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The podcast contains adult content & explicit language. Thanks :)

The podcast contains adult content & explicit language. Thanks :)
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The podcast contains adult content & explicit language. Thanks :)






EP 34 - Behind the Scenes with De & Ray, Swingers & Owners of Club Euphoria

We interview a couple of swingers that own & operate Club Euphoria in the Midwest of the USA. De & Ray explain the differences with the lifestyle in middle America compared to large cities. They talk about what it's like to run swinging events & share some funny stories with us. They have experience in polyamory & they explain how things went wrong and how one situation ended badly. They have played in the lifestyle for about 10 years and they share some great advice with our...


EP 33 - Create the Ultimate Bar for Your Swinger's Party

This is part 3 of 3 and the final installment in the series on how to set up your swinger playroom for success. Today we focus on setting up the ultimate bar for your swinger parties because you'll need LIBATIONS for the RELATIONS. In these 3 episodes, we taught you how to create a Sensual Sanctuary for your naughty swinger dates. In Episode 31 you learned the "EFT Strategy" that nobody teaches but is very effective toward getting your guests naked! In Episode 32 you learned the "Triple S...


EP 32 - Creating a Sensual Sanctuary for Your Naughty Swinger Dates

This is part 2 of 3 in the series on how to set up your swinger playroom for success. This series is all about creating up a Sensual Sanctuary for your naughty swinger dates. The previous episode was part 1 where you learned the "EFT Strategy" & we discussed the psychological reasons that can help you get naughtier on your play dates. Today you will learn the "Triple S Knockout Punch" that stands for Sights, Scents, & Sounds. We take you behind the scenes & show you how WE set up our...


EP 31 - How to Set up Your Swinger Playroom for Success!

In this 3 part series, you will finally learn how to set up your swinger playroom for success. This episode is Part 1 of 3 & we will show you how to transform your hotel room into a Sensual Sanctuary that inspires your guests to get naked. These tips also apply to your hotel rooms at Desire Resorts Mexico, at Hedonism in Jamaica, & at Lifestyle Takeover events. We'll even share tips on how to secretly rig your bedroom at home so that your family doesn't suspect anything. In this episode,...


EP 30 - The Best Swingers Podcast of 2019

Today we discuss "The Best Swinger Podcast!" This episode is dedicated to our listeners & should actually be called "The Best Swinger Podcast LISTENERS," because you've helped us grow this program very rapidly. We had some growing pains & were involved in some drama & beef with other Swinging Lifestyle Podcasts. We will clear the air about any rumors out there. We'll also give you a behind the scenes look at some of the disagreements in the swinger community & with podcasts. Since this is...


EP 29 - Swinger Confessions Interview with Mr. & Mrs. NeonChrome from Kasidie

This sexy couple came to our studio to record this episode. We made margaritas & then turned the recorder on. We originally met them at a Plush Party on New Year's Eve & we did a naughty soft swap with them. We discuss our naked playtime with them along with their other experiences at Burning Man & other lifestyle festivals. They are both hot, outgoing, & they have a great angle on swinging. Listen & learn how to alter your relationship to include lots of love while still enjoying a wife...


EP 28 - Polyamory Confessions & Sexploration with "Poly Anna"

Welcome to “Polyamory Confessions” with the Priory Society. We have a sexy woman LIVE on the podcast. Her name is Poly Anna, she's a pretty American woman that dates 2 couples & some singles. She shares her sexual adventures in the swinging lifestyle through her podcast called "Sexploration with PolyAnna." We talk about her religious upbringing & how she conquered her guilt of pleasure & love. You can live vicariously as she talks about the typical scheduling & sexual activities that happen...


EP 27 - Swinger Confessions Interview with "TwistedTwosome" from Kasidie

Welcome to another episode called “Naughty Confessions from the Swingers Next Door!” We have a sexy couple LIVE in the studio & their Kasidie profile name is “TwistedTwosome.” We made strong drinks & got them to spill the beans about their sexual adventures in the swinging lifestyle. We got some juicy details about their sexual adventures, fantasies, & desires & horror stories. You guys can live vicariously through them & also learn from their naughty experiences. Then we pull out the...


EP 26 - Bull & Single Male Secrets for Success in the Lifestyle

Welcome back sexy lovers, in today's episode we speak with a single male that's been a "Bull" in the lifestyle for over 12 years. Baron Saber shares his positive & negative experiences when dealing with couples in the swinging lifestyle. He offers advice for solo males entering the world of non-monogamy. He then discusses the typical flow of a date with a couple & how he handles the logistics of a threesome. Baron also gives the listeners the 3 main reasons why single males not invited back...


EP 25 - Swinger Confessions with "New_PolyCouple17" from Kasidie

We have another naughty couple LIVE in the studio. It's "New_Polycouple17" from Kasidie. They're a married couple that's been together for 25 years & are now opening up their marriage to other partners. We'll hear about their sexual adventures at a nude resort called "Sea Mountain Inn" in Palm Springs, CA. They started off exploring the polyamory side of things but are now leaning to the swinging lifestyle. This is another sexy Podcast called “Lifestyle Confessions from the Swingers Next...


