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Thirst is natural… so let’s celebrate it! Join Bim Adewunmi and Nichole Perkins as they dig deep into the various ways women express their thirst, asking: why do we desire who we desire? At a time when men are Not Doing Great, Bim and Nichole want to ask keep asking questions about Hollywood inclusion and opportunity, through illuminating and hilarious conversations with special guests, original fanfic designed to make you sit up, and of course [REDACTED]. Bring a straw… and come thirst with us.


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Thirst is natural… so let’s celebrate it! Join Bim Adewunmi and Nichole Perkins as they dig deep into the various ways women express their thirst, asking: why do we desire who we desire? At a time when men are Not Doing Great, Bim and Nichole want to ask keep asking questions about Hollywood inclusion and opportunity, through illuminating and hilarious conversations with special guests, original fanfic designed to make you sit up, and of course [REDACTED]. Bring a straw… and come thirst with us.




Introducing: This Is Good For You from Nichole Perkins

Nichole Perkins has a new podcast, and we’re bringing you Episode One, “Riding Is Good for You,” so you can check it out. Search for “This Is Good For You” in your podcast player or go to to subscribe to the show and keep up with the new episodes! There are also new pins and stickers for Thirst Aid Kit and This Is Good For You! You can pick that up here! **** There are very few aspects of sex that people across the Internet can agree on, but the opinion that riding...


Good Night, and Good Thirst

And… SCENE. We came, we ushered in a glorious age of elucidating female desire, coined a few salient expressions of desire, and poof! like magic, we were gone. That’s right, we did it, folks: we wrapped up Thirst Aid Kit as a weekly podcast. We thank you for your ears, your enthusiasm, your tweets, your drabbles, your Tumblr Asks, your marriage proposals (1) and your gifs. This final episode is a song of gratitude and pride. Two Black women talking about female desire, race, and culture week...


A Bottle of Matthew Rhys-ling

Matthew Rhys’ energy is complex and layered, like a roasted pepper: there’s spice, there’s heat, and there’s smoke. In Rhys, there is a balance of all our favorite things — superb eye and face acting, characters that know how to yearn, tightly coiled power in a stern shell, and talent as deep as a Welsh valley. We talk about his career-defining work as a weary spy on The Americans, his turn as an older Mr Darcy in Death Comes To Pemberley, his laughter on The Wine Show and Archer, and so...


The Sweet Thirst of Sweet Magnolias

Thirst is a broad church—did you know that? Which is why we can cackle like dirty aunties at filthy innuendos but also relish the pure PG-13 sweetness of a show like Sweet Magnolias. *Stefon from SNL voice* This show has everything: the long term female friendship of Helen, Maddie, and Dana Sue PLUS smouldering looks between exes; the exploration of something new after a drought; on-off entanglements that cancel out good judgment; all wrapped in a SFW picnic basket of subtle, Southern...


The Naughty Bob Ross (feat. Marc Rebillet)

Okay. You might be saying “who?” but trust us. Marc Rebillet’s rising star is one to watch. Using a loop machine, a keyboard, and a strong WiFi connection, Marc live-streams his way across platforms and into that delightful intersection where humor, undeniable talent, and thirst meet. He improvises songs based on suggestions from his audience which means sometimes he sings about processing grief and sometimes he sings about buttholes. We love a man with range. In our Plus segment, we try to...


A “Two Appetizers” Kinda Guy (feat. Jake Johnson)

Every so often, the thirst stars align, or the thirst goddesses smile down on us, or whatever you want to call it... and well, it all came together for us this week. We manifested a long held TAK desire — we got to interview Jake Johnson! ::scream:: He told us about his new adult animated show Hoops, working on Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse, and why he thinks the pandemic has affected the way people see Nick Miller. (Please forgive the occasional echo that comes up—we’re all...


Rakes, Sheikhs, Shipping Magnates

We’ve long talked about our love for romance novels and in this episode we are going deep: talking about the changing aesthetics of romance novels, the increased visibility of our favourite tropes and sub-genres, and the heroes and heroines that we love to see. In our Plus segment, we take begrudging inspiration from our times and look at how movies have treated love at a distance. The Truth About Cats and Dogs, 40 Days and 40 Nights, and The Age of Innocence all keep our main couples apart...



It’s never a bad move to hear from our thirsty yet oh-so-talented Thirst Buckets! Our audience is the best audience because they send us drabbles that make us swoon and giggle and we immediately put them aside so we can share the wealth on air. That’s what we’re doing with this episode— sharing listener-submitted drabbles about John Boyega, Aidan Turner, Pedro Pascal, Andy Samberg, and Seth Rogen. We also answer some questions from Tumblr and a couple of Thirst Sommelier requests. One...


Bim’s Thirst 123s

It’s Bim’s turn to delve into the roots of her thirst habits — and naturally, it turned out to be a journey through TV and film! Watching Tevin Campbell sing to Ashley on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and falling in love with Dwayne Wayne on A Different World led naturally to a love for Capeside’s finest, Pacey Witter… and also the Blue Moon Agency’s David Addison (Bruce Willis). We also trace Bim’s love for a Strong Nose to David Duchovny (Red Shoe Diaries) and ER’s Dr Luka Kovac (Goran...


