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Getting Naked About Addiction

Sophie and I are back today to talk about one of my favorite topics; addiction. Whether I’m teaching statistics at UCLA, talking to potential clients, working on my course, or sharing posts on facebook — 80% of it all relates back to this problem of addiction. So much of my focus is on helping people with alcohol, drug, porn, sex, and gambling problems. Though it can be difficult and challenging at times, it is the most authentic way I can help others — and at the core, I love it. I have the...


Going Deep: Our Story

This episode is not for the faint of heart. If you’ve been following us for a while, you know our story — but in this episode, we go deep and discuss every little detail. We discuss everything that Sophie and I have been through — and we’ve been through a lot. We’re putting it all out there because we want you to know that sometimes things can get really bad before they get really good. Sophie and I have had our major ups and downs, but we want to show you the light at the end of the...


Finding a partner who supports what you're about with Jordan Younger and Johnathan Albrecht of The Balanced Blond and Orangetheory Fitness

On today’s episode, we’re talking with another couple for the first time on IGNTD. Jonathan Albrecht and Jordan Younger are a super inspiring couple that finds strength in their differences and supports each other through understanding, patience, and communication. They’ve been dating for just over a year now but feel as though they’ve known each other for many lifetimes. Jordan is the blogger behind The Balanced Blonde (a wellness and lifestyle blog) who teaches yoga, hosts a podcast,...


Trusting Yourself and Leading with Your Heart, with Allie Michelle

We’re here to talk to you today about following your path and your heart — really doing the best that you can to listen to that internal voice and forge your own road. Today we interview our friend Allie Michelle who tuned in from Hawaii to connect with us. The interview kept coming back to the theme of trust — trusting yourself, trusting the universe, and letting your heart guide the way in terms of your path, work, and relationships. You never know what’s going to happen in the future...


An Important Symbiotic Relationship: Kefir and the Gut, with Julie Smolyansky

We’re here today to talk about symbiosis; symbiotic relationships, and the idea of working together with somebody — or something — else in a way that is co-beneficial. A relationship that uses resources together to achieve an outcome that is even bigger than each of the individual pieces. And we’re not talking about relationships to people here — this is about the symbiotic relationship between kefir and the gut, the relationship between food and your mood, and how the things you put into...


Going Deep: Making Friends in Adulthood

On this episode, Sophie and I talk about making friends in adulthood. As adults, we have to take ownership of the relationships we keep in our lives. You have to look for and attract people that will be the kind of support you want, who will empower you to be the best person you can be, who will keep you accountable, and hold you to a certain standard — someone who will have your back. Today, Sophie and I highlight some key factors to consider in all relationships to create your ideal...


How We Got Started as Entrepreneurs and Tips from an Expert Business Coach

We’ve all heard the statistics and stories about starting a business — 90-95% of businesses fail within the first five years, entrepreneurs never sleep, and starting a business is like starting a family. So we’re dedicating this episode to dispelling some of these myths, and to tell our own story as entrepreneurs — as well as the lessons we’ve learned along the way. We also talk to an expert business coach, Lisa Bilyeu — who helps others through the process of running their own business....


Relationship Dynamics with Kelly LeVeque of Be Well By Kelly

In this episode, Sophie and I discuss relationships in the context of changing dynamics and supporting your partner — all of the stuff that can change in your everyday life that nobody really warned you about when you ‘first signed up.’ Our guest today, Kelly LeVeque, helps us illustrate this idea really well. Kelly and her husband have really mastered working together in their relationship and supporting each other in everything that they do — they even both took the dramatic leap of...


Recovery from Addiction Through Meditation, with Buddhist Noah Levine

Today, we’re here to talk about a topic that’s very dear to me, and that is addiction. Our interviewee today, Noah Levine, has a really great addiction and recovery story. We had such an inspiring conversation with him, where he talked about his Buddhist and meditation approach to recovery. Noah has created an entire movement for addiction recovery that is not AA-based, called Refuge Recovery. He hosts programs, classes, retreats, and has several physical locations for his centers in the...


Mindfulness and Meditation with Light Watkins

We’re here to talk today about how things are not always what they seem — especially in this age of social media where we’re bombarded with Instagram and Facebook posts. We’re always looking at what other people are putting out and comparing ourselves to their highlight reel. Sometimes it can make you feel like you don’t measure up — but it’s important to remember that we now live in a world where everything can be faked. Our guest today, Light Watkins, is a meditation guru. He is very...


