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Finding Your Road To Recovery with Jessica Jeboult

Today I’m bringing you an interview with Jessica Jeboult from A Sober Girls Guide. Like me, Jessica also has a non-traditional recovery journey. Her platform, A Sober Girls Guide, originally started off as a small blog to help her through her own, personal journey. Now it is so much more — helping others through sharing her experience; featuring the ideas and thoughts of guest bloggers; group and one-on-one coaching; as well as her podcast, videos, and soon-to-be book. In this episode,...


Embracing Change and Living Your Life’s Purpose with Shannon Algeo

“I trust the change unfolding in my life. Sometimes we must let go of something good to let in something better. The wheel of life is always turning and change is necessary — without it, we become complacent. Change is brewing. Loosen your grip and relax into it. As you’re guided to step more authentically into your power and purpose, something has to shift. Change must occur. Trust the change unfolding in your life.” — from The Moon Deck This excerpt perfectly captures the theme of...


Unpopular Opinion: Addiction and Drugs

Today I want to discuss with you all some of the ways I’m seeing the current addiction treatment system failing. It’s not an easy or popular conversation to have — but I think we’re failing people left and right here, and the overdose rates are continuing to go up. With a system that has billions of dollars funding it annually, you would hope that it chips away at the problem — but the reality is that we’re not seeing any improvement at all. What we really need to do is take a different...


Man of Still ft. Shaman Durek

Today we’ve invited Shaman Durek onto the podcast! Durek is a sixth-generation shaman who has devoted decades to his study and practice. He is an author, an activist, and a women’s empowerment leader. He dedicates his life to educating and helping others to achieve success, happiness, and consciously live their lives more authentically. As uplifting and positive Shaman Durek’s life purpose is, this episode gets very dark and heavy — but at the same time, beautiful and vulnerable. He...


Walking The Line

Do you find yourself fighting with other people a lot? Or do you have people in your life who fight a lot? If so, you’re really going to want to stay tuned for this one to hear today’s insight on using perspective during disagreements. Today, I’m going to share with you the secrets that I’ve learned over my lifetime, about how to get in less fights with people, resolve those fights faster, and live a life with less conflict. Remember, the person you’re disagreeing with isn’t seeing the...


Feng Shui for the Soul w/ Dany D'Andrea

Your physical space is a reflection of who you are — but how does that relate to your relationships? All of the stuff you’ve pushed away into closets and boxes that you haven’t looked at in years — both physically and emotionally — takes up energetic space in your life. Leaving around these dirty piles — these messes throughout your home — manifests not only as physical clutter but takes an emotional toll on you as well. Our guest today, Dany, is an expert on exactly this. She helps...


How to Help Someone Struggling With Addiction

Do you know people who struggle with addiction and wonder how to talk with them, having not been through similar struggles? Then you’re definitely going to want to stay tuned for this one! I share the key tenets that anyone who is trying to help someone who is struggling with addiction — and has not struggled with it themselves — should follow. I describe how to reach out to them and lend a hand, how to help de-escalate their shame to open up the conversation, how to educate yourself on...


Going Deep: Breaking Up With Friends

This week we’re bringing you a topic we’ve wanted to talk about for a while now that’s near and dear to both of our hearts. We’ve mentioned it here and there but haven’t gotten the chance to fully explore it yet — and that is friendship breakups. In our “Making Friends in Adulthood” episode we also touch on this subject but today we’re really getting deep and addressing friend breakups in adulthood — what they look like, how they happen, how to get through them, when you should consider...


Planes, Plans, and the Key to Happiness

In this episode, I tell you the story of a client of mine who came here to do some work that ends with a flight cancellation and a profound lesson. We’ve talked about perspective before, and this story goes off of that a bit, but with a slightly different view — a different perspective on perspective, if you will. I believe it is a life lesson we should all take in. But look, I’m not going to give you all the details as it is really one of these stories you have to hear in full — but,...


Love Without Reason with LaRayia from Lunch on Me

Our special guest today is LaRayia Gaston. LaRayia has a beautiful soul and, like us, believes that radical self-love is the foundation for permanent healing. Her organization, Lunch On Me, distributes organic food to the homeless and foster youth. They bring nutritious and organic meals to skid row six days a week, every week — serving over 10,000 meals a month. In our world, a lot of people often forget that purpose and service are even a part of the equation of measuring success and...


