…but more importantly unlearning. In order to unlearn the negative programming society gave you (without your permission) you have to put new information in. The resources I give you in this episode will help you do...


Presidential Lifestyle progress check Q2

You know how we say hard work is not the key to success at Presidential Lifestyle? Well today I want to share with you what is. Progress… If you track your progress you are more likely to succeed. Tracking your progress helps you get a clear picture of what’s going well, what’s not working, and what challenges might block your success. When you have this clarity you can succeed. I share my journey this quarter and I give you tips on how to improve your tracking and your overall progress....


Declare Your Independence From These 3-Things

Do you feel stuck sometimes? Well this episode is a little activation to help you get unstuck. I invite you to release the top 3-things distracting many business owners. Make this Independence Day the beginning of your journey to freedom. The road map is inside this episode. Listen now and share it with a business owner that could benefit from this 5-Minute Activation. Even if you only choose one to conquer, you are still on your way to freedom. That’s all it takes to break free is one small...


My Shift, My Story, My Gift

Shift happens…especially when you are in business. It can be a gift or it can be a burden, it’s all in how you frame it. Listen now to find out how to see your shift as a gift rather than a burden. I’ll also share more about my business journey and give you tools you can take away to enjoy your journey more. Plus, I am going to give you a gift at the end. Yes, it will be valuable and worth your time. Listen now. For complete episode notes go to Are you a coaching...