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Who Do You Belong To?

I recorded this podcast right after I finished Brene Brown's book "Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone". I believe if you want to belong in relationship, you must first belong to yourself. There was a time I didn't, and once I did, I met my match.


Listening and Learning: A Listener's Delicate Experience

Host Amy Loftus shares her answers to questions that a listener has regarding a delicate family situation in which she gave her partner permission to find a sexual companion after having a baby, and now feels confused about her decision. Rational communication, validation of experience, and negotiation through taking responsibility for the self and honoring inner energies are represented.


OK2BKRZ: Yin (Feminine) and Yang (Masculine) Behaviors

My elementary school nieces visited my studio last summer and weighed in briefly on their experience of their feminine energy- I thought it may inspire. In this episode I go into my experience opening up to spiritual solutions as I entered a constant conversation with the Universe, (or Source as you understand it, whatever you call it.) I believe it communicates back! I highly recommend you try it. As you nurture your awareness and consciousness around masculine and feminine energies, I...


Which Energy is Prominent for You? Take the Quiz!

In this episode, host Amy Loftus goes in depth into a few questions from the quiz and answer key she developed based on research, and experience with coaching women. If you are flip flopping or confused on which behaviors match the corresponding inner energy of masculine or feminine (we are all both, but one is prominent) then not only will the quiz clarify, the answer key will explain everything. All you have to do is sign up for the mailing list and you can take it, and if you are...


Healing Judgement

My definition of prosperity is attracting and experiencing the fulfillment that is meant for you. I find that there is an energetic quality to judgement that can block you from that fulfillment. In this episode I go into the feminine energy principle of internal reflection on being your own witness to sitting in judgement of someone else, so you can heal and release the tendency. I believe careful listening and receptivity to concepts that heal are a part of the process to attracting and...


Spirituality Brought to you By Being Human

I’m way more interested in being human than I am in being spiritual, and as a result…I find myself experiencing life from a much more spiritual perspective, with a lot more compassion and patience. The passage that inspired this podcast is something that Lama Surya Das, the "Buddha from Brooklyn" passed on to us, which I share in the episode because it illustrates to me what a practice of being human looks like. Give yourself a break, if you weren't meant to accept yourself as a fallible...


The Tao of Tango with Johanna Siegmann

Author, photographer and tango dancer Johanna Siegmann joins Something Better to kick off Season 2 by sharing her personal experience of masculine and feminine energies regardless of gender through learning and dancing the Tango. After coming to consciousness around the balance of her feminine and masculine energies, she attracted her present partner and they have been together for 20 years. Johanna's book "The Tao of Tango" is easy to purchase from Amazon on the website book page. Let us...


Thanks for a Great Season One

Amy does a recap of the year's personal experiences after one year of weekly podcasting, thanks listeners for their participation, and emphasizes the most important principles introduced in Season 1. Do you want to be a SB Ambassador for a live event in your town? Would you attend an SB event in your town? If so, email Amy at Tickets for the event mentioned where Amy is singing on Sept 22, 2018:


Girlfriend Talk with Ronnie

Ronnie was a top model for decades and ran a modeling agency. She is still in fashion and is also a life coach, an advocate for youth and anti-bullying. Ronnie is a surrendered wife and an empowered woman and her no nonsense approach to self esteem and self love has inspired me for all the years I've known her. I'm thrilled to share her with the podcast.


Masculine and Feminine Principles



Let's Trust in Something Better



Amy Interviews her Husband Oliver

Are you seeking assistance and guidance from someone that has what you want? It's an important question to ask yourself on your journey toward lasting love. I listened to married women on my journey toward finding love, and so I'm offering you what I sought on my journey and posting a glimpse into my marriage on today's podcast.


Empaths and Energy Vampires

Have you ever entered a relationship with someone and questioned their integrity but felt convinced that you will be the one to receive the best of them, despite the questionable motives and behaviors that they have displayed? Have you ever left an encounter with a person and felt like you could fall fast asleep? Have you ever found yourself flooded with surprising emotions at certain moments, and at others, unable to sense what you, yourself are feeling inside? You may be an empath. It's...


Sweetest Surrender

My new album "Sweetest Surrender" is out and in this episode I share some insight and fun facts on a few songs. You can stream it on and find it on itunes, Spotify, Google Music and any digital music retailer July 17. Please let me know your thoughts and feelings...I am hoping to lift the spirits of all of my listeners. Keep me posted, I love hearing from you. *If you're in the Los Angeles area, come to Molly...


Bachelor #2

Bachelor #2 is the first single, masculine man that I have heard from since the podcast started, and with so many feminine females listening, I wanted them to hear a man's perspective to develop an understanding that men go through their own troubles along this journey and there are all kinds of great men out there right now, today.


On Chakras

Consciousness and leaving your comfort zone to find or recover love is a spiritual journey, and it requires viewing your body as a vessel for spiritual growth. Nurturing it and taking care of it starts with how you view your body. Amy teaches about chakras, energy medicine and conscious health.


The 3 Cs with Casella and Grease

Amy's friends Matt Casella and Brendan "Grease" Greeley are back! We caught up with Grease to find out where he is on his journey of practicing masculine energy behaviors in the dating world. They discuss sex without commitment, monogamy, and the 3 Cs: communication, chemistry, and compatibility.


Amy Answers Listener Questions

Amy receives emails from listeners at and this week, answers several questions she has gotten more than once. Questions for feminine energy females are prominent in this episode. Keep the questions coming!


Trust the Process

Host Amy Loftus shares on trusting the process with internal awareness for singles and spouses.


Dream Big from the Inside Out with Ariel Kiley

Amy Loftus met the unforgettable, uncompromising Ariel Kiley when they both attended former guest Jill Miller's Integrative Yoga Tune Up Teacher Training. Ariel left a promising career as an actress in pursuit of the deeper fulfillment she was determined to realize in her life. She found it didn't exist in the acting world for her, despite attractive offers as an entertainer. Now she is teaching others to seek their deep fulfillment by teaching and writing for her expanding therapeutic...