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Why Beating Addiction is Not About Quitting

This week on the IGNTD Recovery podcast, I let you in on some of the secrets that separate the IGNTD Recovery method from other methods of recovery from addiction. The focus that everybody puts on quitting (or on abstinence) is actually causing more failure than success. It’s causing more addicts to lie, overdose, relapse, and no longer continue to seek a course of treatment. The number one piece that makes IGNTD Recovery different is that it doesn’t require quitting — because quitting is...


Taking off layers and getting clean

Today we’re talking about rituals, inspired by our recent birthday-filled weekend getaway. Sometimes the connection between you and your partner can be stifled with the addition of other little humans that need attention. So recently, we had to shed some layers back, rejuvenate, and cleanse. Speaking of, we have Lan Belinky on the show today to talk about another type of ritual (that involves lots of rejuvenation and cleansing): skin care! Lan serves as the General Manager and sits on...


Welcome to the IGNTD Recovery Podcast

Welcome to the IGNTD Recovery Podcast — a new way forward for anyone looking for answers, but feeling left out. If you’ve been searching for empowerment, triumph, and purpose — you’ve found them all right here. You won’t hear the same solutions and you’re not going to have any excuses to fall back on because IGNTD Recovery allows heroes to rise and become their best selves. In addition to my other podcast (IGNTD) with my wife, Sophie, IGNTD Recovery is a new show that will air once a...


The Dream 100 as a Roadmap to Success, with Dana Derricks

Sophie and I never imagined we would talk to a goat farmer on this podcast, but today we get the chance to do just that! Dana Derricks is an entrepreneur, author, speaker — and of course, a goat farmer. Trust me when I say you are not ready for our conversation with Dana today! He’s not like any guest we’ve ever had on the podcast. There’s something just so unique about the way Dana delivers his message and the approach he has to business. When I first got exposed to Dana’s work and...


Keeping the Internet Safe(ish) for You and Your Kids with Dr. Lisa Strohman

Today we have Dr. Lisa Strohman joining us. Lisa is an expert on technology addiction — especially when it comes to children and how it can impact their developing brains. Lisa is the founder and CEO of the Technology Wellness Center, one of the first organizations to address the global issue of technology addiction and overuse. She has spent more than a decade working with individuals, families, and adolescents struggling with issues such as depression, anxiety, and addiction. This...


How to work with your partner without killing them, or your business

We are here today to talk with a power couple, Jason and Colleen Wachob, co-founders of MindBodyGreen. Recently, I was in New York for press on The Abstinence Myth and was able to meet up with them to record this interview. Jason and Colleen work together, similarly to us — and together on their platform, garner over a million visitors every single month. They have an incredible story that starts with a basketball injury, which leads to a beautiful discovery of where their true passions...


Getting Personal: Chelsea and John

Today we’re excited to bring you another Getting Personal episode. This time, we get to talk to another amazing couple with an incredible story. Chelsea and John met through work, dated on and off, and eventually got married. They’ve had their fair share of struggles from dealing with the loss of a parent, to career differences and fighting, to struggling with an addiction and an affair. We sincerely appreciate their willingness to share their full story with us in today’s episode and we...


How to Get Intuitive About Everything (Not Just Your Diet) with Robyn Youkilis

We’re bringing you a topic today that Sophie has been navigating and honing since well before I’ve known her. And that is: trusting your intuition. She’s always worked on her ability to be intuitive but it wasn’t until recently that she became intuitive with her diet and nutrition. Now she can eat what she wants, when she wants, without feeling guilty — all through trusting her gut’s intuition. Today’s episode is all about learning to trust your body’s intuition and allowing yourself to...


Going Deep: Traveling with Children

The last week-and-a-half we’ve been on vacation and have been traveling a lot — it’s been an adventure with three kids, to say the least. Along the way, people have been asking us a ton of travel questions. So we wanted to do an entire show on travel. In this episode, Sophie and I share our unique way of traveling (as neither of us is the itinerary type) and discuss the importance of staying flexible when you’re traveling. We also share some of our tips on traveling with a newborn,...


Getting Personal: A Couple’s Story of Infidelity and Struggling with Rebuilding Trust

Sophie and I are incredibly excited about today’s episode. This amazing couple reached out to us after listening to our Going Deep episode on our relationship (“Going Deep: Our Story of Infidelity, Sex Addiction, Trust, and Love”) to confide in us and the struggles they’re currently going through as a couple. This is going to be a new series on the podcast called Getting Personal — because it does not get any more personal than this. The couple shares their struggles to ultimately learn how...


