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167-The Gift That Keeps on Giving, the Gift of Birthday Sex

Hello and welcome to episode 167 of The Couples Expert Podcast. We’re so happy you’ve joined us for one of my (and I hope your) favorite topics. Stuart is ready to tell you all about how to make your partner feel loved and important and so special in your life. The gift that keeps on giving is the gift of birthday sex! Stuart is examining being a therapist and dealing w/ individuals with mental health issues. Sometimes clients go off the deep end and it’s scary as a counselor. In voicing...


166-Do opposites attract Personality Types and Communication with Alex Swire Clark

Alex Swire-Clark is Stuart’s Guest on Episode 166 of The Couples Expert Podcast. Alex is a human behavioral and communications expert with a background in education. He’s got some insight to share on a model of human behavior that impacts relationships. Stuart brought him on the podcast to talk about communication issues between personalities in a marriage. June means that wedding season is in full swing so this episode is rather timely in that the discussion is geared towards...


165-The Curse of the Shoppers Husband

Hi and welcome to The Couples Expert. This is episode 165 of our show. Today Stuart is going to talk about a subject that you may be all too familiar with. Shopping meltdowns!!! Ever go shopping with your spouse and it feels like you’re stuck in a chamber of horrors waiting endlessly for your partner to finish shopping so you can just go already? If this sounds like a feeling you understand, you’ll be right there along with Stuart as he discusses his own shopping meltdowns. Listen in; it...


164 Broke and Broken - The pain of financial infidelity

Hello and welcome to The Couples Expert Podcast with your host Stuart Fensterheim. This week on the show, Stuart is going to discuss the pain and consequences of financial infidelity. This kind of relationship injury has an incredible impact on a couple. Listen as Stuart talks about how financial infidelity can break your relationship, and how to repair it. Stuart has just returned from his spring vacation with his wife, where he got to unplug from the Internet for a while. It was a...


163 Lovemaking for Life

Welcome to The Couples Expert podcast! This is episode 163 of our show. This week’s topic is about the joys and challenges of keeping a close and connected sexual relationship as we age. Our bodies will continue to change over time, and no matter how emotionally connected we are to our partners, the process of aging can introduce doubts and insecurities into our intimate life. Listen as Stuart tackles this important subject today. What you’ll learn from today’s podcast: Sexuality in...


162 In sickness and in health - Love and Chronic illness with guest Lauren Selfridge

Hello and welcome to this episode of The Couples Expert podcast with your host Stuart Fensterheim. This is episode 162 of our show. This week Stuart welcomes Lauren Selfridge to the podcast. Lauren became interested in becoming a therapist after being a lifelong client of therapy. She wanted to be a couple’s therapist. While in school she began to have symptoms of what she later learned was Multiple Sclerosis. Lauren is joining us to talk about a topic that is important to a lot of...


161 When You Are One Foot Out the Door, How Do You Get In?

Hi and welcome back to The Couples Expert Podcast with your host Stuart Fensterheim. This week’s topic is “One foot out the door and how to fix it.” This is episode 161 of our show. The meaning behind the title, as you will soon see, is more about being fully invested in your relationship. When you’re all in as in poker, you don’t leave yourself an “out.” That’s what Stuart will be discussing in this very important podcast episode today. See Stuart’s Facebook Live on the gratitude he has...


160 Virtually in Love - Possibilities and Pitfalls of Virtual Connections with guest Jim Thomas

Hi, and welcome to The Couples Expert with your host Stuart Fensterheim. This is episode 160 of our show. Thank you for listening today as Stuart welcomes guest Jim Thomas back to the show. They will be discussing social media and some of the pitfalls of getting connected through the Internet and the impact of that on your life and relationships. Listen in as Stuart and Jim discuss this very important and timely subject. What you’ll learn on today’s podcast: Tech advances allow access...


Love is Your Superpower

Hi and welcome to The Couples Expert Podcast with your host Stuart Fensterheim. This is episode 159 of our show. This week’s topic is the Power of Love. Do happy endings happen? Is there such a thing as happily ever after? It can sound a bit trite, but as Stuart will discuss, love is one of the most powerful forces in our lives. When we’re in the right place emotionally and in the right relationship with our partner, that love can be unstoppable! Listen in as Stuart shares about real...


158 Failing our way to true love with Guest Amy Lyle

Hi and welcome to The Couples Expert podcast with your host Stuart Fensterheim. This is episode 158 of our show. This week’s podcast is so much fun. Stuart’s guest is author Amy Lyle. While Amy is not a couple’s expert, she brings a fresh take to our podcast with her Book of Failures and her unique and humorous perspective on love and relationships. Amy was restless in her stay at home mom role so she took a job with a non-profit and began writing. A self-described “Domestic Disaster”,...