EP 24 - Disability & Sex - Considerations for Swingers by Andrew Gurza

Today we talk about living with a disability while still being a sexual person. We interview Andrew Gurza, he lives with cerebral palsy, is in a wheelchair, & calls himself the #1 Queer Cripple. He produces a podcast called "Disability After Dark." Our talk is a must listen for all Lifestylers that want to understand the proper etiquette & mannerisms while interacting with a person that has a disability. Anybody who has hurt their body, broken bones, or had surgery, knows about mobility...


EP 23 - "Naked & Ready" a Wife Swap Encounter at Dirty Vegas 2018

Today we start a brand new series called "Naked & Ready" this is where we'll describe one of our naughty wife swap encounters. We talk about Eric & Alyssa, a hot couple that we got "busy with" at a large swinger event in Las Vegas called Dirty Vegas by Plush Parties. We don't just give you the erotica of a hot encounter, you'll get the entire play by play so that you can learn vicariously through our experience. You'll also learn how you can duplicate our techniques so you can have...


EP 22 - Swinger Confessions Interview with B & J - Desire Nude Resorts, ED & More!

Here's another episode called “Naughty Confessions from the Swingers Next Door!” Which means that we have a naughty couple LIVE in the studio. They’re about to spill the beans about their sexual adventures when visiting the popular Desire Resorts in Mexico. We discuss Erectile Dysfunction & what helps the situation. They’ll also share their path to success when attending parties. You’re about to learn how to get the best quality sexual action (P & D) on your next swinger vacation. We’re...


The Priory Society Podcast - Theme Song Anthem

Many subscribers have asked for a download to the theme song that we use in the introduction to the Priory Society Podcast. Here is the instrumental version. We selected an epic score that conjures images of being triumphant in life. We've mixed & mastered it so you can enjoy it as an anthem anytime you need to be reminded of your great you are. Listening to this song should remind you of all the lessons you've learned from us on the podcast. Sometimes we play it at the gym as a pump up...


EP 21 - Flaky Swingers & The Next Best Offer Syndrome

A very serious problem in the lifestyle is flaky swingers. All of you will experience this at some point. In fact, on a recent trip to Las Vegas it happened to us, we got flaked on. But swingers encounter flaky people every single weekend. Lifestylers are notorious for suffering from what we call the "Next Best Offer Syndrome" & we'll break down exactly what that means. We're going to show you how identify "flakes & fakers" that will waste your time. Learn how you can fight back against...


EP 20 - Swinger Confessions Interview with Mr & Mrs LatinLustful

Are your neighbors Swingers? Probably! This week in "Confessions from the Swingers Next Door" we interview Mr & Mrs LatinLustful. They came to the Priory Society Studios to record with us. We poured drinks & they spilled the beans about their sexual activities. We spoke about their bisexual tendencies & other sensual experiences in the lifestyle. The Mrs confessed that she wants to see her husband have sex with a Transsexual or a really pretty She-Male. They also offer advice for single men...


EP 19 - Swinger Event Survival Guide for Resorts & Large Parties

Here are 12 success strategies to help you make better connections & get laid more when you attend large swinger events. Places such as, Desire Resorts Mexico, Young Swingers Week, Hedonism, Swinger Cruises, & Multi Day Swinger Events. These technologies are also effective at smaller events & Meet & Greets. We attend many events & have gained lots of experience in these environments. So we know what it takes to help you close the deal with sexy people. Get ready to be initiated into some...


EP 18 - Cuckold, Hot Wife, & BBC Insights by The Keys & Anklets Podcast

Here is an interview with a gentleman who has lived the Cuckold, Hot Wife, & BBC Lifestyle for 17 years. Michael C is he host of the "Keys & Anklets Podcast." He joins us to explain the differences between Stag Vixen, Hot Wifing & the mainstream Cuckolding lifestyle that sometimes features male chastity with the genitals in lock & key. He has a clear & concise way of explaining these kinks & fetishes. He also dispels myths, gives advice, & offers warnings for couples getting started in the...


EP 17 - Plush Parties "Summer Soiree" Takeover Party Review

Today we have a full review of a 3 day lifestyle party that we just attended at a hotel in Palm Springs. It was the Summer Soiree by Plush Parties. Imagine a sexy weekend escape with 800 other horny people. You're surrounded by hot couples & some single chicks with one thing in common, they all enjoy the Lifestyle. During the pool parties & the night events the attendees are ready to play. We're about to walk you thru the entire experience. We recorded audio clips of us while at the party...


EP 16 - Cooper S. Beckett talks Pegging, Polyamory, and Podcasting

Today we have a fun interview with Cooper S Beckett, the Co-Founder of the the popular podcast "Life on the Swingset." They have over 330 episodes. Cooper is an accomplished author on the topics of Swinging, Polyamory, & is an expert in butt play & pegging. Learn what it's like to have an open marriage while being bisexual in the swinging lifestyle We’re Eros and Isis, a happily married mid 30's couple that leads a secret life as swingers. We perform wife swaps & other adventures with...