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Why Ignorance is NOT Bliss

Today I’m here to talk about a topic that came out of a client session I had about a year ago. In this session, my client was really struggling about what to do next. He was faced with the knowledge that as he continued doing the work he needed to do, he further understood the gap in his knowledge. Think of the Aristotle quote: “The more you know, the more you know you don’t know.” For some people, this concept can be really scary! I believe that this fear actually stems from another common...


Creating The Destination by Listening to your Journey with Jennifer Pastiloff

On this month’s theme of adventure, we’ll be taking a look at lifestyles! Specifically, following your intuition — you know, that little voice inside your head telling you what you probably should do, but you don’t entirely know whether to trust it or not. It’s important to remember that adventure can mean traveling and going on these incredible trips… but it also can happen between your own two ears. Our guest today (and good friend), Jennifer Pastiloff, has definitely followed this...


Isolation Vs. Connection

Buckle up because we’ve got a serious topic to cover today. Today we’ll be talking all about this concept of connection vs. isolation. They’re these two different sides to this battle we fight in how we deal with our problems, how we treat others, and what our relationships end up being like. When I was younger I was extremely jaded. I felt like almost nothing in the world mattered -- period. I felt like everything was always going to get screwed up, nothing was ever going to work out,...


The Benefits of Being Moody and All the Reasons to Love Your Anxieties with Liz Moody

This week Liz Moody is joining us to dive even more into the topic of adventure! Liz is an author, podcast host, and adventurer extraordinaire! Her two healthy cookbooks, Healthier Together and Glow Pops, feature recipes full of whole, real foods and nutrient-dense superfoods. Her hit wellness podcast (also titled Healthier Together) features intimate conversations with some of the biggest names in the wellness industry — including Sophie, who was just featured a couple of months ago in May!...


Travel Can Change Your Reality

Today we’re talking all about travel! Sophie and I just recently came back from a really long family vacation to Israel, which we do once a year, every year. What was unique about this trip, though, was that it was actually the longest trip we’ve ever taken together as a family! And it was completely amazing. So in this episode, I really want to speak with you all about the value of travel. Yes, it can be expensive, but it is also incredibly valuable. In fact, it can provide you with the...


How A Lost Poet Guides Others with Atticus

Today we’re coming to you with the first episode of July’s theme: adventure! We’ll be covering adventure in all forms — from classic travel to psychedelics to finding new adventures in your relationships and your own backyard. We’re very excited to bring you our first conversation of the month with Atticus, the infamous masked poet. Originally from Canada, currently residing in L.A., Atticus is an anonymous online figure with over a million Instagram followers. He’s a New York Times...


The Power of Choice

Today we’re talking about a really controversial topic, and that is the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. I was in AA for three years and the first step is to ‘admit that we were powerless over alcohol — that our lives had become unmanageable.’ This mantra made me doubt and second guess other things in my life. It became this constant noise in the background. So today I want to talk to you about why I don’t actually believe that anyone is powerless and believing that you’re powerless...


Going Deep: Embracing Unique Perspectives When Realities Collide

Today we’re here to close out our first month of themed episodes! This month’s theme was the connection between mind and body — the biology/spirituality connection. We had some amazing guests on, including Bruce Lipton, Koya Webb, and Kate Van Horn! With Bruce we discussed the biology of belief and the intersection between consciousness and matter; with Koya, we spoke about powerful notions around self-love, self-worth, and gratitude; and with Kate, we talked about developing intuitive...


Encouraging Pride, Not Shame with Richard Vogel

In today’s episode, I’m speaking with someone about their experience in the IGNTD Hero Recovery program and their entire journey leading up to it. Richard’s experience is common to many people but it also has many unique facets, so I’m excited for you all to listen in and hear his journey. Richard’s struggles originate around drugs and alcohol, and like so many people, have to do with fitting in. Part of that is because Richard identifies as gay and is now discovering — like many of us —...


Rebirth: Rising from the Ashes of Your Former Self with Kate Van Horn

We’re coming to you today a couple of days before the summer solstice to explore some heavy topics; sticking with the theme of exploring the relationship between our biology, body, and physical nature with our spirituality and psychology. In this episode, we’re joined by Kate Van Horn. Kate is a business coach, entrepreneur, yoga instructor, Tarot reader, and mentor for women. She also co-founded and runs The GOOD Fest — a wellness festival that will not only challenge and excite you, but...