Friendship and Thirst (feat. Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman)

We’re joined this week by Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman of the wildly popular podcast Call Your Girlfriend. We giggle over Tunde Adebimpe, Peter Dinklage, and Stanley Tucci before we discuss Big Friendship: How We Keep Each Other Close, the book that looks at Ann and Aminatou’s friendship. This episode will make you laugh and think and hopefully, reach out to your friends for no reason at all. In our Thirst Aid Kit Plus segment this week, we put the microscope to Nichole’s drabbles to find...


Nichole’s Thirst ABCs

We talk about formative crushes A LOT of the show, so we decided to do a little digging… Who, exactly, was the first person to indoctrinate Nichole into the ways of long hair? Why does she seem to like a french fry of a man? Who sparked her love of wide mouths and thick eyebrows? All are questions only Prince, Al B. Sure! and Maxwell can answer… hopefully in falsetto. In our Plus segment, we take a look at the music from pop culture that marked us. We can never forget songs from Something...


Hot Men In Bad Movies

Every movie we watch can’t be a part of the Criterion Collection, okay? Sometimes you have to suffer through a movie to gorge yourself on eye candy and that’s perfectly fine! Michele Morrone in 365 Days, Brad Pitt in Troy, Alexander Skarsgård and Djimon Hounsou in The Legend of Tarzan make the suffering worth it. Maybe? For our Slate Plus segment, we put Bim on the Thirst Therapy couch to get to the root of why domesticity is so important in her drabbles. As usual, you can follow us on...


The Adventure Known As John Boyega

We always had an eye on John Boyega, but for a slew of reasons conditions never quite felt… right. Until now. Now we want to talk about how he’s grown his hair, has been unburdened by a Disney contract, and is finally experiencing the kind of glow up that comes with learning from your mistakes and being given room to grow into your Yoruba destiny. Plus! Fanfic Wars makes its triumphant post-hiatus return, and Nichole’s entry is a straight up murder attempt. Damn. In our Thirst Ais Kit Plus...


A Dog Called Rex (with Jason Mantzoukas)

Jason Mantzoukas? In the virtual Thirst studio? We did it for you! We decided to come back with a bang, and there’s none bangier than Mr M. Let’s see. We discovered Jason’s love for romcoms, dogs, and … Bim! Is this the start of something beautiful? Listen to find out. Slate Plus members get a bonus segment on Thirst Aid Kit each week. Sign up now to listen and support our show. In this week’s Slate Plus segment, we were inspired by the dichotomy of Jason Mantzoukas’ incredibly organized...


Conscious Coupling

We’re going on hiatus! But before we go…we spend a little time with our favorite TV couples from our quarantine binge rewatches… you know, the ones that make us blush or sigh or yearn. So shoutout to Leslie and Ben from Parks & Rec, the original nerdy love match as well as Ruby and Stan from Good Girls, the couple that makes major sacrifices for their family. And from New Girl, a twofer: Nick & Jess, of course, but also Schmidt and Cece, whose love affair was perfectly breadcrumbed across...


No Chill With Yahya and Simu

For a long time, it’s felt like superpowers only went to lantern-jawed white men… but if we urge you to consider two up-and-coming Thirst Objects: Yahya Abdul-Mateen II — who started his comic book adaptation career as a villain in Aquaman before donning the blue paint of Watchmen’s Dr Manhattan — and Simu Liu, who went from Toronto car rental outfit in Kim’s Convenience to “master of kung fu” Shang-Chi in the upcoming Marvel movie. Sure, representation matters etc but it’s important to note...


The Smoldering Appeal of Shazad Latif and Manny Montana

Shazad Latif and Manny Montana have paid their dues and it’s time to give them the recognition they deserve. From Spooks to Penny Dreadful to Star Trek: Discovery, Shazad has shown he has the range. But it’s as Ash Tyler that his vulnerability and yearning leave us utterly captivated. Manny Montana has been working his way to Good Girls since 2008, and his character Rio is worth the wait. Manny makes Rio vibrate with barely-controlled passion, keeping us on the edge of our seats. Yes, Shazad...


Thirsting In Place

We’ve all been sheltering in place for some time now, which has given us ample time to think about who our ideal quarantine buddies would be. Who would our Thirst Buckets like to be holed up with in a cabin made for two? The Thirst Object field was diverse: constant TB-favourite Tessa Thompson came up, as did Crazy Rich Asians star Henry Golding, Westworld’s Rodrigo Santoro, and even Jidenna’s sweet musical stylings (among other things)... No drabbles this week but Nichole and Bim also...


Maximum UST

Maddie and David. Will and Alicia. Ichabod and Abbie. Brennan and Booth. Moonlighting, The Good Wife, Sleepy Hollow, and Bones all showed us the magic of UST-- unresolved sexual tension. In most of these examples, we got the kissing (and more) we’d been craving, and these television shows knew how to string us along until we thought we’d die from longing. That’s the hallmark of a job well done-- transferring the desire of a show’s leading couple to its audiences. In this episode dedicated to...


Thirst Buckets Galore!

‘Thirst In The Covid-19 Era’ could well be the title of this episode or an academic paper in the year 2050 — but we’re not doing that! No, we decided to dip into our inbox to take on some of the burning thirst queries from our wonderful listeners. It was a mailbag of… many tastes. Drabbles about musicians Raphael Saadiq and Hozier, Large Boy Adam Driver, and Lee Pace on a farm? Plus we did our best to provide alternative thirsts in a bumper Thirst Sommelier segment that covered tastes as...