Going Deep: Growing Your Social Following on Instagram

Today we’re talking about Instagram. Instagram has always been an essential vehicle for us to get people to our projects, pages, and workshops we’re passionate about. A well-thought-out profile can truly show you — your vulnerabilities, your joys, your heart, and your soul. It can become an authentic diary. Almost all businesses have an Instagram nowadays and it has become essential in getting your brand and voice out there. This episode, Sophie shares some of her tips on how to grow your...


Marriage, Motherhood, and Finding Your Female Tribe with Amanda Lauren and Ali Levine

It has officially been five weeks since Noah has been with us, so it’s the perfect time to have first-time mom, Ali Levine, and co-host, Amanda Lauren, from Things We’re Too Lazy To Blog About on the show! Ali even brought her baby, Amelia Rei, along with her. So if you’re not a fan of babies making noises — be warned — you may want to take off for the interview portion of today’s podcast! Ali Levine is a celebrity stylist, tv personality, and fashion expert. Her work appears all across...


Going Deep: Parenting- Letting your kid's true light shine

Today our topic is all about parenting — our techniques, approach, and philosophies. We want to talk about parenting concepts that have worked for us and hopefully will benefit you guys. We’re big on the notion of really noticing and paying attention and embracing our children’s needs and wants while maintaining structure within the home. We think it’s very important to find that middle ground of letting your kid be who they are while still setting appropriate boundaries. This episode, we...


What’s in your Juicebox? Sex, shame and the male g-spot with Brianna Rader

Today we’re going to talk about sex. There’s a lot of stigma and shame around sex and we want to tear down some of these barriers. For our interview today, we have Brianna Rader joining us! Brianna is the founder of Juicebox. It’s a cool app that pairs people anonymously with sex coaches to talk one-on-one about sex, dating, and relationships. From men with erectile dysfunction and women who have never had an orgasm before, to couples that are struggling in the bedroom, and even people that...


The Importance of Putting Yourself First with Melissa Hartwig

Today our guest is Melissa Hartwig, co-founder and leader of the wellness movement, Whole30. Whole30 has helped millions of people transform their lives through building healthy habits, helping them to look and feel their best. She’s also the author of six (but soon-to-be seven) books, related to Whole30’s healthy eating lifestyle. On top of helping people with their relationship to food, Melissa also has a passion for tangential well-being and health topics. She travels around the world,...


Following your Intuition and Finding your People with the Almost 30 Podcast

Today we have other podcasters on — Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik of Almost 30! Krista and Lindsey are two brilliant, hilarious women. Their story of how they met and formed a connection is incredibly fascinating. What we love about them is that they took their regular conversations on air and have created this movement of other women all over the world who tune in because they’re connected through similar experiences — entrepreneurship, relationships, and the regular ups and downs of...


The Power of the Crystal with the Energy Muse Masters

Today on the podcast we have two lovely, spiritual individuals talking with us today: Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro, of Energy Muse. Timmi and Heather have been friends since 1st grade and later reconnected when Heather gave out 10 samples of her prosperity necklaces to test the power of crystals on skeptics — and Timmi was one of them! From there, they set their intention to grow their business and went from selling prosperity necklaces from the trunks or their cars to reaching A-list...


Going Deep: Learning to Heal and Rebuild Trust After Relationship Trauma

In our last ‘Going Deep’ episode we talked about our way down; all the ways in which trust was broken and how our relationship almost ended several times. If you haven’t already listened to it, we highly recommend you take a listen to ‘Going Deep: Our Story of Infidelity, Sex Addiction, Love, and Trust’ first; it catches you up with our entire story — through the lying, cheating, broken boundaries — and how we made it through to the other side. This episode we really wanted to focus on how...


Getting to the truth and spiritual seeking with Alyson Charles

Today we’re talking about struggling and pain — and using these moments to learn and grow instead of succumbing. These moments of pain and struggle are really the magical moments that can create an entirely new life for you. Sometimes we need to be woken up by these rock-bottom moments to truly find ourselves. Our guest today, Alyson Charles, has gone through this kind of transformation herself. In this episode, we get into a very spiritual conversation — which is no surprise because...


An Incredible Journey to Health from the Inside and Out with Sophie Chiche, Founder of Shape House

Today’s an episode of the two Sophie’s — we have our Sophie and our great friend Sophie Chiche over! Sophie has done a lot of fantastic and inspirational things in her life — but the most recent was founding her company Shape House, an urban sweat lodge. Both Sophie and I go to visit it frequently ourselves and we absolutely love it. It’s such an incredible experience for optimal relaxation and healing. On top of her incredible business, Sophie has an amazing story of transformation. She...