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Episode 40 Open F'real ( Beyond sex )

Ey YO! we are back at it. This episode we go in to the deep dive of what we mean we we say we are "Open" It is not about having sex with other people. It is freedom to be honest, truthful and create spaces and experiences in your life. Change, grow and expand if you like. Sometimes it includes other people, places and things but the root is within! Many other topics too :)


Ep 39 Reconnecting with you all!

This episode we update the listeners on what's been going on in our lives since the last we spoke! Delving in to topics of how our relationship with our parents can color the relationship within ourselves between our inner child and inner parent. Fascinating stuff! Along with Discipline vs. suppression, allowing self honesty and beyond! Soak it up!


Ep 38 Overstanding Trauma and it's effects

This Episode we go into how trauma and fear disguises it's self in rules and regulations in open relationships, ( in particular but all for sure) and what happens when they go unchecked. We also tie in how we communicate with our kids. How we expect them to communicate and be truthful yet we often times don't offer the same level of honesty. Most of the times due to our own learned habits due to childhood traumas and such. The loops will continue through generations unless we overstand them!


Ep 37 Love Languages

"Love Languages" This episode we go all in to the Love languages. The many ways we communicate love and how we can misinterpret each other's acts of love. Everyone one of us have our own unique, often changing definitions of our words and actions. It goes deep! Plus Yoda shares updates on her growth and inner ponderings. The Origin story is in the works!


Ep 36 Open vs Close state & Legacy Gender Roles

This episode.. Maan.. we tried recording it a different way and it took us almost a week to get this podcast up!! In this episode we go in to Open vs Close states of being I.e. when we operate out of fear vs love. how it effects our perception and reactions. Yulia comes back in the second half and leads the discussion on legacy gender roles and how they effect our styles of relationships and our ability to support and truly have love based motives with each other! Shit ain't easy!


Ep 35 Our Narrative

This episode we talk about how sometimes when we tell our story it turns out to be more of an editorial then a bias account of the story. This can paint people as villains and heros where in reality the heros and villains are more actions and energies. Which all of us have inside of us ( bravery, fear, deciet, anger, trauma) which causes us to act more like a villain at times and heros another. If we aren't careful we start shaping our narratives to paint us in the positive light and...


TBRP "Red Table talks" Review

YO! This is a review of Jada smith's "Red table talks" Pt1 and 2 of "Becoming Mr. and Mrs Smith. It was really cool to see them talk so candidly about their marriage and the shit they had to go through and levels of honesty they had to have with each other to keep their love and companionship alive. Linked here


Ep 34 How does it Really Feel?!

This episode we go add a little color to what feelings, like Jealousy, insecurity, and deciet feel like. Meaning physically feel like. What to do when that neck gets hot or that jittery feeling hits the tummy!? We also recap Bukue's last solo tour and being someone's first connection other than her husband after 30 years!!!!!


Ep 33 Normalize & Inclusion ( Phone tap remix)

This episode we go into one of our latest breakthrough. The epiphany of normalize and inclusion. This combination of these two can open up a whole lane of ease when it comes to creating a wider space in being who we are. It also has the same effect on our relationships! All set to our "On the road" Phone tap set up of recording. It feels like you are listening in to a wire tap!


Ep 32 Back in Effect Yuckin Yums

This episode Tion and Yulia get back at it and set it off with "Don't Yuck my Yum" aka different strokes for different folks!


Ep 31 - Sex vs Sexual Energy

This episode we delve in to the difference between Sex and Sexual Energy. Especially in Yulia's life and her current process! Also in the 2nd half we go deep in to the women's plight with the built in "inner patriarchy" and how us men, help and hinder such plight. Oooh and the vibe got tense on this one for a moment! See if you catch it!


Ep 30 (scenic route)

This episode, we transmit live and direct from Seattle on our lovely family getaway. We discuss Yulia's pet peeves, take questions from you guys and all in between! Soak up, nourish up, and tchune in!



This episode, the Black russian team is back in the saddle, dusted off the gear, took the rocks out of the face from the latest faceplant to give you the a full goodie! We discuss wants, needs and desires. How living our external live based upon wants creates disconnection between what truly motivates us and what we think motivates us. Gaps create mishaps, deceptions and yep FACEPLANTS


Ep 28.5 Breaking Loops

Yulia is sharing intimate details of how the loop of deception and deflection starts, where it takes Tion and how to start working on breaking the loop. Deception is very familiar to all of us - what we choose to do when we recognize it is what makes the difference between being stuck in the loop and hopping off of it.


Ep 26 "Transitions and eras"

This episode we go deep in to transitions, changes and how fucking goofy and awkward we all can be when it comes to those! Tion shares his epiphany that a lot of the times the change doesn't mess up the relationship as much as how we handle each other in the transition. This and a whole lot more of the good good


Ep 25, Soap Box/ Romantic Love

This episode Yulia the park ranger goes in to what can happen when a women gets on the feminst soapbox and momentum takes over and it goes off the rails! Also what the flying fuck is "Romantic Love" this and much more shall be discussed


Ep 24 Poly Trendy

This episode we come live from aucoquelet cafe in berkeley and we go in to how "trendy" Polyamory and non monogamy is these days. It is the in thing and there are false assumptions that if you are "Woke" you should ascend to Non monogamy. NOT TRUE. you are not more or less enlightened regardless of what relationship template! We also ponder why most relationship therapists and workshops are done by individuals and rarely do we get to hear about their personal struggles or their partners. And...


Ep 23 Updationals and ponderings

This episode Yulia and Tion step back in front of the microphone, live from the nba all star weekend, embassy suites in la. After going through some crazy turbulence in their relationship, causing them to take some time off to recalibrate, Yulia and Tion return to the podcast sphere to shoot the shit about all the ponderings and update you on the happenings!


Ep 22 Yulia Speaks pt 2.

Episode 22 “Yulia Speaks Again - the real real on how hard it is to build forward when the past is not fully cleaned out. Get your empathetic ears tuned into the rough, the truthful, the emotional and the hopeful discussion of LOVE and EGO and the fight between those two within Yulia. We always bet on LOVE winning and this is a quick synopsis, a look under the hood”


Ep 21 "Finance"

Our podcast is legal!! This episode we go in to the uncomfortable discussion about finances in relationships. One of those other areas where we don't always have the communication tools to ponder, discuss and build with our partners about finances. We all know financial stress is a huge reason for divorce, breakup and overall erosion of desire, love and the life force of the relationship. We also discuss our first Men's group and the benefits of being able to share and build in a group where...