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Meet LeDo & Shameka, a husband-and-wife duo who love talking about marriage and relationships. Do they have it all together? Absolutely not, but they hope to help others with the lessons they've learned.

Meet LeDo & Shameka, a husband-and-wife duo who love talking about marriage and relationships. Do they have it all together? Absolutely not, but they hope to help others with the lessons they've learned.


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Meet LeDo & Shameka, a husband-and-wife duo who love talking about marriage and relationships. Do they have it all together? Absolutely not, but they hope to help others with the lessons they've learned.




Let's Keep It a Buck

If we sound tired in this episode, it's because we are.... Donate. Create. Cultivate. Curate. Demonstrate. Educate. Innovate. Motivate. Rest. Whatever you can do, do it.


Take Care of Home

Our thoughts on the illest year ever. Stay healthy, y'all! Kids' Resources: Mobile App Games:


Life, Loot & Leisure

Whew! It's been a while, but we'll let you know all about what we've been up to in this episode. Show Notes: Journey to Launch Love Remix Couples Retreat Mocha Marriage


Relationship OCD (Do You Have It?)

We're back with Season 3! If you've ever had doubts about whether he or she is "the one" despite having a good relationship, this episode is for you. Learn the science behind ROCD: Love Remix presents Couples Weekend Getaway: Send...


Would You Rather? (25 Questions)

Bonus episode! Here's a fun way to get to know each other better, no matter how long you've been together: Listen and enjoy!


For Better or Worse (All Vows Matter)

If you haven't gone through a rough patch in your marriage yet, you can bet there's one on the way. The trick is knowing how to get through with your relationship not only intact, but better than ever. Book: Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice by Dennis Kimbro and Napoleon Hill Now streaming on iHeartRadio


Like Wine (Getting Older)

Gray hair and wrinkles mean wisdom, right? In this episode, we evaluate the effect that getting older has had on our bodies and relationship as well as how it affects family dynamics (kids, aging parents, etc.) Show Notes: The Millionaire Next Door So You Call Yourself A Man Email Us:


7 Love Lessons (& Still Learning)

Happy Valentine's Day! On this day of love, we reflect on the most impactful lessons we've learned these past seven years-- from soap etiquette (sigh) to the significance of sex. Enjoy!


On the Job (Stress & Spouses)

When you spend most of your day at work, it's bound to spill over into your home life in some way. So this week, we're discussing how we shield our relationship from this common trap.


Secure the Bag (Then Set a Budget)

This week, we discuss money because let's be real: there's not much romance with jacked-up finance. Listen to this episode for money tips we've used in our marriage, and be sure to check out these resources: Thanks for tuning in!


Can We Talk? (Right or Wrong)

New year, new episode! Does love really change during marriage? How can we protect kids from the R. Kellys in our families? That's what we discuss in this episode after a long hiatus. Remember to like, share, and comment. Thanks for listening!


A Different World (Media Matters)

Can media influence our thoughts and behaviors in real life? In this episode, we're debating if the media we consumed while growing up had any effect on our views on love and marriage. What are your thoughts?


Level Up (& Fight Fairly)

Heated conversations can lead to hurt feelings (and in extreme cases, divorce) if we aren't mindful of our words and actions. In this episode, we talk about how to elevate your conflict resolution style with maturity and the proper perspective. Like. Follow. Rate. Comment. Subscribe. Share. Be blessed.


Just the Two of Us (Teamwork)

You know the saying, "Two heads are better than one"? Well, what the phrase doesn't mention is that two are only better if they complement each other. So, what does this have to do with marriage? Press play to find out! Like. Share. Rate. Subscribe. Review. Most importantly, be blessed.


Down in the DM (Unless You're Married)

FB and IG. Likes and follows. Tweets and posts. That's right. We're talking social media and marriage. Press play to hear our thoughts on the matter.


Silence Isn't Golden (Reveal to Heal)

***TRIGGER WARNING*** We're discussing yet another sensitive topic that doesn't get discussed enough (especially as it relates to marriages): sexual abuse. Although we keep the conversation high-level, if you're a survivor, please take care of yourself while listening to this episode.


Show & Tell (Celebrating Marriages)

When was the last time you complimented someone on his or her marriage? Well in this episode, we discuss the importance of verbally esteeming the positive marriage examples around us, especially when it's so easy to gossip about the negative ones. Shout out to Codie & Tommy Oliver of Black Love Doc, whose show will premiere its second season on May 12th on OWN. Check your local listings and tune in for some great love stories!


Tamborine (Play Your Part)

We watched Chris Rock's Netflix special, "Tamborine," and thought he had some great insights about what it takes to stay happily married today. Here's our commentary about what he had to say.


Individuality & Trust (It's a Balance)

You asked, we answered...your questions about regaining lost trust and maintaining your individuality in marriage. If you'd like us to discuss a topic on another episode, let us know on social media!


Baby Please! (The Struggle Is Real)

What happens to a dream deferred, especially when that dream involves having a child? In this episode, we discuss how infertility can affect your marriage, your intimacy and even your faith. We pray that our transparency blesses others who are longing for children.