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Wedding Q&A: Dress Codes, Weather Emergencies, and Wedding Exits

In our latest wedding question lightning round, we're taking your questions from The Woman Getting Married Facebook Group. This week we're talking about "How do you handle weather emergencies?"; "Whats the best way to try and making the wedding/wedding process drama free?"; "How do you plan an age appropriate wedding?"; "Should I have a dress code for guests?"; and "What's the best registry site for a mix of gifts and a honeymoon fund?" Tune in to listen now!


What Real Brides Wish They Never Spent Money On

One of the #1 questions we get from brides is "What are the biggest money wasters when it comes to wedding planning?" When it comes to figuring out what NOT to spend your money on, the best resource is real brides who have been through it all! We combed through our Facebook group, comments/emails, as well as online forums to see what the consensus was from other brides on what they wish they never spent money on and share the 6 most common things we've seen!


6 Things You Should Never Do After You Get Engaged

You're engaged! Congrats! While there are so many fun and important things you SHOULD be doing after you say 'Yes!,' there are also several you definitely SHOULDN'T do as well. We break down the 6 biggest ones to avoid to help you start your wedding planning on the right foot. PLUS: Cory and I are back from Paris and are crazy full. We also thought it would be fun to answer more reader questions this episode, and we'll also share this week's "Save It!" budget tip.


Special Episode: What All Couples Can Relate To

Happy Thanksgiving!!! We are currently wine-ing and cheese-ing in Paris for the holiday (and a big birthday), but before we left the states we put together this special holiday episode for you! And since it's Thanksgiving we thought it would be fun to talk about what happens at most Thanksgiving tables: complaining about family members. This episode is a compilation of our best "couple vents" on the podcast...that time where Cory and I share what the other person does that kind of drives us...


This is the Worst Wedding Advice EVER

When you're planning a wedding, you'll hear A LOT of advice from friends and family members that might have you saying, "WTF." Whether it's your Aunt saying "you have to wear a white wedding dress!" or "just invite whoever you want...they won't all come," there are certain things you should definitely ignore. We'll go through some of the WORST wedding advice we've ever heard, plus Cory and I talk about a special trip that's coming up that we want you to follow along with!


Wedding Q&A: Plus Ones, Bridesmaid Drama, and Cutting Your Guest List

We get so many great questions in from listeners (and readers) that we wanted to start answering each of them in upcoming podcast episodes. To kick this Q&A session off we've got questions about cutting your guest list, what to do when your bridesmaid is MIA, whether or not you should get your hair/makeup done for your engagement photos, if a raw venue space is better than an all-inclusive, and more!


Wedding Day Beauty Tricks

Cory has no idea what I'm talking about in this episode, but you ladies do (he's just there for colorful commentary anyway, amirite?!). I'm talking about wedding day makeup, hair, and other skincare tricks that EVERY bride should know on her big day. From how to prevent your happy tears from totally ruining your eye makeup to the one thing you DON'T want to do to your hair on your wedding day, we've got the best hair and beauty tricks from the pros that will keep you glowing.


Wedding Favor Ideas That Aren't Boring

Wedding favors have to be GOOD for a guest to take one. It's true! In fact, statistically only 50% of guests will actually take a wedding favor, despite how much time or effort you might have put into the idea. We've seen a lot of wedding favors here at, and only a few have made our list of favorites, so we thought it would be fun to round them up into one podcast episode. We also check in with real brides to see what they're doing for their own wedding favors.


Wedding Planner Secrets

Nobody knows more about weddings than wedding planners, so why not go right to the source when you want to find out all those wedding secrets that you KNOW exist. From how to save big on invites to the quickest (and cheapest) way to transform your wedding venue, on this episode we'll reveal the biggest secrets we've learned from wedding planners. And guess what? Hashtags are BACK. We share the latest round, and trust us you won't want to miss these!


These New Wedding Dress Trends MIGHT Not Be For Everybody

We're back from New York Bridal Fashion Week, and we have a ton of fun wedding dress styles to report on. On the latest podcast episode we'll talk about all the wedding dress trends we saw (including whether or not they will actually work on real brides walking down the aisle in front of Grandma). PLUS: Wedding news is BACK, and we're talking about Justin Bieber prenups and the most popular week to get married for college football fans.


