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Girlfriend Talk: Do I Contact Him?

Amy hosts another edition of Girlfriend Talk with her close friend Christy. Together they address (through a lot of laughter) old patterns, how they changed, and the burning question Amy regularly gets from listeners: DO I CONTACT HIM?? Spoiler alert, NO. But then what??? Listen to this, ladies, and you'll know. Spouses too! It doesn't end with marriage. Note to listeners: Trista Sutter, the Bachelorette Amy referred to at the end of the episode to make a point about self-love, is indeed...


An Interview with Claire Bidwell Smith

Claire Bidwell Smith is an author and grief therapist with an incredible story she has openly shared to help others get to the "other side of" grief. She is the author of several books including "The Rules of Inheritance" which we discussed in this episode and also the upcoming "Anxiety: The Missing Stage of Grief" due this fall. Claire not only shares her experience of grief in young adulthood, but she recently found love at 39 and is open about how fearlessly feeling the grief from her...


Rational Communication

Host Amy Loftus reviews principles of rational communication based on strategies taught at the WANT Institute. Conscious, rational communication is essential to successfully negotiating from your chosen prominent energy, masculine or feminine.


Young Men and Healthy Masculinity with Jodie Fratantuno

Jodie Fratantuno, mom and entrepreneur, and my friend is my guest today and we are discussing healthy masculine and feminine energies and our young men. Jodie and I are creating a workshop for young men to discover and develop their inner life which we have been working on since the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. Our mission is to be pro human beings so we will no longer need to be anti anything. Jodie's experience and insight will likely change the way you...


An Interview with Author Laura Doyle

Laura Doyle is the woman who started the worldwide movement of women who practice The Six Intimacy Skills that lead to having amazing, vibrant relationships. She is a New York Times bestselling author whose books have been translated into 17 languages. She founded an international relationship coaching company and has appeared on The Today Show, Good Morning America and The View, and she has her own TV show on Amazon called "Empowering Wives". My favorite part of her bio is "The thing...


An Interview with Gabby Reece

Gabby Reece is a world renowned athlete and a New York Times bestselling author. She's the founder of XPT Life Performance Training with her husband, big wave surfer and Innovator Laird Hamilton, and the mother of three daughters. Her New York Times bestseller "My Foot is Too Big for the Glass Slipper" is on the reading list and was one of the books that inspired the creation of Something Better Podcast. Gabby is grounded, open and conscious of the ordinary...


Online Dating: A Listener's Experience

After a Something Better listener emailed me with questions about operating from feminine energy while dating online I told her I really wanted to do an episode on the unspoken etiquette of dating online and how masculine and feminine energies and principles of consciousness fit into that scenario. Her response was, I know someone you have to interview! That led to this week's episode: Erin shares her experience and she and I discuss online dating and apps and how they fit into the...


On Beauty

Are you comparing yourself to people in magazines? Are you looking in the mirror and criticizing yourself? Please don't. This episode is Amy's interpretation of what beauty is- from the inside out.


Bachelor #1

I interviewed Matt Ciccone because I wanted single girl listeners to hear from a guy who feels just as overwhelmed by online dating as you might. There are a lot of great guys out there who really do want love and a great marriage, and you'll hear from one this week!


Thank You for Sharing

Host Amy Loftus connects with listeners about releasing shame and blocks through sharing what you're keeping inside.


"Just One of the Guys"

This week, a listener called the Google Voiceline *323-999-1536* while I happened to be sitting at my desk. When I saw one message after the other show up from the same number within a 30 minute span, I felt such joy and love for this person who was so willing to just call back again and again and again, to get it all off her chest. (There were 8 total) That is exactly what this show is about!! Let err rip!


Good Air

Host Amy Loftus compiled a list of thoughts on sentiments gathered from 15 years of teaching yoga and meditation to groups and shares it here in a podcast form. Keep in touch via and and the Facebook Page Something Better Podcast


#25 160 Dates

Host Amy Loftus interviews @160dates . A "Something Better gal", she is anonymously sharing her personal journey of exploring self love and self awareness through dating on her Instagram page. She'll undoubtedly find her true match and realize her dream of partnership and children. Her experience, openness and introspection is inspiring. @160dates is downright adorable!! Email questions or comments to and check the website for...


#24 It's Always Working Out for the Better

Host Amy Loftus brought an interesting conversation she recently had with a woman named Nancy to the podcast. They explored lots of ideas, such as focusing on compassion and seeing it from someone else's side in order to consider how men today might actually feel. Sign up for the mailing list on to receive free worksheets on masculine and feminine energies. Email your questions to Amy at


#23 Valentine's Day is Self Love Day

A call to action to email Amy at this six month marker of the podcast! Let her know what you wish to hear more of, and what you've liked so far. Sign up for the email list at and enjoy the free worksheets on the principles of this podcast.


#22 Breaking Up With Your Parents: Becoming YourSelf with Rich Jacques

This week host Amy Loftus is joined by Rich Jacques, a Grammy winning singer/songwriter and producer who produced the song you hear when you tune into the podcast, "Sweetest Surrender"! Rich and Amy consider the idea of "breaking up" with family members or anyone with whom you may be playing out stagnant patterns that block you from realizing your personal relationship dreams and desires.


#21 Gandhi Girl with Diane Avice du buisson

Host Amy Loftus interviews her yoga teacher Diane Avice du buisson, "Durga" of Nashville, TN, who weighs in on the potency of gentle feminine energy, how the relationship with the self is more important than with another, how suffering has the potential to bring you to the kind of discipline that eventually liberates, and her special connection with Led Zeppelin lead singer Robert Plant.


#20 Something Better Principles for Feminine Women "SB HELP"

The principles for empowered feminine singles and spouses are simple and recurring on this podcast, and this week free handouts on the principles are available to you. Host Amy Loftus elaborates on the content of the handouts in this episode. When you download them free of charge, you'll have them written down in front of you with space for your own notes. The handouts are found on the blog, in the corresponding blog with this episode (#20) and are yours when you sign up for the mailing...


#19 #MeToo Part 2 with Alexandra Kyle

After Amy's #MeToo Podcast last week, actress and filmmaker Alexandra Kyle contacted Amy to discuss the issue, and she decided to be a guest! Alexandra "Alix" Kyle shares her experience of creating her short film "Anxiety's Wilma" (out in Feb 2018) and how the necessary conversation about harassment and women in the workplace is shaping her creative path.


#18 Into #Metoo You See

Oprah's Speech at the Golden Globes inspired host Amy Loftus to share her #metoo experiences and begin a conversation from the "grey area" on this delicate topic, and this celebration for women. Life will not ever be the same again. Yes, Time's Up. It's our time. Hear Amy's music on Connect with podcast materials and join the mailing list on email Amy at


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