Episode 157 - Age is Just a Number

Hi, welcome to The Couples Expert Podcast. This is episode 157 of our show. Thanks for joining us. Listen today as Stuart talks about the challenges that couples face when there’s a large age difference between them. Love happens when we least expect it and sometimes you fall in love with someone who is much older or younger than you are. Love happens! Stuart tells about a couple who contacted him after he had stopped seeing in counseling. They reached out to him to ask him to officiate...


Nag, nag, nag - I want to be your wife, not your mother!

Hi and welcome to Episode 156 of The Couples Expert. Our podcast today is something that most couples will relate to. When the source article for this topic came out there were over 4,000 comments and it was widely shared throughout social media. That’s not necessarily a prerequisite for Stuart to choose a topic, but this particular topic resonated with so many people that he decided to go ahead and use it for the podcast this week. When wives feel like they do a dual role as wife and...


Do You Know What You Are Saying I DO To?

Hi and Welcome to The Couples Expert with your host Stuart Fensterheim. This is episode 155 of our show. This episode is about preparing for marriage and the issues that come up for couples when they’re planning to make this important step to take their relationship to the next level. We don’t know what we don’t know, so premarital counseling and training is very important. What you’ll learn from today’s podcast: Whether marriage is the next natural step for you [2:23]You need to be...


Arguing 101: Do you know what you're fighting for?

Hi and thanks for joining us for The Couples Expert with your host, Stuart Fensterheim. This is episode 154 of our show. This week, Stuart is going to give you a course in arguing with your partner. Not that you should, but everyone does at one time or another. Listen to Arguing 101, a guide to fighting with your partner. Yes, you heard that correctly! Conflict will come up in daily life for all couples (even The Couples Expert). Stuart describes somethings that came up for him and his...


Episode 153 - Your Sex Life Is Not A Porno Movie

Hi and welcome to episode 153 of The Couples Expert with your host The Couples Expert Stuart Fensterheim. Stuart brings you a topic that he’s had come up lately in his counseling practice: The idea that your sex life is not a porno movie. Are your expectations about sex with your partner realistic or do you expect your sex life to be like a porno movie? Listen as Stuart discusses sexuality and expectations on today’s Couples Expert podcast. Even the Couples Expert has expectations about...


Episode 152 - Exorcising the Ghosts That Haunt Your Relationships

This is episode 152 of The Couples Expert Podcast with Stuart Fensterheim. Today, Stuart is speaking today about the ghost of our past relationships that continue to haunt us and how to exorcise them from our lives. We can tend to get into patterns that repeat; we get stuck in these ways of interacting in relationships that are a carryover from the past. Listen as how Stuart shows us how to get rid of those ghosts that haunt us and to live in the moment, in the present with our partners...


Episode 151 - What is EFT?

Today on episode 151 of The Couples Expert Podcast, Stuart is going to talk about what moves him to help couples. The type of counseling that he does is called Emotionally Focused Therapy, or EFT. Stuart is going to talk about what EFT is all about and how it helps couples and families feel more connected and learn how to meet each other’s attachment needs; what they need to feel loved and important to one another. You should only seek help for your relationship by a counselor that uses...


What is romance? Romance is not only good for Valentines Day

This is episode 150 of The Couples Expert Podcast. Stuart's topic today is romance and Valentine's Day. This episode, is about the other 364 days of the year where you have an opportunity to be just as romantic as you would on Valentine's Day. Romance is not about Valentine’s Day! You don’t love your partner only on February 14th. If that’s the only day you’re showing love to your partner, there’s something terribly wrong! Listen as Stuart brings you some valuable insight into romancing...


Importance of Family Celebrations

Hello and welcome to this episode of The Couples Expert Podcast with Stuart Fensterheim. This is show #149. We’re so glad you’ve chosen to join us as we talk about love and connection. Stuart’s topic today is the importance of family celebrations. You may wonder what that has to do with your love life or relationship. Stuart believes that the family connections we keep teach our children to model healthy love relationships in the future, and that having a strong bond with your siblings and...


Stuart Brings the Happy Back with Guest Vicki Hadfield

This is episode 148 of our show. Stuart's guest today is Vicki Hadfield, also known as The Happiness Ambassador and Love Lifter. She and her husband Richard have developed a program surrounding "The Supportive Spouse." It’s all about having happiness in your home and your relationship with your partner, and that is Stuart’s goal too. Listen and Stuart and Vicki discuss what it means to have (and be) a supportive spouse and stop the nitpicking and bickering that we sometimes do with our...