The Best Indie Wedding Songs Of All Time

Looking for wedding songs that you AND your guests will love? You'll definitely want to add these songs to your list for the best first dance ever. PLUS: We talk about what makes a great wedding song, and what could possibly take it off your list (IE: the lyrics are anything but romantic). From indie classics you might have forgotten about to b-sides you've probably never heard, see what wedding songs made our list!


What Should Your Bridesmaids Pay For?

When it comes to bridesmaids, there are a lot of questions to be asked. From how many to have to who you should pick and what they should pay for, think of this episode as your guide to ALL things bridesmaids. And speaking of bridesmaids, we have a super exciting announcement! We just launched a company that is going to completely change the way you shop for bridesmaid dresses, called Bustle & Veil. We can't wait to tell you about it...


The Biggest Wedding Etiquette Mistakes Couple's Make

Yes, your wedding IS about the two of you. But you're also supposed to make sure your wedding guests are taken care of---you are hosting a party after all. On this episode we talk about the 9 biggest wedding etiquette mistakes to avoid, including the controversial cash bar. Yes, we have strong opinions on this one, ladies! PLUS: Cory's weekly wedding news roundup is here, and more fun wedding planning topics to help you stay sane!


Should You Change Your Last Name?

I went back and forth on whether or not I wanted to change my last name after Cory and I got married, and finally decided on something that felt like the perfect solution. I'll talk about what I did and why I did it, and walk you through the step-by-step process of what you'll need to do to legally change your name (and how to make the process way easier). We also share advice from other brides on why they did (or didn't) change their last name after they got married, and why they came to...


Wedding Hashtags Are Here!

We get SO many hashtag requests (which we love) that we thought it would be fun to do a special episode of ALL wedding hashtags. We were able to get through a BIG group of them, so listen and see if yours made the list! Plus, we get an unexpected earthquake interruption that freaks us out, so you can listen to that. AND Cory's weird wedding news is here, where we talk about the most expensive state to get married in, and answer the age-old question: Should you invite exes to your wedding?


EVERY Bride Should Do This the Day of Her Wedding

By the time your wedding week comes around, chances are you'll just be ready to have this dang party already! But there are a few things you should definitely remember to do the night before AND the day of that a lot of brides forget. PLUS: We include a few things that you should definitely NOT do as well (like drink too much at the rehearsal dinner and not eat two good meals the day of). And yes...another round of wedding hashtags is here! We get into those and the weirdest wedding news of...


You’ll Totally Wish You Did These Things At Your Wedding

There are always those "Ahhh!" ideas brides have after their wedding that they wish they had done. We've listed out some of our favorite ideas that you can use whether you have a week or a year left to plan. From heartfelt notes to wedding favors you'll will never forget, these fun and unique ideas will definitely leave a lasting impression on your family, friends, and guests!


How to Talk to Parents About Paying for the Wedding

It's never easy to talk about money...especially when it comes to weddings. In this special episode with Lindsay and her mom Diane, we talk about how to politely bring up financial issues with your parents. PLUS: Our next round of wedding hashtags and our favorite user questions, such as how much to spend on a wedding dress and the best way to transform your ceremony space.


The 8 Most Controversial Wedding Decisions You Can Make

Some wedding decisions can cause your family and friends to freak out, but at the end of the day it's about you and your spouse. We talk through some of the trickiest wedding decisions you can make and the pros and cons of each. Whether you're deciding to have your ceremony in a non-religious venue or not inviting children, these are some of the most controversial wedding decisions you'll be faced with. PLUS: Our weekly wedding hashtags!


These Are the Worst Wedding Guests Of All Time

Sometimes wedding guests do some pretty whacky, inconsiderate, and crazy things, but these real wedding stories might be the worst of them. We share 6 of the weirdest things wedding guests have ever done, plus our advice on how to answer those awkward guest questions (like "Can I bring a date?"). PLUS: Our weekly wedding news roundup AND the next round of wedding hashtags is here!