Problems Vs. Realities

Today we’re talking about anxiety, depression, and all the other kinds of ongoing mental health issues that are very common among the people that I work with. I struggle with both anxiety and depression myself, and, in the past, have often found myself juggling problems and avoiding conflict, causing the anxiety and depression to worsen. Since then, I’ve learned some key lessons in why we should not avoid conflict, nor conflate problems with reality. And today, I’ll be letting you in on...


Who F*cks Mother Earth the Hardest? With Kyle Thiermann

Today we’re bringing you a guest unlike any guest we’ve ever bought on before. Kyle’s a character — he embodies “f*ck shame” in a way that not many people in this world do. He lives and breathes this “I live who I am” mission that we are all about here at IGNTD, and he is absolutely unabashed about the choices that he makes in life (and we love that.) Kyle is a surfer, a journalist, and a writer. He surfs professional for Patagonia and has created a series called Surfing For Change on...


Reset Your Subconscious Unhealthy Habits

Today I’m here to talk to you about rituals — specifically the unhealthy ones. The ones that are bad habits or compulsions that keep finding their way back into our lives no matter how hard we try to get rid of them. Sometimes these can even become these huge, shame-inducing, unspoken pieces in our lives that stick with us every single day. Rituals are so important for creating consistency and flow throughout our day — so it’s crucial that these rituals are good ones. In this week’s...


Demystifying Astrology with Jana Roemer

Today’s guest is Jana Roemer! She’s an incredibly cool, inspiring, intelligent, balanced individual. She’s very grounded and knows a lot about the planets, stars, the moon, and galaxies — she’s a mystic who appreciates science. On top of her passion astrology, she’s also incredibly passionate about yoga and meditation and teaches classes at Love Yoga Space in Venice, CA. If you’re totally lost about astrology or just want to learn more, you’re going to love the way she talks about...


The Importance of Forgiveness

The topic I want to talk about with you all today is forgiveness. Whether or not someone intentionally or unintentionally wronged you, you’re still hurt by it — causing you to be angered, resentful, or frustrated at this person. But ultimately, it will only be your downfall for holding on to these feelings. We can do all the work we want, but at the core of it is forgiveness — it is so, so important. I hope you’ll join me for this week’s episode as I share with you some of the examples of...


Snacking Made Beautiful with the Founder of DADA Daily

Relationships are like art and food — they shouldn’t have rules. They should be about exploring and experiencing each other’s flavors and beauty, and shadows and light. They’re fluid, always changing, and adapting. And today’s guest helps us explore this topic amazingly well. Claire Olshan is an inspiring entrepreneur with a passion for snacking, wellness, and fashion. Her company, DADA Daily, is all about chic, functional snack food set out to break the rules of health food trends. With...


How to Get Out of Negative Thought Patterns

Today I want to talk a little more about perspective with you all — but this time, with a really specific slant. If you’ve read my book, The Abstinence Myth, you’ll know that I tell a story about my experience with women — specifically, this experience when I was in Jr. High where I ask a girl I really liked out. I plucked up the courage with my heart beating out of my chest… but she said no. I was devastated. Then, the next day at school, all of her friends knew. That experience was so...


Harnessing the Wisdom of Human Design with Jenna Zoë

Today we have a fantastic conversation with our good friend, Jenna Zoë. Jenna is one of those people who’s a light to be around, she brings out the best in others, and is unapologetically herself. Jenna’s work in Human Design is incredibly interesting — she enters in someone’s birth time, their location of birth, and birthday to generate a chart that helps her understand and read what someone’s purpose in life may be along with their inherent strengths. We get in pretty deep this...


Sober Curious: A Curious Approach to Living Alcohol-Free, with Ruby Warrington

Today I’m here with a special guest, Ruby Warrington. Ruby has a completely different approach to alcohol and addiction than I do with IGNTD — that’s why I wanted to have her on the show. Her new book, Sober Curious, is all about a curious approach to living alcohol-free. It’s a radical takedown of the myths that keep so many of us drinking. As both a conversation starter and handbook, Sober Curious strives to empower readers to transform their relationship with alcohol so that they can lead...


How to Create YOUR Perfect Relationship with Whitney Miller

Today’s conversation was a big one. It is inspiring, makes you think, and maybe even pushes the envelope for some of you in regards to what you consider a relationship. Our guest today, Whitney Miller, works one-on-one with couples and helps them discover their perfectly unique relationship that is shaped to work specifically for them. What led her to this work, however, was her own relationship. Whitney and her partner, Aubrey, have been together for seven years and for the last few, it...