Changing Our Perspective Of Masculinity

Today I want to speak with you all about masculinity, what we’re calling ‘toxic masculinity,’ and what it means to be a man in the world today. In this episode, I’m exploring my own experiences around masculinity, what toxic masculinity is, and most importantly: what’s missing from today’s image of masculinity (because that is the key to healthy communication and emotional expression!) If we want masculinity and toxic masculinity to change, we have to change the way we interact with...


Choosing Fierce Not Fear with Koya Webb

“Expressing gratitude and really feeling grateful for something completely shifts your energy and opens you up to receive even more to be thankful for. When you’re in a state of gratitude, you’re able to attract more of what you want in life. You are in the vibration of love and everything that’s in alignment with that vibration is in your life. When you’re in the vibration of fear, judgment, or sadness you’re in a lower vibration. It’s okay to be there, you just don’t want to stay there, as...


Redefining Life After Recovery with JuJu Hook

Today I’m really excited to bring you something that I’ve never done on the podcast before, and that is a conversation with someone I have worked with. When you work in this field and you help people when they’re at their lowest, a lot of the times they don’t really want to talk about it even after they’ve gotten better. But luckily, an amazing individual has stepped up to the plate! Today you’re going to hear from Juju Hook who I worked with about 2 years ago. Juju was a heavy drinker...


The Biology of Belief: The Intersection of Consciousness and Matter with Bruce Lipton

In this episode, we’re kicking off a new format to the IGNTD Relationships podcast! Each month we will be exploring a new theme with various guests and at the end of the month we’ll wrap it all up with our key findings through a ‘Going Deep’ episode. This month, the theme we will be exploring is our relationship between our biology, body, and physical nature with our spirituality and psychology. To start things off this month, we’re interviewing Bruce Lipton! Bruce is an internationally...


Altruism: Helping Others Even When It’s Inconvenient

The way we help people with addiction right now is so messed up that we should actually count our blessings that there aren’t actually more people dying from drugs and alcohol. In rehabilitation centers, they are kicking people out of treatment when they relapse — when really, this is exactly when somebody needs help the most. I went through this myself personally and I think it is a major problem for those seeking treatment for their addictions. In today’s episode, I’m offering my...


Winning with the Hand You're Dealt with Aarona Lea

“Intuition. My inner compass knows the way. Our inner compasses are intuition. When we pause to listen, we expand into its wisdom. As we strengthen our relationship with this gentle yet directive voice inside, it becomes brighter and clearer. The presence of your intuition is centered, honest, loving, calm, supportive, and guided. Life feels more synchronized and happy when you awaken your inner guide.” — Aarona Lea Pichinson from The Moon Deck Today we’re talking all about intuition with...


How to be Happier than the Richest Man on Earth

Today I’m going to share a valuable story about one of my past clients I saw a long time ago. It really illustrates why looking for happiness on the outside and trying to find it from external validation will absolutely never deliver. This client was an extremely wealthy individual living in Beverly Hills who was struggling with alcohol and pills. This guy could truly have anything that he wanted in the world — and yet, he was popping pills from the moment he woke up. In this episode, I’m...


Billion Dollar Couple: Work Love Balance With Amanda & Nicholas Bayerle

Today’s episode is all about radical transparency! Authenticity, vulnerability, and letting your partner in on your thoughts and feelings, all offer an opportunity to grow as a couple. And the couple joining us today, Nicholas and Amanda Bayerle are such great examples of this! They got married young and have learned how to consistently grow together, be completely honest with one another, and successfully work together as a couple business-wise! Nicholas and Amanda Bayerle are the...


How To Stop Staying Stuck And Embrace The Change That’s Coming

This reality that so many of us find ourselves in is this fear of being stuck or staying the same. We feel that our situation will never improve or we, ourselves, will never improve. But the truth is that we’re never stuck, and there’s a much deeper rooted fear we all have that is actually creating what we think is this fear of being stuck. So today, I want to talk to you all about why we have this fear of being stuck, the truth behind the fear of being stuck, what we really need to work...


The Time to Change Your Life is Now! with Chinae Alexander

Today we’re joined by Chinae Alexander — which is such perfect timing as it just so happens to be Women’s Health Week! Chinae is an entrepreneur, lifestyle personality, writer, speaker, and wellness expert. She strives to empower others to live more authentic and positive lives through practicing mindfulness, wellness, and self-love! Today we’re covering so many interesting topics from body positivity, listening to your intuition, and really tuning into what your body needs (rather than...