Valentine’s Day Special: Embracing Your Sexuality with Alexandra Roxo

oday’s episode is a Valentine’s Day special all about love — self-love, love in a relationship, and expanding what your ideas about love may be. We’ve got an incredible guest today, Alexandra Roxo, who will rock your world. We go there this episode — so, you probably don’t want your kids listening in to this one. For the past 15 years of her life, Alexandra has primarily worked as an artist and has always had an intense fascination with all things spiritual and sexual. She’s spent time...


Transforming Your Life with Elissa Goodman

We’re here to talk about how sometimes the biggest changes and transformations come out of the most unexpected moments in your life — moments that may have seemed like the end of the road at the time, but end up opening an entirely new life for you. Our guest today, Elissa Goodman, is a great example of this. Sometimes the signal to change has to get so loud and right in front of your face to the point where you can’t ignore it. For Elissa, that was cancer and the passing of her husband....


Keeping Yourself Healthy and Your Nutrition Balanced with Courtney Swan

Today, we’re going to talk about something that Sophie helped me change in my own life, and that is how to keep yourself healthy and your nutrition balanced — even when you’re busy or away from home. This topic leads us perfectly into our guest today, Courtney Swan, who is Tove Lo’s — and fellow bandmates’ — nutritionist. Courtney travels all over the world and keeps the entire 12-member band of musicians healthy in every town that they travel. There are no excuses; if Courtney can figure...


Going Deep: Body Image and How We View Ourselves

We’re here to talk to you today about how we look at ourselves. This topic came up as I was getting ready one day and felt totally different about myself. It’s strange — because, on other days, I wake up and everything looks OK. Truly, you can’t look much different 24 hours later, but that still doesn’t change how you can feel when you look at yourself in the mirror. You would think how you look at yourself is somehow objective to who you are as a person — but really, it’s almost all about...


Following your Body’s Intuition with Integrative Medicine

We’re here today to start a conversation about how you treat your body — beyond exercise and eating. In this episode, Dr. Frank Lipman — one of the pioneers behind the idea of integrative medicine and combining eastern and western medicine — helps us get to the bottom of this through his fresh and unique perspective. When Dr. Lipman first began studying integrative medicine, it wasn’t popular like it is today — in fact, as he put it, he went “from being a quack for so many years to now...


Going Deep: Parenting Styles and Lessons We’ve Learned

Our topic today is parenting. “Once you have kids, you barely talk about anything other than kids.” It’s the biggest cliché, right? But it’s so true. Now that we have two kids and a baby girl on the way we’re paying more and more attention to how we parent — our style and the techniques we implement — all the while maintaining focus on our own relationship. In this episode, Sophie and I talk about our own parenting style, reflect on how our parents’ parented, the lessons we’ve learned...


Overcoming Incredible Challenges with Powerhouse Meredith Kessler

Today we’re talking about overcoming massive, incredible challenges — the kinds of things you never thought you could get through. When it comes to big achievements that do not work out perfectly, a lot of people figure it wasn’t meant to be and give up on their goals. What I think is really important — and I tell this with every single client of mine — is that all great achievements and successes follow many, many failures. Think President Lincoln; he lost eight gubernatorial races before...


Integrating Spirituality into Your Life with Ryan Weiss

I loved this week’s conversation. We really got to the crux of why people are in conflict, why there is so much suffering in the world today, and the steps we need to take personally — and together — to move forward and heal. We really focused on all intimate relationships of all people, in terms of coming from different backgrounds, looking at things in the world differently, and how we can still come together to create not only a ‘getting-by’ relationship together, but an enlightened,...


Transparency, Vulnerability and Owning your Truth with Bizzie Gold

Today we want to talk about how discussing everything within a relationship can change lives. We’ve found that for ourselves — and in our relationship — it’s been one of the huge difference-makers between suffering and struggling, and finding new intimacy and healing. Not holding back and telling the full truth can seriously help to reach new levels of intimacy and to achieve full trust within your relationships. Revealing your truth may hurt your S.O. at first, but like exposure therapy,...


BONUS: Going Deep: Talking Sexual Harassment and Unjust Societal Norms

In today’s bonus episode of IGNTD, we’re going to discuss a topic that has become very pressing and prevalent in today’s society: sexual harassment, rape, victimization, and everything that is happening today around it. Sophie and I have been talking about it already for years and we feel it is very important to address these topics out in the open because sometimes the most important elements are missed. In this episode, I bounce my thoughts and ideas off of Sophie on the topics of...


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