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Relationships, Life, and other stuff....

Relationships are complex and takes many twists and turns and always end up asking "Why are they so hard?" Let's talk!!! The Wine Chronicles with Tiffani D and the Crew 8pm pacific time #winelove #life #peace


The Wisdom of our Elders...

This week on the Wine Chronicles we will be asking our Elders personal questions to gain wisdom from those who have come before us. Here are a few of the questions that we will ask -We are told that happiness is an inside job, what are some ways that we can obtain it? -Is there a such thing as happiness? -Why do we give up so much of ourselves in relationships? -What do you believe the difference is between contentment and happiness? -What do you do when you feel like you are settling in...


We're Back and We've Got Questions - Controversial Conversations

Join me and the crew tomorrow as we discuss a few controversial conversation that is rocking our worlds right now. #Winechronicles #talkradio #selfgrowth #selflove Please note: These topics are not to create more divisiveness however they are that need answering - Our jobs are to bridge a divide, but I believe there is a deeper understanding necessary for our divide to be bridged....”Tiffanid” Here are a few of the questions we will be discussing: Why...


Life's Ponderings...

Every week we talk about our lives and this week we've been pondering some things, yep we are kinda out there but this is how we think and we want to know your thoughts? This week's topics: Is it ok for people who are not black to say the "N" word?If you could go back in time knowing everything that you know today? Would you do it?Happiness or love...If you had only one to choose, which would it be?Aliens or God? which one is mythical and which is tangible? Join us tomorrow, Friday @ 8pm...


Personal Truth and Balance What is it to You?...Let's Talk

Yooooo, this week has been crazy! Let's talk about our innerstandings. Here are a few of the topics Why do we hold on to things that we know are no longer good for us?Do you opeatate in your natural spiritual - psychic and intuitive gifts?The masks we wear - which one is the real me?Why is it ok to believe in everything outside of ourselves - realizing programming is no longer an excuse! Let's talk on the WIne Chronicles tomorrow night at #8pm pacific #winelover #tiffanidandthecrew...


So Much to Talk About and So Little Time....

So much to talk about and so little time….I’m loving the various topics on the show, so we are gonna keep it going… This week on the Wine Chronicles What programming has got you stuck in life?Is it hard for you to except other people opinions and beliefs if they differ from yours?Why do we feel like nothing is supposed to change when it comes to our religious and spiritual beliefs?Do you feel like it’s taboo to study and discuss astrology? Why or why not? Join us for the discussion on the...


Internal and External World Events

There is so much transpiring in our internal worlds and as well as our external worlds right now and I want to cover lots of topics this week. So we are talking currents events, personal struggles and triumphs and self-love this week on the #winechronicles #Friday #8pm pacific on #blogtalkradio and #Facebook live! Join us and join in the conversations about our lives, love and pursuits of happiness. #wine #selflove #selfawareness #innerpeace #vegas #lax #dc #nyc #atl #df #betruetoyou


Self Care in Stressful Times Such as 2017

How do you cope; deal with stress or love on yourself when you feel you have nothing left to offer the world? We are living in times of high volume everything. We are are all expanding and growing our personal brands, but what are we doing on a regular basis to ensure that we are not depleted and left with nothing more to offer the world? Do you pray? Meditate? Exercise? Attend religous services? Sit in nature? What are some of your personal "sustaining" rituals that keep you sane and...


Mental Illness in our Community & Other Topics That We Generally Ignore!

Mental Illness has always been a taboo topic and (In my humble opinion) shunned and hushed within the black community. Growing up, mental health issues were only recognized by my circle of influence when it was physically evident that there was an issue - such as a visible handicap that inflicted your mind. There was never any credence given to stress, illness, abuse, etc.which all alter your way of thinking, your emotions and the way you respond to the world around you. I personally...


Family!! The Good the Bad and the Ugly...🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♂️💁🏽‍♂️💁

You can choose your friends,but not your family...Family is made up of your chosen tribe, not necessarily your blood...Blood is thicker than water.... Ohhhh the topic of family! What is is, what it isn't....what it should represent...vs....what it has actually shown us. As we grow and evolve we realize that family takes on many different shapes and sizes for each of us. Bonds break, healing occurs, and just like friends - sometimes we outgrow some of our family relationships. If you have...





