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Intuitive Healer Michael Frontier

I have spoken to Michael Frontier twice in my life so far and both times I encountered remarkable insights and shifts. I wanted to make his wonderful energy known to my listeners. He also has his own podcast in addition to working as an intuitive healer, and can be found online at . He has been with his husband for over two decades so it was fun to test out inner energies regardless of gender with him! Join our growing online podcast community:...


Unworthiness: The Root of Longing

Lots of women that contact me are caught in some form of longing's elusive trap. These days, busy women can "make a meal" on crumbs of text messages and hope he will come around, because they haven't yet taken the time to do the deep inner work about worthiness. If you find yourself thinking about someone you barely know, or are still caught in a trap of drifting to memories about the one who isn't here now, or even if you fall into mental potholes wishing your spouse would be different,...


The Problem Was Me with Thomas Gagliano

Well, by now you know I love two things: people who take full responsibility for themselves, and direct communication…so you can be sure when I heard Thomas Gagliano say “don't put your crap in your kid’s diaper, it’ll take a lifetime to clean it up” I was determined to have him on the podcast! The author of the book with the same title as this episode, you may also recognize him from Jenny McCarthy’s radio show. Get close to your inner ninja of personal growth with this remarkable author,...


On Radical Trust

Do you trust Life? Trust your Source Energy? Trust yourself? We are often called, when things do not progress as anticipated, to trust a realm beyond our understanding. This episode is about some of my experience around that. Join our growing online podcast community: email Amy: For even more support, join our growing secret FB page by messaging Amy on FB Google...


Redeeming the Father with Adenike Harris

Adenike Harris is an empowerment coach, writer and public speaker. She holds a Master’s Degree in Women’s Studies and is the founder of Restorative Notions. I encountered Adenike at TEDx when I heard her speak and had the privilege of singing a song after her incredibly moving talk, given with her father. I consider her a lightworker, and I was eager to hear from her on personal growth. I believe she will be a comfort and a ray of light for singles and spouses keeping the focus on their...


Behind the Veil with Robert Kandell

Robert Kandell is a speaker, podcaster and bestselling author who has created an international company based on mastering the art of communication—helping men to walk an unhidden path. Amy interviewed him about his book Unhidden: A Book for Men and Those Confused by Them” and other concepts that will help any wife or single woman feel she has gotten a peek into often mystifying territories of romantic life. Find Robert at Join our growing online podcast community:...


Girlfriend Talk with Blaire Ward

Blogger Blaire Ward has reached thousands with her open hearted, vulnerable, honest and inspiring blog. She is coaching (mostly male) singles through the dating process and had loads of insight into the most positive outlook for a single. My chat with her was refreshing and lovely. Find her online here: Join our growing online podcast community:


The Next Brave Thing with Liz Kimball

Liz Kimball “writes and directs things, guides multi-faceted creatives to take next-level leaps” and is The Founder of The Collective for Women Creators. She graciously joined Amy for a fascinating conversation on creating a job based on principles you actually needed for yourself, attending your own lectures, and all kinds of other juicy ideas around the next brave thing you can do. Find her at Join our growing online podcast community:...


Mending While Blending with Naja Hall

Naja Hall is direct, clear and fearlessly telling it like it is about delicate matters. She is a master stepfamily coach, promoting harmony in blended families. I recently heard her on a podcast and was BLOWN AWAY. I felt grateful when she agreed to offer an interview. (She also restarted with me, despite a limited amount of time, after a glitch caused me to lose the 40 minutes we had just recorded!!) Naja offers deep relief through her research, knowledge and ability to communicate. If you...


Amy Loftus on iHub Radio’s "The Good Life" with Kate Zenna

iHub Radio's "The Good Life" is hosted by Kate Zenna, who reached out to Amy with a kindhearted email acknowledging her efforts on the podcast, and that they had resonated with her. This episode is a portion of that lighthearted, fun and enlightening hour on the radio, exploring Kate's background and marriage, masculine and feminine energies, and even taking a caller named Calla who has been dating since a divorce. We are so grateful for "The Good Life" , Kate Zenna and !...


The Wisdom of Anxiety with Sheryl Paul

Informed by the Jungian depth psychological tradition through her graduate training and particularly the work of Marion Woodman and Robert Johnson, Sheryl Paul is a devotee of the unconscious. She says "our culture tells us that anxiety is the problem but the truth is that it’s the distress flare signaling that it’s time to slow down and discover what needs attention in the interior realms of self. When we shift our mindset from one that sees anxiety as the problem and evidence of brokenness...


SB Basics 5: Fulfillment

This episode is the last in a series reviewing podcast principles through Amy's original music. Amy's new album "Keep Me Wild" is live today and the title track, which Amy gives the backstory on, is an embodiment of podcast principles. Listen to the album here: 323-999-1536 Google voicemail Join our "secret" page on FB. Just "like" the Something Better...


SB Basics 4: Grief

I am offering samples of two new songs a week along with a basic podcast principle. Today’s? Grief. Feeling. Letting yourself feel challenging emotions does not have to mean it’s a bad day or you’re a failure. Break open, break through. 323-999-1536 Google voicemail Join our "secret" page on FB. Just "like" the Something Better Podcast FB fan page, and we can invite you upon request. Message Amy for more info.


SB Basics 3: Courage

Host Amy Loftus previews songs from her new album and explains how they relate to the podcast basic concepts and principles 323-999-1536 Google voicemail Join our "secret" page on FB. Just "like" the Something Better Podcast FB fan page, and we can invite you upon request. Message Amy for more info.


SB Basics 2: Surrender

The SB basic podcast principle we are exploring today is SURRENDER, through two of Amy's new songs off her upcoming album. Stepmom listeners: you will not want to miss the song preview of "Fix Something". 323-999-1536 Google voicemail Join our "secret" page on FB. Just "like" the Something Better Podcast FB fan page, and we can invite you upon request. Message Amy for more info.


SB Basics 1: Forgiveness

Amy Loftus previews the first two songs her new album, by using the basic Something Better principle highlighted in the songs- this week, it is forgiveness.


How Do I Spot a Feminine Female?

This episode goes into a description about the attributes of a feminine female. Maybe you'll recognize yourself, or identify some energies and behaviors that are no longer working for you. Maybe some men out there (write me and answer the question I pose for you in this episode, please!) are interested in what to look for. Maybe a feminine energy spouse who has lost touch with her magic and mystery can reclaim it as a result of listening. Call the Google voicemail at 323-999-1536 and let me...


Girlfriend Talk with Laura Nylen

Meet one of my oldest friends, Laura Nylen, and listen in as we pick up exactly where we left off with no gaps. I love this woman!! She is a working mom with a mind pointed toward service and growth, married her high school sweetheart, has three children, and she and her husband Mike are unconditionally loving toward their transgender son. Laura’s Mom Lois had her at 48 and transmitted a sense of curiosity and respect for others, (and openness about all topics…) that we still remember. Laura...


A Conversation with Entrepreneur and Stepmom Lizzie Brown

Lizzie Brown is the creator of groundbreaking app "Yoga Wake Up" and shares a code for you to sample the experience for free at the end of this week's episode. Lizzie is also a stepmom and we got to continue the conversation that began in the episode with Jen Smith, "This is My Love Story".


Are You Cut Out For a Casual Thing?

I have been hearing from women since the first season of SB and the one constant among issues they have shared with me is a fear of facing the truth about being cut out for a casual thing. Admitting that you are not means raising your standards and closing the door on crumbs in order to make room for something better. Often this comes in the form of averting attention from “situationships” so you can graduate to a real relationship. If your deepest desire is a committed relationship, and the...