What Do You Truly Believe About God/Creation? Are You Bold Enough to Share It?

Religion and Politics are two taboo subjects that most people feel uncomfortable speaking about outside of comfortable social circles? Do you ever wonder why? Are you one who feels uncomofortable when someone asks you what you believe about who are what God is? Well, I'm asking and we're talking about it on the #winechroinicles this Friday at #8pm pacific #livingoutsideofear #self #truth #love #itsapersonalthing LET'S GET REAL ABOUT WHO WE ARE! Le


Fear and the Ego....What's their purpose?

Fear and the Ego get a bad rap...Are they really as evil as we've been taught they are? Is fear a stagnator? Does having an ego mean that your head is too big for your body? Maybe...Maybe not...Let's talk about it. Join me and the Crew as we tackle yet another area of the human condition this Friday on the #Winechronicles #8pm pacific on or on Facebook live. #livinglife #bringingourorginaltotheworld


Letting Go of Self Judgement.....The Continuation

Last week we started the convo on self judgement and we realized there is so much more to talk about regarding this topic, so we're back tonight talking it out.. Join Us!!!! Body judgement, relationship judgement, judgement of personal beliefs, judgement of sexaul preferences, judgement of political choices.....We could go on and on with this but let's 1st focus on ourselves, because once we heal ourselves then the healing spreads to our relationships with others. Why do we find it so easy...


Self Judgement - Let That S*** Go!

Body judgement, relationship judgement, judgement of personal beliefs, judgement of sexaul preferences, judgement of political choices.....We could go on and on with this but let's 1st focus on ourselves, because once we heal ourselves then the healing spreads to our relationships with others. Why do we find it so easy to be critical of ourselves but yet so hard to be kind and loving towards ourselves? Where do our judgments come from? How do we stop judging ourselves so harshly? How do we...


Training our Brains w/Special guest Clay Pulley "The Brain Man"

The Brain is a powerful tool that can either work for or against us! Currently the Crew and I are working on controling our tool rather than allowing it to control us..This week we have a special guest Clay Pulley also know as "The Brain Man" Clay has studied the brain for many years and has exablished several meditative practices that allows for the releasing of past hurts, fears, healing, peace, relaxation and even in some cases nirvana. Join Tiffani D and The Crew tomorrow 8pm pacific as...


Spring Cleaning Your Mind!!

We are back and we are taking control of our lives for good!!!!! It's Tiffan D and the original Crew!!! Peter Pan said, "If you want to fly you must find and focus on a happy thought, when you stop thinking of those happy thoughts and you doubt, then you begin to fall." This week the #winechronicles is talking about taking control of lives by focusing on how to contol our thoughts and not allowing our thoughts to control us!!


How We Choose our Lovers..❤️

We are in the month of Love..Valentine's Day is approaching yall and I am not only wondering about how people feel about the holiday itself, but on a larger scale I wonder how we choose who we are intimate with. Yup, my mind kinda works that way. Some studies state that we choose our partners based on brokenness or lack from our childhood in effort to make up for what we may have missed out on as children. However when I think of that, my mind goes to all types of grossness! Lol I happen to...


Meditation~ Taboo or Necessary?

I remember when I began the practice of meditation (many moons ago) I lost a few Christian friends. They deemed the practice of going within and shutting out the world without including Jesus as being quite sinful. Meditation for me has been about learning about myself as a being and connecting with and actualizing the devine source of God that is within me. It is where I find peace, open to my creativity and find most of my answers to my life's questions. I am wondering what everyone else's...


Dancing in the Flow of YOUR Life....

Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves "to get it right" in life? What exactly are we striving for? What is the measuring rod or end goal that we are meausing this "get right" by? Why do we take ourselves and life so seriously? Perhaps if we looked at life through a wider lense and a less self judgemental one, then we could see that getting it right is simply "Just Being"!!!! Let's talk about it! Join Tiffani D and the Crew #Friday #8pm pacific right here on...